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Can John Cena Do 20 Push-Ups?


1/ Bro started impersonating him

1a/ Bro never fails to entertain us and make our day

1b/ Wingman

2/ “I can’t fit through the door. Hold on, hold on”

3/ Bro doing knuckle pushups on NYC concrete sidewalk that’s wild

3a/ Better than using your palms... You don't know what has been on that floor

4/ That dude looks like the worlds chillest uncle or dad

4a/ He’s too cool. Probably a cousin they call uncle

5/ The fact that he could also talk while he’s doing those push-ups is amazing!!!
From the Comments Section: "I find it hard to believe that it is Donald Trump that separates Latino kids from their parents, calling Latino criminals, disrespecting Latino but they still want to vote for him?"

Will Trump Get the Latino Vote? John Leguizamo Hopes to God No | The Daily Show

John Leguizamo is fired up about the Latino vote and their surprising sway toward Donald Trump, despite Biden’s outreach and policies on immigration. In the latest In My Opinion, he breaks down the priority issues of inflation, and Trump’s deceptions on how much he truly cares about the Latino community.  #DailyShow #JohnLeguizamo #LatinoVote


1/ Love you John Leguziamo! Thank you for helping get the truth out to all voters. Trump cares only for himself!

2/ How tf did anyone come to the conclusion that clown (Trump) could do anything about inflation?

3/ I can't believe John Leguizamo came out as Latino on this clip. Stunning and brave.

4/ Thank you John for using your brain.  I wish others would see the harm in electing a liar and con-man.

5/ I'm going to give you one of the biggest shocks of your life: John Leguizamo is 63 years old.

So funny, John, and a great message, thank you!

5a/ Not to be crude but he’s hot. I love his movies his acting and comedy has always been amazing. He’s also very adorable

5b/ Super Mario Bros. (the movie) came out 31 years ago.

5c/ He was 32 in that movie? Jesus, he looked like he was in his early 20's. Loved that movie, I know it's terrible, but I still loved it.

6/ LOVE this. THIS is what all people who are Latin American need to see and understand. Thank you, Mr. Legiuzamo

7/ Who doesn't just LOVE John Leguizamo

8/ Nice to have people like John Leguizamo to speak up! regards from Denmark

9/ I find it hard to believe that it is Donald Trump that separates Latino kids from their parents, calling Latino criminals, disrespecting Latino but they still want to vote for him?

9a/ Yeahhhhh... That whole nightmare of separating kids at the border was one of, if not the, most disturbing, disgusting, horrifying, heartbreaking, fundamentally not-human sh*tstorms of the entirety of the sh*tstorm that was DJT's administration. I genuinely don't get how something so egregious can become subject to collective amnesia.

10/ Thank you for telling it as it is to the Latino community. Please do more and get more Hispanic celebrities to join you in mobilizing the vote for Biden!

11/ People seem to forget Trumps quote of immigrants poisoning the blood of our country. He is a bigot.

12/ That was brilliant, the only thing he lowered  the  price off was the truth social that dropped in price faster than anything else

13/ Haven't seen John in a long time. Great to see you, my friend. You're doing great!

14/ They are ignorant if they think Trump cares about them.

15/ People voting for Trump so he can fix inflation need to take an economics class.

15a/ Or some factual history on DJT and how he operates.

16/ I still remember when Puerto Rico was hit by a Hurricane and Trump refused to help the people of PR.  “The Trump administration delayed more than $20bn in hurricane relief aid for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, according to a report by the housing department’s office of the inspector General.”

16a/ Indeed he went to Puerto Rico for photo ops and throwing paper towels to the people. Such a bad man. He is an embarrassment.

17/ "Maybe he drills the oil really bard for 30 seconds, and then maybe he makes the oil sign an NDA?"

Chefs kiss. Perfect. No notes.

18/ Best rant that I've heard in some time. Very funny but also very true.

19/ This was a great segment! And not a single use of the word "LatinX" to ruin it! We need more Latino representation like this.

20/ Just hilarious!
Should you leave your laptop plugged in all the time?

Story by Joe Hindy • 21h • 6 min read
  • Leaving laptop plugged in is safe physically, but aging the battery faster than necessary.
  • Storage at extreme charges and heat age lithium-ion batteries, reducing the battery's lifespan.
  • Check battery health with provided methods, avoid excessive charging to extend battery life.
When it comes to laptops, portability is usually a top of mind factor. There are even ultraportable laptops out there specifically designed for travel. For the times you aren't on the go, however, your laptop might be sitting plugged in at your desk -- and if you're like me -- constantly plugged into its charger.

[Image: laptop.jpg]

With a little bit of time and not much of tech-savvy, you can convert your old computer into a Chromebook to give it new life.

But is leaving your laptop plugged in at all times a good idea? Despite being a simple question, laptop battery chemistry complexities can make the answer rather complicated. Let's break it down.

Is it safe to leave your laptop plugged in all the time?
In terms of physical safety, yes, it's perfectly safe to leave your laptop plugged in all the time.

There is virtually no risk of anything catching on fire. Modern laptops have voltage control built into the machine that knows when the battery is full and will stop the charge, even if the charger is connected.

These mechanisms rarely fail, and laptops have safety mechanisms that will sever the connection before real damage occurs.

Virtually, there is little risk of anything catching on fire.

However, that all assumes that the charger itself and the electrical outlet it's connected to are in good working order. A short in an outlet can cause a fire, but that's not limited to a charging laptop. That said, be sure to regularly check your outlets.

Should you keep your laptop charging all the time?
This is where the complexity comes in. There are a variety of things that are bad for lithium-ion batteries. Keeping the battery at too low of a charge as well as too high of a charge can cause the battery to age prematurely. As batteries age, they lose their ability to carry a full charge. Thus, while it won't blow up your laptop, you may notice that your laptop battery doesn't seem to hold as much charge as it once did.

Keeping the battery at too low of a charge as well as too high of a charge can cause the battery to age prematurely.

The other worry is heat. Lithium-ion batteries lose charge over time even if the device is powered off.

That means the battery is almost continuously getting topped off, which introduces heat. Heat, like high or low charge, can prematurely age the battery as well, which will cause it to lose charge capacity over the long-term.

Finally, every lithium battery ever produced has a finite number of charges before it simply cannot charge anymore. By leaving it on AC, you're introducing extra charge cycles that the battery doesn't need since it's off. This will shave off even more lifespan from the battery.

You will age out your laptop battery much faster than if you used it off of AC power from time to time.

Thus, leaving your laptop on the charger is a bit of a triple whammy. Your laptop won't catch on fire or receive any damage in the short-term. However, you will age out the battery much faster than if you used it off of AC power from time to time, which will cause the battery to die sooner than expected.

How to see your laptop's battery damage
There are methods for both Windows and macOS machines to check in on battery health. We'll go through each one briefly and then go over how to read the reports.

  1. Click the Apple menu button and select System Information.
  2. Open the hardware section in the left margin and select the Power option.
  3. Your battery information will be there.
Admittedly, macOS is much easier than Windows in this regard, so you should be able to find it relatively quickly.

Windows PC
  1. Open a Command Prompt. The easiest way to do this is to type "CMD" without the quotes in the Windows search bar.
  2. Type powercfg /batteryreport and press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. Command Prompt will generate a battery report and then save it to a folder, which it'll show you when you enter the command.
  4. Navigate to that folder on your machine and access the report.
The report is in HTML, so you'll need to use a browser to open it. Fortunately, all browsers can handle HTML files.

What to make of your laptop's battery information
The Power section will show you Cycle Count, which is how many times you've charged the battery. Under that is Condition. If it says anything other than Normal, then you may want to schedule a trip to the Apple Store to get it investigated.

Maximum Capacity tells you how much charge your battery can still hold. Only brand new Macbooks show 100%, so expect to see yours below that.

Windows PC
For Windows, the information is broken up into the days that you used your laptop. Thus, if you look under the At Full Charge section and the Active column, you'll see how long your battery was expected to last that day.

You can compare that to the At Design Capacity section under the Active column to see how long the battery would last if the battery was brand new. Compare to see how much battery life you've lost.

How to prevent damaging your laptop battery
Mostly, just don't leave it on the charger any longer than necessary. Charge it to full, unplug it, and then don't plug it back in until it needs to charge again. This doesn't prevent battery aging because nothing does, but it'll age much more slowly when it's not being held at 100% charge by the charger. Yes, you might lose a few percent of battery by the time you turn it back on, but it's a small price to pay.

[Image: phone.jpg]

Your iPhone's battery health could be slowing it down, but there's an easy fix
Apple will slow down your iPhone if the battery gets too old -- here's how to manage iPhone performance, plus tips for a longer battery life.

Another option is to use OS-level mitigation tools. Windows has a smart charging feature that'll essentially charge the device in a way that's less damaging to the battery. Apple has an Optimized Battery Charging feature that'll do the same thing. These limit the battery charge, so it's not topping itself up all the time.

What you're trying to avoid is discharging and recharging the battery for no reason and also leaving it on the charger 24/7.

What you're trying to avoid is discharging and recharging the battery for no reason and also leaving it on the charger 24/7. Unplugging your laptop reduces heat, reduces the number of unnecessary charge cycles, and keeps the battery from being held at high charge all the time, which will allow your battery to age better.

Q: Is it OK to leave a laptop plugged in while using it?
Yes, but we recommend using the aforementioned OS-level battery charging features so that it's not always at 100% battery. In addition, laptop brands like Asus and HP have tools that limit power to 60% (HP) or 80% (Asus) to prevent battery degradation. This is for optimal health, and it'll help your battery last longer.

It's essentially the same rules as when the laptop is off. You want to avoid unnecessary charge cycles, and you also want to avoid keeping it at 100% all the time. Take it off the charger, use the laptop, and then put it back on the charger if it needs it. Treat it like a smartphone instead of a desktop PC.

Q: Does leaving your laptop plugged in all the time actually strip your battery?
Yes, and no. I own a six-year-old laptop, and it's been plugged in for approximately 98% of its life. My battery lasts less about an hour when it's off the charger, and it only holds about a 60% charge. It hasn't caught on fire nor is the battery bugging, but my battery did wither away without the charger because I left it plugged in most of its life.
Trump and those Pussyhats

"Pussy" ("pussyhats") nhái lại chữ "pussy" Trump dùng  trong câu nói "grab them by the pussy." (pussy nói đến âm hộ của đàn bà) .  Khi gặp ai vừa mắt Trump, chàng sẽ tiến tới, rất tự nhiên đưa tay ra nắm hạ bộ của nạn nhân không cần biết họ có đồng ý hay không .


A pussyhat is a pink, crafted brimless hat or cap, created in large numbers by women involved with the United States 2017 Women's March. They are the result of the Pussyhat Project, a nationwide effort initiated by Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman, a screenwriter and architect located in Los Angeles, to create pink hats to be worn at the march.[1]

The creators state that the name refers to the resemblance of the top corners of the hats to cat ears while also attempting to reclaim the term "pussy", a play on Trump's widely reported 2005 remarks that women would let him "grab them by the pussy."


Trump's uncensored lewd comments about women from 2005

WARNING: This story contains graphic language. Donald Trump bragged about trying to have sex with a married woman and being able to grope women in previously unaired footage from 2005.

Trump admitted that he tried to grab A MARRIED WOMAN.


In a 2005 recording obtained by The Washington Post before the presidential election, Donald J. Trump talks about women in vulgar terms to Billy Bush, then the host of “Access Hollywood.”CreditCredit...Mark Makela for The New York Times

Oct. 8, 2016

Following is an unedited transcript of the tape in which Donald J. Trump repeatedly made vulgar comments about women. Mr. Trump was filmed talking to the television personality Billy Bush of “Access Hollywood” on the set of “Days of Our Lives,” where Mr. Trump was making a cameo appearance. They are later joined by the actress Arianne Zucker. The transcription is by Penn Bullock of The New York Times.

Donald J. Trump: You know and ...

Unknown: She used to be great. She’s still very beautiful.

Trump: I moved on her, actually. You know, she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it.

Unknown: Whoa.

Trump: I did try and fuck her. She was married.

Unknown: That’s huge news.

Trump: No, no, Nancy. No, this was [unintelligible] — and I moved on her very heavily. In fact, I took her out furniture shopping.

She wanted to get some furniture. I said, “I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture.” I took her out furniture —

I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.

Billy Bush: Sheesh, your girl’s hot as shit. In the purple.

Trump: Whoa! Whoa!

Bush: Yes! The Donald has scored. Whoa, my man!


Trump: Look at you, you are a pussy.


Trump: All right, you and I will walk out.


Trump: Maybe it’s a different one.

Bush: It better not be the publicist. No, it’s, it’s her, it’s —

Trump: Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

Bush: Whatever you want.

Trump: Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.

Bush: Uh, yeah, those legs, all I can see is the legs.

Trump: Oh, it looks good.

Bush: Come on shorty.

Trump: Ooh, nice legs, huh?

Bush: Oof, get out of the way, honey. Oh, that’s good legs. Go ahead.

Trump: It’s always good if you don’t fall out of the bus. Like Ford, Gerald Ford, remember?

Bush: Down below, pull the handle.

Trump: Hello, how are you? Hi!

Arianne Zucker: Hi, Mr. Trump. How are you? Pleasure to meet you.

Trump: Nice seeing you. Terrific, terrific. You know Billy Bush?

Bush: Hello, nice to see you. How you doing, Arianne?

Zucker: Doing very well, thank you. Are you ready to be a soap star?

Trump: We’re ready, let’s go. Make me a soap star.

Bush: How about a little hug for the Donald? He just got off the bus.

Zucker: Would you like a little hug, darling?

Trump: O.K., absolutely. Melania said this was O.K.

Bush: How about a little hug for the Bushy? I just got off the bus.

Zucker: Bushy, Bushy.

Bush: Here we go. Excellent. Well, you’ve got a nice co-star here.

Zucker: Yes, absolutely.

Trump: Good. After you.

[Break in video]

Trump: Come on, Billy, don’t be shy.

Bush: Soon as a beautiful woman shows up, he just, he takes off. This always happens.

Trump: Get over here, Billy.

Zucker: I’m sorry, come here.

Bush: Let the little guy in here, come on.

Zucker: Yeah, let the little guy in. How you feel now? Better? I should actually be in the middle.

Bush: It’s hard to walk next to a guy like this.

Zucker: Here, wait, hold on.

Bush: Yeah, you get in the middle, there we go.

Trump: Good, that’s better.

Zucker: This is much better. This is —

Trump: That’s better.

Zucker: [Sighs]

Bush: Now, if you had to choose honestly between one of us. Me or the Donald?

Trump: I don’t know, that’s tough competition.

Zucker: That’s some pressure right there.

Bush: Seriously, if you had — if you had to take one of us as a date.

Zucker: I have to take the Fifth on that one.

Bush: Really?

Zucker: Yup — I’ll take both.

Trump: Which way?

Zucker: Make a right. Here we go. [inaudible]

Bush: Here he goes. I’m gonna leave you here.

Trump: O.K.

Bush: Give me my microphone.

Trump: O.K. Oh, you’re finished?

Bush: You’re my man, yeah.

Trump: Oh, good.

Bush: I’m gonna go do our show.

Zucker: Oh, you wanna reset? O.K.

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Testify Donny.... Go ahead, make our day!

Joy to Trump: Please testify, we’re begging you!

Donald Trump’s claim that a gag order does not allow him to testify in his Stormy Daniels hush money trial is corrected by Judge Juan Merchan. Joy Reid and conservative lawyer George Conway beg the former president to testify, which the judge confirmed it is his right to do.


1/ Pathological liar.   He doesn't have any balls to testify.

2/ Love George Conway, a really good man.

3/ Dare I say, George Conway seems happy and at peace with his divorce from Frump sycophant Kellyanne.

4/ What happened to Georges Conway after he divorced Kelly-Ann should be an incentive to any Trump disciple: you too can regain your look and raise your level of happiness if you leave the cult. Remember :"everything Trump touches dies"

5/ He can't testify. It requires to tell the truth, something he is not used to doing .

5a/ Trump is not capable of telling the truth, it's a foreign concept to Trump! If Trump had a clue he'd sthu & get to sleep! It's past your bedtime Don. You don't need to be texting staff, go home and take a nap!

5b/ Yup. His attorneys know he will commit perjury. They will never allow him on the stand. Plus it opens up the prosecution to ask him questions about any other crimes he committed and he has to answer all of the nap!

5c/ That will be his fallback position, his lawyers would not let him.

6/ Begging him to take the stand!

6a/ Trumps popularity continues to go up he is up in every major poll biden LOWEST POLL NUMBRRS EVER FOR A PRESIDENT

6b/  I know I'm wasting my time but...lowest poll ever was Truman at 22%. Lowest Biden 38%. Lowest trump 34%. Now I'm no mathematician but 34 < 38 last I checked

7/ Let’s keep the humiliation on Trump the more humiliation he’s exposed the more marginalized he becomes!!

8/ Testify Donny.... Go ahead, make our day!

9/ Mr. Trump the whole nation want you to testify. I dare you. If you don't testify I will vote all Democrats 2024 and I will continue until you testify.

10/ That's the first time I have seen and heard that apology. And I am absolutely sure I will never hear anything like that again. I have reached TSP, trump Saturation Point. I feel physically sick seeing him or hearing him. I am done.
What bothers me also is people who think that practising good manners is a form of snobbery. Very difficult to explain to them why it is NOT. Thank you for your very good videos.

So many people choose to be inelegant for a variety of reasons, none of which serve them well in the long run.

18 Signs That Show You Are Not Being Elegant

In this video I share with you 18 warning signs which show you are not being elegant and which give you a framework to upgrade your life, help your self improvement and become the person you wish to be and change your life for the better.
I have received so many requests for more videos on Elegance to go with my videos on French Chic Style it shows how much people realize that true style and true elegance comes from the inside.

Contents of this video:
00:00 Intro
00:19 What is Elegance
00:49 Respect of Self
00:50 1 Not caring about your appearance
01:06 2 Bad eating habits
01:26 3 Swearing
01:42 4 Self neglect
02:02 5 Being treated badly
03:44 Respect of Others
03:45 6 Neglect of others
04:27 7 Lack of kindness
05:00 8 Aggression
05:27 9 Lack of gratitude
05:57 10 Lack of humility
06:30 11 Selfishness
07:13 12 Lack of discretion
07:52 13 Embarrassment
08:40 14 Lack of care for others
09:50 Lack of Respect for Things
09:53 15 Lack of respect of home
10:32 16 Lack of respect for your clothes
11:31 17 Lack of respect for general things
12:27 18 Lack of respect for other people's property

Bonjour, I am Marie-Anne Lecoeur - born, raised and living in Normandie, France. I am a fully trained personal stylist and member of The Federation of Image Professionals and written two best selling Amazon books on style. I want to help you become the woman you want to be by helping you find your style and boost your confidence.


1/ I love this. This is a definition of nobility, honor and integrity. Elegance is the result of those.

2/ Thank you so much. We had three rules for our children as they grew up which dovetail so well with your 18 points of inelegance. Don’t hurt yourself, don’t hurt others and don’t hurt things. It avoided a long list of does & dont’s but allowed the children to think, reflect & observe our example.

3/ Marie-Anne, this may be one of your most life changing videos. Thank you for doing this. You are such a gift.

4/ What bothers me also is people who think that practising good manners is a form of snobbery. Very difficult to explain to them why it is NOT. Thank you for your very good videos.

5/ What a wonderful list, Marie-Anne! So many people choose to be inelegant for a variety of reasons, none of which serve them well in the long run. Thank you for your thoughtful video.

Trump Gets CRUSHED By Hakeem Jeffries In BRUTAL Interview!

In a new 60 Minutes interview, Hakeem Jeffries destroyed Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans for their insanity.


1/ There are soooo many Democrats that would make amazing Presidents in the future. Republicans have MTG, Boebeart, Gates, Comer, Jordan etc........... I am so proud to be a Democrat.

1a/ Hakeem Jeffries, and Jaime Raskin would be amazing!!!!

1b/ That shows that you see exactly what's going on Since Trump came along. 🫡🇺🇸 Real Americans put our Country first, not our parties.

2/ I'm 73 years old but our opinions of Joe Biden and the 2024 Election are almost perfectly identical!

2a/ Age 80 here. Me too.

2b/ Smart young man isn't he? 87 year old Australian with a keen interest in American politics because I have many descendants & what America does affects them in the future. You have responsibilities beyond your own interests and borders. Good luck & best wishes.

2c/ Same Here, Harvey. My 73rd birthday is May 26th! Happy birthday, brother!

2d/ I'm marking your 73rd Birthday on my calendar, Hinda! I hope yours is safe and very happy

3/ We the American people stand with Hakeem Jeffries President Joe Biden and the Democratic party 100 million votes for Joe Biden and the Democratic party we stand for freedom

3a/ Exactly. Spot on. How about all Americans meaning all 330,000,000 of us whether you like President Joe Biden or not vote to save our country, our freedoms and our rights. We can make it with another 4 years of Biden who fights everyday for all Americans but we won't survive DJT. Vote America. Freedom rings.

3b/ hit the nail perfectly!
This November is the most important election in this 61 yr olds life. Will democracy win or shall the grand experiment crumble into a dictatorship? We shall see where we go the day after the election.

3c/ True freedom

3d/ Amen....

4/ I am an older American and it just hurts me to think that your generation may not have the rights and privileges that I was blessed to grow up with.

4a/ The rights and freedoms we all fought: for civil rights women's rights and gay rights I cannot believe that my granddaughter has fewer rights than I had.

4b/ No matter how old you are, talk to your grandchildren.Talk to their friends to get out and vote against the republican party..

4c/ We grandmothers must stand up for the rights of our dear granddaughters and those of our other young girls and women!

5/ Someone who has the morality of Clarence Thomas should not be making decisions about women’s rights AT ALL!

5a/ Someone with Thomas' lack of morality......should never have been appointed to the court. If he were even remotely decent........he'd resign.

5b/ I agree 100%! I did see that AOC may be bringing impeachment charges against him. I hope she follows through.

5c/ Or immunity of an ex-president

5d/ He doesn't have a problem with interracial marriage. Made legal in 1964. Not everywhere.

6/ The man speaks the truth. I'll be voting Democrat all the way down the ballot again in 2024.

7/ I would NEVER vote for donald trump.. EVER!

8/ We can survive another Biden term but the United States that we grew up in will NOT SURVIVE ANOTHER TRUMP TERM it will be an unending term.

8a/ It won't be a term. It will be the commencement of a despotic dynasty.

9/ Jeffries is 100% right. Thanks Harry

10/ Always love Rep Hakeem Jeffries . He’s a true leader

How to recognize AI generated pictures

[Image: AI-pictures.webp][/url]

Q:  What’s going on with the kid in that image? Seems like he has way more than just five fingers on his right hand.


  1. That’s a well-known characteristic of AI-generated art: AIs have a LOT of trouble drawing hands and feet. I have no idea why. But I’ve seen it again and again in images I’ve had various AIs draw for me. On the upside, it’s one way to tell when a drawing was generated by an AI.
  2. I mean the faces are only marginally better. One woman has no eyes, and she’s embracing a guy who seems to have double-crossed The Joker, the other woman grew a moustache on her forehead. While the whole piece looks decent at first glance, a closer look reveals its quality being good enough to qualify as modern art.
  3. The guy in the white shirt has an arm that would reach his knees! too!
  4. The ears on the kid…..
  5. That random hand next to the whiskey bottle holding what looks like a piece of a chair-leg…
  6. Apparently we’re not the only ones to notice that. One of the women in the background was so horrified at the kid’s octopus hand, she literally lost her eyes. The other one raised her eyebrows in shock so much, that they combined into one massive moustache on her forehead.
  7. Yeah, it looks to me like a nightmare that gets worse and worse—everyone looks normal at first, and then you slowly realize that the partygoers aren’t actually human, they’re just pretending to be.


  8. Source:

    (Quora) What did your parents allow you to do as a kid that you now realize was not age-appropriate?

    Answered by Tom Crosley:

    [url=][Image: AI-pictures.webp]

    Both my parents were alcoholics.

    I grew up in a small town in Iowa, with just 8500 people. (Today 70 years later, it has around 7800.)

    Seventy miles from the nearest city (Des Moines), there was nowhere to go in this town at night. So nightlife consisted mostly of adults inviting others over for drinks at their homes, or vice versa. My parents hosted a lot of parties. Many of their friends were heavy drinkers also.

    At the age of 10 or 11, I became the bartender for this crowd. I learned what each of their favorite drinks were, and how to make them. Most preferred doubles or stronger.

    Worst part? All the dirty ashtrays. Everyone smoked back then.

    After learning as an adult that there was a genetic component to a disposition to become an alcoholic, I stopped drinking nearly 40 years ago and haven’t had a drink since.

    I’ve never smoked either.
The sad reality is that the worst of all possible worlds is that Trump wins the election in November. But Trump won't go quietly into this good night if he loses and neither will his followers. Either way, the election itself is just the beginning.

(Post # 714, p 48

Không biết trong VietBest có ai muốn làm Phó Tổng Thống với Trump không ta ?  Becuoi


Former Situation Room officer: Pence came ‘close’ to being killed on Jan. 6

Story by Tara Suter • 15h • 2 min read

[Image: pence.jpg]
Former Situation Room officer: Pence came ‘close’ to being killed on Jan. 6
© Provided by The Hill

A former Situation Room officer said former Vice President Mike Pence came “close” to being killed on Jan. 6, 2021, during the riot at the U.S. Capitol.

“It’s important to me that we don’t forget that it did come that close, and that we did have discussions, ‘If we lose the [vice president,] if the 25th [Amendment] is invoked,’” Mike Stiegler said in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that aired Tuesday on “Good Morning America,” in a clip highlighted by Mediate. “We started running through all of these game plans because it was getting close.”

Stiegler also agreed with Stephanopoulos when he referred to the Jan. 6. riot as one “of our own people” and “inspired” by Trump.

“But at the time, that’s not even in the forefront of our mind,” Stiegler continued. “It doesn’t matter how we got here. We’re here. How do we execute? How do we move forward?”
Pence faced threats of violence on Jan. 6 for refusing to overturn the 2020 election. He was at the Capitol when rioters broke in and was taken to an underground loading dock amid the attack, according to the Secret Service.

Sen. JD Vance (R-Ohio), considered a possible running mate for former President Trump in 2024, has stated his doubt that Pence’s life was in danger that day, saying earlier this month that he thinks “politics and politics people like to really exaggerate things from time to time.”

“I think — look, Jan. 6 was a bad day. It was a riot. But the idea that Donald Trump endangered anyone’s lives when he told them to protest peacefully, it’s just absurd,” Vance later added.

Pence said in March that he will not endorse his former boss, saying he was “incredibly proud” of the Trump administration’s record, but “there were profound differences between me and President Trump on a range of issues.” He has expressed his opposition to Trump’s position on abortion and pushback on a ban on TikTok, among other topics.

“In each of these cases, Donald Trump is pursuing and articulating an agenda that is at odds with the conservative agenda that we governed on during our four years,” Pence said. “And that’s why I cannot in good conscience endorse Donald Trump in this campaign.”
Dramatic video shows bullets barely missing child in Fort Worth drive-by shooting

Erroll Hill was inside his home at the Miramar apartments when bullets came flying in, injuring six people outside

By Keenan Willard • Published May 13, 2024 • Updated on May 14, 2024 at 7:07 pm

Harrowing footage shows the moments when bullets came through the wall and flew past a 9-year-old boy during a drive-by shooting at a Fort Worth apartment complex in early May.

Six people were wounded in a drive-by shooting outside the Miramar apartments near 3000 Las Vegas Trail in Fort Worth. Four of the victims were children.

The mother of the boy caught on camera ducking from the bullets in his home says he’s living in constant fear of being caught up in another shooting, and they’re trying to leave the area because of their safety concerns.

Home security camera footage provided to NBC 5 showed 9-year-old Errol Hill sitting down on his couch before dinner two weeks ago.

Then came chaos: bullets could be seen spraying into the living room from the street, sending a cloud of dust over the boy’s head as he ducked for safety.

“It came through the wall,” Hill told NBC 5. “I thought it was just fireworks, but when I heard the screams, I looked outside.”

Video shows a Texas boy taking cover as bullets hit his home during a drive-by shooting

When the shooting finally stopped, Hill ran for his mother, Mary Jane Gonzales.

“So I made sure he was fine, came out here to see where exactly they shot, and as I was out here, I heard all the families downstairs yelling,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales ran outside, finding that six people had been shot.

A medical assistant, Gonzales tried to stop the bleeding of multiple victims, one of whom was just 3.

“That one was really hard for me,” Gonzales said. “Seeing her going in and out of consciousness.”

First responders arrived and took the victims to safety. As police continued their search for the shooter, Gonzales said her family has still been reliving the violence.

“It forever changed our life. We are traumatized,” Gonzales said. “I’ve never seen anyone get shot, let alone a child.”

“I’ve never had to experience that,” she continued.

The family signed a new lease in the Miramar apartments weeks before the shooting, but Gonzales has been trying to move elsewhere, no longer believing the Las Vegas Trail area was safe for her three children.

The mother set up a GoFundMe and is asking the community to help her family move on from this incident.

“Just somewhere safer, somewhere that my kids can go outside and play,” Gonzales said. “Because they can’t go outside and play without having to worry if they’re going to get shot, are we the next victim on Las Vegas Trail?”

The Fort Worth Police Department told NBC 5 they continued to search for the suspects behind the shooting.

If anyone has any information about the shooting, they should contact the Fort Worth Police Department at 817-392-4222. Tipsters may remain anonymous.
Ông luật sư này nói chuyện có lý quá .    Clap Biggrin Innocent


Ann Coulter To Vivek: We'll Never Really Accept You Because You're Not White!

Nonwhites can never be part of the WASP club.


1/ The same man who said," he never seen racism in America" Welcome to America bro!

1a/ Never seeing it, and deliberately ignoring it, is two different things!

1b/  he’s seen it, experienced it. He’s just going along to get along. And Anne Coulter basically told him he better know “his place”
That’s what he gets.


2/ So disrespectful of Indian-Americans to not appreciate how they benefit from the Civil Rights movement.

(Note: The civil rights movement was a struggle for social justice that took place mainly during the 1950s and 1960s for Black Americans to gain equal rights under the law in the United States. -- LTP)

2a/ True That!!!   The 1964 Civil Rights Act;  laid the Foundation that Opened The Door for The 1965 Immigration Act, which Changed the existing Quota(s) and, thus, made it possible for Many More East-Indians(and other ethnic groups/nationalities of color) to emigrate to The United States.  Thanks Much!!!!!  Peace...

2b/ Not only Indian-Americans, but some Hispanics and other ethnicities!

2c/ He is not the only one that doesn't get it ,

3/ Anne Coulter did Black America a huge favor!

4/ This should be a wake up call for all Black Republicans.  The party will take your vote, but not you.  This has been evident for decades.  Nothing has changed.

5/ Don’t like Ann Coulter’s politics but i like the way she served up Vivek a taste of reality

6/ And he literally thanked her after the interview was over. His bootlicking of white supremacists backfired in his face.

6a/ Word. He said that he respects her. She literally told him to his face: F***K YOU AND YOUR RESPECT, IDGAF ABOUT YOUR RESPECT.

6b/ and he's such a good boy, he still doesn't care! Tim Scott no better. Or Lindsay.

7/ He got a taste of his people's practice of caste system in India.  He is a untouchable in America!

7a/ well said.

7b/ Wow, untouchable just got TOUCHED.

Even with all his money  he won't fit in.

7c/ Millionaire Vivek proved to all of us, and himself, that you can't buy your way into white privilege.

7d/ There's no such thing as a caste system in India anymore. Currently in India, people treat you based on how much money  and possessions you have. Nothing else matters these days in India. If you are wealthy, then people treat you well and if you are not rich, then nobody cares about you. People only respect your money and status in society. This is the scenario these days. The caste system is a thing of the past.

7e/ To say the caste system no longer exists in India is like saying racism no longer exists in America.

8/ Poor Vivek. Guess he didn’t understand that conservative nationalism means WHITE nationalism.

8a/ He knows. He just thought he was one of them

8b/ Maybe he does now !

8c/ He Understands Perfectly. NOW.

9/ Notice he was smiling while she was racist against black people, but when she was racist against him for being Indian the smiling went away. He got his dose of racism to his face.

10/ I am glad Ann actually  blatantly said what  the GOP  had been thinking the entire time he tried to out-Trump DJT!  The racism of the GOP can not be denied after this analysis.
Trump CHALLENGED Judge & It Instantly BACKFIRES!

Judge RIPS APART Trump Apart & Trump Is SCREAMING Out Loud!

Yes! When they don’t act, Trump complains that the courthouse is on lockdown, like Fort Knox, and that nobody can get in, which is just completely untrue. But after begging his MAGA supporters to take action at the criminal trial, they finally responded. Yet what they decided to do is shameful. Outside the Manhattan courtroom where Trump's criminal trial is underway, a new piece of political performance art has appeared. In a bold display, 100 pink penis-shaped balloons, each decorated with the faces of Trump's adversaries like Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan, were launched. This is how Donald Trump's MAGA Republican supporters responded to his call to action.


1/ Do these people not know that children are also seeing this behavior? Trump has brought so much disgrace to this country.

1a/ They don't seem to care.

1b/ They have no sense of having the responsibility to protect children - ALL children.

1c/ He and they, DO NOT CARE ABOUT CHILDREN!!!!

2/ Disgusting, immoral , shameful

2a/ Evil.

2b/ And those are his best qualities

2c/ Called " Deplorabables "

2d/ Disgraceful

2e/ Good church goers

3/ This is just so disgusting. How to shame America in front of the entire world. I don't feel American so much anymore. I'm ashamed.


3b/ You hope? But with Trump the storm is coming, long before the calm!

4/ These are not people who care about children or families.

4a/ Those good biblical family values...

4b/ The insane thing about this is "they" are teaching their kid's this is okey !!!

5/ I just hope the jury sentences defendant trump to the maximum penalty aloud by law. He's not qualified to hold public office anyway per the constitution.

6/ Childish, a waste of money , vulgar and pointless . Like MAGA actually.

7/ How can anyone just stop on the street and throw out anything and not be charged.  This is about how low they can go.  It’s shameful.

8/ They should get fined for the environmental impact the balloons have on our birds and other animals,  on land and in the sea.

9/ Disgusting! How pathetic!

10/ Where are the Police while all this goes on?  If you tried something as disgusting as this here in Australia, there would be a mass of Police there arresting them all and charging them with public obscenity!

11/ This is really unreal and so odd!! It's like they come from another world.. scary!
Trump Makes INSANE PROMISE To Do THIS... He's Crazy!

In Donald Trump's speech yesterday, he talked about his plan to appoint young MAGA judges to courts to rule in his favor.


1/ That's How Trump Works! Always looking ahead to Protect Him. What a JOKE of a Man!!

2/ I stand by Biden 100% i will nerve vote for Trump

3/ Number 1 Trump should not be able to run for president after January 6 from the beginning

3a/ Absolutely correct!

3b/ No and he should have been dealt with for Jan 6 right away. This would not be happening now. It’s taking far too long.

3c/ He shouldn't have been allowed as a candidate because of the campaign finance violation. How come everybody around him got sentenced, for what they did FOR him, but he gets so much leeway.

4/ Ailene Cannon is a perfect example. Lawyer in 2 cases and then made a federal judge. Totally incompetent and corrupt to the core.

4a/ Exactly. The reason they are traditionally older especially for a lifetime appointment is so they have lots of experience. Cannon has hardly any actual trial experience and should never be over one of the most important cases in our lifetime. Amy Coney Barrett is in the supreme court and has barely any experience at all and we're supposed to look to her for wisdom???

4b/ Trump 2024 PRISON, Maga Republicans vote them out 🇺🇸

5/ To put the flag upside down outside his home is so embarrassing to have him representing America!!

6/ As Americans we have been BETRAYED! UPSIDE DOWN flag?

7/ Cannon needs to be removed immediately, disbarred for aiding and abetting trump's wishes, and give the case to someone familiar with the Constitution, and get these other trials coming forth NOW, and not later, if at all. All these people need to be held accountable for the laws they've broken, against us all.

8/ All corrupt judges should be disqualified from supreme court.

9/ I’m a liberal boomer. Keep up your good work. The future of American democracy is on your generation voting for Biden and NOT Kennedy. Start drilling that in to your young listeners.

10/ They paid off Thomas's mothers house and paid for his nephews education too. What a disgrace.

Азербайджанский танец «Чабаны». Балет Игоря Моисеева. (Google translate: Azerbaijani dance "Chabany". Igor Moiseyev's ballet.)

169,165 views May 12, 2024
Азербайджанский танец «Чабаны» в программе концерт ов 13-14 мая 2024г. в кз им.П.И.Чайковского
(Google translate: Azerbaijani dance "Chabany" in the concert program on May 13-14, 2024. in P.I. Tchaikovsky)


1/ It’s such a joy to see your grandson on stage!

1a/ Congratulations on your talented grandson. Only grandma can understand your pride in him!

1b/ Congratulations!!!! Which is your grandson??? Well done everyone!!!

1c/ First in the cascade.
Almost always on the left.

1d/ Bravo!!! They raised such a handsome boy!!!!!!!!!!

1e/ He is the most charismatic and expressive! It stands out from the first movements! Then the gaze is drawn only to him. She dances very beautifully!

2/ There are no words. Fantastic! Labor and talent. The musicians are great too. You can watch endlessly. Thanks a lot.

3/ Magnificent!!! I don’t know anyone cooler than this ballet!!! Amazing dances, wonderful production!!! Thank you for your work, my dear boys and girls!!!

4/ Believe it or not…as a child, my friends and I used to play with sticks. Those of us who could do things like this would and show off to our friends! We play all day jumping around using long fallen tree branches…we’d yell out to each other “watch me!” And flip and! my Mom was amazed at me being able to jump up on a branch and balance for a few seconds! So much fun! I’m 70 years old and us kids would grab anything to play with... Connie, Michigan, USA

4a/ Oh I’ve enjoyed your comment. I played with sticks too. Made my own bows & arrows. Spent a lot of time on the fence or roof. Every Christmas in the 50s got a new dump truck, a helicopter, a train set & a gun. Every year they got decimated. I’m a 71 year old woman who married my idol. A man who’d been a truck driver, taught me to shoot, loved steam train shows as much as me & eventually became one of the best helicopter pilots in Australia. We were born in the best time weren’t we. & I love your cat.
Della McGowan, Maryborough

4a1/ Hello Della . What a sweet comment, and so true! Such fun as kids, and we had nothing, yet everything…️ Connie, Michigan, USA

4b/ This is probably how folk dances are born

5/ They are dancers but also the guardians of the legacy of master Moiseyev of traditional dances and folk customs

6/ Amazing! They violate the laws of physics Every movement is so easy and clear, although it is a colossal physical load...

7/ Wow! The grace, the athleticism, the skill, the talent, the attention to detail!

8/ Our beautiful, unique, feather-light, bright, expressive Moiseevites, I adore you. And this dance is beautiful in the hall, but one can only dream of how luxurious it will be on stage, in costumes, with well-staged lighting.

9/ I personally like watching rehearsals more than when they are on stage .
And you have a real orchestra at your rehearsal

10/ The best dancers and choreographers in the world. May God grant them healing for their hardworking bodies!

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