Be Vegan, make peace.

Be Vegan, make peace.

TRỌN BỘ TIẾNG VIỆT, Sống Một Mình Mang Lại Hạnh Phúc Và Sự Tập Trung - Thanh Hải Vô Thượng Sư
Be Vegan, make peace.

To Believe in Humanity and Goodness Is to Help Each Other, April 23, 2022

On Saturday, April 23, 2022, our Most Caring Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously took time from Her precious retreat to call Supreme Master Television team members to check on their wellbeing, and to share an inspiring true story of a famous Aulacese (Vietnamese) legend. During the conference, the team members also shared some good news concerning recent world events.

Very nice. That’s how humans should be, how humans should behave. Helping each other instead of killing or harming each other. This is the way. This is the way if you are believing in God or even just believing in humanity’s goodness. I don’t understand it, because Russia is supposed to be Orthodox Christian. Have Patriarch this, Patriarch that. He even advised President Putin to go ahead with the war and supports it. …You support murderers! You encourage murdering innocents. All these churches should be emptied. No one should go into this kind of church anymore to be contaminated with this devilish kind of doctrine and stupidity and evilness.

All the people should leave this kind of church. Only go to the churches where they check out that the priests are really pure and good and holy. At least don’t encourage others to go out and kill God’s children. […] They better stay home and read the Bible, and believe God in their heart, and do charity, help the other children of God.

And NATO says that they are arranging their army alongside the Russian border. But why don’t they arrange it also on the Ukrainian border with Russia, instead of just other nations? They should have done that before, then we would not have this war. Then many thousands of people would not have died, including Russians.

That’s how the Russians are “doing charity” in Ukraine. So evil. And even dare to boast about it on TV. They said, “We went there just to give them food and blankets and all that.” All that bs. Oh, God. I cannot believe any human could be so evil like that. So, they did really give something, but they gave it with a booby trap. …Imagine giving children milk, and then they put a detonating thing in it. How evil can it be? I think that the international court should bring Putin, make him answer for all this. There’s no need to examine too long and investigate what? Evidence is all over, everywhere.

To hear the fascinating true Aulacese (Vietnamese) legend as told by Supreme Master Ching Hai, and to listen to the rest of Her captivating talk with the Supreme Master Television team members, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date, for the full broadcast of this conference.


Be Vegan, make peace.
Putin Must Call For Immediate Ceasefire In Ukraine, April 11, 2022


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Host: On Monday, April 11, 2022, our Most Loving Supreme Master Ching Hai kindly reserved time to read an inspiring story from “A Treasury of Jewish Folklore,” compiled by Nguyễn Ước. Prior to it, Master shared some good news related to Ukraine, followed by Supreme Master Television team members doing so as well.

There was some change in the world. It changes so fast. (Oh.) Because the Prime Minister of England went to Kyiv to visitand walk on Kyiv’s streets, like nothing has happened. (Yes, we saw that.)

“Media Report from Global News Apr. 10, 2022 Boris Johnson (m): I want to begin, Volodymyr, by saluting once again the bravery of the people of Ukraine in defying the appalling aggression that we have seen. In the last few weeks, the world has found new heroes, and those heroes are the people of Ukraine. What Putin has done in places like Bucha and in Irpin, his war crimes have permanently polluted his reputation and the reputation of his government. And together with our partners, we are going to ratchet up the economic pressure and we will continue to intensify week by week the sanctions on Russia. Not just freezing assets in banks and sanctioning oligarchs, but moving away from our use of Russian hydrocarbons. And we will give you the support that you need, the economic support, but also, of course, the defensive military support in which I am proud to say that the UK helped to lead the way.”

And also the chief of the EU at the moment, she also went to Kyiv some days ago to give Ukraine a speedy application. Speedy kind of protocol. Simple. So, they say that Ukraine could join the EU in weeks. (Wow! That’s great. Yay!) Yeah, me too. I also applaud. Instead of years. (Yes, Master.) That’s nice. Nice that they have some friends. (Yes, Master.) Mental, emotional support. (Right, Master.)

“Media Report from NBC News Apr. 9, 2022 Ursula (f): Let me at the very beginning express my condolences for the families, the children, the innocent people that have been attacked today by Russia at the train station. Your fight is also our fight. And I'm here in Kyiv with you today to send a very strong message that the European Union is by your side.”
“Media Report from The Telegraph Apr. 9, 2022 Ursula (f): Ukraine belongs to the European family. We've heard your request loud and clear. And today, we're here to give you a first positive answer. In this envelope, dear Volodymyr, there is an important step towards EU membership. The questionnaire that is in here is the basis for our discussion in the coming weeks. It is where your path towards Europe and the European Union begins. We know a lot about each other because we’ve been working together so intensively over the last years. So it will be not as usual a matter of years to form this opinion, but I think a matter of weeks, if we work closely together.”

And even America wanted to help them more in some way. More support, more help, in more practical ways. And NATO is also kind of changing their viewpoint, somehow. (Yes, Master.) They should have changed it 14 years ago. They should have changed their viewpoint 14 years ago.
I don’t know whose fault actually, but at that time it seemed like America supported Ukraine to join NATO. (Yes.) But NATO said no. Imagine that? (Oh!) It’s funny. (I think Germany and others.) Germany said no? That’s why, right? (Yes.) So, now, Ukraine has to pay, and Russia also has to pay. Both countries have to pay for their stubbornness.
Who was it at that time? It was Angela Merkel. (Yes.) Why did she say no? (I’m not sure.) I also don’t have any excuse for her, and I hope she “enjoys” the bloodshed now from both the countries, from innocent people. (Yes, Master.) Even the soldiers from Russia, they’re also innocent. They would just do what they have to. They were ordered to do it. They didn’t know what else to do. (Yes, Master.)
I hope now with all this support that Russia will think twice to continue with the war. (Yes, Master.) To stop the war is the best solution. Mr. Putin should just order a ceasefire and order his troops home. It’s only the neighbor next door. It doesn’t take long to go home. (That’s right, Master.) So, the world will have more peace. (Yes.) Now that he knows that the Ukrainians, they will fight to the death. They will not give up. And it seems like they’re winning in different directions. (Yes, Master.)

But now it is reported that Russia is preparing for the next big battle, in Donbas, in the east. (Yes, Master.) I hope he stops it. I hope he stops in time because there’s enough lives lost already. (Right. Yes, Master.) How many more people have to die until he orders the ceasefire and orders the troops home? (Yes, Master.) And when people are happy, they will cease anger and hatred towards him, and all this neutralizing energy will be good for his health and everything else. If he still wants to live on the planet. Otherwise, he will die soon. No matter if he wins or loses. (Yes, Master.)
Because when too many people hate you, this dark energy will pierce whatever armor you have. Even invisible armor. And you will die soon, you will be short-lived. That is the thing. (Yes.) Not to talk about hell waiting or anything else. (Understand, Master.) Or even destroying his being by the Council, which I cannot interfere with. If the war goes on, more innocents will die for nothing. (Yes, Master.) Then his essence, his being, whatever it’s made of, is going to be destroyed forever. It’s a pity. (Yes.)
It’s not easy to exist in the whole universe. Even though we are just one being and small, but if we are destroyed, we are destroyed. Forever. (Yes, Master.) I hope Mr. Putin hears me, for his own sake as well as the sake of the Russians; innocent soldiers; and the innocent Ukrainian civilians and soldiers as well. This is a very sad affair. (Yes, Master, it is.)
And the more the war goes on, the more Russia will be bankrupted. People already have no business and many people don’t have jobs already. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) And if the war goes on, the West will cut off their demand for oil and gas. Because this is a big revenue for Russia. (Right. Yes, Master.) Without these billions, Russia will just have to stop the war anyhow in a month or so. […]
No matter how many he wants to kill. (Yes, Master.) The Ukrainians, they have gone numb to death now. They could not care less if they die. (Wow.) They saw too many deaths already. (Yes.) They became hardened and more resolved to fight. (That’s right.) They have nothing to lose. (Yes, Master.) The more Ukrainians killed by Russia, the more they’re resolved to fight. So, I think, President Putin should consider this. (Yes. Exactly.) No matter who he is. If he doesn’t want Russia to go bankrupt altogether. And then the recession will be a long, long, long, long, long winter for Russia.
Oh man, terrible. I’m sure he is very misled by his gang. (Yes, Master.) And now he got himself into a big mess. (Right.) Difficult to go forward or backward. (Yes, Master.) But he should just order a ceasefire and then order the troops home. People make mistakes sometimes. (Yes.) And if you know you made a mistake, you just change it. (Right. Yes, Master.)

Angela Merkel, with all her so-called compassion and compassionate gestures to the refugees and against war and whatever. I don’t think she’s for war. Why did she not let Ukraine join NATO? I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Joining NATO doesn’t mean they’re going fight Russia, unless Russia fights them first. (True.) (Yes, Master.) Nobody wants war anymore. (Exactly.) Too many wars already, and so tiring, and there is COVID-19 and everything. (Yes, Master.) They did not want war with Russia, because they wanted oil and gas cheap from Russia, and ready and available. (Yes.) So, is not possible that Angela Merkel would worry that Russia will be at war with the West. It’s something personal. She was very close to Putin, or something.
I’m very disappointed with this woman for this. Very disappointed. I thought she’s a wise woman and strong, and know-how, and know-what. But for this handling of Ukraine to join NATO, she really, really erred big time. And now so many people died from both sides. (Yes, Master.) For Russia, 16,000 at least died and 40,000 plus, maybe more now, altogether either disappeared in battle or died, or in prison, prisoner of war. (Yes, Master.) And now the whole world is against Russia. However, she wanted to protect Russia, but now she put Russia in danger. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes it’s just being busybody. It doesn’t help anyone. (Right.)
She also speaks Russian. I think that’s why she feels, like some sentimental link to Russia. But that is not the game to play. People’s lives are at stake, and now so many people die. I hope she sleeps well, and eats well. I hope she doesn’t feel beaten by her own conscience. (Yes.) My God, you are entrusted with such a privilege and power, and then here for some personal reason or, sentiment or whatever… Because there is no other reason why she should stop Ukraine to join NATO. (Right. Yes, indeed.) Up to now NATO never waged war with anyone, except to protect their own people, their own allies. (Yes. True. That’s right.) So, why would she stop Ukraine?
Ukraine never waged war with Russia. It was Russia who waged war, up to now, with Ukraine. (Yes.) All this time; since eight years at least already. Since Crimea, at least. Oh, my God. […]

I think, if Putin is wise, he would just order a ceasefire. Very simple. (Yes. That’s right. True.) Don’t have to say anything, don’t even need to apologize if he cannot. […] And if Russia helps to rebuild Ukraine, then everything will be better. (Yes, Master.) And people will let bygones be bygones.
Now, because Russia is losing, that’s why they are using cadets. You know, younger students? (Yes.) Learning to be conscripts, learning to fight. The cadet is still in the learning process; young, 17-18. (Yes.) Just coming in. And also, now they are using even the ex-soldiers. Those who are already supposed to have retired. (Yes, Master.) And now they mobilize them all out. That means they suffered truly, heavy losses. So, in that case, if I was a leader, I would just order my soldiers home to save more lives. (Yes, Master.) Save as many lives as we can.
People can make mistakes, but you don’t always have to fight to the death to cover your mistakes. There’s no need for that. (Yes.) A lot of people make mistakes as well, but it doesn’t mean we have to continue with that mistake. To make mistakes is human. (Right.) Suppose you are human; to make mistakes is human, but to continue making mistakes is to be an idiot, (Yes.) or evil, in this case. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) You have no feeling, no sympathy, no heartfelt nothing, for the deaths of the innocent, including your own citizens. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from BBC NEWS Apr. 12, 2022,Reporter (m):A mother’s reaction as her son’s body is recovered in front of her eyes close to Kyiv.”

And this will be too obvious, all bared for all the world to see that you are heartless. And that is not a very good name or good reputation to bring with into the grave, into the history of humankind. (Yes. That’s right, Master.) […]

Do you have any questions at all? (We have some good news, Master.) […] (A report says at least 60 Russian paratroopers from a unit in Pskov province refused to fight in Ukraine.) I guess they had enough with seeing dead bodies all over for no reason. (Yes, Master.) I guess they understood what it is all about now. (Yes.)

“Media Report from BBC NEWS Apr. 8, 2022 Reporter (f): Nina Vynnyk’s home was shelled. Her daughter lost a leg.
Nina (f): All of us were knocked out by the explosion. When we came to our senses, we began to search for each other. Then, I saw her screaming, “Mommy, I don’t have a leg.” It was horrific.
Reporter (f): How does she respond to Russia denying it’s targeted civilians?
Nina (f): Tell them to stop lying.
Reporter (f): They lie a lot, she said.
Nina (f): There’s a woman in a hospital without a leg. That is the truth.”

Not like propaganda, but the reality of innocent people who die. And many thousands, tens of thousands of their comrades are dead or in trouble. Or in prison. (Yes, Master.) Oh, my God. They did not know all this, that’s why now they refuse it. […]
(And the troops were fired and some are being threatened with criminal prosecution, a Russian newspaper reported. And other reports suggest that Russian forces have suffered heavy losses.) Yeah, of course. (And morale is deteriorating.) Well, that is nothing new. It has been a while already. But it’s only six weeks, and they lost so much. (Yes.) They lost more than in any recent wars, like in Iraq or Afghanistan. […]
To lose morale is not bad, but to lose your life is bad. (Yes, Master.) I hope they don’t fight. Just don’t fight. Then even the president cannot kill all of them. (Yes, Master.) And if they stay alive, then the Ukrainians will also stay alive. (Right, Master.) If they don’t fight, then they will be alive. And both will be alive. (Yes, Master.) Your wives, your kids, your parents, your friends, your buddies. They’re all waiting for you.
Please don’t fight. Just go home. Or even be a prisoner of war. You will save your life until later when the war is over. Or swap prisoners. Just stay alive, no matter what. Just go defect or whatever. Go to Ukraine. Be a prisoner of war, whatever. Just don’t die. Don’t fight, then you don’t die. Please. God protect you. Pray to God to protect you. And don’t fight. No need. There’s no need. If the Russians, or President Putin, says Ukraine and Russia are one family, then why do you kill each other? (Yes, it’s true.) […] You can’t just go and kill your own family members. (Right.) You are not barbarous. Even barbarous people, they don’t do that. (Yes. Right.) Everybody recognizes their family member. (Right. Yes.) You don’t kill your family member unless you’re cuckoo, or you’re evil. (Yes, Master.) [...]

Any more good news? [...] (More than €10 billion has been pledged in a Stand Up For Ukraine event to provide humanitarian support for Ukraine. This event was organized by the European Commission, Canada and an international organization called Global Citizen. And the European Commission pledged €1 billion as well.)
They should. They should pay more and help more because they are the ones who make Ukrainians and Russians pay with their lives. Both countries. (Yes, Master.)
I don’t thank any of these people who just begin now to trickle in some of the so-called help. But I do thank Ukraine. Ukraine surprised the West, not just Russia, with their resilience, their courage, their noble sacrifice. (Yes, Master.) They also surprised me. Because after Putin, beat away the Crimea and the other two regions, I didn’t think Ukraine would have any more spirit to fight.
Before, I guess they were just too gentle. (Yes, Master.) They didn’t want to make it big. But I think now, because they know Ukraine will be lost if they don’t fight. So, they gave their all. (Yes.) And this is really a big surprise for Russia as well as the West. And I think they have a little bit more respect for Ukraine now. (Yes, Master.) Surprise! We didn’t die! We’re still here. […]
I have to thank Ukraine, because this is the nobility and courage that the world must learn. (Yes, Master.) And also, I thank Ukraine, because they don’t just fight for themselves, because their winning will be beneficial to Europe and to many other countries as well, who benefit from their farm produce. (Yes, Master.) Because Ukraine is a food basket for Europe.
Imagine if Russia wins, and all this farm produce will belong to Russia then. And, Putin will use it also as another strangulation instrument for Europe at least. Because, now gas and oil already weakened them thus. It scared them so much that they did not even dare to oppose Putin in any way at all. (Yes, Master.) Now if he has the whole farm produce from Ukraine, can you imagine? (Yes, Master.) They probably will be all on their knees begging for food. (Yes, Master.) So that’s why I thank Ukraine.
And I think Europe at least should thank Ukraine for sacrificing themselves, in order for the whole of Europe to survive, to say the least. So, Europe should have been more protective of Ukraine, because protecting Ukraine is protecting themselves, the European countries and nearby, and the rest, who profit, benefit from Ukraine’s diligent farming way of life. (Right, Master.)

I’m very surprised this time. Not just about Ukraine’s courage, self-sacrifice and noble mentality, but because of how the world reacted. I don’t mean the devil governments. I don’t mean the devil leaders. I mean the private people. (Yes.) The citizens of the world. They understood so fast. (Yes, Master.) And they helped them somehow. Otherwise, I don’t think Ukraine could withstand the first blow. […] They would not be able to be that strong.
And God has helped. (Yes, Master.) I told you guys. Even though we don’t see it. They don’t see it. But God helps, Heaven helps; for the injustice not to be upon Ukraine. And the whole world supports them. (Yes, Master.) […] But still, I hope that their sacrifice won’t be for nothing; will be for something. (Yes, Master.) At least, it will be meaningful, if the war stops, if the whole world wakes up. […]

My God, I think too much of the people who died suddenly. OK, the innocent, the pure ones, we can take care of their souls; but those who die too fast and they did not have time to prepare, to clean themselves; they have trouble. They are wandering around or floating on top of hell, or don’t even know what’s happening to them. And that is the dead, and the living also do not fair better. […]
And the refugees, they went to some countries, and have to put up with many situations. (Yes, Master.) […] And some refugees went to the UK, and it took so long for the visas. What for they have to take so long? Just stamp and let them in, man! (Yes.) Many countries waive their visa, waive the bureaucracy for the refugees from Ukraine. UK should do that too. (Yes. Right.)
Oh man! They should do that because UK was also one of the guarantors of Ukraine’s sovereignty and peace, when they made Ukraine give up all their nuclear weapons. (Yes, Master.) And the Ukrainian people, loving peace and innocent, gave it all away. That’s how now they have become helpless victims. (Yes, Master.) If they also have nuclear weapons, maybe they could use it as a threat. (Yes. Right.) But they have nothing, just some very little weapons. And the West did not help much. Now they’re helping more, and they pledged to help more. But before, they had nothing, almost, or very little, against the big army of Russia. (Yes. Right.) [...]
They all told the Ukrainian government to give up all the nuclear weapons. They did. And all of them signed, at least three big powers. Russia themselves signed that, too, under Yeltsin. (Yes.) And then United Kingdom signed it also, America signed it also. Guaranteed safety, sovereignty, freedom for Ukraine’s independence. And if, in case Russia betrays them, for example, they will protect Ukraine. And now, what did they do? All this time, so many people have died already, and they just began to give a little bit more. (Yes, Master.) [...]
So, I blame all these countries who betrayed Ukraine. They betrayed Ukraine. They did. And maybe they’re waking up now. They see all the atrocities, and also all the pressure everywhere. (Yes, Master.) […]
See, they all betrayed Ukraine. Well, maybe they are trying to make it up now. It’s good. It’s better than never. But they should have done that before, they should have done that before the war even began, to stop the war, to prevent the war; instead of being scared of Putin, or scared of losing gas and oil, and all that stuff. (Yes, Master.) They should know that Putin also is afraid of not being able to sell gas and oil to them. (Right, yes.) Because he made a lot of money with it, I mean Russia made a lot of money with it; of course, he also has a share in it if it’s state-owned anyway. (Yes, Master.) So, they should not have betrayed Ukraine.
Anyway, Russia betrayed Ukraine. Betrayed their own promise to protect Ukraine. Instead, they betrayed Ukraine by invading Ukraine, and brutally killing, murdering innocent people and children and women. (Yes.) And the West betrayed Ukraine by not truly helping and protecting them. And one and a half months already, they just begin to stir a little bit more.
In the beginning, they didn’t help much, just let Ukraine try it out and die or live, doesn’t matter. (Yes, Master.) They should have known that Russia is very brutal. They should have known that whether or not Ukraine joins NATO, Russia would have still invaded Ukraine anyway. They could see it very well. (Yes, Master.) Because, first they (Russia) said Ukraine should not join NATO, and they used that excuse to want to go in. And later Ukraine didn’t join and NATO said, “We don’t accept Ukraine.” And they still went in anyway, Putin. (Yes. That’s right.) They made another excuse, saying there are fascists and Nazis in Ukraine. Everyone could see that, and still did not help Ukraine. Did not try more forcefully, more honestly to help Ukraine. (Yes, Master.)
So, I said they all betrayed Ukraine, not just Russia. (Yes.) Even though they signed in ink, and sealed their guarantee to leave Ukraine in peace and have its own sovereignty. It’s not about betraying Ukraine only. The West made a very terrible show of weakness, cowardice and of an untrustworthy entity. (Yes, Master.)
Because Ukraine loved to be with the free world, and loved to have democracy. And they love peace. They proved that, fatally, by giving away all their nuclear weapons, making themselves vulnerable to the whole world, trusting that the West or Russia would keep their promise, as gentlemen. (That’s right. Yes.) In the old times, people would just shake hands, that’s it. They don’t even have to sign anything, they trusted each other, because we all have honor. If we promise something, it should go through. (Yes, true.)
So, it’s a shame on the side of Russia, as well as the West, especially those who prevented Ukraine from joining NATO, and those who inked the treaty, the memorandum to protect Ukraine, in case of any attack. (Yes.) It’s really a shame, they make a very bad example, they sent a very bad signal to the whole world. (Yes. That’s right.) Like, if you follow the free world, if you’re friends with them, you’re going to be killed. You’re going to be abandoned, you’re going to be betrayed, anyway.

“Media Report from 60 Minutes Apr. 11, 2022 Scott Pelley (m): The slaughter of civilians could have been stopped, Zelenskyy told us. He's bitterly disappointed the Allies refused to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine. It's the kind of inaction the world has suffered before.
Scott Pelley (m): Mr. President, in a speech to NATO, you said, ‘All the people who die, will die because of you. Because of your weakness.’ Are you saying that the West bears some responsibility for these atrocities?
Scott Pelley (m): He told us:
His Excellency President Zelenskyy (m): I remember, all of us remember, books about the Second World War and about the devil in uniform, Adolf Hitler. Are those countries who did not participate in the war responsible? The countries who let German forces march throughout Europe. Does the world carry responsibility for the genocide? Yes, yes, it does. When you have the ability to close the sky. Yes, it's scary that a World War could start. It's scary. I understand that, and I cannot put pressure on these people because everyone is afraid of war. But whether the world is responsible for this, I believe so. Yes, I believe so. Stand in front of the mirror every day and ask yourself, ‘Were you able to do something or were you unable to do something?’ You will find the answer in the mirror to this question and to another question: ‘Who are you?’ That’s what I believe.”

You see, make a very, very bad reputation for the whole West, for the whole free world. (Yes.) And the communists, Russia, Putin, make a very, very bad reputation for the whole communist community, allies and all that. Both of them should be ashamed. (Yes, Master.) [...]
You see, I would really love to tell people, to tell all the governments in the world; please no more weapons. And save all the money to help the poor, to have better schools, better streets, better bridges, better nutrition for people. (Yes, Master.) But now, I don’t know how to tell them that anymore. Because by making the war in Ukraine, even if Putin loses, it has sent a strong shockwave around the world to those smaller countries, who the world has been trying so hard over the years to convince to give up weapons, or nuclear power. (Yes.)
Now, they have all the excuses to develop nuclear weapons, or to keep their weapons; or they would never give them up, because they worry they would fall into the misfortune and suffering like Ukraine, because Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons. And now, it’s become weak, or seems weaker. (Yes. Right.)
I’m not talking about their spirit, I’m talking about their leverage. The strong point that they can negotiate with. (Yes, Master.) I’m talking about the leverage that Putin, by making the war in Ukraine, is sending the message to everybody, to all the nations, that, “If you have strong weapons, if you have nuclear weapons, you will have high leverage. You will have the bigger advantage over the other nations.” (Yes, Master.) So, they will use that, whether or not they are genuine, or taking advantage of this situation and keep making their nuclear arsenal, or even more modernized weapons, other kinds of weapons, to counter-attack, in case. (Yes.) Or at least to tell other countries, “Don’t come near. We’re ready. We have everything to defend. We have everything to counterattack your invasion.” (Yes, Master. Understand.)
So, whether or not they genuinely want to protect their country, or they just use that as an excuse for negotiation, I don’t know how to tell them anymore. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want to either. I don’t want to feel the burden of responsibility for any nation that I advised to give up their weapons. (Understand.) If the whole world listens to my plea or advice, and give up all their weapons altogether, then it’s wonderful. (Yes.)
But if just one party gives up, smaller party gives up, or one side gives up and the other doesn’t give up, then they put themselves in danger. (Yes, that’s right.) They would feel vulnerable to attack anytime – they never know. (Yes, Master.) […]
But you can’t just do that. It’s the people’s country. (Yes.) A sovereign country, free country. And the country that your country has signed and sealed and promised to protect, not long ago. (That’s right.) Witnessed by the whole world. (Yes, Master.) So this is something ugly, very, very low level. Lowlife. […]
It’s not possible right now for me to tell anybody, “Have peace, don’t have weapons.” Because I will be responsible for their peace or war. (Yes, Master.) I can’t be responsible for one country or any country, I’m for the whole world. Therefore, whatever I say, everything is just and fair. (Yes, Master.)
It’s a pity though. (Yes.) We spend so much money for destruction instead of construction. (Yes. That’s right.) And the whole world; so many, I think, maybe billions of people are still in poverty. (Yes.) It’s not quite right. Not quite correct, the world. And we spend so much money on causing pain, misery, separation, death, destruction, and to maim, kill and disable people. Our own fellow humans. (Yes, Master.) Eating, killing animal-people is not enough, we want to kill more, humans even. […]
I feel the most sorrowful thing is that, this world could have been a paradise. It’s truly like that. Because we have an abundance of everything; ample food, and natural resources. (Yes.) It’s just we developed in the wrong way. […]
I don’t know how Putin can still continue the war if he saw such devastation. Maybe it’s just communists, they believe the ends justify the means. (Yes.)

“Media Report from ITV News Apr. 6, 2022 Dan Rivers (m): The town of Borodianka has been hollowed out by Russian missiles and artillery. Helena Skoropad is telling me about trying to save her son Artem. She scooped him into her arms after he was hit by shrapnel, describing the injuries in graphic detail. Artem was just 12 years old, a keen basketball player. His mother and stepfather Sasha had tried to flee, but they say a cluster munition exploded, peppering them with shrapnel.”

But that’s not like that. You cannot end badly and win gloriously. (Yes.) You cannot use a bad way to win. Not at human cost. […]

The Russian president and his people should know that the government of Ukraine is good. (Yes.) They have the support of all the people. (Yes, Master.) Then he should feel awed, respectful and let the Ukrainian people be. (That’s right.) […]
The Ukrainian government wouldn’t have all this support if it’s bad. (Yes, Master.) And if somebody really controlled the Ukrainian people, if some fascist, for example, controlled the Ukrainian people, then they would run out to Russia when they have this chance. (Exactly, yes.) They did not! They did not welcome them. They pushed their tanks. They stopped their trucks. They picked up rifles to fight for their country, for their people. (Yes.) That is a “no-no” for Russia. It means, “We don’t want you.” […]
So, if Putin ever hears me, he should stop the war, to save himself, at least. Not to talk about saving his countrymen; those young and handsome soldiers who have wives and kids or girlfriends, and parents waiting at home for them. (Yes.) They are somebody’s dear one, loved one. They are not just a number on their tag. They are a human being, and they have families. It is very heartbreaking to see them die like that. (Yes.)

“Media Report from The New York Times Mar. 15, 2022 Kyrylo (m): We grew up together. A very dear person. He wasn’t just my brother. He was my friend as much as he was my brother. I am very worried about Mom, how she will get through this. Her youngest son.
Mom: Impossible, it is impossible to live through normally. This pain will be in my heart until the very end. Until the very end. It’s impossible. There are times when I just switch off. Then, I don’t understand it. And then he’s gone. Then, shock floods me again. This stress.
Kyrylo (m): He would always swing on this bench and chit-chat with me.
Reporter (m): Ukraine's president said around 1,300 soldiers have been killed, though that number could not be independently verified.
Mom: My dear Vasyenka. My son.
Reporter (m): One day after this video was originally published, Vasyl’s brother, Kyrylo, was also killed, in a missile attack in western Ukraine.”

Terrible, terrible. Imagine if it’s you or your brother even. (Yes, Master.) Terrible. […]
I feel so painful. So much pain, so much pain. I don’t know how anyone can bear it, to create war. We are just bystanders, we look only and we feel so painful, not to talk about the victims. Imagine the soldiers there, it’s cold, freezing and they send them in the open tank. (Yes.) […]
Russia is losing, losing, losing. Not just in the war but on all fronts. Because nobody will respect Russia anymore. They will feel that, “Oh, Russia must be terrible, must be so evil. That’s why the Ukrainians are so desperate to fight, to be free from Russia.” […] (Yes, Master.) Very bad for Russia, very bad. Even if Russia wins, everybody will think it’s a very bad, bad country. (Yes, Master.) Bad policy. Bad anything, everything. […]

I’m so angry. I’m so angry. And I feel disgusted, as well. I told you, many times. I can never tell enough. I feel so disgusted with these people. (Yes, Master.) I feel they are not worthy to be human. Not to talk about being the chief of a nation, or of a big organization, and a worthy and honorable organization. Vowing to protect peace and freedom, democracy. It’s all bs. (Yes, Master.) Now they show their true face. You can see very well. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from Fox News Mar. 25, 2022 Ex-general Jack Keane (m): The Biden administration, for some reason, doesn’t even want to use the words ‘We want to win.’ We want the Ukrainians to win against the Russians.”
“Media Report from Fox News Mar.31, 2022 Ex-general Jack Keane (m): We don’t want Putin to lose.”

(An ex-general was commenting on one of the news that he thinks Biden doesn’t want Putin to lose because of all the obstructions.) He obstructs it because he doesn’t want Putin to lose? (Yes, that’s what one of the generals thinks.) They have no need to think. (Yes.) It’s so clear like your palm. It’s so clear. So wicked. I told you he’s the devil. Now you believe it or not? (Yes, Master.) He’s worse than Putin. (Yes.) At least Putin, he wants a country. (Yes.) That’s why he came in. But Biden, what has he got to do with it? And wants people to die. And now, because so much pressure, so he gives a little bit here, a little bit there. (Yes, Master.) […]
At least, Putin, maybe, you can say he’s greedy or angry or something. Or he’s crazy, or it’s a vaccine problem. And he wants the country. But Biden, he has no reason to want Ukraine to lose, to die. (I see.) I blame more that devil even. He empowers Putin. (Yes, Master.) Just says it with the mouth, or from the lips only. It’s only lip service. (Yes, that’s right.) And even accusing Putin of being a butcher. He is a worse butcher than Putin, by preventing people to help Ukraine in time of need. Not only doesn’t help, but prevents people. He truly wants Ukraine to die. (Yes.) Now everybody is surprised Ukraine didn’t die, it’s the Russians who died. (Right, Master.) It must have hurt Biden a lot. His fellow devil is losing.
What a pity. My God. Now you can see who is who. No? (Yes, Master. Very clear.) The NATO chief is also the same. Of course, you can see what he does.

“Media Report from WION Mar. 17, 2022 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (m):Of course, we support peace efforts. We call on Russia to and President Putin to withdraw its forces, but we have no plans of deploying NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine.”

He doesn’t help, nothing. He doesn’t even let Ukraine join. But Sweden and Finland, "Welcome!” Soon, in summer they join. (Wow, yes.) And Ukraine has been begging all these years, and he doesn’t give. (Yes, Master.)
Ah, man. All these people. They are all murderers in different ways. (True.) They are only murderers, and evil. Uglier than sin. Only hell will be able to tolerate them, with fire, of course, in locks and chains, and all kinds of torture instruments. They cannot escape. Even if in this world they escape, because they take on a body or take on somebody else’s body and then have to live out their allotted time. (Oh.) Otherwise, hell will not tolerate them. Heaven, of course, least of all. (Right.)
I would save Putin, if he stops the war. (Oh.) Just because of world peace and for the Ukrainian people and the world, I want him to stop the war. So, even if I save him and suffer, it’s because of the Ukrainian people and world peace; not because of Putin. […]

All right, love. Take care. (Take care, Master. Thank You, Master.) […]
Ciao. God bless. (Thank You, Master. Ciao, Master. God bless, Master.) Love you. (Love You, Master.)

Host: We sincerely thank Most Cherished Master for Her courageous support of freedom-loving Ukraine, and opening our eyes to the true solution of restoring peace and safety in our world. May Divine intervention help leaders in power wake up and realize that the only beneficial outcome is a permanent ceasefire in Ukraine, to safeguard the future of all the world’s citizens and sow the seeds for Eden on Earth. We wish Master sound wellness and serenity, in the constant protection of all Benevolent, Cosmic Beings.
To hear the touching Jewish story, “Two Friends,” graciously translated by Supreme Master Ching Hai, as well as more of Master’s perspectives on the tragic war in Ukraine, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date, for the full broadcast of this conference.
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Be Vegan, make peace.

Be Vegan, make peace.


Be Vegan, make peace.

To Believe in Humanity and Goodness Is to Help Each Other, Apr. 23, 2022

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Host: On Saturday, April 23, 2022, our Most Caring Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously took time from Her precious retreat to call Supreme Master Television team members to check on their wellbeing, and to share an inspiring true story of a famous Aulacese (Vietnamese) legend. During the conference, the team members also shared some good news concerning recent world events.

(Master, Ukraine has liberated 934 settlements from the Russian army so far. And life in these areas is gradually returning to normal, president Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on April 20. In a video address to the nation, President Zelenskyy said that, “934 settlements have already been liberated. Police resumed work in 435 settlements.” “Local self-governments started working in 431 communities. The work of humanitarian headquarters was launched in 361 settlements.”) Nice. (“The Ukrainian government is gradually restoring people’s access to medical and educational services and social protection bodies,” he added.)
Thanks God. Thanks God. Should be more. (Yes.) Because there is no reason that they deserve all this suffering and pain and destruction for nothing. (Yes, Master.) It doesn’t serve anybody, except killing and warring and murdering and evil intentions. (Yes. Exactly.) It doesn’t help anybody.
How can the Russian president say he wants to liberate this and that, and then make people die, and suffer in a mass grave. They buried so many hundreds or thousands of them. (Yes.) And made people suffer without food, without drink also, in some of these hideouts. And didn’t let them go out. Whenever anybody went out, they bombed them and all that.
And cheated them, saying that we have a humanitarian corridor. Then when they came out, bombed them as well. (Yes.) Or laced the whole road with bombs. (Yes.) There’s a little dog, he went all over diligently. He discovered 90 bombs at least. (Wow.) The hidden ones on the ground. (Wow.)

"Media Report from ABC News – Apr. 21, 2022 David Muir (m): The hero dog on duty in Ukraine.
Reporter2 (m): Tonight, in Ukraine, a 2-year-old Jack Russell named Patron helping the Ukrainians clear bombs. Starting his day, his protecting vest on. A bomb disposal worker putting the vest on too, opening the door, a Jack Russell hopping in. They’re in Chernihiv, clearing the city of explosives, searching for dangerous debris left behind by the Russians, sniffing in the field, digging in the dirt. Tonight, that Jack Russell is credited with helping to find nearly 90 explosive devices, the team then clearing the land mines and shells."

On the streets, oh my God. Every time there’s war, there’s always bombs left behind. (Yes, Master.) Those they’re hiding around and people don’t know. And then there’s another second war when they maim themselves on the mine field. (Yes, Master.) And the suffering is no end. This is evil, beyond evil. I don’t care who says what. For me, it’s truly beyond evil to wage war with somebody who has done nothing to you. (Yes, Master.) And talking this and that and all these despicable talks and excuses. (Yes, Master.)

OK, never mind. Anything else? (Yes, Master.)
(According to Ukraine’s General Staff, the armed forces launched a counter-offensive and drove out Russian troops from Marinka, which is less than 10 kilometers west of Donetsk. Marinka was last controlled by Ukraine in mid-March.) OK. Good. Very good.

OK. Somebody else? (Yes, Master.) Tell. […] (Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy formally submitted the completed questionnaire on European Union membership to an envoy on Monday, and said he believed this step would lead to his country gaining candidate status within weeks.) Yeah. OK. (He said, “We strongly believe that this procedure [granting of candidate status] will take place in the coming weeks, and that it will be positive for the history of our people,) Yeah. (given the price they paid on the path to independence and democracy.”) Very good. (Yes.) Excellent. (Right.) We heard that. So, we hope that it really will come true and as soon as possible. (Right. Yes, we hope.) (Yes, Master.)

Alright, anything else? (Yes. A fifth exchange of prisoners with Russia took place on April 19th and 76 Ukrainians returned home. Among those exchanged were 60 Ukrainian servicemen, including 10 officers of the armed forces, and another previous exchange on April 14th was held, returning home 22 Ukrainian servicemen, and eight civilians.)
OK. That’s not a lot. (Yes.) According to the news, Russia holds tens of thousands in almost, like concentration camps in Russia. (Oh. Wow.) I hope they will return soon, also. They kind of forced them to go out, because they had no food, no water, anywhere. (Yes, Master.) And the army or military of Russia came in and, of course, pushed them out. (Yes, Master.) They had to go out, their children had nothing to eat, nothing to drink. Something like that. No milk. (Yes, Master.) No warm things. Nothing. They hide in the cellars and all that. So, sometimes they're forced to go out.
The same now, Russia is blockading the steel plant in Mariupol. And, they just want to force them to come out, because they will have no water, no food – within some days, they will not have anything anymore. (Yes, Master.) There are civilians and also defenders hiding under there. Originally, they wanted to bomb them, but then suddenly, Putin changed his mind. (Yes.) Wanted to catch them alive, or something. He said that we have to blockade so that not even one fly can get out of there. (Yes.)

"Media Report from Guardian News – Apr. 21, 2022 In Russian Putin (m): Block off this industrial area so that not even a fly comes through."
"Media Report from CBS Evening News – Apr. 22, 2022 Norah O’Donnell (f): Thousands of troops and innocent civilians remain trapped inside a steel plant in the city, surrounded by Russian forces. Putin ordered his troops to seal off the plant to try and starve the Ukrainians. Meanwhile, west of Mariupol, new satellite images show more than two hundred mass graves, with what a Ukrainian official estimates, are three to nine thousand bodies."

Oh, God. Evil, wicked. I cannot believe any being who dons a human’s garb can do such evil things to people, children, women, weak, elderly, without blinking an eye. (Right. Yes, Master.) And for what? For what? (No reason.) Just wicked evil. (Yes, Master.) And there’s a rumor that he’s sick right now. (Oh.) I’m surprised if he’s not sick.

Never mind. Anything else? (Yes, also the Presidents of Poland and the Baltic States have visited Kyiv.) Yeah. I heard that. (Yes.) I saw that. (As well as Ireland’s foreign minister, in a show of solidarity.) Yes. Many. (Yes.) It’s good so.

And NATO says that they are arranging their army alongside the Russian border. But why don’t they arrange it also on the Ukrainian border with Russia, instead of just other nations? (Right, Master. Yes.) They should have done that before, then we would not have this war. (Right. Yes, Master.) Then many thousands of people would not have died, including Russians. I’m not happy to see Russians die either. (Yes, Master. Right.) I keep telling you, they’re so young, handsome, and idealistic. (Yes. Right.) They want to fight, but not like this. Not such an ugly and despicable and below hell kind of fighting. (Yes, Master.) Just killing innocent people by the thousands like that. And dig a big grave and throw them all in there. Not to talk about individual cases of raping or harming or torturing yet.

"Media Report from CNN – Apr. 9, 2022 Anchor (m): This is a war with mass digital evidence. Every Russian atrocity could be recorded, and as the Kremlin’s finding out, every illegal order potentially intercepted and exposed.
Russian soldier (m): A car drove by, but I’m not sure if it was a car or a military vehicle. But there were two people coming out of the grove dressed as civilians.
Russian commander (m): Kill them all, for f*** sake.
Russian soldier (m): Got it. But all the village here is civilian.
Russian commander (m): What’s wrong with you? If there are civilians, slay them all…
Anchor (m): Intentionally targeting civilians, something Russia categorically denies, is a war crime. Kremlin blames Ukrainian forces for the devastation and the bloodshed. But hours of audio recordings, said to be of Russian soldiers communicating with their commanders, and released by the Ukrainian security services, seem to tell a very different story. One of civilian areas laid to waste by Russian forces on purpose.
Russian commander (m): Shell everywhere! Shell the settlements directly, got it?
Russian soldier (m): Got it. That’s what I’m doing.
Russian commander (m): Throw some to the west, d*mmit, several shells, to those closer to me.
Russian soldier (m): Roger that. I will pass on the coordinates now.
Russian commander (m): Shell them. Shell them a lot to raze these two villages to the ground.
Anchor (m): And killing civilians isn’t the only excess of which Russian forces are accused. Multiple reports have emerged of rape of young women, even children, by rampaging troops. One intercept records a Russian soldier in a tank regiment telling a horrified woman on the other end of the line what he knew.
Russian soldier 2 (m): Basically, three tankers here, raped a girl…
Woman: Who?
Russian soldier 2 (m): Three tankers… she was 16 years old.
Woman: Our tankers?
Russian soldier 2 (m): Yes…
Woman: F**k.
Anchor (m): And plunging morale among inexperienced soldiers, some as young as 18. Disturbed by the violence and desperate for peace so they can go home.
Russian soldier 3 (m): We are so fed up sitting here, and I just hope we are not going to get hit…
Woman 2: But you are going to be a veteran after this special military operation in Ukraine. Putin has signed a decree…
Russian soldier 3 (m): What veteran? They promised us we would all get medals, and money with each medal. But I want to go home. I don’t need those medals.
Anchor (m): But instead of medals, there were now growing calls for those suspected of war crimes to be tried."

Terrible. Tell me. (And one more here. Two-thirds of people from Kyiv, have already returned to the capital.)
Very good. Yes. I heard that also they managed to get some people out, escape from Mariupol. And they told horrible stories. (Yes.) Horrible stories.
I heard one very bad story, like, the Russians gave, when they cornered the Ukrainians, and then they had to come out, and using bread or milk to bait them out. And one family, one older woman, one man said his mother took the milk home, and when she opened it, she saw something inside. And later, they said that there was a bomb inside. (Oh, my God.) Not the kind of big bomb, of course, in the carton, inside. She saw that the carton was already twisted open. (Yes.) She was saying maybe somebody already drank it. So, she checked it out, and she saw something inside, and it was like a booby trap. (Wow.) If they probably shook it harder or drank it, then they would have been blown to pieces. (Oh, my God.) They would become milk, themselves. (Oh, no!)
That’s how the Russians are “doing charity” in Ukraine. (Wow. So evil.) So evil. And even dare to boast about it on TV. They said, “We went there just to give them food and blankets and all that.” All that bs. Oh, God. I cannot believe any human could be so evil like that. So, they did really give something, but they gave it with a booby trap. (Wow.) Maybe that’s why so many people died. (Wow. Yes.) Those who were unsuspecting. (Right. Yes, Master.) And so hungry, so thirsty. They did not think, they just drank. (Yes.) That’s how many people died. They don’t even have to bomb them a lot. They detonate themselves, and with their family die together. (Yes, Master.)
And this is just one instance that they discovered. Many other people died already, who could not have a chance to say anything. (Yes, Master.) Then, nobody would know why they died. Some, they know because their hands were tied behind their back and shot in the head. That’s different. But people who just died, anonymously like that, they would never find out how. (Yes, Master.)
Imagine giving children milk, and then they put a detonating thing in it. How evil can it be? (Yes, Master.) I think that the international court should bring Putin, make him answer for all this. (Right. Yes, Master.) There’s no need to examine too long and investigate what? (Right.) Evidence is all over, everywhere. (Yes, Master.)

"Media Report from ABC News – Apr. 23, 2022 Reporter 1 (m): UN tonight saying human rights officers documented the unlawful killings of fifty civilians in Bucha, many executed. In total, verifying more than 5,200 civilian casualties, nearly 2,400 of those killed, but the official toll will likely be much greater. A top UN official describing it as a horror story of violations perpetrated against civilians.
Reporter 2 (m): We saw for ourselves the disturbing scene in this basement, where five men appear to have been executed.
James Longman (m): I’m looking at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 bodies in this tiny room in this basement where Ukrainians say people have been tortured. And I can see their hands behind their backs."

Just the fact that they came to people’s peaceful land and killed so many like that, that’s enough already, there’s no need for any more evidence. (That’s right. Exactly.) (Right, Master.)

Tell me. Anything else? (Yes, Master. G7 finance ministers have pledged more than US$24 billion to Ukraine. The amount is for 2022 and beyond, adding that they were prepared to do more as needed. “In a statement, the ministers said they regretted Russia’s participation in international forums, including the G20, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank meetings this week.”)
Wonderful, wonderful. (Yes.) That’s what they should do. (Right.) That’s what they should do. What for is the money sitting there doing nothing? (Exactly.) It should help the good cause. (Yes, Master.) Not just Ukraine, but also others elsewhere, wherever needed, in the war-torn countries. (Yes.)

Many people forgot, but Russia, they have their bloody hands everywhere. (Right.) Like, in Azerbaijan before - (Yes, Master.) Nagorno-Karabakh, and killed the ethnic people. That was Russia behind it. Then, Russia went in for “peacekeeping.” Of course. What else? (Yes, Master.) Incited people to kill each other, and then went in for “peacekeeping.” That’s also Russia. (Right.)
And Russia was also in Mali. They’re killing people there, and then they frame it on the French. On France. (Oh.) Recently, on the news, it’s all over like that.
And of course, many other regions before, I told you already. (Right. Yes, Master.) Everywhere you look, there’s Russian bloody hands everywhere. Behind it, or right in front of it, or in the middle of it. (Yes, Master.) So, actually, the Russians, under Putin, they committed genocide everywhere. It’s not just the first time.

"Interview by MSNBC – Apr. 17, 2022 Eristavi (m): It was obvious to me that what is about to happen to Ukraine is basically just a copy-paste job that Russia would do not only to our own country, years after years and decades and centuries, but to many other countries. Russia spent so much resources for decades before it to erase any evidence about those atrocities committed against neighboring nations or even indigenous nations inside Russia. And it’s still spending an insane amount of money even to this day to try to hijack that narrative or trying to erase those stories and erase our voices telling those. And I put this picture of Grozny in Chechnya, which was razored down to the ground by Putin in 2000, the same way Mariupol or Kharkiv or other Ukrainian cities look like."

It’s like a pattern. They go everywhere, just to terrorize people, frighten people into surrender and submission. (Yes, Master.) And still kill them anyway, including elderly. (Yes.)

"Footage by @kylvoperatlv – Feb. 28, 2022 In Ukrainian Soldier (m): The Russians shot a car marked 'Handicapped Driver.' The driver is an old man in his 70s. The passenger is an old lady. Two elderly people who were just going home. They stopped at the stop sign and those beasts shot them at close range. Look at them, an old couple… Still together in their last moment. That’s where their lives ended."

Even cut their heads, cut their throats. The old man, what can he do? It’s his house for all his life – where would he go? (Right. Yes.) They pushed him, and then if he didn’t go, just cut his head like that. What had he done? (Nothing.) Nothing. Just stayed in his own house. Old man. Didn’t have anybody to take care of him. (Yes, Master.) He had nowhere to go. Maybe he couldn’t even walk well. Where would he walk to? (Right. Yes.) And then just went into his house and cut his head like that, and even filmed it for fun. (Oh, God.) Well, that’s how we know it. (Wow.) They didn’t do it just behind the curtain or behind doors. They did it right in front of the whole world, just to frighten everybody. (Wow.)
Maybe that’s why people are afraid of Putin. (Oh.) But I don’t know, Putin should be afraid of all the world as well. (Yes. That’s right.) I don’t know why people are so cowardly. I think they’re getting a little better now. But otherwise they're just all cowards. (Yes.)

Alright, tell me. Anything else? (Russia lost its position on the Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues to which Ukraine was elected by an overwhelming majority. And Russia also lost its seat on the UN committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, UNICEF and UN-Women.)
Very good, excellent. But that is too little, too late. (Yes.) UN didn’t do anything much. (Yes, Master.) They have the Security Council. They have all the world supporting them, and they did nothing to give Ukraine security. (Yes, Master.) What a hoax! All these fake things. They just sit there, eat themselves to obesity, doing nothing much. Such a shame. (Yes, Master.)
I would be ashamed if I were a UN leader or other big members in there. I would be very ashamed. I would resign. If I couldn’t do anything, I would resign.

Anything else? (Yes, Master. Recently Korean leaders sent personal letters to each other.) I saw that. Good, good.

"Media Report from WION – Apr. 22, 2022 Reporter: KCNA said Moon sent a letter to Kim on Wednesday, in which he promised to continue pushing for unification, based on joint declarations reached at the Inter-Korean summits of 2018, despite calling the situation difficult. Kim reportedly replied on Thursday that their summits were historic, and gave people hope for the future. And on Friday, KCNA said Kim thanked Moon for trying to improve relations between the two countries, calling the letter exchange an expression of deep trust."

Very good relationship now. (Yes.) It’s good. It’s a big hope for both countries. Very good. I saw that also, and I was very happy. That’s it, right?

Anything else? […] (Yes, Master.)
(A group of volunteers have created an internet website to facilitate donations, and help to Ukrainians. And the website has interactive maps with humanitarian warehouses abroad. People who want to donate medicine, goods for children, or any food or humanitarian aids can find the suitable warehouse nearest to them to do that.)
Very nice. That’s how humans should be, how humans should behave. (Yes, Master.) Helping each other instead of killing or harming each other. This is the way. (Yes, Master.) This is the way if you are believing in God or even just believing in humanity’s goodness. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t understand it, because Russia is supposed to be Orthodox Christian. (Yes.) Have Patriarch this, Patriarch that. He even advised President Putin to go ahead with the war and supports it. (Oh.) What kind of Christianity is this? (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about a high priest of Christianity; Orthodox even. What kind of Orthodoxy is that? All these killers, murderers. (Yes, Master.)
Supporting Putin is the same as supporting murderers. (Yes. That’s right, Master. That’s true.) And especially if you’re the head of a church in Russia, then people would trust you and believe in you, and then what do you do? You support murderers! You encourage murdering innocents. (Yes. Horrible.) (Yes, Master.)
All these churches should be emptied. No one should go into this kind of church anymore to be contaminated with this devilish kind of doctrine and stupidity and evilness. God is everywhere. You just stay at home, gather together your family, or maybe your neighbors, and just read the Bible and pray to God. That should be a church also, your house. (Yes, Master.)
You should not have to go to build big churches that cost millions or hundreds of millions, and repairing and cost of maintenance all the time, and doing this kind of murdering. Or raping children, even. Or supporting the war to murder en masse. (Yes, Master.) And eating all these big chickens, big pork, big beef to the fill and look so big and massive, and drinking all this alcohol and talking evil. (Yes, Master.)
All the people should leave this kind of church. Only go to the churches where they check out that the priests are really pure and good and holy. (Yes. That’s right, Master.) At least don’t encourage others to go out and kill God’s children. (Right.) […]
They better stay home and read the Bible, (Yes.) and believe God in their heart, and do charity, help the other children of God. That’s what I would do. […]

Host:Most Beloved Master, our heartfelt gratitude for benevolently encouraging the world towards the righteous path of empathy and love for all humans and animal-people alike. We pray that all leaders immediately turn away from evil influences and embrace kindness, compassion and forgiveness between neighbors, so that we may stop all wars, and finally embrace world peace. We wish Precious Master to be in the best of health and in constant safety, provided by all Splendid, Glorious Heavens.
To hear the fascinating true Aulacese (Vietnamese) legend as told by Supreme Master Ching Hai, and to listen to the rest of Her captivating talk with the Supreme Master Television team members, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date, for the full broadcast of this conference.
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Be Vegan, make peace.

There Are No Excuses for Invading a Country, Apr. 25, 2022
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Host: On Monday, April 25, 2022, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai kindly called Supreme Master Television team members while still in Her intensive retreat for the world. Master cordially took time to answer questions, as well as to share Her thoughts and wisdom regarding some more good news about Ukraine from the team.

(Master, there is a report that the Russian Oligarch Abramovich was poisoned at peace talks between Ukraine and Russia. Was it true poisoning, or as some reports mentioned that it was due to “environmental” factors?)
Not even a five-year-old would buy that. “Environmental.” Why nobody else has it? Only these key people have. (Oh, right. Yes, Master.) Only Abramovich and the other couple of important Ukraine peace-talkers. (Yes, Master.) Environmental, my foot. What kind of environmental effect, in the peace talk table? (That’s right. Yes, Master.) Anyway, all the scientists and the doctors say that it’s poison, nerve agent poison again, like chemical weapons. (Yes.) Russia, they use it all the time. And then Putin, he even used it on his friend. This man, Abramovich, is supposed to be his close friend, supporter. (Yes, Master.) It looks like. He’s never against him anyway. (Yes, Master. Right, Master.) And he was even sanctioned by the West. (Yes.) So he just poisoned anybody who doesn’t please him, for any reason. And then I read some news that they do that. The Russians said it’s good, like it’s good PR, good public relations, so people will feel more sympathy with them. (Oh.) Imagine that. Sacrifice anyone, just for their evil purpose. Even your friend. (Oh, gosh.)
Who’s going to dare to be friends with Putin now? (Yes, Master. That’s right.) I wouldn’t. (No.) Would you? (No, Master. Not at all.) Anything at all, just to kill, to murder people. And maybe he and these two people already recovered, I heard, because maybe it was quickly treated. (Yes, Master.) Leave longer or if just some ignoramus people, they would not know, then they will die. (Right. Yes, Master.) It’s immediate symptoms and they treated them immediately. They found the reason and they treated them. (Yes.) These key people. (Yes, Master.) One was an important Ukrainian peace negotiator. (Yes.) […]

(Why would they do that Master?) […] That’s what they say, they want to have more sympathy, with their side, the Russian side. (Yes.) And number two, because Abramovich, he passed a note of desire for peace from President Zelenskyy to Putin. And maybe he didn’t like that. (I see.) He said, reportedly, “I will thrash him,” meaning he will kill Zelenskyy. (Wow.) But still probably this Mr. Roman Abramovich was having a soft attitude or something, too peaceful. (Yes, Master.) Too much wanting peace. (Oh.) Truly, maybe genuinely wants peace. So, Putin doesn’t like that because that’s not their purpose. They don’t really want peace. (Right, Master. Yes, Master.)
If they did, they wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine. (Right. That’s true, Master.) Or mess up any other regions before. (Yes.) Always Russia behind it. (Yes, Master.) They don’t point fingers at America or England or anybody. (Right. Yes, Master. True.) Just Russia. (Right.) There’s always an excuse to invade somebody. If they cannot invade the whole country, they invade some part of it, so that they can have some connection. (Yes, Master.) And come in and out at will and mess up other regions, just like now in Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) They use the other two or three regions to come in, like a connection road. (Yes, Master.) Just like that. So that they can invade people’s county, killing children, raping women and even children – even rape children. (Yes, Master.) These are worse than beasts. (Yes.) Worse than devils. (That’s right.)
I’m sure that it was Russians who poisoned them. (Yes, Master.) And he’s supposed to be good, he tried hard to negotiate to make peace. But this man, even though he’s super-rich, he’s too naive. His boss doesn’t want peace. (Right, Master.) So, any sign of wanting peace, will kill him, kill this friend. (Gosh.) And also, Zelenskyy has asked the West not to sanction Abramovich because he could be a peacemaker for Ukraine. (Right.) That ticked Putin even more off. (Oh.) Now, you see that so clearly. (Yes, Master. That makes sense.) Otherwise, there are other Russians, why does nobody else have the same symptoms of this poisoning? (Right. That’s right.) Like pain in the eyes, swollen red eyes, and the skin peeling off and all that stuff. (Yes. Right.) If they’re not treated quickly enough, they would die already. (Yes, Master.) A lucky guy still. (Yes.) […]
I’m telling you. This evil with no frontier, no limit. (Yes.) And many other things they do, people try to ignore it up to now. And that’s how he keeps doing it. It becomes like a pattern, a habit. (Yes, Master.) And whoever’s against him or he suspects that are against him, he’ll poison them, or kill them, imprison them, or just get rid of them in some way.
The news says that some weeks ago, he got rid of a thousand employees for suspecting that they’re against him or something. (Yes, Master.) And jailed thousands of protestors because they say “no war.” That’s all. That’s all they did. (Yes. Wow.) Just “no war” and then imprison them. And also same with some journalist reporters and all those people. (Yes, Master.) I’m telling you, this guy. How can he even have any friends or supporters? I’m surprised. But the PR is too strong. (Yes. That’s true.) He shut up all the balanced news media and just keeps whoever supports him, whoever sings his song. (Yes.) The rest are imprisoned, up to 15 years, even. He just jailed one of the American (newspaper) journalists, I think. And his own people, just jails them. And it’s lucky that it’s jail only. You never know when he wants to poison you, kill you, or shut you up. Oh, my God. What kind of evil is this? Anything else, before I rant on because I can’t bear all this evil. (Yes, Master.)

(A Russian general has announced that they plan to invade Moldova next, citing the reason as creating a land corridor to connect Russia to Transnistria. Is that a good excuse for invasion, Master?)
What for excuse? I wonder why they need excuses. Did they have a good excuse to go invade and kill people in Ukraine? (No, they didn’t. No.) No. Kill children and rape them even. Not just woman, and elderly. 83-year-old woman, even. (Oh, my gosh. Unbelievable.)

“Media Report from CBS Evening News – Apr. 12, 2022 Holly (f): Vera is 83 years old. A retired school teacher, who told us when her village was occupied by Russian forces last month, she was raped. ‘He grabbed me by the back of the neck,’ she said. ‘I started to choke. I couldn't breathe. I told the one who raped me, I'm old enough to be your mother. Would you let this happen to your mother?’ Vera told us. ‘He made me shut up.’ She said her disabled husband was in the house when she was attacked, and she was also beaten. ‘Everything hurts,’ Vera told us. ‘I'm in a state where I'm neither dead nor alive. Before I felt joy with the spring. Now I don't feel anything. I have nothing.’”

This is hell. Disgusting. (Yes.) Evil. Excuse. What for excuse? They don’t need any excuse. What for they waste their time saying excuse? There will be Russian people living everywhere, even in America. (Yes.) Even in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), maybe. (Yes, Master.) China. […]
Everybody lives everywhere. (Yes, true, Master. That’s right, Master.) There are Italians who live in Bulgaria for studying in medical school. I know that myself from some of my doctors before. Italians went to Bulgaria to study, because they have English there. (Yes, Master.) Maybe it’s less strict than in Italy. In Italy, the laws for medical students are very, very strict. (Yes.) But maybe in Bulgaria not, and if they know English they can study there. Maybe like that, for example. (Yes, Master.) So, how many more Russians would be living in Bulgaria, or how many Bulgarians would live in England, France, or wherever. Nowadays we live everywhere. (That’s right, Master. That’s true. Yes, Master.) […]
Who cares nowadays? So, it doesn’t mean that if any Russians live in any country, you can just make an excuse to go in and invade that country. (Right, Master. Yes.) Because if these Russians were truly oppressed, they would have run back to Russia, or become refugees somewhere already. (Yes, Master. Exactly.) The fact that they are still living there and well, and many Russians are now fighting alongside the Ukrainians, because they hate this injustice, the bloody bully mentality of their so-called leader. (Yes, Master.) And many Russian soldiers also defect or run away, or disappear to some other country. They don’t want to fight this bloody, nonsense war, murder war, for nothing. (Yes, Master.)
I’m not surprised that they say they want to invade Moldova. This could be true. Because they will go in anywhere as long as they want. As long as they think it’s good for them. Or easy. (Yes, Master.) Easy access. Corridor, my foot. What for they need a corridor to go anywhere? (Right, Master.) They don’t need a country to be a corridor for their bloodthirsty invasion. Now, even before that, they said they were pushed into the war. Or maybe the Chinese said that. Making an excuse to invade Ukraine. And now Moldova also “pushed” them to war, I guess. (Yes, Master.)
Concerning invading Moldova, it’s just another lame, evil excuse. Because, you can’t just protect a group of Russians somewhere and then cause suffering, sorrow, pain, and death to one country next to it. Just to make a land corridor. Nobody would buy this. This is just to satisfy their bloody, greed for robbing other lands, other countries and stealing their proprieties, and causing untold immense suffering to that country’s citizens, and affecting the world. These Russians’ wicked ambition just to destroy humanity; I am telling you, is just for their own wicked, selfish purposes.
Besides, there are other ethnic people who live everywhere, not just Russian people. (Yes, Master.) How come other ethnic people don’t complain anywhere? Only Russians complain. Why always say, “Oh, the Russians are harassed and oppressed, so we have to go and liberate them here, liberate them there.” Or whatever excuse. […]
Cannot be the minority oppressing the majority. (That’s right. Right, Master.) And, as I told you already, how come other ethnic people don’t complain? Only Russians. Why does every country just oppress Russians and no other ethnic people? (Yes.) […]
How come the government of Ukraine didn’t oppress any, only Russians? Isn’t that funny? (Yes.) So, it’s just Russia. Actually, not Russia, it’s just these leaders, bloodthirsty warmongers, like Stalin and Putin for example. (That’s right.) No one else. No ordinary Russians; good, peaceful citizens, ever want anything like this; like the war in Ukraine, or the mass murder under Stalin. (Yes, understand, Master.) Nobody wants that, they want peace, man. They want to live their lives with their family and do their job and earn their living. What for they want to have war? Oh, God. It’s just all this propaganda from Putin, that makes people blindfolded, and they don’t understand, they don’t know anything. And even separates family members, because some live in Russia and don’t know what’s happening in Ukraine. (Yes.) […]
No normal citizen of any country would want war with anyone, except a few, for their own, personal, wicked interest. Like, selling weapons or having more land to rule, or whatever. (Yes, Master.) So, now if they already threatened to invade Moldova just to “rescue” a group of Russians or something, according to them, in Transnistria, then, it’s just another evil scheme, just to destroy other people’s countries, and their livelihood, their business, their peace as well. This is a wicked scheme. (Yes, Master.)
So, I think the world has to do something. I think, just forget NATO, because they’re just so, so stupid. Or maybe so weak, so cowardly, or maybe just wicked like Putin. Just sitting there to support this kind of devil, destroyer of humanity. (Yes, Master.) Even if they don’t do anything, I would accuse them as well. They must be one of those devils who work in the group with Putin and other devils to destroy our world. (Ah.) Otherwise, why would they do that? Why wouldn’t they help their neighbor? (That’s right.) They say they would defend peace, democracy and freedom. All that is just talk. (Yes, Master.) They don’t walk the talk – it’s just lip service. […]
So, the world has to be awakened, and beware of Russia’s wicked tendency and this bloody pattern that they have been exercising all these years, all these decades. (Yes, Master.) Don’t sleep anymore. Russia will not stop just in Moldova. They will not stop anywhere. They will continue eating, biting up, breaking up any country they can. And breaking up the whole of Europe, and maybe swallow it whole, who knows? (Yes.) Because Russia is still trying. (Yes, Master.) They don’t take no for an answer. They don’t take defeat as an answer. […]
If they don’t unite together and fend for themselves, then we can only wish them good luck. What else to do? (Yes, Master. Indeed, Master.) Well, our group is all getting old now. It doesn’t matter what, till it’s them! (Yes, Master.) It’s the younger generation, their children and their grandchildren and all that, that will suffer if they don’t do anything now. (Yes, Master.)
The thing is, even after Russia took away Ukraine, for example, if they succeed to take away Ukraine, then Ukraine will be like integrated into Russia. And then at that time, there are still neighbors around. There has never been no neighbors for Russia. (Yes, right.) No matter how many countries they swallow up. (Yes, Master.) So, all kinds of this excuse.
Whoever supports Russia, up to now, with all this bloody evidence everywhere in different countries, they are also murderers. They will take the same karma as Russia, as Putin. (Yes, Master.) This evil influence has to stop. The Europeans, the West, have to wake up now and stop Russia before it’s too late. They should have done it with Ukraine already. And now if they wait for Moldova, then that’s it. Good luck to everybody. (Yes, Master.) And then it will all become communist. It will all become Russian. (Yes.)
The Russians, they live everywhere, and why not? Just like Americans, they live everywhere too. Âu Lạc (Vietnam) and Thailand, China, Korea. Everybody lives in everybody else’s country. (Yes, Master. That’s true.) Because of business, because they like the country. Why not? It’s a free world, man. You go everywhere you want. And if you’re accepted in that country legally, then you just stay, no? (Right, exactly.) […]
What the heck if Russians live in Transnistria or wherever. (Yes, Master.) And I’m not living in (Âu Lạc) Vietnam. Sorry. I live somewhere else. I don’t want to tell you where. (Yes, Master.) So, what I mean is, I’m a free world citizen. I live anywhere that I’m accepted. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) There are many reasons why people don’t live in their own country. They have their own reason. (Right. Yes.) Since time immemorial already, people move. […]
Oh my God. […] I hope Ukraine will be free from all the yoke and all the suffering that Russia, Putin, inflicted upon this beautiful, peaceful land and people. (Yes. We pray for that.) Amen. […]

Anything else you want to ask me about those questions or any other questions? (No questions, Master. But we have some good news.) Tell me. (Yes, Master. Korea has “sent about 20 tons of additional humanitarian aid to Ukraine, according to the Ministry of foreign affairs. The shipment is part of a US$30 million humanitarian aid package announced by the government, and is in addition to a US$10 million package sent in March. … Items in the shipment include automatic defibrillators, ventilators and first aid kits.”)
Very good. That’ll be helpful to them if they have some COVID or something, (Yes.) or any other medical necessity. (Right.) The whole world is helping Ukraine now. I think they’re waking up. (Yes.) They know the evil Putin gang. (Right. Yes, Master.)
I think everybody wakes up now. (Yes, Master.) Many countries already stopped oil and gas from Russia. When their contracts finish, they don’t want anymore. Even China refused their oil, cheap oil. (Yes.) I mean cheap price, cheap, deducted-price oil already. (Right, Master.) So, China is even aware of that. They don’t want more blood on their hands because of an association with Russia.
But I’m surprised to read in the news that the boss of Germany and some of their party members boycotted the idea of cutting off oil from Russia. (Oh.) I think they have an interest in it. That’s why. (Oh.) Must be a personal commission interest or something, or maybe they’re communists in disguise. (Oh. Wow.) Or worse still, they were also in these devil gangs, which are in the world. They are here and there, everywhere. (Right. Yes, Master.) So, now they show their true face. So, otherwise, why would they do that? (Right. Yes.)
They could buy oil elsewhere. Italy now is just signing some contract with maybe Congo for their gas. So they cut the supply of gas from Russia, for example. (That’s very good. That’s right, Master.) Any of you know? […] Just so that they don’t have to have gas from Russia anymore. Oh, people getting so serious now. (Yes.) It didn’t happen before. (Yes, Master.) Now Russia is shooting their own foot. (It’s with Egypt, Master.) Oh, with Egypt. You’re right. Thank you, thank you. They signed a contract with Egypt to buy gas from there instead of from Russia. (Yes, Master.) This is unprecedented that all the countries in the world are helping Ukraine in some way, directly or indirectly. (Yes, Master.) Even Korea, even China, Taiwan (Formosa), Japan, they’re all helping. (Right.) And promised to help more even. (Yes.)
I’m so glad the world is awakened to the reality of the atrocities of Russia. (Thanks God.) And now they should remember every other wicked deed by Russia before Ukraine. Now they have to make a list of it to remind themselves. (Yes, Master.) And even some places where Russia looks like it’s not directly going in and killing people, but it incites other countries to kill other countries’ people. (Yes, Master.) Like in the Azerbaijan and Armenia war. (Right.) And then comes in like a “peacekeeper,” my foot. What kind of peace he can keep? He makes war everywhere. And “peacekeeping”? No, it’s just an excuse to come in, just to be present there. Just like an invader anyway, (Yes, Master.) so they can interfere in their two countries’ business; and it’s like a fake, hypocritical third party. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, just to mess up with their system, their politics, and their people’s freedom. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know who is so stupid enough to believe that. Even a five-year-old would see it. (Right. Yes, Master. That’s right.)
You see, there were only two ways that the world can deal with Russia. Number one, kowtow to Putin; do everything that he wants you to do. Or number two, help Ukraine to push Russia out. (Yes, right.) There was a best solution, but they missed it already. (Yes.) The best solution was to prevent the war anywhere, by having an army ready at the border of that to-be invaded nation. And make sure that the aggressor knows that the whole world is behind that nation to protect its people. (Yes, right, exactly)
But they missed that already, many times. They let Russia do anything. I mean, Putin and the gang do anything they want. Same in Ukraine.
They missed it already. So now, there are only two solutions left: Kowtow to Russia, to Putin, to prevent bloodshed, do anything that Russia, Putin, wants them to do. Like in the school, the bully student, always has a big gang listening to him or her, and then goes harassing everybody else; and they all have to obey that bully. (Yes.) So that is one solution, if they don’t want any more bloodshed. Number two, is to help Ukraine to push Russia out, once and for all. And from now on, any aggressor should be countered with either NATO’s force or the whole world’s force. (Understand, Master.) That’s how they can protect each other.
And no need to make war, because war is always terrible. No matter who wins, there is always loss. (Yes, Master.) And the effects of it will continue almost like forever. (Yes, yes.) It’s not just like after the war ends and everything is fine and good. It’s not like that. There are landmines to maim people or kill people even afterwards. There are chemical agents that will continue to harm this generation and the next. (Yes, Master.) And there is hatred among nations, and among family members who live in opposite nations. (Yes.) And the division within that nation and without that nation and within the world. (Yes, Master.) So war is a no-no-no-no, of course. But it’s already war now. (Yes.) So, they have to think of these two solutions, what to do. (Yes, true.)
But the thing is, the Ukraine people, they are indomitable. And of course, they have the right to be so. (Yes.) They don’t like bullies. And they don’t want anything to do with Russia. So, Russia should back off. The best is like that. (Yes, Master.) Better late than never. Or else, everybody has to kowtow to Putin. That’s what it is. (Understand.) Or help Ukraine. This indomitable spirit will not kneel. (Yes, Master.)
You see, since our world has never been peaceful, and Russia, Putin is always very aggressive everywhere already. So, they should have let Ukraine join NATO, because Ukraine is next to Russia. (Yes, Master.) Not that I praise NATO or anything, but united we stand. (Yes, understand.) So, if Ukraine would have been allowed in NATO, then Russia would not have invaded Ukraine, because he (Putin) would have to think many times before going against the whole of Europe, and the world; America, for example. (Yes, Master.) That is a prevention method. But no, they left Ukraine all alone there. […]
Just forget NATO. I think they’re all too old to be in a sane mind. Or maybe just evil, just like Putin. (Yes, Master.) Even Merkel; thank God that she’s out of politics. Probably, she’s too old to have any sense of right and wrong. That’s why she even stands by her comment that Ukraine should not be allowed into NATO. And then, even people criticize her now, and ask her, and she says she still stands by that decision. (That’s right.) (Yes, Master.)
If you did something wrong, you should be sorry. (Yes, Master. That’s true.) At least, say, “Sorry, at that time you thought that was a good decision, but as you see it now, maybe it was not a good decision.” So, you should say sorry and apologize, at least for your conscience’s sake. (Right. Exactly.) But, no, she says she stands by. That means she enjoys all the bloodshed of tens of thousands of people dying, people made homeless, children are maimed, women are raped. If she was one of these women who were raped, or one of those children or people who were maimed or handicapped, disabled, and blown up, then she wouldn’t have said like that. (Yes, true, Master. That’s right, Master.) It’s because it’s not her life. (Yes.)
I don’t know what to say, truly. In the time of a nation’s tragic invasion from Russia, dead and mourning, and devastation of many cities, how can anyone utter something so cold-blooded, like she did? (Unbelievable.) Like stands by her denial of Ukraine coming into NATO. As if Ukraine is not worthy, or something alien to Europe. No one should say anything like that, at all. (That’s right, Master.) If you cannot say anything sympathetic or remorseful at least, then just shut up, man. (Yes.) No one would say such things, let alone an ex-leader of a big and civilized country like Germany. Does she want another holocaust?
I cannot believe all these so-called world leaders. They are all either idiots or evil, or cold-blooded. (Yes, Master.) I hope she sleeps well and eats well so that she can be fat; fatter than she already is. My God. May hell spare her.
You see, so now, all of these, cold-blooded or evil leaders of the world, they are showing their true faces. There’s no more denial, no more question anymore. (Yes, Master.) From politicians to church leaders, they’re all showing their true evil faces now. (Yes, Master.) So, you can see how wicked these politicians are. Some of them. I mean, some of them. (Yes.) If you make mistakes, OK, we’re humans.
And even politicians, they are not saints, so they make mistakes. If you make mistakes, you make up for it. Or at least apologize. (Yes, Master.) How can you still stand by your evil, wicked intentions? (Understand. Yes.) Seeing that people are dying, children are maimed and disabled, and more than five million Ukrainians are displaced, going to different countries to beg for food and security. (Yes, Master.) As refugees, they also look like beggars, of course. “I beg you to let me in your house, in your country. Please provide us a roof over our head, and some food, because we’re hungry, we’re tired, we’re thirsty.” (Yes, Master.) It’s a kind of beggar. What else? (That’s right.) Because they’re helpless now. They don’t have anything like they have at home. They’re on the road. They’re running for their life. And she still stands by her comment. Wicked woman. I’m so disappointed and feel disgusted. These people are despicable. (Yes, Master.)
I was very grateful that she accepted many refugees from Syria, for example. (Yes.) But I remember now that the reason she told her people why the Germans should accept the refugees, is because they need workforce. (Oh.) I remember that’s the reason she said. Oh man, so it’s all about money, all about jobs, and all about votes. (That’s Right.) Because these refugees from Syria or elsewhere, they could become German citizens and vote for her or her party. (Yes. Understand.) Just like Biden wanted the same thing with the refugees. Workforce and votes. (Yes.) Isn’t that ugly? (It’s hideous.) Oh, God. Terrible. Now you can see it. (Yes, Master.) Now I can see it. I was also fooled and naïve into thinking they are compassionate people. Disgusting. Despicable.
Merkel couldn’t care less because the Ukrainians cannot vote for her or her party to consolidate their power or her power, even if she’s already out of her seat, but she still wants to have influence, to feel like a big shot. I guess that’s what it is. (Ah yes, understand.) But little did she remember that the whole world’s opinion also counts, and counts more than just the German people’s opinion. (Yes, for sure.) […]
Just politicians seem to me, many of them, the majority of them, the older they get, the more greedy. The more lowly motivated they are. (Yes. Yes, Master.) That’s why. And Merkel and some of the new bosses of Germany because they’re against the ban of importing Russia’s gas and oil, as I told you already. (Yes, Master.) And like Biden and all that, the older they become, the more greedy they are. The more lowlife they become. I don’t know why. (Yes.) I do know why, as I told you. I think they’re ingrained with this greed, with lowly ambition and political agenda, so they cannot change anymore. (Understand.) So, if there’s such a pattern in any of the politicians, then people should change, vote for someone else. […]
So, whoever deters Ukraine to join NATO; they are also responsible. They have to pay the price. Not just Ukraine alone has to pay. Not the Russian soldiers alone have to pay the price. (Yes, Master.) They’re all responsible. All these NATO people. And still not repentant; like Merkel. […] And then just sit in her own safe fortress, and then let everybody die and be hurt and in pain, and all kinds of suffering like that. (Yes, Master.) And still doesn’t repent.
What kind of mouth speaks such things? Only a meat and bloody-dripping mouth can do that – can speak such things; (Yes, Master.) can speak thus, in the face of all these atrocities and suffering of the Ukrainians, and the Russian soldiers alike. (Yes, Master.) Of course, I’m not supporting Putin. But I support Russia. (Yes.) I don’t want all these young, beautiful people, just to go and die like that. Would you like to die just like that? (No. No, Master. No.) [...]
So, I hope they would do something. NATO has to begin to do something. Otherwise, it might be too late. (Yes, that’s right. Yes, Master.) We don’t want another world war. Because it will be catastrophic. It will be the end of the world, truly.
And we have a lot of problems already with the pandemic still spreading new variants of Omicron. (Yes.) And then, we have solar flares coming down to Earth. Last time, it disturbed many electronic systems and all that but next time I don’t know what it will disturb, if we get more and more flares from the sun. (Yes, Master.) If it gets more strong, then I don’t know, we don’t need war then. The sun is enough. The solar flare is enough to disturb us, to destroy us. (Wow.)
And also comets are coming, some are as big as Manhattan, or five times bigger. Coming near the Earth, and one day they might just hit. (Yes, Master.) You never know when it hits. Because the scientists don’t always spot it on time. Evidently, several times before, they didn’t know it until it got so near. Maybe there is some blind spot that scientists’ machines cannot detect until it’s too late. […]

Alright, my love. Anything else? […] (Yes, Master. “The UK is to send 120 armored vehicles and new anti-ship missile systems to support Ukraine, … following talks between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Ukrainian President Zelenskyy in Kyiv. ‘It is because of President Zelenskyy’s resolute leadership and the invincible heroism and courage of the Ukrainian people that Putin’s monstrous aims are being thwarted,’ Boris Johnson said after meeting Zelenskyy.”)
All this and they still want Boris Johnson out. Just because of the so-called party in his office. There was no party! Just a cake. A birthday cake, and his employees came to say “Happy Birthday!” That’s it. (Oh.) They didn’t even have a chance to eat the cake. (Oh.) They are together, working in the same place, same office. (Yes, Master.) It’s OK if they come and say, “Happy Birthday.” Shouldn’t they do that to their boss? (They should, Master.) To the boss of their country even. (Yes.) My God! Ridiculous people, the political people. They’re so stupid, so ugly. I mean, it gets that ugly? (Yes.) Just an excuse to cause trouble for the guy, and ask him to even step down. (Yes.) I wouldn’t. What for? (Right.) They work in the same office. (Yes.) […]

What else, sweet? (Yes, Master. A train was turned into a hospital to conduct rescue missions in Ukraine. The charitable organization, Doctors Without Borders has been organizing the rescue operation using the train.)
They just came in lately? (Yes, just few weeks ago, I think.) Well, better late than never. (Right.) They have a lot of donations and they are well off, so they should help other people. (Yes, Master.) It’s their duty.

Anything else? (Yes, Master. The Ukrainian soldiers who told a Russian warship, “Go f*** yourself” are honored on postal stamps.) Oh! Stamps? They have their own stamps now? Yes, they do. Wow. […]
Wonderful, wonderful. It’s a good thing, it’s fair stuff. (Yes, Master.) They are so brave, they are just a few people and they dare to go against the whole big warship of Russia. (Yes.) With modern city-killer weapons and all that stuff. (Yes. Right.) Very brave of them. I am really, really impressed with the Ukrainian spirit. (Yes.) This is a really good example for the whole world. (Yes.) Well, not to say “Go f*** yourself,” but, I mean the rest of it. The rest of it. […]
People just have to express themselves when they’re too pressured. (Right.) Too oppressed and too bullied like that. (Yes, Master.) Just go in like that and invade their country. Just for nothing. (Right.) They did nothing wrong. And then all kinds of atrocities. All kinds of brutality and devilish kind of treatment to the innocent, poor peaceful people of Ukraine. (Yes, Master. Right.) Alright. That’s a very good thing.

Anything else, love? (Yes, Master.) Tell me. (A man from Wrexham, UK felt he “must do something” after seeing scenes from Ukrainians fleeing their country, and he did. Jaime Hughes spent £100,000 on a house for a woman named Maria and her three sons, to live in rent-free for about a year. “The property is being painted and decorated by a team of volunteers ahead of the family’s arrival in early May. […] The businessman said, ‘A lot of this has been done by the kind donations of everyone that has come together. It’s been absolutely amazing.’”)
Wow. It is amazing. (Yes.) Awesome. (Yes.) Truly good, good. If anything good comes out of this war, it’s the people’s generosity and kindness. (Yes.) All over the world. In America, they also welcomed many Ukrainians into their homes. (Yes.) That’s wonderful. And everywhere else also. Whoever can afford it, they just welcome them into their homes, because they know this is terrible.
Nothing like this should have happened to anybody. (Right, Master. Exactly.) Least of all the innocent and peaceful Ukrainian people. (That’s true. Yes.) They are feeding Europe with their labor, with their work on the farm. (Yes.) And not just Europe, but their products that go everywhere in the world as well. Even to China. (Yes.)

And this war affects many, many farmers everywhere, not just Ukrainians. And it might even trigger world hunger. (Yes.) Terrible. And they just do farming. (Yes, Master.) And to feed the world, at least feed Europe, all these hundreds of years, decades up to now. And now their products are stuck there. But they should use every other means to export their food. Otherwise, what to do, if other people are hungry.
Maybe they cannot do it too much; not like in a big ship. (Yes, Master.) The container ship is quicker, (Right.) and in more vast numbers. But now Russia controls their ports, where they used to go out to export things. They could use trains, more trains, more trucks, big, big trucks like those fuel trucks. But then those trucks are also busy with other things. (Right. Yes, Master.) So people are stuck now. I hope they find a way to export them before they are rotten in the storage for nothing. (Yes. That’s right.) And while other people are short and the prices are shooting up because of that. This is happening already. Prices of food and fuel are shooting up, because of short supply, because of the war in Ukraine. (Yes, it’s true. Yes, Master.) It’s not just Ukraine, it’s affecting everyone else, not just Europe. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from WION – Mar. 16, 2022 Palki (f): Russia is the largest exporter of wheat. They make up 18% of global exports. Ukraine is the fifth largest, making up 7% of global sales. Put together, that’s 25%. What happens if this supply chain is disrupted? Shortages and inflation. That’s what happens. Ukraine has already banned the export of food grains. Frankly, they had no other option. Ukraine’s exports go through the Black Sea specifically via three ports: Odesa, Kherson, and Mykolaiv. All three ports are on Russia’s radar.”

So, this Russian, he really wants to destroy our world – Putin and the gangs. They really want to destroy our world and humanity. They’re really devil incarnates. You can see that or not? (Yes, Master.) Just for their own purpose. (Yes.) Just to invade, just to control, just to colonize wherever they can. Just to feel big. They’re big already. (Right.) But the big size doesn’t matter. Your heart has to be generous, and big enough. (Right. Yes.) This is not. This is the opposite. (Right, Master. Yes, Master. That’s true.)
So greedy and ugly, and sinful and hellish, devilish. I don’t know any other words to describe these types of people, who just kill anyone at random without blinking an eye, without even remorse, without even thinking of anything. And then just because they cannot storm in the steel plant in Ukraine, in Mariupol somewhere, then Putin began to say something very nice, like, “Oh, we have to consider the welfare of our soldiers.” Oh, since when did he bother about his people? (That’s right.) 21,000 soldiers, Russian soldiers, his own people, died already. (Wow.) If he did care, he would have withdrawn long ago. (Right, Master. That’s right.) And still, Russian people are being killed more and more. One more general died already, just a few days ago. (Oh, wow. Yes.) How many more generals does he still have in store?
It is not easy you have a general like that. You have to be really senior in the army and have a good record, a long, long time before you climb up to the position of the general, and colonel, and all that even. (Yes. That’s true. Right, Master.) They’re dying in numbers, and he couldn’t care less. And now, just because they couldn’t come in, it’s complicated to storm a plant with about four square miles. (Yes, Master.) They have tunnels below it and all that. And so if they come in, it’s not easy to even possess it, to occupy it. (Yes. That’s right.) There are people who are hiding under there, but they might not have enough supply for long. That’s why now he wants to starve them to death, children, and all that. And no water, no food. Either they die down there or they go up and die. (Oh.)
So, this evil man, he must go. Wherever he goes, he must go! (Yes.) Not sitting there on his throne right now. (Right. Yes, Master.) And then his gang must go also. Whoever tries to profit from the war, from this bloody business, killing innocents. You got that? (Yes. Right, Master.)

Anything else, please, tell me. (Master, Ukrainian business association reports most companies are ready for post-war reconstruction. The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine says it is “the most respected business association in Ukraine.” 103 member companies completed the latest member survey called, “Doing Business during War in Ukraine.” 41% of AmCham Ukraine members are fully operational, 50% of AmCham Ukraine members continue to work partially in Ukraine and 87% of AmCham members are ready to actively participate in Ukraine’s post-war economic rebuilding.) One of Ukraine’s billionaires also said that he will rebuild Mariupol. (Yes, Master. Wow.) I guess by his own finance. (Oh. That’s nice.)
The world is really supporting peace and fairness. Only Russia is bad. I can’t believe this. Even the Chinese don’t support him anymore, Putin. (Yes, Master.) Who can? Who can support this kind of evil? (Right.) Unless they are evil themselves. (Right, Master.) Whoever supports them, including all these German leaders, who continue to want to buy oil and gas from Russia. Because that’s a big revenue for Russia, to continue to feed the war, anywhere. (Yes, Master. That’s true.) It’s one billion dollars per day, from Europe alone. (Wow.) So even if the European Union gives Ukraine some money, it’s nothing much compared to that. (Yes, Master.)
Up to now, they give maybe one billion for the war. But one billion, they spend every day, for Russia. (Wow.) This money can keep the war going on forever. (Yes, Master.) And unless they want all the Ukrainian people to die from starvation, or in war, or in raping incidents, they should cut the oil and gas, so that it starves off the war in Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) Within one month and plus, the war will stop if the Europeans don’t keep feeding it with one billion plus per day to Russia. (Yes, Master.)
That’s not to count other countries that have to be dependent on Russian oil and gas, because they have no other means. (Yes, Master.) Not like they support, but some poor countries, or even India; they cannot stop it just like that. There’s some difficulty within some countries. (Yes.) But by no means that they support Russia. But if Europe, who has the means, who is rich, and who is capable, who has oil elsewhere from Arab countries, from other countries, they should cut off the oil and gas immediately. Then the war will wear off, will starve itself. (Yes, Master.)

It uses up so much of my energy during the war and up to now. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.) Sometimes I’m so exhausted. Not that I went there and fought. It’s just a different energy, doing different things, invisibly. (Yes, Master.) It eats up a lot of my energy. Of course, I cannot prove it to you. I don’t care to prove to anybody. I don’t need to. Sometimes some of the world’s people are so ignorant anyway. Whatever you tell them, they don’t understand a thing, and they don’t believe it. If they don’t kill me, I’m grateful to God already. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about expecting thankfulness or anything.
I’m glad I have some people like you guys, supporting, so that we can continue to help the world as much as we can. I need this kind of supporting energy, (Yes, Master.) supporting attitude, so that I can feel that we can go on. (Yes.) So, thank you for that. (Thank You, Master.) Whoever’s supporting and trying to do the best in your job. […]

(I have one more question, Master.) Tell. (Previously, when Master asked Heaven why Putin pulled back from Kyiv and Master said Heaven said Putin was afraid of Master talking about him. So now why isn’t he afraid when they’re attacking the eastern region of Donbas?)
I guess to take up the whole country, it’s a bigger excuse they need. But to take up one small region, they think they might be able to get away with it. But they will not. (Yes, Master.) They will not. Heaven will judge them. I don't need to talk bad about anybody. It’s just because we have to discuss these things, in a discussion. I tell you things to clear your mind, my disciples’ minds. (Yes, Master.) I don't need to talk bad about anybody. I didn't want to interfere. It is almost like the first time I have ever talked about anything about war. […]
It’s just that also they need to save face. They are afraid of that. But they are hesitant to relinquish everything. They have to save face. They cannot just suddenly withdraw all the troops. (Yes, that’s right.)

“Media Report from MSNBC – Apr. 21, 2022 Jason Beardsley (m): But what he said was really face-saving theater because this whole campaign has gone south for him.
Jane Harman (m): May 9th is soon. Vladimir Putin wants a scalp and Mariupol is it.”

So, they have to say, “Oh, our main purpose is just to take over that and that region. Control the south or the Donbas region.” (Yes.) Because there are two separatist regions over there, more or less. (Yes, Master.) So, they can say, “Oh, we go and protect the people there.” No! It is bs; they destroy whole cities. How can you protect anybody if you destroy their home? (Correct, Master. That’s right.) Their apartments, their cities, their supermarkets, their hospitals, their kindergarten – children inside, even some charitable organization areas, etc. (Yes. That’s right, Master.)

“Media Report from CNN – Apr. 19, 2022 Report (m): This was Borodianka before, a thriving blue collar town of nearly 13,000 people just 36 miles (58 km) from the capital of Kyiv. And then, the Russians began bombing civilian targets for a full month. Craters replace apartment buildings, an empty playground only filled with the remnants of war, a dentist’s office with no patients left to treat, victims of Putin’s bombing campaign against Ukrainian civilians.
Jake Tapper (m): This neighborhood in Borodianka has just been completely and utterly destroyed from the unemployment office over there to the municipal building, the mayor’s office there, the police station there. There’s no running water or electricity. The people who stayed and those who came back are relying on donations of clothing, food and water. Yesterday, they found the bodies of nine people. And the day before, twelve, all of them hiding in the basement, all of them trying to seek shelter.”

How can you protect anybody if you destroy everything, and imprison them in there? (Right, Master. That’s true.) Don’t let them come out even to buy food, or to buy water for their children, or milk for their children, nothing. (Yes, Master.) So, this is all bs. (That’s right.) They feel that they cannot go out. (Yes.) They have to destroy something, bomb some city and occupy it at least for a while, and say, “Oh, we’re winning.” (Yes, Master.)
Because there is Victory Day in Russia on the 9th of May. So, Putin wants to have something to show off on that day. (Yes. That’s right.) Because they will have a celebration and parade to boast about their victory a long time ago in the old world war. So, he also wants to have something to show to the Russian people so that they will support him. (Yes, Master.) He worries people will topple him, like many other dictators around him. Like Belarus almost was uprooted. The President of Belarus was almost ousted. You know that. And the other countries, etc. He worries that the dictators will all fall out. […]

Host: For more information related to this question and answer, please refer to "The United Spirit of the Ukrainian People Shines Before the World," which aired on Fly-in News on April 6 2022. The full conference will air on Between Master and Disciples, starting April 30 2022.

Oh, this world is so crazy, so hellish. Hellish people exist everywhere, from the church, the big Vatican to big Russia. All kinds of these idiots and evil rule the world.
May God bless us. But the thing is humans, still need to change, war or not. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, we will have war forever. It is like that. Cannot avoid. (Understand, Master.) Cannot avoid war if you make war. (That’s right.) Not only make war with humans, but make war with animal-people, innocent, defenseless, no armor, no nothing. (Yes, Master.) Just imprison them in the factory farm and then kill them any time, like that, and stuff it down the throat, and call that food. Oh, barbarous world. Oh, devilish people. Terrible, terrible. Most people are so misled, so ingrained with this kind of violent doctrine. And such a violent society can only beget violence. (Yes, Master.)
If we live violently, we will die violently. We will incur violent effects. (Yes.) If you create violence, you can only beget violence. That’s what it is. So how can our world get any better? (Yes, you wonder.) But I told everybody there’s a way to fix it, just be benevolent, be vegan, do good, make peace – that’s all. It’s not difficult, is it? (It’s very easy, Master.) I know.
I wanted so much even to die for them but they just don’t move. Even if I die for them there’s no use. (Maybe we don’t deserve Your sacrifice like that, Master.) It’s not that. It just won’t fix the problem, because this generation, next generation, and forever we will have war, if we make war with other beings, the helpless, innocent, defenseless beings, like the animal-people. (Yes, Master.) That pains me so much, I cry all the time, but I can only cry and pray and do my best.
I still sacrifice, even though nobody sees it. But that is not enough for me to be happy about, because the world is not fixed. They have to fix themselves in order to have peace and progress and prosperity and happiness. I mean, lasting peace, lasting happiness, lasting prosperity, lasting harmony. Because a temporary fix won’t help. (Yes, Master.) […]
Each one has to fix themselves. If I drink, you feel nothing, even if you’re so dying of thirst, you can’t. Each one is a soul, individual, magnificent and God-like. So, if they don’t use their free will to enhance the mind, to understand the nobility, the magnificence of their own individual soul, then no one can help them. (Yes, Master.) […]
Just seek an enlightened Master, anywhere, and be vegan. And then peace will come, even without praying for it. […]
Oh, man. Sometimes, I feel I don’t want to stay here anymore. It’s like hell. (Yes, Master.) It’s everything against my ideals. But at least there are some good people; conscientious people, generous people. I mean the private people. (Right.) And then that invokes the governments to also support Ukraine. (Yes, Master)
I think mostly it’s the private citizens that push the government leaders to support Ukraine. (That’s true.) That’s why they were all slow in responding. (Yes, Master.) Because of private citizens. Their energy, their supportive spirit that’s too strong. So, the government thinks if they don’t support Ukraine, then they would be out. (Yes, Master.) Due to the supportive system of their own private citizens. That’s what it is. (Yes, Master.)
So, hereby I also thank all of them, the private, genuine generous and kind citizens of the whole world, including Chinese people, Taiwanese (Formosan) people, Japanese people, American people, European people, or any other people. I thank them all. And may God bless you. […]

Host: We offer our sincere appreciation to Most Loving Master for Your endless Compassion and dedication to ending the unjust suffering of the vulnerable in our world. May we soon witness humanity’s upliftment through our good and merciful deeds, divinely inspired by the Love of God. Our prayers are for rapid actions by the leaders in power, including calling for peace and an immediate ceasing of the heart-wrenching war in Ukraine, thereby ensuring their heroism will be remembered by future generations. We wish Cherished Master vigorous health and forever protection by all Gracious, Mighty Godses.
To hear more of the points touched upon by Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master Television team members, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date, for the full broadcast of this conference.
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Be Vegan, make peace.

Be Vegan, make peace.

TPositive Changes in the World in Support of Ukraine, May 2, 2022

Host: On Monday, May 2, 2022, our Most Benevolent Supreme Master Ching Hai kindly took time from Her precious retreat for a conference with Supreme Master Television team members. During the call, some recent news was shared by the team in relation to Ukraine, which was followed up by Master’s insightful comments. Master also reminded of the importance and immense blessing power of group meditation.

When you meditate together, the power is strong, very strong. (Yes, Master.) Jesus even said if two or more sit in my name, I will be with them. (Yes.) […]
Take care of yourself as if you take care of me. Because I'm you. (Yes.) We're together. Each one of you, if you meditate well, and if you're virtuous, you have one Master with you. Imagine how important you are. (Wow.) So, if you meditate together; so many Masters, so many energies fused together; that will lift you up, make you strong and healthy – spiritually and bodily. (Yes, Master.) […]
The more you meditate, the more your aura will be shining. (Yes, Master.) And the more protective layers you will have. Some of the disciples… some, very few have COVID, because the attack can pierce through their very thin layer of protection, or none, because they don't meditate. (Oh.) Not enough. (Yes, Master.) […]
Because, if you practice well; your aura is bigger, your blessing increases. (Yes, Master.) And you can bless all your surroundings, a larger area. Thus, your environment is more peaceful. Also, for yourself, to live in that kind of ambiance; first of all, it benefits you. (Yes.) And, on a larger scale, it benefits the environment. And a larger-still scale, it benefits the world. (Yes, Master.) You probably won’t reach that yet. Hopefully will, but still, you will benefit something, someone – especially your family, friends, and five, six, seven, nine generations. (Yes, Master.) […]
I told you, 10 people in a country, maybe a small country or a small province, who practice diligently, virtuously, spiritually, then that area would never know destruction. It’s not that they do anything. It’s just that their aura, their mission is like that. (Understand.) It will help without people even seeing anything. So, you must continue to be diligent in spiritual meditation, if you want to progress, and help yourself, your family, and the world at large. (Yes, Master.) […] Because, when you meditate together, the power is very strong. So, whatever you pray for, it will manifest. (Yes, Master.) […]

(Master, in an April 30 video message to Russian soldiers, His Excellency Volodymyr Zelenskyy told them, “Better to survive in Russia than die in Ukraine.”) Yeah. (He said Russian forces “are preparing for big losses,” as they prepare for new attacks in the eastern Donbas region. He stated Russia has already lost over 23,000 soldiers,) Yeah. (and that since the beginning of the invasion, Russia has lost over 1,000 tanks, almost 200 planes, and 2,500 infantry fighting vehicles.)
It showed on TV, an array of corpses of tanks laying on the field. Truly, not just one. (Yes, Master.) It’s good we have some of these photos. I don’t know how they get it, but it’s good. I guess after the Russians left some of the cities and areas, they can’t take all these burned “kaput” tanks or vehicles with them, so they can take a photograph. (Right.) Some are still repairable, so they repair and use them. (Right.)
My God. What kind of world do we live in that many big countries just, kind of, compete with each other to make more and more deadly weapons, and keep boasting about it on the internet? (Yes.) Like, Russia has tested this new missile, or America has some more deadly bombs, whatever. (Yes, Master.) What kind of world is this? Instead of boasting about economic development, people’s health, or higher moral standard; it’s all about death, about killing, about murdering. And they thrive on it. What kind of world is that? Isn’t that dangerous for us? (It is, Master. Yes, Master.)
It’s a terrible world to live in, not to talk about these invisible ghosts. The more they do that, the more ghosts they will have. People who die suddenly without any blessing, without knowing what it is, they become ghosts. (Yes, Master. Oh, yes.) Maybe they don’t go to hell because they died like that, so some of their karma is wiped off. Some is wiped off. But then they became just wandering ghosts, and they will make more trouble for the world too, because of their hatred. (Wow.)
And then we will continue this cycle forever. (Yes, Master.) And then later, they will become human again, and they go and find their enemies and bomb them. And again, again and again. The cycle goes on like that. (Yes, Master.) Today you bomb me, tomorrow I bomb you. Blah, blah, blah. Next day, next year, next life.

Anything else? (Yes, Master. “The Ukrainian President has tweeted that the evacuation of civilians from Azovstal steelworks in the southern city of Mariupol has begun, with a group of 100 people the first to leave. He said they’re expected to arrive in the town of Zaporizhzhia tomorrow.”)
Yeah. But there are still many in there. (Right. Yes.) Because of bombing, it’s difficult for them to continue. (Right.) That was probably an older news. Some new news is they had stop the evacuation, because Russia said, “OK, let them go,” but then they bombed them. (Oh. I see. Yes.) So, nobody dared to go out. (Yes, Master.) They don’t say, “We forbid you to go out,” but they will bomb them. (Oh.) So, people stopped. People don’t dare to go out. And if they stay in their bunker or wherever that was, they have no food, no water, and no milk for their babies as well. (Yes, Master.) All this is a horrible crime against humanity. I don’t know what else. If this is not a crime against humanity, what is then? (Right, Master. Yes.) […]

You can see that the world is helping Ukraine more now. (Right. Yes, Master.) Before, they just couldn’t care less. They let Ukraine be like a buffer zone for them, between Russia and the free world. As long as they can have their gas, their oil and their whatever. (Yes, Master.)
And now even Germany already agreed to make an embargo on oil and gas from Russia. (Yes.) Before, they were the ones who bought the most. (Right. Yes.). After the war began, they bought more oil and gas than anybody else in the block. (Yes, Master.) Germany. (Yes.) And now they agreed not to. (Wow. Oh.) They agreed to give an embargo already, because the whole of Europe pressured them. (Oh, good.) I don’t know. Everybody wants to stop oil and gas, and they bought more than before.
And from all the Russian exports, they earn about 60 plus billion, since the war; (Oh. Wow. Yes, Master.) their revenue. (Yes, Master.) So, if all this doesn’t stop, then the war can be fed and goes on forever. Putin couldn’t care less if his people die in the battle, as long as he’s safe. Well, he won’t be safe that long if the war goes to Russia, sooner or later, if continued. (Yes, Master.)

If Russia dares to use nuclear weapons then that’s it. I think Russia would be doomed. The whole country will be bombarded with nuclear weapons as well. Everybody has nuclear weapons, not just Russia. I don’t know why they use it to threaten Europe and the West. (Yes, Master.) Must be desperado. (Yes.) He knows everybody has nuclear weapons. If not more, then at least the same as Russia. (Yes, Master.) Whatever weapons Russia has cannot be compared to NATO’s force all together. (Yes. Right.) They can destroy Russia truly, completely. So, they better think about it. (Yes.)
But they also got a little scared lately. Lavrov, the foreign minister. (Yes.) He also said, “Oh, it’s just about Ukraine. We don’t have anything against NATO.” I’m telling you. That’s one good news also. (Yes.) I hope they meant that, or later they better not be too crazy to attack NATO, because they’ll be doomed, the whole of Russia. (Yes, Master.) [...]
And they all came to visit Kyiv. (Yes.) Even the European chief, the lady, Ursula von der Leyen. She went all the way to Kyiv by train. (Yes.) Well, that is something good of her, I have to say, better than many others. (Yes, Master.) First, three European members came. (Yes, Master.) Big members came and then later Boris Johnson came. (Yes, Master. Right.) And then slowly, everybody else came. (Yes. That’s right.) Even Biden’s top officials, like Blinken. (Yes.) And others, top one also went, except Biden. Biden went to Poland only. Nearby. Oh, what a shame.
(The UN chief also, Master. Antonio [Guterres].) Oh, Yeah. That one also came. (Yes.) And then Russia bombed them that time. Just to show off. (Yes.) Just to say, “It doesn’t matter who comes. We bomb you when we want. We can bomb from afar.” (Yes, Master.) Oh, man. What arrogance. And now, the UN chief at least knows some taste of it. (Yes. Right.) So now he says it’s evil. “The war is evil.” Oh, for the first time, I heard the big word.

“Media Report from BBC Apr. 28, 2022 Secretary - General Antonio Guterres (m): The war is an absurdity in the 21st century. The war is evil.”

And even the Pentagon man, important guy, spokesperson or something. He was almost crying while he said, “Whatever is done by Putin in Ukraine is depraved. Never seen such a depraved thing. No normal leader would have done that.” (Right. Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from WION May 1, 2022 John Kirby (m): It’s hard to look at what he’s doing in Ukraine, what his forces are doing in Ukraine, and think that any ethical, moral individual could justify that. It’s difficult to look at the… sorry. It’s difficult to look at some of the images and imagine that any well-thinking, serious, mature leader would do that. So, I can’t talk to his psychology, but I think we can all speak to his depravity.”

Now, what else? Tell me? (The head of the military administration in Kharkiv, Oleg Sinegubov, has confirmed to the BBC that four districts have been re-captured from the Russians. “In Kutuzovka, about 100 people, most of them elderly and children, lived in cold basements for two months without light, gas and food supplies,” (My God.) Sinegubov said. “Today our defenders were greeted with tears.”)
Wonderful. Wonderful. Thank God. Blessed be Heaven. But the war is far from over. (Yes, Master.) I hope it’s soon, I have the feeling, but I don’t dare to say anything.

Anything else? (Yes, Master. Ukrainian women are training to clear landmines, as demand for the specialist skill rises. The 20-year-old Ms. Anastasiia Minchukova, and five other women traveled to Kosovo, where they are attending a hands-on course in clearing landmines and other dangers that may remain hidden across their country once combat ends. (Yeah, yeah.) Ms. Minchukova said, “There is a huge demand [for] people who know how to do de-mining because the war will be over soon.”)
Ah, very good. Excellent. (Yes.) They’re very, very brave. (Yes.) Wonderful. Good news. Good news. […]

I’m glad. Tell me. (Yes, Master. According to the Danish publication OLFI, Denmark will send Ukraine 25 Piranha III armored personnel carriers, 50 M113 armored personnel carriers, and M10 mortars with thousands of shells for them.)
I am not happy about that, but at least they are helping with whatever they can. (Yes, Master.) They are just protecting themselves, because if Ukraine is gone, they will be gone soon.

“Excerpt from a conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai and members of Supreme Master Television team April 25, 2022 Supreme Master Ching Hai:And even if just one part of Ukraine is lost, that is another stepping stone for Russia to continue their evil, empire-ish kind of scheme. (That’s right, Master.) Or, even if they cannot swallow any whole country; every piece of that country gives them like the connecting point – an excuse to go in to invade that country anytime, or causing havoc, like in Ukraine.”

Ukraine is not even gone yet, and already Moldova is the next target. (Yes, Master.) They (Russia) even said Transnistria requested Russia to come in. Always they request. (Yes, Master.) Putin always uses that. Like, “Crimea requested him to come in.” Donbas, Luhansk and what? (Donetsk and Luhansk.) Luhansk region, “requested them to come.” Why don’t they say just the whole Ukraine “requested them” to come? Because they’re coming in for the whole Ukraine, no? (That’s right, Master.) They were, right? (Yes. Right.) So, somebody must have requested them, right?
Or must be President Zelenskyy. He probably had written a letter to ask Putin to send troops to come in to “rescue, liberate” his country. Probably Putin didn’t say it, but Zelenskyy must have requested it. “Come in to take my whole country. Welcome. We are Nazis, we are fascists waiting for you to liberate us.” They came in to liberate people, true. They “liberate” them from their land, from their houses, from their hospitals, from their kindergartens, from their charitable shops, or whatever. They “liberate” them from their money, from their life, from their peace, from their freedom – everything Putin wants to “liberate” them from. Now they have nothing. (Yes, Master. Yes.) They became refugees, after “liberation” from Russia. Even partially yet, they’re already liberated. (Yes, Master.) So, they have no money, no house, no country, nothing. That’s what liberation means for Putin. (Yes.)
And he also “liberated” many tens of thousands of his troops. (Yes.) He set them free from their youthful, hopeful and inspirational life. They just died in the freezing cold, in the battlefield like that. That’s the “liberation,” Putin-style. (Yes.) People have no more life, have nothing; even their own life, or their children’s life, or their families; nothing anymore.

Tell me, anything else? […] (The US diplomats have temporarily returned to Ukraine for the first time, Master, since the invasion. And the US State Department said that their multiple team members of the U.S. embassy in Ukraine met in Lviv with the Ukrainian officials. And they said that, “Today’s travel was a first step ahead of more regular travel in the immediate future.”)
They’re bringing embassies back into Ukraine; (Yes, Master.) embassies and consulates back. It’s good. And even, you know what? Pelosi also travelled to Kyiv. (Oh, yes.) And met President Zelenskyy. (Yes. That’s right.) What is she doing there? What can she do? Just to show that, “Oh, we are here.” Well, I guess better than nothing. I guess people like that. (Yes, Master.)
And the pope also changed his tone now. I think they all need some hiding. (Yes, Master.) Some beating up from behind. That’s what I call “some hiding.” I think they need it. Otherwise, they won’t get up from their fat butts and do anything. At least say something good or supportive. (Yes, Master.) Pelosi said what? “A secret meeting.” She worried Russia will bomb her or something. Funny.
Everybody changed their tone now, so quickly. In just some weeks! (That’s right. Yes, Master.) Before, nobody even wanted to go there, didn’t give anything, even stopped somebody from giving. What is that? What’s the deal? Tell me. Suddenly everybody changed, like 360 degrees. Oh, I’m surprised too. Are you? (Yes, Master.) It’s good, it’s good, anyway, it’s good. They behave themselves. It’s good. Sometimes they need scolding. Waste my time.

Anything else? […] (Yes, Master. German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck, when he was visiting Warsaw, Poland, he said his country is “very, very” close to independence from Russian oil. And Russian oil imports make about 35% of Germany’s oil consumption in 2021, and he said that “we must quickly free ourselves from the grip of Russian imports.”)
Yeah. They can put the coal back. Coal industry, put them back, until they find something better. (Yes, Master.) Because that is not the worst source of global warming. It’s the methane. It’s the animal-people industry that gives out the most methane and heats the climate the most. (Yes, Master. Right.) Eighty something percent is from methane, from the animal-people industry. (Yes, Master.) So, coal mine or gas mine and oil and all that, they should continue. (Yes.) And then they will have enough fuel. They don’t have to import from Russia. (Yes, Master.)
For example, even in Libya, they have oil to export. But because of political idiots, they stopped it now. That’s enough to supply for many countries. They compete with each other to snatch that oil field. (Yes.) Any time some new big shot comes up, or small shot wants to be a big shot, or big shot wants to be a bigger shot, they make a new government, and then they make trouble for the oil exports. And people in that region are also economically affected in a bad way. (Yes.) And also they cannot export to other countries.

“Media Report from Al Jazeera English July 12, 2018 Reporter (m): The latest fight over the lifeblood exports is estimated to have cost the economy more than a billion dollars. Previous battles since the death of Muammar Gaddafi seven years ago, caused production to fluctuate. Restoring full output is a top priority, both for foreign customers and Libya’s national oil corporation.”

Otherwise, Libya is also a big source of oil for the world to use. For example, like that. (Yes, Master.) And before, like in the USA, President Trump continued to let people work in the oil and coal industry, until something better. (Yes, Master.) And Biden came up, immediately he vetoed all that. Immediately. He did the opposite of everything that Trump has been building up for America.
And now we are in a mess everywhere. Even the war also. (Yes, Master.) If Trump was there, I tell you truly, honestly 100%, that war would not have broken out like that in Ukraine. (Yes, Master.)

“Interview by Sky News Australia Apr. 26, 2022 President Trump (m): We started no wars. We didn't have Russia fighting in Ukraine. We didn't have China threatening every day Taiwan (Formosa). They wouldn't have done it. And Russia would have never gone into Ukraine. The Afghanistan withdrawal was so incompetent.
Piers Morgan (m): Do you think that it fueled Vladimir Putin's ambitions with the Ukraine invasion?
President Trump (m): Yeah. I think that was the reason. I think that's why he did it.”

It doesn’t matter, he doesn’t have to do anything. It’s just him in the chief position, it would make the world go in that kind of different direction, and America go into a different direction. (Yes, Master.) […]
Like Biden, he’s spilling darkness into the world, but nobody sees it. Not many. (Yes, Master.) Only some clairvoyant people can see it. Even physically speaking, Trump has made peace among many nations. (Right. Yes. Master.) So that’s good enough evidence already. (Yes True.) But he can do more by just being there. (Yes. Right.) By just being in the position of controlling power, would bring more peace to the world.
(Recently, Trump received a media interview, and he mentioned that we should not be frightened by Putin threatening using nuclear [weapons]. He said, US, we have much more. So actually, we should not be afraid of Putin.) Of course not. (Yes.) I said the same, no? Long ago. (Yes.)

“Interview by Sky News Australia Apr. 26, 2022 President Trump (m): I think they’re dealing with him incorrectly. I think what they’re saying, it’s almost like they’re speaking with fear. And they don’t understand; we have one weapon alone that would destroy everything.”

And many other things he said, I forgot. But never mind, it’s good. I told you already.

But Heaven is helping Ukraine. (Right. Yes, Master.) Otherwise, what do you think? Even before the West was helping them, they already defeated Russia everywhere with their homemade weapons even. (That’s right, Master.) And they even sank the most important warship of Russia, the Moskva. Sank it to the bottom of the sea. (Yes.) And that one is irreplaceable for Russia. That's what they said. (Yes.) Oh, imagine that? And they sunk it with their homemade weapons, the Neptune (missiles) are made in Ukraine. Imagine that? (Wow.) And remember the lightning that destroyed many of the Russian tanks that were coming to kill them? (Yes, Master.) […]

“Media Report from CBN News Mar. 4, 2022 Kostyantine (m): In the dark night, they were holding their positions; a lot of Russian Federation tanks and machines (were) coming at them. And he picks up his phone, and he calls his father. He says, ‘Dad, you have to pray right now. We’re in a situation.’ So, his father, he rings other members of the church; they start praying. And then later, the son gives a phone call, and he says, ‘There’s some miracle (that) happened. It looked like some spaceship. There was like an attack from the spaceship. Some kind of a lightning was starting, shooting from the sky, and sparks were going, were spreading everywhere.’ And then in the morning they discovered that the whole machinery was destroyed. So, all those soldiers, they thought, maybe it was done by some kind of a weapon that we didn’t know about. Or it was just God’s intervention.”

Many things. Of course, it’s not complete, but humans’ karma also. Otherwise, Heaven was really helping. You can see that. (Yes, Master. Yes.) How can Ukraine, such a small country compared to that giant Russia, how can they defeat them? (Right. Yes, Master.) Long before the West even moved anything. (Yes, Master.) So, now they wake up, they saw that Russia is at their door already. So, they begin to scramble to help Ukraine, because Ukraine is fighting also for them, like a front line. (Yes. That’s true.) And also, they saw that Ukraine was so brave, so courageous, they felt ashamed. I would be ashamed, if I were them. I told you already before. (Right, Master.) Otherwise, they should all go home and plant vegetables to eat by themselves. […]
Even if people in Ukraine are hungry, starving in the bunkers, or people in Europe don't have enough food because the Ukraine war stopped exporting food to them or to Brazil or to China, whatever – only ordinary people suffer. (Yes.) They don't suffer, so they can talk big mouth. (Yes, Master.) Like Merkel, for example, shameless and remorseless.
There was the President of Germany who wanted to come to Kyiv, and they refused him. (Yes, that’s right.) They accepted every other leader except Germany's President because he was… it's been long ago already that he’s pro-Russia. But, never mind; he was wrong, but now, if he wants to come to you, that means he knew he’s wrong already. (Yes.) So, I think Kyiv should have forgiven him and welcomed him. […]
Now, if he has forgotten his mistake or he already knows he was wrong and he wanted to go to Kyiv, that means he awakened already. (Yes, Master.) And maybe he’s sorry, and his trip to Kyiv should be like an apology. (Right, Master.) So, the Ukraine people should be more gracious, and accepted him. You need more friends now than enemies. He's even better than Merkel, no? (Yes, Master.) People can make mistakes in different circumstances. But later, circumstances change and they know their mistakes, and they apologize in different ways; then we should be able to forgive them. (Right. Yes, Master.) If I were Kyiv, I would have forgiven him and point to his wrongs, but accept him. Then he’d change. (Yes, Master.) Because he already changed.
But that is a big humiliation. (Yes. Right.) Germany is big in Europe. (Yes.) Almost like leading European countries, European Union. And they got refused. Even Pelosi got to see Zelenskyy, but the President of Germany was outside of the door, outside of the closed door. That's quite a humiliation. But they have the right to refuse him. (Yes, Master.) It’s just what I'm saying is, in our spiritual way of life; if people repent, we forgive. (Yes.) That's what it is. It’s difficult for men to say, “I'm sorry.” No? But if he wanted to come to your country, and visit together with others who support you; that means he's also supporting you. (Yes. True.) And he's sorry. (Yes.) So, Kyiv should have received him. It's still not too late. Can still do it.

Host: Most Compassionate Master, we are forever grateful for Your continuous Love and sacrifice for the world, tirelessly working and devoting Your time, energy and physical wellbeing, to provide wisdom, guidance and spiritual blessing power to achieve peace for all. We pray for an urgent and lasting halt to all violence, including the ongoing and needless war against the innocent animal-people. May we follow Divine virtues, as we repent, forgive each other, and create a new beginning for life on Earth with a total vegan lifestyle. We wish Caring Master to be always well and mightily protected by all Merciful Heavens.
To hear the treasured wisdom from Supreme Master Ching Hai on the importance of meditation, and more, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date, for the full broadcast of this conference.
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Be Vegan, make peace.

Be Vegan, make peace.

Representatives of the Positive Power are Beneficial to Humankind, May 9, 2022

On Monday, May 9, 2022, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, while still in Her meditation retreat for the world, graced Supreme Master Television team members with a phone call, where She answered their questions, and also shared Her thoughts on recent good news about Ukraine.

(Previously, Master has said that if Trump was in office, the war would have not broken out like it did, that Trump doesn’t have to do anything with him being in the chief position. What does that mean? Could Master explain more about this?)

(On May 8, President Zelenskyy awarded a medal to Ukraine’s famous mine-sniffing dog-person, Patron, and his caregiver to recognize their dedicated service. Patron has detected more than 200 mines since the Russian invasion. The award was presented in the presence of Canadian Prime Minister, His Excellency Justin Trudeau during his visit to Kyiv.) …So beautiful. He was barking at Trudeau. I saw, I heard. Not because of aggression, it’s just a welcome…

(On May 5, President Zelenskyy invited the German Chancellor Scholz and President Steinmeier to Kyiv. …And Steinmeier and Zelenskyy, they had a phone conversation, and it turned out to be a good phone conversation.) …That was really good news. Ukraine needs more help, more friends. Should bury the hatchet, if there is one anywhere. Only Russia, you cannot make friends with them because they don't want to be your friend. This is the problem. But even if Russia stops now, it’s still better than never. And we can mend the international relationship. Many wars happened. But finally, eventually, the world still got together. So, Russia should learn all this.

(The former Brazilian president and the current presidential candidate, Lula da Silva blames President Zelenskyy for the war in Ukraine. Is he correct, Master?) …You cannot blame Ukraine. Never should. Even if Ukraine wants to join NATO, that’s their right. They join wherever they want to. They’re a free country, man. They are their own sovereignty. They could join anywhere they want. So, Zelenskyy is not at fault.

(Recently, President Macron said that Ukraine’s bid to join the EU will take decades. He suggested Ukraine join a parallel EU political community while awaiting membership. Is this good for Ukraine, Master?) I don’t think it’s an honest plan…

(The President of China, Xi Jinping, asked the German Chancellor to try with all effort to help avoid the intensifying of the war in Ukraine. What does Master think about this?) It’s good. It’s good to say that, to think like that. But he should tell that to Putin. Because the West did not start it. …It is Putin who started it, for no reason. So, it is Putin who has to end it.

I am all for the free world. The free world might have some defects, some faults, some blemishes, but it’s still a free world. They still believe in God and Buddha and the Holy Teaching. Just some people may be corrupted. Some in the government or anywhere. But at least the principle is freedom for everyone, freedom of religion and all that. And I love this. I love all this. I love the free world concept. […]

Humans’ atrocities shook Heavens and Earth, resulting in innocent people and non-innocent people in this world having to undergo suffering, pain, and agony from many disasters and diseases; incurable diseases or pandemics for example. And we did not learn to stop. And now, and since forever, even attack our own species, like in the war.

To learn more of Master’s insights on the good news shared by the Supreme Master Television team, including how Ukrainians can temporarily stay in the US, and which famous singer recently performed in Kyiv, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date, for the full broadcast of this conference.
Be Vegan, make peace.

The Bigger You Are in Society, the Humbler You Should Be, May 15, 2022
Host: On Sunday, May 15, 2022, during a work-related phone call with a Supreme Master Television team member, our Most Loving Supreme Master Ching Hai, kindly inquired about the team’s wellbeing and comfort, as She also readily gave insights on questions that the members had.

(Master, French President Macron told President Zelenskyy to give up Ukrainian land to Russia, so that Putin is not too humiliated in order to have peace. Is it a good solution, Master?)
I don’t know, son. Really. Tell you what, if the Ukrainian people agreed to that, then I’m also glad. What is a piece of land anyway? (Yes, Master.) It’s just that Russia is too bad. I mean Putin is too bad. He wants one thing, and then he wants another thing, and then another thing. From Crimea until now, he never stopped. (Yes, Master.) Always preparing to snatch some more land, and not just more land. I told you he wanted Ukraine. (That’s right.) And now, recently, they just discovered that there is a plan, the document about President Putin, he wanted Ukraine. (Oh.) Just that they failed with Kyiv. But if you give in to them, they will go back again. (Yes, Master.)
Oh, I’m telling you, everybody wants peace, not just Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people. (Yes, Master.) Everybody in the world wants peace, because it costs too much, too many human lives and maimed and suffer, and disabled people and separated families, everything. And economy and food shortage. Everything is bad, bad, bad for humanity. (Yes.)
But, you see, President Zelenskyy, he’s only a president. He doesn’t own Ukraine as private property. (That’s right.) So now, even if he wants peace desperately, he cannot go against his people’s will, who voted for him. (Understand.) He has to do his people’s mandate. Every president or king or queen should. Must. (Yes, Master.) He doesn’t own Ukraine. Does Ukraine belong to Zelenskyy? Or anybody? (No, it doesn’t.) No! And if his people don’t mandate him, he cannot. He cannot give any piece, even one inch away. He has no right to do it. (Yes, Master.) They voted for him, because they trusted him to protect their land. (Yes.) How can he give it to Russia even if he wanted to? (Understand, Master.) Which he doesn’t.
Because, by the way that the Ukrainian people fight to death like that, it’s clear like daylight that they don’t want Russia. (Yes, Master.) Either women, children, and the elderly, run away to escape death and the brutality of Putin’s war, or they stay behind and fight. They did not want to give up, even though they are in danger. They have food shortages and no drinks and all that. For example, under the steel plant, the soldiers there are not many, but they say they will not surrender. They will fight till the end. (Yes, they did.) So how can any, even a powerful president, give up any inch of their land? (Yes, Master.) They would turn against him if he does. (That’s right.) Besides, Zelenskyy is like all of the Ukrainian people. They say they are Ukrainian, they don’t surrender. (Yes.) I read also, Zelenskyy said that we will not give any of our land just to save somebody’s face. (That’s right. Yes, he did.)
That’s not right. Is it? (No, it’s not.) What kind of international law is this? That anybody can just come into anybody’s country, brutally bombing everywhere, killing anybody in sight, and then demand to have more land? And the international community should agree to that? And Macron would support that? (It’s ridiculous.) Yeah! That means encouraging Russia to continue to use brutal atrocities to continue eating up lands around Russia. (Yes, Master.)
First of all, they said that because Ukraine wants to join NATO, so, Putin sent his army to beat up Ukraine. But Ukraine still did not join NATO, and NATO said, “OK, we don’t accept Ukraine.” Still killing the Ukrainians and want to take the country. (That’s right.) No need any reason at all. Any reason is just bs. (Yes, Master.) You can see that very well. (Yes, Master.)
And now Finland, Sweden. He said that because Ukraine used to belong to Russia. (Yes.) But Finland and Sweden have nothing to do with Russia, and still also threatens them. They are in the European Union. (Yes, Master.) It’s like threatening the whole European Union, because threatening one member of the family is like threatening the whole family. (Yes, Master.)
So, this Putin, he just says anything he wants, and bullies anybody he likes. So, how can you support such a person? He is not human. (Understand.) Either he’s a madman or he’s evil. Even if you don’t believe me that he’s evil or working for Satan, you can believe that he’s a madman. (Yes, Master.) There’s no reason. You can’t reason with these types of people.
And then, how can Macron support Putin? And give the excuse, like free speech or whatever, and airing Russian propaganda on their television. (Yes, Master.) So, there’s no need to talk anymore. Now you can see. (Yes, Master. Very clear.)
Even if President Macron likes Russian President Putin very much, he should know that it’s only a one-way street. Because he still threatened France with a real war, through his subordinates, through Medvedev. Or maybe he enjoyed seeing Putin in person, from the other end of a “2-kilometer-long” table. I guess it’s better than nothing. (Yes, Master.) Oh, I can’t believe it. Just very disappointing, France’s leader.
Oh, man. There’s no reason for Putin to bully anybody in any country. (No, not at all.) Just all kinds of rubbish excuses. Now even threatens Finland and Sweden. The more he threatens, the more they will come in. Because of his threat, that’s why they come in. (Yes, that’s right.) Originally, they didn’t think about that. (Yes.) Now, thanks to Putin, that they will join NATO. (He sped them up.) Otherwise, they would not even think about it. (Yes, Master.)
But I don’t like it, because Finland and Sweden were so easily welcomed. But Ukraine, no mention. (Yes, Master.) So this is either a kind of discrimination, or cowardice. That’s what I don’t like. (Yes, Master.)
And even Finland and Sweden, normally want to be neutral, but because of Putin’s atrocities in Ukraine now, they wanted to join NATO. (Yes.) And, what’s that got to do with Putin? And he even threatened them. (Yes, Master.) They are sovereign countries. They have their own independence and their own freedom. (Yes.) I mean, Sweden even has a monarchy. (Yes, Master.) It has never belonged to Russia. So what’s that got to do with Putin that he even forbids them to join NATO? They join anywhere they want. They can go to the Moon, Mars if they want to. (Yes, Master.)
This kind of mentality, how can Macron support it? It’s not about the land that you can give away or not give away. It’s people who live in it as well. (Yes.) You can’t just sell your people to anybody who comes in using brutal force to snatch it. (That’s right.) Suppose it happened to France. Would Macron do it? (Of course not.) Oh, he wouldn’t. Oh, I hope not. (Oh, I hope not. Yes.) Who knows? If he’s a coward, he would give it just so that he can be safe. It doesn’t concern him and France yet. And he’s already showing his weakness. (Yes, Master.) That’s what I think it is – weakness or bias. (Yes.)
How can you turn your eyes away from the suffering of these gentle and peaceful Ukrainian people? Just only some weeks, and then the country is devastated like that. (Yes, Master.) And people dying in tens of thousands, and dozens of millions, it’s thirteen million now, or maybe even more, they lost count, became homeless. Became beggar refugees in other countries. (Yes, Master.) They had their life good. They tended to their farm and were taking care of their family. Life was peaceful until Putin came along. (Yes, Master.)
And how can Macron, President of France, even support that kind of brutality of the dictator, of the evil, evil, greedy so-called leader like Putin? (Yes, Master.) Even children would hate him. Even I’m a so-called spiritual practitioner, but I could not bear it. (Understand.) So, what do you think? Do you think he is right? (Of course, he’s not right, but maybe he’s with the devil or something, or is influenced by them to help Putin.) I think so.
Most of the world’s leaders came to Kyiv already, to show support. (Yes.) And to pledge some more financial help, or military help. (Yes, Master.) Recently, even many of your American top congressmen, senators or House, top leaders, all came to Kyiv, to show support. (Yes, Master. That’s right.)
Oh, man. What kind of president is Macron? I’m so disappointed. I’m so sorry for him as well. How can he make himself into such a degraded status like that? (Yes, Master.) And he didn’t even want to go to Kyiv. I read that somewhere. (Oh.) He’s too big to go. I guess he just won the election and still feels the heat of victory, and became arrogant. (Yes, Master.) This is the thing that Asian ancient wisdom is afraid of most. They are afraid most to become the loser if they become arrogant.
Because, like in the war, for example, they always warned the soldiers that when they win, they should not become arrogant, because then they will lose. So, a president could not afford to be arrogant like that. (Yes, Master.) The bigger you are in society, in the world, the more humble you should be. […] People don’t like snobbish men or women, whoever. (No, Master.)
Even the lady, the new president of Hungary, (Yes.) she condemned Putin’s brutal war in Ukraine. But it’s funny, her prime minister is the opposite. Last time, we talked about Orban. (Yes.) Man! I am so tired of men.
Ladies, they have more sense. Like the chief of Europe, (Yes, Master.) Madame von der Leyen, (Yes.) she even went by train. Imagine that? The top leader of the European Union went by train, simply just went there to Kyiv and then handed President Zelenskyy some protocol, of course, some questionnaire that he can answer so that he can join the EU. (Yes, Master.) Simplified bureaucracy. (Yes.)

“Media Report from Al Jazeera English Apr. 9, 2022 Ursula von der Leyen (f): It will be not, as usual, a matter of years to form this opinion, but I think a matter of weeks, if we work closely together. For you, dear Volodymyr.
Volodymyr Zelenskyy (m): Thank you so much.
Ursula von der Leyen (f): I want to give you that.
Volodymyr Zelenskyy (m): Thank you so much.
Ursula von der Leyen (f): This is the questionnaire.
Volodymyr Zelenskyy (m): We’ll be ready with answers, Ursula, in one week."

So, the top leader of any country should be demonstrating humility. (Yes.) Tough but humble. Strong but gentle, otherwise, you won’t last long. Well, anyway French presidents or any presidents nowadays, they won’t last long anyway. They won’t continue. (Oh.) Mostly just one term, two terms. (Yes, Master.) Today you are the king, tomorrow you’re nobody. All these ephemeral empty names. How come people don’t learn from history or from the surrounding other examples? (Yes.)
Arrogance and self-aggrandizement never served anyone, least of all the leaders. Leaders should be more careful all the time. You are tough when you have to be to handle some challenging situations. But you have to have humility in order to win people’s hearts. (Understand.) If you win only half of France, and the other half is still against you anyway, it’s already a precarious kind of ambiance. (Yes.) So, you should always be more humble and more realistic. More practical. (Yes, Master.)

(I have another question, Master. Senator Rand Paul of the US Senate opposed the US$40 billion aid package to Ukraine. Why would he do that, Master?)
You think he should or not? (He should not oppose because Ukraine needs that aid.) Yeah, of course Ukraine needs it. (Yes.) The whole world chips in to help. (Yes, Master.) And if the US can afford it, then they should help more than others. He should be proud that his country is so just and generous. (Yes, Master.) But, of course, I understand him as well. (Yes.) He’s the only one that opposed anyway. (Yes.) The House passed it anyway. (Yes, it did.) He just stalled it for a while, maybe. (Yes.) Just made it a little bit less enthusiastic, but still passed. (Yes, Master.)
But I understand him. You see, at the moment, every country’s, and America’s also included, economy is very shaky. (Yes.) Because of the pandemic, because of other wars, because of all kinds of situations. (Yes, Master.) And bad spending, bad organizing for financial upkeep and all kinds of things. (Yes.) And it’s a lot of money. (Yes, it is a lot.)
My God, if we didn’t have Russia go in and brutally attack without cause, unprovoked, the Ukrainian people, then this money, we could use a lot for Americans, for your people to live better. (Yes, Master.) Better schools, or giving more loans for the students, (Yes.) so they can study well, and then they contribute later to your country. Help more with healthcare, with pregnant women, single mothers, elderly without care, and even help some refugees, I mean, deserving refugees from nearby countries. Some don’t deserve, because maybe they are gangsters, or something like that, they mix in to come in to mess up America. And selling children or drugs, and selling anything that is not good for humanity. (Yes, Master.)
So, this $40 billion, wow, I could not imagine that kind of money. […] That is a lot of money, and Americans need it also. (Yes, Master.) America is the top economy in the world even, but many Americans are also living at the border of poverty or below. (Yes, that’s right.) […]

“Media Report from BNC News - Dec. 6, 2021 Sharon (f): Millions of Americans struggling to keep the lights on, a roof over their heads. Since the pandemic started, it’s only gotten worse.
Gabe Cohen (m): Americans have been racking up utility debt during the pandemic. They now owe companies close to $20 billion, up 67% from the average year. A study in Massachusetts found 30% more families are now at least 90 days behind on their bills. Now, energy bills are skyrocketing due to inflation and supply problems.
Reporter (m): Jerreldine tells us she lives on $1700 a month in Social Security. She says she pays $600 in rent, and at least $300 a month (she) pays for needed kidney and blood pressure medications. The rest of her bills, like home utilities, car fuel, and groceries, she finds depressing.”
”Media Report from CNN - Mar. 11, 2022 Reporter (m): How hard is it living on a fixed income?
Jerreldine: It is hard, and I feel so sorry for my friends that just don’t have this kind of money as much as I do, because they’re much worse off than me.
Reporter (m2): In four months, Katia’s rent for this 300-square-foot apartment is going to jump from $670 a month to just over $1000. She says her paycheck won’t cover it.
Katia: I would consider living in my car. Yes, I would.
Reporter (m2): Home prices have skyrocketed in the last year. Apartments Katia can afford are so far away that paying to gas up her car would then be too much.
Reporter (m): I would imagine that battling this, at this stage in your life is…
Katia: It’s really hard. It’s really hard. It’s… It makes me feel useless. Like, I’m not doing enough."

All this, I think they should make Russia pay back if the war is over, or somehow make them pay. (Yes.) Make Putin pay, because he’s very rich. People suspect that he’s the richest man in the world. (Yes, I think so. I think somebody said.) Of course. Whatever he wants, he has. (Yes.) All these oligarchs surrounding him, and they don’t dare to breathe even anything negative, I mean contrary to his idea.
So, I’m also recently learning more about Putin. Normally, I didn’t pay attention to any leader. […] Until something happened to them or something they did that caught my attention that I feel I need to say something. (Understand.) Otherwise, I don’t pay attention to anyone. You know that. (Yes, Master.) […]
I didn’t even know where Ukraine is. I have never been there. (Yes, Master.) I heard something when they had some problem before, but it was a “stranger” country to me. […] Only recently, too many children, women and elderly, and people suffer so much for no reason. […] That’s why the whole world is so supportive of Ukraine. They feel so sorry and sympathetic to these poor, gentle, harmless people. (Yes, Master.) […]
Maybe their country’s not the richest in the world, maybe they are classified as one of the poorest countries in Europe, but they were happy people. (Yes.) Because they’re not greedy, they’re contented with what they have. (Yes, Master.) And they planted food for the whole world to use. Their merit is very big. (Ah, yes.) Farming people, they naturally have big merit, because they do something that’s nutritious for the children of God. (Yes, Master.) They raise up the children of God. They feed them. That’s one of the best jobs you can have, farming. Farmer. (Yes, Master.) […] They all look healthy and good to me.
Until Putin came along and razed their farms, razed their houses, and killed their children. (Yes, Master.) And their wives. And their parents, for example. Those who are weak, helpless, and vulnerable. (Yes, Master.) No defense. Cannot defend. So, how can anybody support that? Just say, if Ukrainians give some land to Putin to satisfy his greed for now, he will not stop. (No, he won’t.) Yeah. It is already obvious. […]
And now they’re doing a fake election there. A referendum just to coerce people to vote for Russia (Yes, Master.) But everybody will know it’s fake.
Doesn’t Putin have any shame, any honor? (I guess not.) How can a devil have any? (Yes, Master.) They are in the world just to harm humanity, to hurt, to maim, to corrupt, to destroy our planet. That’s their job. (Yes, Master.) They’re born to do that. My God.

So, you can’t even blame Senator Rand Paul. (Yes. Understand.) It hurts him. It hurts him, because some of his people are still poor. (Yes, Master.) And they’re short of baby formula at the moment. (Yes.) And many people are poor. And in America, it’s chaotic still. (Yes, Master.) All kinds of problems. And his people should come first. (Understand.)

"Media Report from NewsNation - May 12, 2022 Reporter (f): Abbott Laboratories stopped manufacturing in February amid recalls and contamination fears. That shutdown has been adding to a shortage already strained by supply chain issues. In some states like Iowa, Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, and the Dakotas, more than half of the entire supply of baby formula is sold out. Many national chains limiting purchases now.
Mother: There’s so much going on right now that worrying about feeding your baby should be the absolute last thing you are concerned about."
"Media Report from Fox News - May 12, 2022 Jesse Watters: We want to help Ukraine, obviously. But it goes out the door so fast, like everything gets done for Ukraine like this, like that. Billions out the door like this, and meanwhile, Americans are looking around like, 'Hey, Congress, what about us?' Do you feel that?
Senator Graham: I totally get it. Here’s the problem with Ukraine. They run out of money in terms of buying weapons I think in the middle of May.
Jesse Watters: We should have gotten that weaponry out to them a year ago when we saw the buildup coming.
Senator Graham: Ah, boy… Amen. Common sense tells you that Putin’s not going to stop at Ukraine. Common sense tells you he was going to invade. Our problems here don’t get better by allowing Putin to win in Ukraine, because he won’t stop.
Jesse Watters: Yeah, but can’t we do both, Senator?
Senator Graham: Here’s the good news, we actually can stop...
Jesse Watters: Can’t we do fast-track for America? (Totally.) Everything’s fast-tracked for overseas, (Totally. Absolutely.) but can we fast-track it here?"
"Media Report from CNBC - Jan. 7, 2022 Reporter (f): The homeless crisis in America is worsening again. The COVID pandemic caused a surge in housing costs and a rise in unemployment, leaving nearly 600,000 Americans unhoused in 2020.
Anthony Love: Right now, we are trending in the wrong direction."

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), we say “thừa trong nhà mới ra bề ngoài.” Meaning, you first take care of your family, and whatever’s left, you can donate, you can help outsiders. Of course, otherwise, how can you starve your family and take the money out to help others? (Yes, Master.) There’s no logic, is there? So, of course, as a senator for his country, he feels hurt. (Yes, that’s right.) He feels his people are set aside, like, second-best or something. [...]
If Ukraine was just peaceful, doing their own business, rich or poor, they’d never complain. They wouldn’t ask anything from anybody. Because they are self-content. They’re contented with their job, their work, their country. It’s a beautiful country. […]
Even if we can afford to give $40 billion dollars, say, from America to Ukraine, it would have been better used for their children. Build schools, or repair the roads and infrastructure for them to have a more comfortable life. (Yes, Master.) Instead of spending on weapons because of war. (Yes, Master.) So, this is really such a great waste.
So, being a senator, it’s not like he doesn’t want to help Ukraine, he just feels pain. I would. (Yes.) Feeling the money is for wasting and for destruction of war instead of making the country better. (Yes. And he’s worried about it being spent wisely.) Yeah. Or not. (Yes.)

(And then, I’m a little concerned also, that all the countries are spending so much on military, even in the future, because of their worries. So now all of that money will not be able to go to their own people.)
Yeah. I know that. All this is because of Russia’s greed, and brutality. (Yes.) And this is terrible. Putin is terrible. Putin and his advisors, his gangs, whatever, they’re only for their own selfish interest, personal gain. (Yes, Master.) No one would do this, for any explainable reason. Nothing! […]
So, I don’t understand why French President Macron would even side with Putin. And you know what? A French satellite, I saw, is still broadcasting Russian propaganda! Even now, I saw it on the news today. I saw just the headline like that. And that’s enough, there’s no need for further looking. (Yes, Master.) I don’t have time to look at all the news. (Yes.) Most of the headlines are already very clear. (Yes.) […]
France is big and intelligent, and a great country. I’m really surprised. I’m taken aback. (Yes, Master.) I thought the European Union, they cooperate with each other. That’s why they’re called “union.” (Yes.) Together. Union, it means together, right? (Yes.) But there are a couple of them who are not so “union.” OK, fine. Maybe because they’re just against something like, “don’t ban Russian gas and oil” because maybe they need. All of a sudden, they could not change so fast. That may be understandable.
But to outright side with Putin and even broadcast his propaganda, this is too much. (Yes, Master.) That’s too backward, too uncivilized. It’s really out of my comprehension. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Out of my understanding. It’s terrible, terrible. I never expected France to do this.
And this will have a bad reputation for France. I just read it somewhere, some country’s people came out and protested against France, even. […] They went out and protested against France. Not in France, somewhere else. […] In Chad. They staged an anti-French protest. And elsewhere, I saw it before. And this will pave the way for Putin to continue to do something bad in Africa and then frame it on France. They did it before. (Yes.)
It’s a very bad policy that Macron is proposing. (Yes, Master.) It is so outright biased siding with the bully against the weaker one and innocent one. (Yes, Master.) I don’t think people will like it. I don’t think the world will agree with him or respect him for that. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Just because he won the election, that doesn’t mean much if he doesn’t show a good character. True leadership. Then people will lose faith in him and lose respect for him, that’s for sure. (Yes.) That’s the nature of humans. […]
Ukraine was just left exposed like that, vulnerable like that. Of course, the bullies, they look for the meek and the weak, defenseless one. But this time, Putin had a big surprise, because the Ukrainian people, they stood together. (Yes. That’s right.) They fight till the end. That’s what they said. […] These are incredible people, and Putin is so terrible. War is terrible. War is terrible, but this war is truly, truly, beyond, beyond horror. Beyond brutality, beyond evil.

"Media Report from Global News May 7, 2022 Agnes Callamard: In a rare, even historic move, Amnesty International denounced Russia’s unlawful use of force as a violation of the United Nations Charter and an act of aggression. A crime under international law. This is a move we very rarely make. The evidence we have gathered since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in late February 2022. It implicates Russian military forces in serious violations of international law, including extrajudicial killings, disproportionate indiscriminate attacks against civilians, including in densely populated areas. Deployment of cluster munitions that being so indiscriminate, are banned under international law. Abuses against civilians living under siege, and failure to protect and secure humanitarian corridors. A repeated pattern, large in scale and devastating in impact."
"Media Report from CNN Apr. 28, 2022 Oleg translation VO: On the very first day when they captured me, they cut the fingers on my hands and I had open wounds. So, very soon these wounds started rotting. And eventually, I had to have these fingers amputated."

Oh, God. Please God, please do something. Oh, man. Please help people.
The thing is, humans also create too much karma. And it’s bound to break out somewhere. Like, maybe you have problems with your liver, but it will break out onto your face, or your skin or other places. (Yes, Master.) The same. In the world, we have collective karma together. So it just breaks out in Ukraine like that. And the guilty one is still not yet punished. The world is like a big body. So, whatever the problem is, it doesn’t always show where it is, it shows somewhere else. (Yes, Master.) […]

(Thank You for the answers.) OK, no problem. I wish I could give you all the answers in the world. But it doesn’t matter how I answer, humans must answer to themselves, about their own behavior and their own moral obligation as world citizens. And their own duty to protect this planet and their neighbors, including the animal-people. (Yes, Master.) It’s not I alone that can do everything. They have to change. They have to use their willpower and free will to do good, (Yes, Master.) to check up on themselves, clean up our society and be good neighbors. […]
I don’t know when this world will turn into a paradise, even though we could have done it, yesterday already. It’s so easy. Everybody leaves everybody alone. Do their own business. Help someone whenever they need. That’s all. And no more killing animal-people or men. Then we are a paradise. We have everything we need and more. […]

Host: Most Precious Master, our hearts are touched by Your great patience and continuous dedication to bringing Eden on Earth, for all beings to enjoy harmony and dignity. Our prayers go to all those suffering due to the unjust treatment by government leaders who are driven by the negative force. We also pray for the establishment of a lasting peace in Ukraine and the world by those in positions of power who have chosen to take a principled stand for righteousness. May Divine Wisdom help us prevent further wartime atrocities from occurring as we also adopt a sustainable, total vegan lifestyle, proving our status as a noble species on the planet. We wish Benevolent Master to be always well and mightily protected by all Gracious Godses.
To hear more of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s invaluable thoughts on the situation of our world, as well as endearing stories about Her dogs, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date, for the full broadcast of this phone call.
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