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(4:45) "Being President is a serious job." -- Barack Obama


Obama ROASTS Trump Over Conviction! What Happens Next Shocks Everyone!

Reactions to Trump's guilty verdict ranged from shock to anger across the political spectrum. But perhaps the most biting criticism came from Barack Obama, who didn't hold back in expressing his satisfaction with the verdict. Obama and his administration were openly delighted about Trump being convicted.

The fact that Obama is insulting Trump so harshly is really unusual because there is this unwritten rule that former Presidents don't publicly criticize or attack  their successors. However, Obama threw that caution out of the window during the 2020 election and has been roasting Trump hard ever since without any shame.

According to Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer now despises him and spills all the bizarre beans, the disdain Trump had for Obama was extreme.  Cohen claimed that Trump's obsession went so far that he hired a faux Obama, yes, an Obama impersonator for a video where Trump could virtually disrespect and then fire the foe Obama. It's like a scene from a movie where a villain can't let go of his grudges and goes to absurd length to release his fantasies of power and revenge.


1/ I'm glad that Obama is not holding back. Trump needs to be criticized just like he criticizes others.

1a/ We should keep this going 24/7. It will push him to a stroke

1b/ There are ways for Obama to hit Trump repeatedly and pull back and hit again.Trump sets up his own smackdowns except it's him that gets smackdowned

2/ After so much insults to Obama, its time to receive some in return.

2a/ Obama doesn't insult, he only speaks the truth.

3/ What kind of respect has Trump shown anyone?  none! look at the way he speaks about Biden. But God forgive anyone speak badly about him and he goes bat sht

4/ Every word Obama said is true. I believe he is a great person and president, whose comments about Trump are 100% spot on.

5/ The best president  this country had!!! Obama has class, dignity, and a president for all Americans

5a/ I'm white and I thought Obama did good job.

5b/ this is a man of character and dignity and showed passion for the highest position in the United States...God Bless President Obama and his family.

6/ I am Canadian and I still love Obama. He is hitting Trump right where it hurts. It's so refreshing.

7/ Trump you have your own place, not in the White House, but in the federal prison

8/ Trump will never come close to Obama's intelligence, wisdom, eloquence, integrity and charisma. Compare Obama's speeches with Trump's limited vocabulary.

9/ Trump’s statements carry no weight and really he hasn’t done anything to help Americans.

10/ Cross him, and he’s coming after you.  Just a clown
(Quora) What is the rudest thing you have ever seen someone do?

Answered by Anonymous:

I was at a grocery store checkout once, and I saw these three college kids having a field day with a poor clerk who was trying to bag up their groceries. The whole thing, apparently, started when he dropped a bottle of wine they were buying. He apologized, cleaned up the mess, and rushed back to get them another bottle.

While he was gone, they started talking about what a "complete idiot" he was. They proceeded to make fun of the way he looked, the way he was dressed, his weight, his glasses, you name it. When the poor guy got back, they didn't let up. They started insulting him right to his face, calling him a whole litany of terrible things until they had him on the verge of tears. The kid was only about 16; he was terribly overweight, and I could see how he was probably an easy target for any bully. I was bagging up my own stuff, but I was completely mesmerized by this entire exchange. Suddenly, the kid must have said something because one of the guys reached out and popped him across the face. It wasn't a punch or a hard slap, just some wussy little pop meant to humiliate him. To my amazement, the kid didn't walk away. He just stood there red faced with tears welling up in his eyes. The dude reached out and popped him again and, for some reason, this was the funniest thing that these guys had ever seen in their lives. They were laughing like there was no tomorrow.

I kept looking around for a manager, thinking someone needed to say something, but I finally realized that no one was going to. Then it hit me: Why couldn't I say something? I reached out and grabbed the kid, and pulled him out of the way. I stepped up to the guy, pulled a 20 dollar bill out of my wallet, and told him that I would give it to him if he would hit me like that. He stared at me for a second like I had lost my mind before asking what my problem was.

"You're my damn problem," I responded. "Hit me in the face like that; I dare you."

Well, there were three of these guys, but they didn't look like they had ever been in a fight in their entire lives. I am a little over six feet tall, and I weigh around 225. I don't consider myself to be a tough guy but, needless to say, they didn't want any part of me. Instead, they simply started gathering their things and headed for the door. I pulled the kid out from behind me, and ordered them to apologize. They laughed at me, and hurried for the parking lot. Well, I was a lot angrier that day than I thought.

I followed them out of the store all the way to their car doing my best to start a fight. They got very quiet, and not one of them had anything to say. Instead, they just kept their heads down, and refused to make eye contact.

I let them leave, and then pulled the kid aside and told him to never let anyone push him around like that. In the future, he needed to, at least, walk away and find a manager. At this point, the kid just broke down in tears and sobbed on my shoulder. It turned out that his dad had died only a year earlier, and he and his mom were all alone in the world. At that point, I really wished I had put one of those bastards in the hospital. Instead, I gave the kid my card, and told him to call if there was ever anything I could do for him.

I never saw or heard from him again.