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(2021-07-24, 06:47 PM)SugarBabe Wrote: Sao anh kg xin bánh TT Mỹ Hiệp 
Hay chả cá Tea hay mua ở PLT  Rollin

Phụ nữ đảm đang là đây  Face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye_1f61c Biggrin

Tiệm Mỹ Hiệp có bán bánh đậu xanh, Tea thích bánh đậu xanh hơn là bánh TT.
Be Happy
 not because everything is "good" but because 
you can see "the good in everything" 🌸
There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy 🌺
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Chã giò VN 

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Rollin Rollin

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