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Dad Tries Not to Cry When Kidnapped Daughter Is Found | The Case of Leah Henry


1/ This is incredible. You hear of abductions, but rarely that they return alive. Gives hope that anyone out there in this situation could possibly have a happy ending too. Educating children of the things that can be scary in the world is something that's hard to do for a parent, but it is 100% necessary, it can be the difference of life or death. So happy of the outcome and so much respect for the officer that found her. Stay safe! ❤

2/ I'm glad Leah survived. We don't always get happy endings when it comes to kidnappings. I wish her and her loved ones all the best❤️🙏

3/ What an amazing wee girl she was and an amazing woman she has become. To not only survive but find peace and a fulfilling life is just so heart warming.

4/ @joshthemediocre7824 I was kidnapped when i was 5. Long story short i ended up escaping and i can remember seeing my parents and my family and how relieved they were. It's not funny but my dad and 4 uncles were able to get to the guy before the cops and they crippled him, he was a giant man so don't feel bad that he never walked again, the courts didn't do their jobs because the guys family was longtime friends with the judges family and he only got 3 months, but he never walked again and never touched another kid. My dad & uncles are still my heroes.

4a/ you'd be surprised what happens in little towns. It is totally possible, especially if the kid was a boy and I think the commenter is male.

5/ Damn. That's the only person I've seen that's dreamt of being a marine biologist and actually became one. Survivors are truly built different.
(Quora) Posted by Tiana Sullivan:

[Image: loving.jpg]

When he was asked why his wife kept looking away, he responded, “because she has Alzheimer's”. Then he was asked, will your wife worry if you let her go? He then replied, ′′she doesn't remember anything, she doesn't know who I am anymore, she hasn't recognized me for years.” Surprised, I said, “and you have continued to guide her every single day even though she doesn't recognize you?" 💞

The elderly man smiled and looked into my eyes and said, ′′she may not know who I am, but I know who she is, and she is the love of my life....
🚨 Trump-appointed judges TURN ON TRUMP in court

The Legal Breakdown episode 183: @GlennKirschner2 discusses Trump's rejection from the entire DC appeals court, including judges who he appointed.


1/ Who else is tired of trumpf and his nonsense?  He believes he is above the law....NOPE, he is NOT.

1a/ His whole defense is claiming he's the King of America and above the law.

1b/ we were tired of him years ago.

1c/ He’s a traitor.

1d/ TIRED AS HELL 😅 His voice, his antics, his lies and the people who support them. We are EXHAUSTED!

2/ It's always nice to see judges rule against Trump. Especially judges whom Trump himself appointed.

2a/ Trump: "I appointed you! You owe me!"

3/ The closer Trump gets to accountability, the more dangerous his rhetoric becomes. Innocent Americans shouldn't be in Trump's wake.

4/ Vote blue, keep the orange out of the presidency, If you value democracy!!!

4a/ I am all blue.  No orange.

4b/ Amen

5/ Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Trump described those judges as, 'disloyal'.

5a/ And let’s not forget his favorite burn… “losers”

5b/ How are they disloyal? Because they are not falling for his BS?

6/ Trump is TOTALLY freaking out, "I got them those jobs, they OWE me"!!!!!

6a/ Yes in his little mind that is what he believes. He don't know.  All those guys work for us, the people, not him.

6b/ Yes in his little mind that is what he believes. He don't know  all those guys work for us the people not him.

6c/ Those judges: "What'cha gonna do to us, [#DiaperDonnie]?"

7/ I bet Trump wouldn't be filing all these appeals if he was actually paying his legal fees out of pocket.

7a/ I want to vote for a president who doesn't hide behind a small army of lawyers...

7b/ and Florida law makers introduced a bill that would pay his legal bill in Florida with tax payer dollars. i mean come on!!!!! wake up people!!!!!

8/ It’s beyond stupid that an educated society is debating this matter in a high court. Just lock him up already.

8a/ For real!

8b/ Amen.

9/ No one is entitled to absolute immunity. If he is given as much....we have lost our country.

9a/ I’ve been saying,
Granting total Immunity = Granting Dictatorship.
Then, the law of Checks and Balances would be completely Meaningless.
Checks and Balances is meant to make sure that no one gets too much power, and DJT is trying to steamroll it so he can become King.
“A dictator for just day1”? “And then I’m not a dictator after that”?
The real meaning of that: “A dictator from day 1 and never stop.”
“And then I’m a king after that”.

10/Trump for Prison 2024.
Bravo ... Hùng khí ngất trời .   Cheer

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The Wall Street Journal - Opinion | The Trump-MAGA Purge
Opinion by The Editorial Board • 55m

Donald Trump has decided the way to unite the GOP, after his 54% to 43% victory in New Hampshire, is to purge Republicans who are still skeptical of him. Retribution is at the top of his mind, as he said when launching his campaign. Yet this politics of subtraction will make it harder to beat President Biden.

Many of Nikki Haley’s supporters, including longtime Republicans, aren’t persuaded that Mr. Trump deserves a second term. In New Hampshire this week, “three-quarters (77%) of Haley voters said they would not vote for Trump in November,” according to a Fox News survey of 2,000 people. This is a symptom of Mr. Trump’s political weakness, not its cause. The obvious move for Mr. Trump is to assuage the concerns of these voters and welcome them into the fold.

Instead he wants to banish them. “Nikki ‘Birdbrain’ Haley is very bad for the Republican Party and, indeed, our Country,” Mr. Trump said Wednesday on his social-media site. “Anybody that makes a ‘Contribution’ to Birdbrain, from this moment forth, will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp. We don’t want them, and will not accept them.”

Ms. Haley’s donors aren’t naifs and presumably won’t be intimidated from exercising their constitutional rights. But Mr. Trump’s threat reveals once again where his heart is. When his aides tell him that he should disavow the notion of payback, he does it, for a moment. Then he reverts to form.

“I don’t get too angry. I get even,” he said Tuesday night in New Hampshire, in what was supposed to be a victory speech. He may find people react to his threats by voting for another candidate, or not at all.

A similar bad omen for Republicans is the GOP dysfunction in big swing states, including Arizona and Michigan. The latest is that Kari Lake secretly audiotaped the Arizona state party chair, Jeff DeWit, urging her in 2023 to skip this year’s Senate race. The “ask” from “back east” was if there were “any companies out there or something that could just put her on the payroll?” Mr. DeWit proffered. “Is there a number at which . . . ”

Mr. DeWit’s words were ill-chosen, and he resigned Wednesday. But as he did he decried the “betrayal of trust” involved in the recording of “an open, unguarded exchange between friends in the living room of her house,” which occurred “while I was actually employing Lake in my private company.” He said his proposal to Ms. Lake was not a bribe but a suggestion, for her sake and the GOP’s, that she find something else to do for two years and then run for Governor again in 2026. The leaked tape looks like an attempt by Ms. Lake and her allies to take over the state party.

What a fiasco. In the past six years, Arizona Republicans have lost both U.S. Senate seats, as well as Ms. Lake’s narrow 2022 defeat for the governorship. The state’s three-way Senate contest this November could be a good opportunity for a GOP pickup, with liberal voters split between independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and presumptive Democratic nominee Rep. Ruben Gallego. Yet the GOP seems prepared to nominate the polarizing Ms. Lake, who’s again busy firing inside the tent.

If Mr. Trump and other MAGA figures spend the coming months trying to purify the GOP of everyone who won’t kiss his ring, it will be a high act of self-sabotage. It will also be a good reason to vote for someone else.
Nhìn bức hình sau đây, các bạn có thấy Trump xứng đáng với danh hiệu "Mặt L^`n ("cunt" for "Republican"không ?
Ha ha ha ... Khổ cho đám MAGAs phải đội quần vì theo Trump   Becuoi .


[Image: trump-disabled.jpg]

Trump mocked the disabled reporter

In one of the most deplorable displays by a candidate for president, Trump mocked reporter Serge Kovaleski, who has arthrogryposis, a congenital joint condition that limits movement in his arms.
Mr Trump once said that avoiding STDs was his “personal Vietnam”.


Trump finally reacts to alarming red blotches on his hands
Story by Gustaf Kilander • 6h


Mr Trump once said that avoiding STDs was his “personal Vietnam”.

“It’s amazing, I can’t even believe it. I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world, it is a dangerous world out there. It’s like Vietnam, sort of. It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave solider,” Mr Trump told radio host Howard Stern in 1997.

“You know, if you’re young, and in this era, and if you have any guilt about not having gone to Vietnam, we have our own Vietnam – it’s called the dating game,” Mr Trump told Mr Stern in 1993, according to People. “Dating is like being in Vietnam. You’re the equivalent of a soldier going over to Vietnam.”

LTP rất dị ứng với câu nói sau:

- "Đàn bà , hơn thua nhau ở tấm chồng."

Thiển nghĩ: “Đàn bà hơn thua nhau ở NHÂN CÁCH.” mới đúng.  Cho dù học thức cao, sang trọng, gia đình hạnh phúc, nhưng kiêu ngạo, khoe khoang ta đây xuất thân từ gia đình danh giá, thông minh / hạnh phúc hơn người, vẫn thuộc loại thấp kém trong xã hội, cho dù là xã hội ảo trên mạng.

Thật ra, đàn bà hay đàn ông cũng thế thôi.


Thằng bạn lấy vợ, hai người thuê chung cư ở riêng .
Thời gian đầu nó còn năng mời bạn bè tới nhà chơi (chủ yếu là nhậu nhẹt, chè chén..) 

Cứ vài ngày một lần, rồi thưa dần, tới bây giờ thì cả tháng nó không gọi thằng nào vào nhà nữa. 
Hôm nay lôi nó ra quán, có thằng khoát vai-phà vào mặt nó hơi thở nồng nặc mùi mắm tôm rồi hỏi gay gắt :

- Quên anh em rồi à??

- Đâu có ! Nó cười cười 

- Sao lâu không thấy gọi bọn tao tới nhà nhậu??

- Chúng mày biết không? 
Nó trầm giọng: 
- Tao không nhớ được đã bao nhiêu lần tao nhậu say, nhưng tao biết được ai luôn là-người-dọn-dẹp-bãi-chiến-trường bày ra sau mỗi lần nhậu của tao và tụi mày.. 

Mấy thằng im phăng phắc nhìn nó ngạc nhiên. Nó dường như không thèm để ý, tiếp tục lẩm bẩm:

- Vợ tao chứ ai, mỗi lần chúng mày nhậu xong đứng dậy về hết, tao lên giường ngủ, cô ấy lại lúi húi dọn dẹp một mình. 
Có bữa cùng bọn mày nhậu khuya rồi nằm bệt trên ghế salon, nửa đêm tỉnh giấc-thấy vợ tao một tay kéo cái chậu to đầy ắp bát đĩa , một tay cầm cái chổi di di, lau dọn bãi nôn của tao giữa nhà...
Nhìn từ xa, hình như tao vẫn thấy mắt cô ấy ngân ngấn nước.

Lúc đó, là một thằng đàn ông, đáng ra tao phải chạy đến ôm lấy cô ấy rồi an ủi, nhưng tao say đến việc hít thở còn khó khăn, nên chỉ có thể nằm đó, làm cái việc hèn nhát là vắt tay lên trán rồi rớt nước mắt..
Tự hứa với bản thân rằng lần sau sẽ không làm như vậy... 😔

Nó vẫn tiếp tục lẩm bẩm:

- Tao nói đến câu này, có thể chúng mày nghĩ tao sợ vợ, hay yếu đuối thế nọ thế kia. Nhưng tao nói thật, tự bản thân tao biết được là tao THƯƠNG chứ không phải SỢ..!! 

- Ậy ! Nói gì lắm thế! Hay mày say rồi? Uống đi! 
Tôi giơ cốc bia ra mời thằng bạn, định bụng chấm dứt chủ đề này.

- Lời say mới là lời thật! Mày để tao kể nốt đã !
Nó gạt đi rồi vẫn lẩm bẩm, giọng trầm trầm như đọc kinh .
 - Hồi xưa tao còn nhỏ, mỗi lần bố tao lôi bạn bè, các chú, các bác về nhậu nhẹt. Nhìn mẹ tao dọn dẹp hàng núi bát đĩa các ông ấy bầy ra, rồi ông già tao say rượu lè nhè, chửi mắng mẹ, rồi tao bằng những lí do vô cớ.
Tao rất thương mẹ, ghét bố tao mỗi lần say.
Tự hứa với bản thân rằng sau này sẽ không như thế, vậy mà tao lại đi vào vết xe đổ. Làm khổ vợ tao mỗi lần uống say.. 😔

- Cho nó làm cho quen đi! Vợ mày lấy về để ở cùng chứ có phải là để thờ đâu? 
Một thằng nói chen vào.

- Tao lấy vợ về để sống cùng, quan tâm chăm sóc lẫn nhau, chứ không phải để hầu hạ tao.
Nó cãi.

- Vợ mày ở quê, làm lụng sương gió nó quen rồi! Chứ có phải tiểu thư đài các gì đâu mà mày chiếu cố thế?
Có thằng nói đểu.

- Chính vì tuổi thơ cô ấy chịu thiệt thòi, nên tao là chồng, lấy về chăm sóc cô ấy là để bù đắp.

Tất cả im phăng phắc, chẳng ai còn tranh cãi với nó. Có thằng cười đểu, có thằng lại cúi mặt xấu hổ với bản thân. Mỗi người một suy nghĩ, không ai o ép nhau được.
Riêng tôi thì cảm phục nó...

Văng vẳng câu nói :

- "Đàn bà , hơn thua nhau ở tấm chồng."

Dieu Le _stam
Staying Safe

If you’ve got a kid, there are some things that you can do to keep them safe at school. Firstly, ensure they know their contact details because you never know when they might need to call for help or give it to a friendly police officer. Secondly, encourage them to walk in pairs or groups – safety in numbers!

Also, teach them to trust their gut instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, they should immediately tell a teacher or trusted adult. Oh, and make sure they know the school’s emergency evacuation plan because you don’t want them wandering aimlessly in case of a fire drill. That’s a lot of responsibility, but let’s have some fun with it.
[Image: safe.png]

Trump has a new approach to the slaughter of children in classrooms – “get over it.”

If his son got killed at school, Trump would get over it fast.