Be Vegan, make peace.

Be Vegan, make peace.

.Selections from The Sutra of Complete Enlightenment: Chapter 3, Part 2 of 2
Language:Persian (Farsi)(ففارسی)

Chapter 3: Universal Vision Bodhisattva “‘Virtuous man, when Bodhisattvas and the beings in the era that Buddhism is going to extinguish prove the state that all illusions extinguish, at that time, they will attain the state that everything in ten directions of the universe is pure and everything in the unlimited empty space is the manifestation of Enlightenment. Because the Enlightenment is complete and bright, the mind is pure. Because the mind is pure, the objects that eyes perceive are pure; because the objects that eyes perceive are pure, eyes are pure; because eyes are pure, the consciousness of seeing is pure; because the consciousness of seeing is pure, the objects that ears perceive are pure; because the objects that ears perceive are pure, ears are pure; because ears are pure, the consciousness of hearing is pure; because the consciousness of hearing is pure, all objects perceived by sense-organs are pure. The nose, tongue, body, and mind are also like that.’

‘Virtuous man, because the real Nature is pure, (our own) body is pure; because (our own) body is pure, all bodies are pure; because all bodies are pure, all beings in ten directions of the universe are pure like the complete Enlightenment.’

‘Virtuous man, because one world is pure, all worlds are pure; because all worlds are pure, the whole universe, including the past, present, and the future, is equal, pure, and unmoving.’”

“At that time, Buddha wanted to preach the doctrine again. Therefore, He said by poem, ‘Universal Vision Bodhisattva, you should know, the bodies and minds of all beings are like illusions. The body is made up of Four Elements, and the mind is the manifestation of six objects (that six sense-organs perceive). When Four Elements separate, who can make body and mind get together? If you gradually practice like that, then everything will be pure, be unmoving, and fill the whole universe; there will not be the practicing of “practicing intentionally, stopping thinking, naturally letting anything be, and making everything extinguished,” and there will not be the one who can prove Enlightenment. All Buddhalands are like empty flowers; the past, present, and the future are equal, and ultimately, nothing comes and nothing goes. If the Bodhisattvas who have just generated the mind (of becoming a Buddha) and the beings in the era that Buddhism is going to extinguish wish to become a Buddha, then they should practice like that.’”

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Selections from The Sutra of Complete Enlightenment: Chapter 3, Part 1 of 2
Language:Persian (Farsi)(ففارسی)
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There are 12 chapters and a short convocation in The Sutra of Complete Enlightenment. In a deep state of meditative concentration (Samādhi), Buddha and 100,000 great Bodhisattvas, with 12 eminent Bodhisattvas acting as spokespersons, engage in dialogue with the Buddha on doctrine, practice and enlightenment.

Chapter 3: Universal Vision Bodhisattva “Then, in the multitude, Universal Vision Bodhisattva stood up from the seat, worshipped Buddha’s feet with his head, went around Buddha clockwise three times, knelt down, put his palms together, and said to Buddha, ‘Merciful Buddha! For the Bodhisattvas in this gathering and the beings in the era that Buddhism is going to extinguish, wish Buddha preach that, in Bodhisattvas’ gradually and orderly practice, how should they think? How should they focus on and practice? If there are beings who are not enlightened, then what expedient ways should the Bodhisattvas teach to make these beings enlightened?’

At that time, Buddha said to Universal Vision Bodhisattva, ‘Very good! Very good! Virtuous man, for Bodhisattvas and the beings in the era that Buddhism is going to extinguish, you asked Buddha that, in the gradual and orderly practice, how should they think, focus on, and practice and even asked the various expedient ways that should be preached expediently. Listen carefully now. I will expound it for you!’

‘Virtuous man, if there are new Bodhisattvas and the beings in the era that Buddhism is going to extinguish who want to attain Buddha’s pure complete enlightened mind, then they should be mindful of their thoughts and keep away from illusions. Foremost, they should practice Samatha that Buddha taught, insist on keeping precepts, peacefully stay with monks or multitude, quietly sit and meditate in a quiet room, and keep on thinking, “Now, my body is made up by Four Elements (earth, water, fire, wind). The hairs, nails, teeth, skin, flesh, tendons, bones, marrows, brain, skin dirt, and organs are made up of the element ‘earth’; the saliva, snivel, pus, blood, lymph, phlegm, tear, sperm, excrement, and pee are made up by the element ‘water’; the energy is made up by the element ‘fire’; the circulation and movement are made up by the element ‘wind.’ If the Four Elements separate, then where is my unreal body?”’

‘Virtuous man, because these beings’ illusory bodies extinguish, their illusory minds also extinguish; because their illusory minds extinguish, the illusory objects (that the sense-organs perceive) also extinguish; because these illusory objects extinguish, the illusory “extinguishment of illusions” also extinguish; when the illusory “extinguishment of illusions” extinguish, the thing that is not illusory does not extinguish. It is like someone cleans a dirty mirror; when defilements are removed, the images will appear.’

‘Virtuous man, the pure Nature of complete Enlightenment manifests in our bodies and minds according to the various characteristics of things themselves and ignorant people say that the pure complete Enlightenment really exists and our bodies and minds also exist like that. Because of this view, beings cannot keep away from illusions. For this reason, I said that our bodies and minds are illusory defilements. Those who practice keeping away from illusory defilements are named “Bodhisattvas.” When the illusory defilements are removed by practice, then the practice to remove defilements and the people who can name the “illusory defilements” will not exist.’”

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Be Vegan, make peace.
Between Master and Disciple

Diligent Group Meditation to Protect Ourselves and the World, Part 5 of 6, May 2, 2022
Lecture Language:English
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President Trump continued to let people work in the oil and coal industry, until something better. (Yes, Master.) And Biden came up, immediately he vetoed all that. Immediately. He did the opposite of everything that Trump has been building up for America. And now we are in a mess everywhere. Even the war also. (Yes, Master.) If Trump was there, I tell you truly, honestly 100%, that war would not have broken out like that in Ukraine.

Putin couldn’t care less if his people die in the battle, as long as he’s safe. Well, he won’t be safe that long if the war goes to Russia, sooner or later, if continued. (Yes, Master.)
If Russia dares to use nuclear weapons then that’s it. I think Russia would be doomed. The whole country will be bombarded with nuclear weapons as well. Everybody has nuclear weapons, not just Russia. I don’t know why they use it to threaten Europe and the West. (Yes, Master.) Must be desperado. (Yes.) He knows everybody has nuclear weapons. If not more, then at least the same as Russia. (Yes, Master.) Whatever weapons Russia has, cannot be compared to NATO’s force all together. (Yes. Right.) They can destroy Russia truly, completely. So, they better think about it. (Yes.)
But they also got a little scared lately. Lavrov, the foreign minister. (Yes.) He also said, “Oh, it’s just about Ukraine. We don’t have anything against NATO.” I’m telling you. That’s one good news also. (Yes.) I hope they meant that, or later they better not be too crazy to attack NATO, because they’ll be doomed, the whole of Russia. (Yes, Master.) At least Moscow.
Now, all the leaders came to Kyiv. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And then said, “Oh, we will secure the border. We will give Ukraine more of this and that and others.” (Yes.) Now they give what they didn’t want to before. Even Germany. (Yes.) Germany didn’t want to give anything. Now they give more, strongly. (Right. Yes, Master.) Everybody.
And they all came to visit Kyiv. (Yes.) Even the European chief, the lady, Ursula von der Leyen. She went all the way to Kyiv by train. (Yes.) Well, that is something good of her, I have to say, better than many others. (Yes, Master.) First, three European members came, big members came, and then later Boris Johnson came. (Yes, Master. Right.) And then slowly, everybody else came. (Yes. That’s right.) Even Biden’s top officials, like Blinken. (Yes.) And others, top ones, also went, except Biden. Biden went to Poland only. Nearby. Oh, what a shame.

(The UN chief also, Master. Antonio [Guterres].) Oh, yeah. That one also came. (Yes.) And then Russia bombed them at that time. Just to show off. (Yes.) Just to say, “Doesn’t matter who comes. We bomb you when we want. We can bomb from afar.” (Yes, Master.) Oh, man. What arrogance. And now, the UN chief at least knows some taste of it. (Yes. Right.) So now he says it’s evil. “The war is evil.” Oh, for the first time, I heard the big word.

“Media Report from BBC Apr. 28, 2022 Secretary - General Antonio Guterres (m): The war is an absurdity in the 21st century. The war is evil.”

And even the Pentagon man, important guy, spokesperson or something, he was almost crying while he said, “Whatever is done by Putin in Ukraine is depraved. Never seen such a depraved thing. No normal leader would have done that.” (Right. Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from WION May 1, 2022 John Kirby (m): It’s hard to look at what he’s doing in Ukraine, what his forces are doing in Ukraine, and think that any ethical, moral individual could justify that. It’s difficult to look at the… sorry. It’s difficult to look at some of the images and imagine that any well-thinking, serious, mature leader would do that. So, I can’t talk to his psychology, but I think we can all speak to his depravity.”

Now, what else? Tell me. (The head of the military administration in Kharkiv, Oleg Sinegubov, has confirmed to the BBC that four districts have been re-captured from the Russians. “In Kutuzovka, about 100 people, most of them elderly and children, lived in cold basements for two months without light, gas and food supplies,”) My God. (Sinegubov said, “Today our defenders were greeted with tears.”)
Wonderful. Wonderful. Thank God. Blessed be Heaven. But the war is far from over. (Yes, Master.) I hope it’s soon, I have the feeling, but I don’t dare to say anything.

Anything else? (Yes, Master. Ukrainian women are training to clear landmines, as demand for the specialist skill rises. The 20-year-old Ms. Anastasiia Minchukova, and five other women traveled to Kosovo, where they are attending a hands-on course in clearing landmines and other dangers that may remain hidden across their country once combat ends.) Yeah, yeah. (Ms. Minchukova said, “There is a huge demand [for] people who know how to do de-mining because the war will be over soon.”)
Ah, very good. Excellent. (Yes.) They’re very, very brave. (Yes.) Wonderful. Good news. Good news.
Nowadays, how come you scramble news so fast? I thought you just have time to prepare, but you were fast. You’re getting better.

I’m glad. Tell me. (Yes, Master. According to the Danish publication OLFI, Denmark will send Ukraine 25 Piranha III armored personnel carriers, 50 M113 armored personnel carriers, and M10 mortars with thousands of shells for them.)
I am not happy about that, but at least they are helping with whatever they can. (Yes, Master.) They are just protecting themselves, because if Ukraine is gone, they will be gone soon.

“Excerpt from a conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai and members of Supreme Master Television team April 25, 2022 Supreme Master Ching Hai: And even if just one part of Ukraine is lost, that is another stepping stone for Russia to continue their evil, empire-ish kind of scheme. (That’s right, Master.) Or, even if they cannot swallow any whole country; every piece of that country gives them like the connecting point – an excuse to go in to invade that country anytime, or causing havoc, like in Ukraine.”

Ukraine is not even gone yet, and already Moldova is the next target. (Yes, Master.) They (Russia) even said Transnistria requested Russia to come in. Always they request. (Yes, Master.) Putin always uses that. Like, “Crimea requested him to come in.” “Donbas, Luhansk and” what? (Donetsk and Luhansk.) “Luhansk region, requested them to come.” Why don’t they say just the whole Ukraine “requested them” to come? Because they’re coming in for the whole Ukraine, no? (That’s right, Master.) They were, right? (Yes. Right.) So, somebody must have requested them, right?
Or must be President Zelenskyy. He probably had written a letter to ask Putin to send troops to come in to “rescue, liberate” his country. Probably Putin didn’t say it, but Zelenskyy must have requested it. “Come in to take my whole country. Welcome. We are Nazis, we are fascists waiting for you to liberate us.” They came in to liberate people, true. They “liberate” them from their land, from their houses, from their hospitals, from their kindergartens, from their charitable shops, or whatever. They “liberate” them from their money, from their life, from their peace, from their freedom – everything Putin wants to “liberate” them from. Now they have nothing. (Yes, Master. Yes.) They became refugees, after “liberation” from Russia. Even partially yet, they’re already liberated. (Yes, Master.) So, they have no money, no house, no country, nothing. That’s what liberation means for Putin. (Yes.)
And he also “liberated” many, tens of thousands of his troops. (Yes.) He set them free from their youthful, hopeful and inspirational life. They just died in the freezing cold, in the battlefield like that. That’s the “liberation” – Putin-style. (Yes.) People have no more life, have nothing; even their own life, or their children’s life, or their families; nothing anymore.

Tell me, anything else? (The US diplomats have temporarily returned to Ukraine for the first time, Master, since the invasion. And the US State Department said that their multiple team members of the U.S. embassy in Ukraine met in Lviv with the Ukrainian officials. And they said that, “Today’s travel was a first step ahead of more regular travel in the immediate future.”)
They’re bringing embassies back into Ukraine; (Yes, Master.) embassies and consulates back. It’s good. And even, you know what? Pelosi also travelled to Kyiv, (Oh, yes.) and met President Zelenskyy. (Yes. That’s right.) What is she doing there? What can she do? Just to show that, “Oh, we are here.” Well, I guess better than nothing. I guess people like that. (Yes, Master.)
And the pope also changed his tone now. I think they all need some hiding. (Yes, Master.) Some beating up from behind. That’s what I call “some hiding.” I think they need it. Otherwise, they won’t get up from their fat butts and do anything. At least say something good or supportive. (Yes, Master.) Pelosi said what? “A secret meeting.” She worried Russia will bomb her or something. Funny.
Everybody changed their tone now, so quickly. In just some weeks! (That’s right. Yes, Master.) Before, nobody even wanted to go there, didn’t give anything, even stopped somebody from giving. What is that? What’s the deal? Tell me. Suddenly everybody changed, like 360 degrees. Oh, I’m surprised too. Are you? (Yes, Master.) It’s good, it’s good, anyway, it’s good. They behave themselves. It’s good. Sometimes they need scolding. Waste my time.

Anything else? (Yes, Master. German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck, when he was visiting Warsaw, Poland, he said his country is “very, very” close to independence from Russian oil.) Yeah. (And Russian oil imports make about 35% of Germany’s oil consumption in 2021, and he said that “we must quickly free ourselves from the grip of Russian imports.”)
Yeah. They can put the coal back. Coal industry, put it back, until they find something better. (Yes, Master.) Because that is not the worst source of global warming. It’s the methane. It’s the animal-people industry that gives out the most methane and heats the climate the most. (Yes, Master. Right.) Eighty something percent is from methane, from the animal-people industry. (Yes, Master.) So, coal mine or gas mine and oil and all that, they should continue. (Yes.) And then they will have enough fuel. They don’t have to import from Russia. (Yes, Master.)
For example, even in Libya, they have oil to export. But because of political idiots, they stopped it now. That’s enough to supply for many countries. They compete with each other to snatch that oil field. (Yes.) Any time some new big shot comes up, or small shot wants to be a big shot, or big shot wants to be a bigger shot, they make a new government, and then they make trouble for the oil exports. And people in that region are also economically affected in a bad way. (Yes.) And also, they cannot export to other countries.

“Media Report from Al Jazeera English July 12, 2018 Reporter (m): The latest fight over the lifeblood exports is estimated to have cost the economy more than a billion dollars. Previous battles since the death of Muammar Gaddafi seven years ago, caused production to fluctuate. Restoring full output is a top priority, both for foreign customers and Libya’s national oil corporation.”

Otherwise, Libya is also a big source of oil for the world to use. For example, like that. (Yes, Master.)
And before, like in the USA, President Trump continued to let people work in the oil and coal industry, until something better. (Yes, Master.) And Biden came up, immediately he vetoed all that. Immediately. He did the opposite of everything that Trump has been building up for America. And now we are in a mess everywhere. Even the war also. (Yes, Master.) If Trump was there, I tell you truly, honestly 100%, that war would not have broken out like that in Ukraine. (Yes, Master.)

“Interview by Sky News Australia Apr. 26, 2022 President Trump (m): We started no wars. We didn't have Russia fighting in Ukraine. We didn't have China threatening every day Taiwan (Formosa). They wouldn't have done it. And Russia would have never gone into Ukraine. The Afghanistan withdrawal was so incompetent.
Piers Morgan (m): Do you think that it fueled Vladimir Putin's ambitions with the Ukraine invasion?
President Trump (m): Yeah. I think that was the reason. I think that's why he did it.”

It doesn’t matter, he doesn’t have to do anything. It’s just him in the chief position, it would make the world go in that kind of different direction, and America go into a different direction. (Yes, Master.)

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Be Vegan, make peace.



Be Vegan, make peace.

Be Vegan, make peace.
Supreme Master Ching Hai's Revelations about the Planet Diw, Part 1 of 12, May 19, 2022
Lecture Language:English

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God told me Hes wants to destroy the whole planet instantly. (Wow.) Many times. I don’t know why Hes didn’t do it yet. All they need to do to please Hirm is just be vegan, make peace. Actually, just be vegan and peace will come even. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) I mean, is it a lot for God to ask us? (Not at all.)

(Hallo, Master. Hi, Master.) Hi, guys. Hi. How are you? (We are good, Master. We’re doing good, Master. How are You feeling?) Not too good. (Oh.) Oh. Today my back told me that I have a back. (Oh.) And my knees told me, “We too.” (Oh, yes.)
Any of you are older than me there? (No, Master. I think we’re all younger.) Ah, too bad. (But we feel the same pains.) You feel the same thing already? (Yes, Master.) Man, you’re cheating. Cannot be. You’re growing old quicker. (Yes, Master.) That’s cheating, you know? When I was your age… How old are you? (I’m 55.) Fifty-five. I don’t remember when I was 55.
And I even called you “son” last time. I was feeling old, and I feel that you’re young and enthusiastic. Because when you laugh, you laugh like a young kid. So, I called you “son.” Sorry if I offended you. (Not at all. That makes me feel very close to You.) Oh really? (Yes, Master.) Then I’ll call all of them, “son, my son!” “My daughters,” how are you? Or “sons and daughters of mine.” God, don’t have a husband and have so many kids. What a reputation. Who cares anymore, right? I’m too old already, what can they do to me? Whatever do they want to say to me that they haven’t said already? (Yes, Master.)
All these decades. Oh, now I laugh, my chest also tells me that, “I am here.” Oh, man. Not now, later. Yeah, I’m kind of not on top of the world today, but I feel like you want to talk to me, and I also want to talk to you, because I worry you might forget me if I don’t talk to you anymore. (We always remember You, Master. Yes, Master. We will never forget You, Master.) Are you sure about that? (Yes, Master. 100% sure.) I wish you would so that I can just run away somewhere. Like to a beautiful planet that I know.

So, did you guys enjoy the vegan cheese? (Yes, Master.) Any of you? (Yes, Master. Oh, they were wonderful.) Really? (Yes.) I know, the European guys enjoyed, but you guys also enjoyed? (Yes, Master. The Asian guys also.) Asian guys also? (Yes.) (It was awesome, Master.)
I told them to order a lot, but they ordered so small. So, so small numbers. It’s very rare that we can order. It takes a long time. (Oh.) Because they are a special vegan cheese shop. You see? (Oh, understand.) And cheeses, they have to age. You understand that, right? (Yes, Master.) They don’t just go white outside and blue inside for nothing.
Unlike us, they love to age. I wish I could exchange with them. I’d say, “Oh, you age for me.” The more you age, the more people like you. Like, wine, yeah? (Yes.) But these are French stuff. It’s not my stuff anyway. It’s just that I was spoiled. I’ve been all over the planet, and they gave me all kinds of cheese. (Wow.) In German, they say, “Ist Käse” Means, it’s not much.
But the French love cheese. I think they eat cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner and more — supper as well. I saw that. I saw some French people like that. They just take the whole camembert and eat like you eat an apple. (Wow.) No, truly. They didn’t even bother to cut it.
And one time I was in a restaurant and I saw a camembert-eater next to my table. And the waiter, he knew me, because I came more regularly. He lifted a little bit of his foot up and he showed me the foot, and he pointed behind the customer to the camembert, and he told me, “Just like the foot.” Smelly. But they eat it. And they talk like that. I didn’t ask, my God. I didn’t ask. I mean, he worked there, he should introduce, and say, “Oh, this is fantastic. It’s our national treasure,” or something. But no, he told me the opposite. He told me it smells like the feet, and fanning in front of his nose, just to make sure I understood. (Oh, God.)
Maybe he thought I did not understand French. (Funny.) “C’est comme les pieds.” He said like that. I hope that my French is still there. Means, “like the feet.” (Ah, yes.) Smells like the socks, you know, male socks? (Yes, yes.) Well, you know for sure. (Yes, we know.) Women also, if they wear it too long all day working.
So, he compared the camembert to that. But I think he just wanted to make fun with me, because other camembert, I don’t think it stinks that much. There are many other cheeses that stink more. (Yes.) And the more it stinks, the more people love it. Like blue cheese, or other kinds of cheese. (Yes.) Cheddars… Oh, many cheeses I forgot. It doesn’t matter. Even the milder cheese like tilsiter, it still smells very strong, no? (Yes.) That’s what they want, no? If it doesn’t smell like that, I don’t think they would love to eat.
Just like the Taiwanese (Formosan) people, they love stinky tofu. (Oh, yes.) The stinkier the better, no? Or the durian fruit. (Yes.) Many foreigners just smell it from afar and they run away already. But it’s a very expensive fruit, and very beloved by all the Asian people. (Yes.) And also, you don’t have a lot in number. It’s not like other fruits that are so plenty. It’s only in season, and one tree gives so many only. And don’t ever go under the durian tree. Because the spiky skin outside? (Yes.) Oh, they could make a lot of holes in your brain, so that you can have maybe an “open-minded” brain. You become an “open-minded” person for the wrong reasons.

So, what now? What do you want today, again? Tell me. (Story, please.) Well, we have a question, Master. A couple of questions. Who was saying something before that? (Story, please, Master.) Ah, story? (Yes, Master.) Oh! I thought, you said, “sorry.” (I’m sorry.) I thought, “Why? What did I say? What did I say that made him feel sorry?” How many people want a story? Beautiful planet. (Yes.) Not this one. Not this one. I wish. How many “yeah”? (Everybody.) Of course, voting in public, you dare not say no.
Do you want to vote secretly? Put a ballot in a box? No, tell me honestly. (It would be the same result, Master.) Oh, OK. Open or secret, same? (Yes.) We don’t cheat, right? (No, Master.) Nobody is going to be a president in my company, in my Association, no? (No.) I am the only bully, OK?
Oh, alright. I forgot the story. You mean, the planet? (Yes, Master.) The real planet. I forgot all about it. Now I have to look. I have noted something in my diary, not too long ago. Let me see if I can find it. (Thank You, Master.) Sit tight. My God, where did I write it?
Oh, dear. Oh, my God. It’s from the 28th of April. What day is today already? (May 20th.) So, almost a month? (Yes, Master.) Man, we soaked it all this time? Oh, man. And you still wanted to ask questions instead? Whoever is that idiot, raise hand. (I take it back.) You better. Otherwise, you have no vegan pancakes, even if we don’t have any. Out of the question for this guy. You guys remember. Be witness. Don’t let me forget that. (We won’t, Master.)
Do you really want to hear about the planet? (Yes, Master. We do.) The planet that we don’t have, and the planet that I wish that we had, and the planet that I wish to take you there in case we cannot change this planet. I mean, even when we are alive. I don’t mean the souls afterward when we go back home, it’s different. Or at least we go there for vacation, like soaking our feet in the seawater. (Yes.) Running on white crystal sand. (Wow.) Eating beautiful fruit that you don’t even see anywhere around here. It has no worms in it, no pesticide, no insecticide, nothing. Because there are no insect-people there. No harmful insects. And also, no animal-people.
(Why, Master? Why are there no animal-people there, Master?) Because, they don’t need them. On our planet only, we have, or similar planets have, because animal-people bring this balance to the lack in love of humanity. (Oh.) But we keep killing them, and we’re depleted in love. They remind us. That’s why we pray a lot, but Heavens don’t listen. Some – some lower gods take pity on us, and for some Master’s sake, they respect the Master’s prayers and requests, so they help some. But God doesn’t care anymore.
God told me Hes wants to destroy the whole planet instantly. (Wow.) Many times. I don’t know why Hes didn’t do it yet. All they need to do to please Hirm is just be vegan, make peace. Actually, just be vegan and peace will come even. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) I mean, is it a lot for God to ask us? (Not at all.) Or for anybody to ask us? (No, Master.) How lousy are we, no? (Yes, that’s true. Yes, right.)
Just leave the animal-people alone, Hiers creation. Hes allows us to eat vegetables and fruits and all kinds of plenty. (Yes, right.) And nowadays even, we make meat out of everything else. (Yes.) And it’s even better for our health. Many people turn vegan and all their diseases are just gone overnight. You can go and interview any of them. Any you can find, they can tell it to you, instantly.

“Media Report from Million Dollar Vegan Oct. 31, 2019, Pilar (f): 2014 May, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer – pelvic area, colon and liver with two big tumors – terminal. So I did research. Everything went back to: ‘Plant-based. Plant-based. No more animal protein.’ I said, ‘OK.’ Something told me, ‘It’s time to change.’ And I stopped smoking, eating beef, drinking. And I started doing a lot of smoothies, a lot of salads, a lot of soups. All vegan. A lot of raw. And within three months, the pain – because I was taking pain medicine – and the bleeding, stopped. I would do MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT (computed tomography) scans – less, less, less, and everything started shrinking, everything started going away.”

When they leave animal-people products alone, instantly, every disease is gone. Unless they cheat, behind our back. Some people say they’re vegetarian or vegan, but they eat eggs, they eat fish and all that. (Yes, Master. Understand.)
For me, I thought vegetarian would be just like drinking milk. And before, I was thinking milk is just milking from the cows. You don’t kill, so, it should be alright. (Yes.) Until I knew about their suffering and about methane. (Yes, Master.) Milk was never an interest to me anyway.

Did you like the vegan cheese, really? (Yes, Master. Really.) OK, good. In the future, I told them don’t be so stingy, order more. Didn’t I, no? One of your brothers knew it. Right? Did I tell you? (Yes, in the future.) I told you, even some days ago to order things, at least two for each. (Yes, that’s right, You did.) Not just “each” for twenty. Not like one piece of cheese for ten. I said two for each. (Yes, You did.)
You won’t die. Actually, when you’re hungry and you have food already at hand, and you eat it, then you don’t feel like eating anything else. (Yes.)
Just me. I don’t have taste anymore. I don’t know what happened to me. Some days I ask myself, “What happened to you? What’s wrong with you?” About this or that. And then nobody answers me. Because, I don’t answer myself. I don’t know why.


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Be Vegan, make peace.

Be Vegan, make peace.


Tình Thương Vô Điều Kiện Loài Vật Dành Cho Ngài Thanh Hải Vô Thượng Sư, (TRỌN BỘ PHỤ ĐỀ )
Be Vegan, make peace.

Between Master and Disciples
Supreme Master Ching Hai's Revelations about the Planet Diw, Part 2 of 12, May 19, 2022
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In the planet that I’m going to tell you about, they never feel tired, no matter how long they live there. (Wow. That’s wonderful.) They feel always the same. (Wow.) Energetic, young. Not “babies” young, but like in their prime. Twenty to thirty. That’s why they’re full of life. Always.

Sometimes I also feel frustrated with this planet. I wonder if I’m failing, because talking so many decades already, the result is so slow and so little. Now and then, hear some little good news about vegan, or vegetarian. But, not including those who eat fish, seafood, and eggs, and call themselves vegetarian.

Fish is not a vegetable, is it? (No. No, it’s not.) No. Eggs, also not, right? (No.) You don’t call eggs one of the vegetables, no? (No.) No. And milk also not, no? (No, Master.) Does the supermarket put milk and eggs in the vegetable section, next to asparagus? (No. No, they don’t.) Or next to spinach? (No.) No. Vegetables, they’re alone, in the vegetable section. (Yes. Right.) Milk in a different section. Eggs in a different section. (Yes. Yes, Master.) That doesn’t belong to the vegetable kingdom anyway.

And they call themselves “vegetarian.” It’s still better than eating others more. (Yes.) It’s minimal animal consumption, but still, it’s not good. Not good. Just different animals, different kinds of meat. (Yes.) Milk is also a kind of meat. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Just kind of a watery meat. (Right.)

So now, you still want the planet? (Yes, Master.) You still can ask the question later, if I’m still OK with it. I mean, physically. Recently, I feel some difference physically. More easily tired. (Yes.) The body keeps reminding me that I have one. (Oh. Ah, right.) But this is just a lousy atmosphere, lousy world.

In the planet that I’m going to tell you about, they never feel tired, no matter how long they live there. (Wow. That’s wonderful.) They feel always the same. (Wow.) Energetic, young. Not “babies” young, but like in their prime. Twenty to thirty. That’s why they’re full of life. Always. (Yes, Master.)

Now, this is on the 28th of April. Just because I saw one of the UFOs that people captured and displayed on the internet. But they don’t know where it’s from and if it was a UFO or what. Sometimes they debate like that. (Yes, Master. Yes.) It is a UFO, though, (Oh.) these special vehicles from other planets that are more advanced than us. But to tell you the truth, except hell, every other planet is more advanced than us. Such a sorry and sad story. Because we keep killing each other and destroying everything. (Right.)

Everybody works so hard. Eight, ten hours, two, three jobs even, sometimes to make ends meet. (Yes.) And still pay a lot of taxes and then all the taxes go to war, go to destroying instead of building. There are many people who live from hand to mouth or don’t even have one meal a day. You know that. (Yes, Master.) And all these billions of trillions of dollars…

You know how much Russia spends every hour in Ukraine, on the war? (How much, Master?) US$15.5 million per hour. (Wow.) And not to talk about that America gave Ukraine 40 billion just for military purposes and/or maybe some other financial help. (Yes, Master. Yes.) No matter what, it is still because of the war. Otherwise, that money could be used for more necessary purposes. For children, for mothers, single mothers or for difficulty in pregnancy, for poor people; make everybody become happy and live in contentment and joy. (Yes, Master. That’s right.)

Terrible, terrible. What for does everybody work so hard, and then all the money keeps being burned, from one country to another. If not Iraq, then Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, or wherever. (Yes, Master.) And before that – World War in Europe. And in Japan, in China, in Taiwan (Formosa), in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), etc. You can list this forever. Like we live in forever trouble, or war and famine, pandemic or endemic. (Yes.) Epidemic, sorry. I hope it’s “end-emic,” so we don’t have anymore: end-pandemic. That’s why I said “endemic.”

Oh, man. Now. So I saw that UFO, and I thought they said they don’t know what it is, or something like that, or where from, or what for they came. I thought I read it like that, if I remember well. But I knew it.

I know this UFO came from only about 152 light-years from our Earth. (Wow.) One-five-two (1-5-2) light-years. That’s nothing nowadays, right? (Right, Master. Yes.) From here to the Moon, how far, anybody knows? Quickly, your dictionary, check, check. I don’t know how, but you know. (385,000 kilometers.) Ah, kilometers. (Yes.) Oh, that’s different from light-years. (Yes. That’s right.)

But nowadays, they’re talking about thousands of light-years or many millions of light-years. So, 150 light-years is not much. (Yes.) But they have the ability to hide themselves. So, I don’t think the scientists will find out, maybe not yet. Maybe in the future.

Oh, the name is D-i-w. They call it Diw. Diw planet. (Oh.) They just came to check out our world – why we have sent so many signals of trouble and discord. But they cannot help much. (Oh, understand.) Even if they help us now to erase all the wars that we have, humans will continue to kill each other. If not the next day, then maybe next week, next month, next year. If he’s not next door, then another next, next, next door. (Yes, Master.)

It’s obviously like Russia, the gang and the government. Some of the government workers threatened Finland, Sweden, France, America, and NATO – everything. (Yes, Master.) Except, they don’t dare threaten China, because they know each other very well. What I mean is, they know each other’s capacity, reactions, and mentality. (Yes, Master.)

So up to now, China has never condemned Russia’s war in Ukraine, anyway. But they have refused to help, I mean physically, materially. I mean there’s no manifesto of physical help, just talk. (Yes, Master.) Just maybe not condemning. Maybe just kind of here and there, covering up for them, but not much. (Yes. Right.) Like China said, “NATO pushed Russia to the wall.” What wall? Where? (Yes, Master.)

Such a big country and still feels bad about small neighbors around. The whole country is bigger than Europe together. (Yes, right.) You look at the map. (Yes.) And how can they feel scared or claustrophobic? How? (Right.) Because the country is so big and all the sides mostly don’t have any countries around, except on one side. (Yes.) And these are tiny, tiny bit countries compared to them. (That’s right. Exactly.) Tiny and weaker. (Yes, Master.) No threatening statues or anything. They’re just happy to have peace. (Yes.) They’re just happy to do their own business, mind their own country, and take care of their own people. (Right. That’s right.) They could not be a threat to Russia. No way. Is there? (No, Master.) No, no way they could be any threat to Russia.

In fact, Russia has been victimizing plenty of them. Maybe Finland, for example. Russia even went there and occupied some part of Finland. And after a while, Finland did not want any more bloodshed, so they let them occupy one part or something like that. And then, they signed the Moscow Peace Treaty. That’s it. To have peace with Russia. (Yes, Master.) Because they just let it be. They did not want further bloodshed, so they just let it be and that’s it.

And now Finland wants to join NATO and they threatened. But now Putin toned down his threat already, it’s not like in the beginning. (Yes.) But still cut off the electricity for Finland.

(Yes, Master.) And Sweden got mad, so they kind of “shoot” Russia down, in disrespect only, not like physical shooting or anything. (Yes.) They shut them down, shut them up.

You just have to stand up for yourself. Otherwise, we sometimes keep pleasing the bully, just making him more arrogant, more of a troublemaker. (Yes, Master.) More bullying. And now Finland and Sweden already applied officially to join NATO. They just wait for the time. And it’s already very speedy. Normally takes them a longer time, but this time they promised fast track, fast lane. It still has to wait. (Yes, Master.)

Russia seems to want to take everybody’s land up to now. (Right, Master.) And then, they complain that other people threaten them, barking at their door, or whatever, according to p. Francis. (Yes.) Look at the map. (That’s right. Right.) All the countries next to them are like peanuts compared to Russia. (Exactly, yes. Right, yes.) And still complaining, “Oh, pressure! Barking at the door!” Oh, my God.

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Russia, Return Peace to Your Country and Ukraine, July 1, 2022
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So, U-turn now. Stop it. Stop the war. Not just in Snake Island, but the whole of Ukraine. Leave the Ukrainian people in peace, return the land to them. Then you will live long. And Heaven may forgive you. Stop all this agony, stop all these atrocities. History will write your name in gold. God will smile upon you, your loved ones and your country. Make Russia great again with benevolence, with heroism, with righteousness, with high morals – not with war, not by causing suffering and pain. Return peace to your country, Russia. Return peace to Ukraine, for the Ukrainian people.

Host: On Friday, July 1, 2022, while still in Her intensive meditation retreat for the sake of the world, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai kindly called Supreme Master Television team members and graciously shared some good news, and read a story for the Russian people from “A Treasury of Jewish Folklore,” compiled by Nguyễn Ước. During the conference, the team also reported more good news about Ukraine as well as from some NATO countries.

Hi. (Hallo, Master!) (Hi, Master!) How are you guys? (We are good, Master.) (How is Master?) OK. Very happy. (Good to hear, Master.) (What caused You to be so happy, Master?) Oh, you know, it’s a pleasure to take a cold shower. It really makes me happy. It’s humid and hot today. (Yes.) I don’t know how it’s with you there. Though it’s not much sun, but it’s hot. And I was doing something outside. There was some sun.

There are many things to make me happy today. (Oh, that’s good.) Number one: we have many better news from Ukraine. And number two: there was some sun, so I can hang my clothes outside, my washing. (Wonderful.) And number three: I took a very cold shower, and wow! It’s really like a blessing when you can do that. (Yes, Master. That’s great.) Sometimes you cannot. Sometimes there’s no time to do that. Even if it’s hot and sweaty, but still don’t have time. But when you have time and you’re hot from the weather, and then you can have a shower – then wow, it’s really a pleasure. (Yes.) And number four: I incidentally found a lost vegan ice cream from a long time ago. (Wonderful.) And it’s really enjoyable when you find it. It’s a lucky day today. (Yes, great. Good for Master.) Yes. And the ice cream, you know those with the crunchy chocolate outside? (Oh, yeah.) Inside is white, vanilla? (Wow.) You had them also. (Yes. We had.) It’s good. So, it’s a very good day.

I’m going to tell you some good news. And then I will read you a good story. (Oh, wow. Yay. Thank You, Master.) No, actually, I want to read that story for the Russians. Don’t be jealous. (Yes, Master.) Now, I’ll read you some good news. It’s never truly a good news, because it came from the war zone. But still, meaning, better news in the war. (Yes.)

Now, Ukraine has won a big release of 144 soldiers, in so-called the biggest prisoner swap of the war. These soldiers really desperately need treatment, because they’re badly wounded psychologically as well. So, it’s a good time that they can go home and get taken care of as any hero deserves. So, it’s a good news but not like great news. It’s just better compared to the war in Ukraine. That’s all. (Yes, Master.)

And another news is that the Prime Minister of England, His Excellency Boris Johnson, promised he will send more land, sea and air troops to Russia’s borders to stop Putin. (Oh. That’s great.) We talked about that a long time ago, almost in the beginning of the war, right? (Yes, Master.) And now they do it. Wow. What good people. They should have done it long ago. (Yes, Master.)

And the Estonian Prime Minister also said that Russia will not use military means to oppose Finland and Sweden’s NATO accession. (Wow.) Very good. So that’s a good news. (Yes, Master.)

But I don’t really like NATO expanding like that. (Yes, Master.) It is just a force of war. (Yes.) And then they did nothing much to help Ukraine – that’s why I don’t like it. (Yes, Master.) Amassing members and amassing forces, and then did not much. (Yes.) That’s what I don’t like. It is all because of the secretary general, chief of NATO. (Yes, Master.) Anyway, the main person. At least one of the chief people deciding things, and just stands around doing nothing. That’s what I hate.

So, this is not really good of NATO, expanding and then collecting members and collecting more forces, power and prestige but doing nothing. (Yes, Master.) Not practically. The help from America and UK, has nothing to do with this Stoltenberg. He did not have any guts to do anything. Just the UK and the US decided to do it. (Yes, Master.) It’s a little bit late also. So many people died, suffered and were wounded, and millions have become homeless. Thousands of babies, children and young people died. That is terrible. And NATO caused it even. They did not let Ukraine join NATO, to protect the nation, and still they don’t let them. (Yes, Master.) Finland, Sweden have no problem yet, immediately welcomed, already in. (Yes.) And Ukraine needs a helping hand – doing nothing. (Yes.) The history of humans will curse this guy, Stoltenberg. He will not have much good, for not very long. Even if he does, in hell he won’t. (Oh. Wow.)

Because I am not for war. (Yes, Master.) Just like if I’m a neighbor of somebody, I would never think of going out and beating somebody, using my force or showing off my power in any way. (Yes.) But if my neighbor is beaten by some bully, or robbed for no reason, then I am coming to help him or her. (Right. Yes, Master.) I will. Even if I risk my life. (Yes, Master.) So, this has nothing to do with being peaceful or anything. (Yes, Master.) Especially if you keep talking in a peaceful tone and you want to make peace, and the bully does not stop. He continues to beat up the neighbors and rob their things. (Yes, Master.) Then I’ve got to do something. (Yes. Right) Or I just stand there and watch. What do you think? (No, we must act, Master.) (No, Master. You do what you can.) Got to do something. (Right.) Of course.

So this is the same with NATO. They just stand by doing nothing, and even go up and say, “We will only protect our own members.” Of course, you protect your members, just like I would protect my family. But if my neighbors are in danger, I’ve got to help, man. (Right. Yes. That’s right.) So, this is a disgusting, deplorable, appalling, small man. Small man mentality. (Yes, Master.) Also, I said something like passive brutality. Because he just stands by and watches people suffer. It’s so obvious already. (Yes, Master.) Ukraine even asked for help, like for a no-fly zone. Still, they don’t do it. (Yes.)

If Sweden or Finland have problems with Russia, I’m not sure if this so-called chief of NATO will even do anything. I don’t know if we can even trust him. (Yes, Master.)

There’s another news, more active news for stopping the war – the top US spy says that there is a grinding struggle ahead for Russia in Ukraine. (Oh.) It’s funny they say that, because on one hand, it seems like Russia is advancing in some of the Eastern areas, and continues gaining some pockets. (Yes.) And the Ukrainians had to retreat to save their lives. (Yes.) But still, these are the spy people. (Yes, Master.) They will know the inside stuff. I don’t dare say anything. I don’t even dare to tell you whether or not it’s going to be good or it’s going to be bad. But I know. (Yes, Master.) I know. You will see it when it comes. And then I will tell you. What’s the use of telling you now? It’s not there yet.

And in Russia, of course, people are still protesting the war, directly even in front of the TV or with Putin’s regime or whatever. (Yes, Master.) And many of the Russian army wives demand that their husbands be returned to Russia. (Oh, that’s good. Wow.) Because they don’t want them to stay in Putin’s brutal war in Ukraine. The wives say that their husbands are exhausted, mentally, physically, and morally as well. It is true. (Yes, it is true.) If they know it’s not a just war, they would feel mentally and morally struggling, as well as physical exhaustion. (Right. Yes, Master.) Your mental state will affect your body as well; affect your physical state. (Yes, Master.) That’s normal.

I have others that I have noted down here.

“Russia running out of the Snake Island.” That was a very continuous battle over there. The Snake Island, remember? (Yes, Master.) “Go f yourself,” that Snake Island. And now, Russia ran away in speed boats. (Wow. That’s good. That’s great.) Ukraine says that they won. Because that is a strategic war area. It’s not just a small island, because it’s a border front. (Yes, Master.) And that island will control the Black Sea. (Yes, Master.) They have been fighting for that Snake Island, when Russia took over, up to now. And now, they say they won.

“Media Report from Guardian News – July 1, 2022 (In Ukrainian) President Zelenskyy: Zmiinyi (Snake) Island is a strategic point, and it significantly changes the situation in the Black Sea. It does not guarantee safety yet. It does not yet guarantee that the enemy will not return. But it already limits the actions of the occupiers significantly. Step by step, we will drive them out of our sea, our land, and our sky.”

They thank the army for fighting. The government and the people of Ukraine thank the army for winning it, for being insistent and fighting and now winning. So the Russian army ran out of Snake Island on speed boats. Ukraine says they were winning. But Russia explained that it left as a “goodwill gesture,” so that Ukraine can export their grain. I do hope so. (Oh. Wow.) I do hope so. Because if Ukraine can export millions of tons of grain, then many millions of people will not starve to death around the world. (Right. Yes, Master.) So, this is a good news. Better news. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

But I don’t know why Russia continues to fight. Putin is already dead. More of them know now. Before, just several of them knew in the Kremlin. But now, many more of them know already. (Yes, Master.) So, why do they continue to fight? Maybe this is a sign that they’re going to go – starting from Snake Island. Hopefully. (Hopefully, Master.) (Yes. That will be good.) It’s a quick good news. (Thank You, Master.)

I guess there are some more, but I haven’t got time yet for everything. So, is there anything you want to say? Any good news on your part? Did you read any? Or no time? (Yes, we have some good news.) Some? (Yes.) Tell me.

(Russia admitted that they are running out of weapons in Ukraine. And Turkey is now supporting Finland and Sweden’s joining of NATO.) That’s good. Very good. It’s been some time already. It’s good. But Erdoğan gained something. (Oh.) It’s made a win-win for him. That’s why. (Oh.) NATO made a win for Erdoğan. That chief again, I’m telling you – nothing good about that guy.

What else? (The EU and Ukraine have signed a new road transport agreement. Ukrainian carriers will no longer need special permits for entry, transit, and transportation of goods to EU member states. Ukrainian driver’s licenses will also be recognized by the EU.)

That’s good. So, they can quickly transport some food into the EU area. (Yes.) That’s very good. (Yes, Master.) Because they already accepted Ukraine as a candidate already. (Yes, right.) (Yes, that’s right.) That means Ukraine will be a member, as well as the other country. (Yes, Master.) Very good.

Any other things? (Yes, one more. Nearly half of internally displaced Ukrainians have returned home. The International Organization for Migration reported that over five and a half million people have returned to their homes in Ukraine.)

Oh, wonderful. Many areas are peaceful now. (Yes, Master.) Only the east is still in trouble, and some are still under Russian occupation, but other places are still with Ukraine independently. (Yes, Master.)

I just hope they return all of the land to them, so all the people can come back and do their jobs as farmers to nourish the world, and be happy. They are not doing anything wrong ever. They are just mostly farmers doing God’s command. (Right. Yes, Master.) God told us you should take care of yourself by the sweat of your brow and your labor – planting things. (Yes, Master.) Maybe that’s why most farmers, they’re happy. Happy family, happy marriage. That’s what the research said. (Yes. Right.)

Another thing that made me happy today was that – I read in the news that there’s one lady, she was 107 at that time. (Oh, wow!) And they asked her what’s the secret. She said, “not married.”

“Media Report from CBS New York – July 31, 2019 Reporter (f): The woman you’re about to meet was born in 1912. Today, her friends and neighbors threw a big celebration to mark her 107th birthday.

Deborah (f): She hasn’t got a walking cane, she’s not in a wheelchair and she does all her shopping. And she’s just awesome.

Louise (f): I think the secret of 107, I never got married. I think that’s the secret.”

And I thought, “Oh, just like me now.” So, that would make you happy and live long. (Yes, Master. That’s right, yes.) Some people would ask, “What for?” One of the secrets is to live alone. Not get married. So, I wanted to convey to all of you guys, inhouse Supreme Master Television workers, because you all are not married, that probably you will live long. (Yes.) And Supreme Master Television will stay longer. That was a happy news. (Yes, it is.) We are practicing it. (Yes, Master.)

Anything else? (Not from us, Master.) Good. I’m going to read a story for the Russian people. Not just for you. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) One moment. I’ll come back.

This is a story from the Jewish folklore again. (Yes.) I like these books, because they have some just short, short stories – simple and very meaningful. (Yes, Master.) So, very easy for me to read. Not easy to translate, but easy to read, for me.

So, now, there is a story about King David, who mourned his son. The story begins like this: “The son of King David got ill, very seriously. Once King David knew that the sickness of his son was very, very tremendously dangerous, he took off his crown from his head. He took off his kingly attire and then he dressed himself in very simple, poor people’s clothes. He went into a very, very quiet corner of the palace and he sat down on the earth floor. He didn’t want to eat. He refused all the food. He only read scriptures every day, one day after another, praying to God to spare his son and make him well. All of his officials, even the elderly and all others, came to him, begging him to please stand up and eat a little bit with them. But he refused. He just sat continuously where he was. And then on the seventh day, the son of King David passed away. (Oh.) So much he was praying and not eating, not drinking, nothing, just sitting there – and still, his son died.”

It happened like that to many people as well, not just King David. (Yes, Master.) But this is life. C’est la vie. It’s like that. No matter what we want, God’s Will will be done. (Yes, Master.) We can pray, we can beg, we can do anything to show our sincerity and our deep request, but still, the universal system will not always do what we want. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) So, similarly, we are praying for World Vegan every day. (Right. Right, Master.) And World Peace as well. (Yes.) It’s our duty to pray. But it’s not God’s duty to listen to us. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

So now, “On the seventh day, King David’s son passed away. Those servants close to him did not dare to tell him this news. And they talked to each other. They said, ‘How can we even go near the king with this kind of news? He’s already refusing to eat, refusing to sleep and anything at all, even when his son was still alive with sickness. And now, how can he bear it when we tell him that his son is dead. (Yes, Master.) Even when the son was still there, just sick, the king already refused to eat, to drink, and did not do anything, just sat there and prayed. So now, if he knows his son is dead, how can he bear it? What are we going to do? What are we going to do?’ So, thus nobody dared to go near the king and tell him about the death of his son.

So, one time, during the prayers, King David just looked up a little bit and saw that his servants were loitering around and murmuring to each other. So, nobody dared to tell the king this bad news. But the king saw them loitering around and frightened. So, he asked them, ‘What is it? Is my son dead?’ They said, ‘Yes, Your Majesty. He is dead.’ Then immediately, King David stood up, went to take a shower, washed himself and dressed up in his kingly attire again. And then he went to the dining room to eat. (Oh, wow.) And then he continued the kingly duty of his. (Oh. Wow.) His actions and attitude surprised his nearby subordinates. So, they all came near him and asked him, ‘Your Majesty, we don’t understand what you are doing. When your son was severely sick, you went and sat on the dirt floor, refused to eat, and you cried and prayed all the time. And then now, your son is dead, you immediately stood up, went to eat everything, and drink. And then now, you sat back on your throne and did your work again as usual. We do not understand. Could you please explain to us?’

So, King David told them, ‘When my son was still alive, I still had hope. So I went on praying, crying, hoping that God will be merciful and return his health to him and let him live. But now, he’s already dead. Why should I continue to pray or refuse to eat? Now I have to continue the life that I have, the duty that I must fulfill. Otherwise, I myself cannot bring him back to this life anyway, can I? No.’ (No.) The king said to himself, ‘No, whenever the time is up, I will also have to go, like him. But he will never return to me in this lifetime.’” So, that is the story. End. (Thank You, Master.)

Everyone’s surprised. (Yes, Master.) Including you, right? (Yes.) Because, when the son was only sick, even severely sick, the king was already showing all kinds of sorrow, desperation and praying. (Yes.) And when he died, he just became normal again. Because he knew that life is like that. When it’s time to go, you go. (Right. That’s right.) Everyone has to go one day from this physical world. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.)

He was not just a king. He was an enlightened Saint. (Oh, yes.) So, many people came and learned with him. Just like there were three brothers who came to learn with King Solomon before. (Yes. I remember.) (Oh, yes, Master.) And only one of them had enough faith to continue to stay. (Right.) The other two took the gold that the king rewarded them for all their time working for him, like a payment – and gone. But the youngest brother stayed and learned things that he could not even tell to the two brothers. (Right, Master.) Remember that? (Yes, Master.) And we know what it is, don’t we? (Yes. We do.) Because at the time of initiation, we say, “Don’t tell anyone else.” (Yes, Master.) Because if you tell, you lose. You will lose. (Right.)

Now, the same, King David, he’s an enlightened king. Of course, when your loved ones, or your son, your daughter, your family members are in a serious condition, then you pray for them. No? (That’s right. Yes.) And you feel so sorry that they have to go through such tremendous pain and sickness. So, of course, you cry, you pray, you do anything you can, to pray God to help that person. (Right. Yes. That’s true.) But if his time is up already, he has to go, then he has to go. (Exactly. Yes.) There’s nothing else you can do for him then, but let him go in peace. (Right. Yes, Master.)

Or, I also told you that if your parents or any of your loved ones or friends die – you don’t cry. You make them delay their journey to Heaven. It’s better you pray for them. (That’s right. Yes.) That’s all you do. If they have gone, then you know they go to Heaven. If you are initiated, then you don’t have to cry and delay them, make them suffer. (Right. Yes, Master.) It makes them feel sorrowful, seeing you sad like that. The best is just to pray and wish them to go to higher Heaven. (Right.)

I told you that I’d read this story not just all for you and disciples, but especially for the Russian people. (Yes, Master.) Now that Putin is dead, you have done all your best to try to keep him alive and healthy, but his time is up. So, he’s gone. So, the best is that you save yourself now. (Right. Right, Master.) Get out of his trouble. Save your soul. Repent and repair the damage that he’s done. And because you also were responsible, as his supporters and subordinates, carrying out his orders and all that – but you had to. But now he’s not there anymore, you don’t have to.

And the double that is playing Putin right now, I tell him also, it’s better to keep yourself alive and your family well and happy. Keep your country in peace. Stop the war now. There’s no need to continue to do what Putin has done. No need to listen to anyone anymore. Putin is dead. Don’t follow his footsteps, because you will go to hell with him; like any dictator. (Yes, Master.) Now is the chance. Of course, maybe you loved him because you’ve been working together and it was good. You did everything you could to save him, or to make him happy, by listening to his orders. But now you know he’s gone, his orders were not the best. So, it’s better you change it. And keep yourself alive doing your better duty. It’s like that.

There’s nothing good about Russia making war everywhere up to now, in history already. We make the list here. (Yes, Master.)

Total Deaths in Conflicts with Russian Involvement


Russo-Japanese War 200,000

Persian Constitutional Revolution 1,100

Russo-Polish War 107,500

Latvian War of Independence 3,840

Estonian War of Independence 5,400

Lithuanian–Soviet War 2,500

Georgian-Ossetian Conflict 5,200

Soviet–Georgian War 8,700

August Uprising 3,000 killed in fighting, 7,000–10,000 people executed

Urtatagai conflict 12

Sino-Soviet conflict 6,000

Holodomor 5,000,000

Battle of Xinjiang 2,800

Border Incidents with Japan 19,133

Invasion of Poland 160,000

Russo-Finnish War 225,000

Berlin Uprising 125

Hungarian Revolution of 1956 3,700

Invasion of Czechoslovakia 233

Soviet-Afghan War 1,123,000

First Nagorno-Karabakh War 56,000

Transnistria War 1,874

War in Abkhazia 30,000

Tajikistan Civil War 50,000

Chechnya (First & Second War) 238,000

Russo-Georgian War 940

War in Donbas 14,400

Syrian Civil War 106,195

Military Presence in Sudan 120

Second Libyan Civil War 14,880

Military Presence in Central African Republic 15

Military Presence in Mozambique unknown

Second Nagorno-Karabakh war 7,507

Military Presence in Mali 500

Ukraine War 45,450

TOTAL: 7,450,124 and counting

This list does not include the entire tragedy of the conflicts: the large numbers of wounded, the suffering of the many handicapped due to loss of limbs, the mental and psychological stress of survivors, the horrendous destruction of buildings and cities, the enormous economic losses, etc.

Russia has been messing up in many countries. And their bloody hands have caused a lot of suffering and destruction everywhere. (Yes, Master.) Russia has been losing also all the time, up to now. They lost in Japan, they lost in Afghanistan, in Finland, etc. So, why do they continue? Now they want Ukraine. Just Ukraine is so vulnerable, that’s why. They cheated them, they told them to give up their nuclear weapons, and now they use the nuclear weapons to threaten the world even. (Yes, Master.) So, this kind of a gangster attitude. You can’t trust them anymore. (Right, yes.) (Right, Master.) With so many countries, they have been destructing, killing, murdering and torturing already – not just Ukraine. So, this should be the last one, it should be stopped. (Yes, Master.) That’s it.

Normally, I don’t talk about war or interfere in it. But this one is really something. (Yes, Master.) It just has no excuse at all. Russia just jumps into people’s land, robbing their things, torturing them, and making them suffer like that – just because they’re bigger. It’s really evil. So this war has to be stopped. (Yes, Master. For sure.) No matter how many other wars before, this war must stop, otherwise Europe will suffer also.

“Media Report from RealLifeLore – June 30, 2022 Reporter (m): This is David Beasley. He’s the man who currently runs the United Nations World Food Programme. Listen to what he has to say during this speech back in February of 2022 while speaking about impoverished countries around the world.

David (m): So, these are the countries that are struggling in such a way that if we do not address immediately over the next nine months, we will see famine, we will see destabilization of nations, like you’re already seeing in certain places like in the Sahel, and third, you’ll see mass migration.

Reporter (m): And then just six days after those warnings were made, Vladimir Putin ordered nearly 200,000 Russian soldiers to invade Ukraine and the global food situation immediately went from bad to absolutely catastrophic. The blockade of Ukraine’s ports, from the perspective of Moscow, is preventing critical food shipments from reaching hungry countries across the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Africa. The massive levels of instability that it’s going to cause in all of these places has the very high potential to trigger another round of revolutions and mass migration that is likely headed straight in the direction of the European Union. It’s going to cause one of the greatest humanitarian catastrophes of the 21st century.”

The UN said that more than 100 million people will suffer because of the war in Ukraine – suffer because of hunger. (Yes, Master. Right.) World hunger, really. So, it has to stop.

Looking back at the history, Russia has been so often the aggressor – so it’s better to maybe make a border or something, or checkpoint, and then have some regular flying supervision. Supervising by flying on the border, to check whether or not there is any suspicious action again, concerning all the neighbors around Russia. That would be better, so we would prevent further bloodshed like the one that happened in Ukraine, which is so terrible. (Yes, Master.)

So, Russia is losing everywhere, sooner or later. (Right.) And causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands or millions. (Yes, Master.) And corroding the economy of Russia, and other countries as well. And making a bad name for Russia and for whoever, of course, is dictating and creating war. So, do not walk that path anymore.

U-turn, just U-turn. Make peace, make peace. Make Peace. Because if you make peace on Earth, you will have peace in Heaven. Or else you will be staying in hell forever. No one will help you. No million strong armies will come and rescue you, nothing. Even atom bombs cannot scare hell. You will be screaming, scared with fear, burned, hurt, in pain, agonizing in there all alone, or with other similar, sinful people.

So, U-turn now. Stop it. Stop the war. Not just in Snake Island, but the whole of Ukraine. Leave the Ukrainian people in peace, return the land to them. Then you will live long. And Heaven may forgive you.

Dear Russia, your country is blessed with a lot of spiritual power. Just some people are misusing some other power to cause suffering. Don’t just have goodwill over Snake Island only. Have goodwill over all Ukraine. Listen to the cries, to the anguish of the children of Ukraine; of the woman, helpless in her situation and her husband died; of the elderly lady who has no one to take care of her when she’s wounded. Listen to all that, and more. Listen to your soldiers – they are only children, they are very young and vulnerable.

“Media Report from UATV English – July 2, 2022 Russian soldier 1 (m): We came under mortar fire, 30 people died. The three of us survived. The commanders who were with us said to leave the wounded. Otherwise, they would not be able to escape. Here my hand was injured. I was lying and bleeding. I mean, they just ran away. I was bleeding and soldiers of the Ukrainian Army approached me, gave me first aid. We were not even trained to apply a tourniquet. I did not know how to do it. They gave me water, took us out and bandaged my arm. I had it broken. There is nothing to fight for here. People like us from Russia, it’s better for them to stay at home. We don't liberate anything here, we only capture. Children personally approached me, asked for something to eat and drink because they have nothing. Their shops and houses have been bombed. Bicycles and scooters are taken away from old people. They are not allowed to move. Our Russian guys are taking it from them, looting. This is a terrible war. It's better not to go here.”

“Media Report from Daily Mail – Mar. 15, 2022 (In Russian) Russian soldier 2 (m): Here, the armed forces of Ukraine are trying to protect their country. We broke into houses like fascists. I remember the Ukrainian people I saw, some may have lost their children. They must have so much anger at our country. I am sure this will never be forgiven, but I really apologize for the fact that we broke into your house. I apologize to the people of Ukraine.”

“Media Report from news. com. au – Mar. 21, 2022 Alexei Zheleznyak Russian soldier (m): I’d like to again sincerely ask the whole Ukrainian people for forgiveness.”

“Media Report from The Telegraph – Mar. 8, 2022 (In Russian)Russian soldier 3 (m): I cannot find the words to say sorry to the Ukrainian people. If you find the strength to move past the memory… If not, we will understand you.”

“Media Report from news. com. au – Mar. 21, 2022 Alexei Zheleznyak Russian soldier (m): When will Russians understand that our Commander-in-Chief has been a liar? He didn’t only tell lies to us, he told lies to the whole (of) Russia.

Alexander Fomenko Russian soldier (m): All mothers, please call your children who are in the military and ask them to return to Russia and to not commit any crimes against innocent civilians.”

“Media Report from Daily Mail – Mar. 15, 2022 (In Russian) Russian soldier 2 (m): I want to appeal to the citizens of my country. Do not send your sons here because very terrible things are happening here that you are unaware of. Our soldiers die in vain, our comrades, your sons. Try to take us from here because there is no need for war here. I don’t see the meaning of war here.”

Listen to all that. Have your heart open, be a good leader, be a heroic leader of Russia and in the world. Stop all this agony, stop all these atrocities. History will write your name in gold. God will smile upon you, your loved ones and your country. Stop all the suffering. It’s very simple – just order your children home. Order your troops home. Give the husbands back to their wives. Give the sons back to their mothers. Give the men back to your country to rebuild it again, be great again. Make Russia great again with benevolence, with heroism, with righteousness, with high morals – not with war, not by causing suffering and pain. Make yourself a great man again. Make yourself a great leader again.

Returning the soldiers to your land means returning also the fathers to their children, the mothers to their children– returning the family members to reunion and happiness. All the world will thank you for that. All the world will have respect for you for that. All the Heavens will give you immense blessing and merit for that, because that’s something not every man can do. But perhaps you can. Please choose to do it. Return peace to your country, Russia. Return peace to Ukraine, for the Ukrainian people. We thank you in advance for your wise and best decision for both countries – Russia and Ukraine. God bless.

May God bless you, great leaders. May God bless Russia. May God protect and glorify Ukraine, and help the Ukrainian people rebuild their country again, in love, peace and happiness. Amen.

Host: We are grateful for Most Loving Master’s touching words for the Russian leaders, and pray that their hearts open and they embrace the compassionate and noble way. May all world citizens join in prayer for a benevolent, vegan, peace-filled planet, whereby humanity quickly elevates to reap greater dignity and prosperity. We wish Precious Master to be always in the best of health and tranquility, safeguarded by all Cosmic Beings.

Please tune in again for the broadcast of this conference on Between Master and Disciples at a later date.

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Be Vegan, make peace.



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Noteworthy News / Fly-in News
Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Conversation with Maya, July 16, 2022
On Saturday, July 16, 2022, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai kindly called Supreme Master Television team members to check on their welfare and graciously share Her thoughts on the comfort of simple living, as well as the state of today’s world, while also revealing for the first time about Her recent talk with maya.

Maya came to me, because I continued to help Ukraine. And we continue to pray for World Vegan, World Peace, and try to help people with whatever we can, including invisible blessings, spiritual power. He talked from hell. What I mean is he sent his voice from hell. He said, “You stop all that!” He told me I should stop. So I asked him, “Why? Just tell me why. I will listen. Of course, I will listen. You may talk.” So, he said, “Because You are the King of the Higher World, You are not the King of this domain. So, don’t interfere.” Since then I couldn’t shake off the feeling of so much love and pity for them, for maya as well as all the devils and demons. I cannot just stop this feeling of love for them.

And sometimes when I have a little time, I just cannot forget them. I keep thinking of them and feeling so sorry and I wish times will change and things will change quickly, so they can become more dignified beings, worthy of existing in the universe and not having to lurk around in the dark, eating filthy things and being so indecent and uncompassionate, vicious, lousy, terrifying and ugly like that, inside out. I feel so sorry.

This world is nothing that I like. Nothing. I just really pray and hope that all beings from bad, change to good for their own sake, for the world’s sake, and for everyone’s sake because we live together. And everything, everyone affects each other.

Some Heartlines from some non-initiate people, they said they started being vegan. Oh, that really makes me cry with happiness. I’m sure there are more that did not write to me. But even just two or three writing now and then, I feel so happy already. Because it works. Our work bears fruit. And many leaders also maybe have improved. And even Boris Johnson tried to be vegan.…And I really hope he continues to be… prime minister.

I do hope that those who say they repent, truly repent, because the Godses can see through them, Heaven can see through them. …And even if they say they repent, if they don’t truly repent, I can’t help them. Heaven will stop me and there will be a wall built between me and them. It’s like a wall built between me and many sinful people. I cannot even reach them. They cannot even feel my love and my blessing, if I have any blessing.

To hear more of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s thoughts and elaboration on the advantages of a solo lifestyle, and more, please tune in for the full broadcast of this conference on Between Master and Disciples at a later date.

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Be Vegan, make peace.



Noteworthy News / Fly-in NewsIn the Hour of Heavens’ Judgment, Wake Up and Be Vegan Now, June 21, 2022



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So, I just hope they wake up and do it. (Yes, Master.) I'm saying all this – it’s bad for me, bad karma for me, but I have no heart to see the Ukrainian people suffer for nothing like that, from nothing. (Understand, Master.) Just like history repeats itself again. Always Russia came and molested them, possessed them, controlled them, destroyed their country and destroyed their people. Murdering, raping and killing their people like that. (Yes, Master.) Destroy their lives, destroy their country. They have done nothing. Just because they're smaller, they’re weaker, and the whole world cheated them to give up their nuclear weapons with just an empty promise that they will protect Ukraine.

Host: During a conference with Supreme Master Television team members on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, our Most Gracious Supreme Master Ching Hai kindly answered questions the members had in relation to the war in Ukraine, as She also shared some good news regarding nations supporting Ukraine and taking steps to counter Russia’s aggression.

I have some good news that I’d like to report to you. (Oh, yay! That’s great, Master.) I read it on the news, on the Internet. (Yes, Master.) You know, the world. (Yes, Master. Oh, wonderful.) Like, UK says that UK troops must prepare to fight in Europe again. (Oh, wow.) They prepare. (Yes.) Well, it’s not very good news, but what I mean is, they have this kind of correct view already. (Yes, Master.) Not waiting till the last minute, like what happened in Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) They’re preparing and training. Also, NATO is training somewhere. The US also.

EU leaders, many leaders went to Kyiv, including Macron. (Yes, that’s right. Oh, yes.) The President of France and the leader of Italy, Draghi. And from Romania and from Germany. (Yes.) Even Macron and Germany, they all came, kissing each other and all that. So romantic. It’s some nice scenery for a change. (Yes.) For a change from only war scenery all the time up to now. (Definitely. Yes, Master.) They seem to be all very united and supportive of Ukraine. (Yes. Wonderful.) Hope things turn out even stronger than that.

“Media Report from NBC News – June 17, 2022 Zelenskyy (m): Russia does not have a choice of whom and when to threaten, whom in Europe to grant safety. Russian aggression against Ukraine is aggression against all of Europe. Against all united Europe, against every one of us, against our values. Our response must be united.

Macron (m): We have jointly expressed our desire to confirm through actions beyond words, that Ukraine belongs to the European family. All four of us support the status of Ukraine’s immediate candidacy for accession to the European Union.

Draghi (m): Today I visited Irpin, a place of massacres carried out by the Russian army. These are terrible facts that are deeply disturbing and that we condemn without hesitation. We give our full support to the investigations of the international institutions on war crime.

Macron (m): Ukraine is not dead. Neither the glory nor the freedom of Ukraine is dead. You can count on the brotherhood of Europe to make sure that Ukraine remains free.”

I’m glad that they continue to help and support Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) Because people worry, I also worry that, they’ll get into a fatigue mood. (Yes, Master. Right, yes.) If a thing goes on for long then people get fatigued. Me too, but that doesn’t mean we don’t continue to support and pray for them. (That’s right, Master. Yes, Master.)

And also, Europe is beginning to use coal again now. Like Holland, Germany and Austria to begin with. They’re doing some of the right things now, all that we talked about before. (Yes.) Doing better. Using coal is not ideal, but it’s still better than being slaves to Russia for gas. (Oh, right, Master.)

Besides, Russia just shut or halved or slowed the supply of gas. Just did that, even without EU canceling. (Right.) They canceled the oil but all these countries did not cancel gas yet. And Russia just turned the tap off, turned the gas off, or slowed it down, gives less. (Right.) So, they turned to coal now. Maybe later they will find something better. There’s always something better. Science will find out. (Yes, Master.)

So in England, UK, recently the new army chief said that we have to “prepare to fight in Europe” again. At first, I thought he meant they are going to fight with Ukraine in Ukraine, because Ukraine is Europe. (Yes. Yes, it is.) So, I was thinking that’s what he said. And I was kind of feeling a little bit more hopeful. Because, if they prepare to fight in Europe, then why not now? (Yes. It will be too late already.) Why not in Ukraine? (Yes.) Why do they wait until Ukraine is gone, Everything’s destroyed, and then the next step is other countries in Europe? One by one. (Yes, Master.) […]

So, they should hurry up, man. Because this force from the Kremlin doesn’t know any morals. Only when defeated, then they will give up. (Yes, Master. True.) They will only give up when they are defeated. And that’s what they need. And that’s the language that they will understand. (Right.) The longer the war drags on, the more people die, and the more Ukraine might not have a chance to win. Even though they could win! (Yes, Master.) It’s very positive that they could win, it’s just that they need more appropriate weapons. (Yes.) They need to close the sky above them. A no-fly zone. And they need more manpower. (Right, Master.) […]

So, I say, if UK is ready to fight in Europe, then they should do it now! Ukraine is Europe. (Yes, for sure. That’s right.) And they don’t deserve all this suffering. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t care what anybody says. And the West should help them, wholeheartedly. Not like Macron says, that they have to make a special unique council, not European Union, but like something below it, so that Ukraine can join in. My God, if you help a friend who is already in big danger, trouble like that, and you have to humiliate him? (Understand. Unconscionable.) Yeah.

And yet, even advise him not to humiliate his enemy. The enemy asked for it. Came into his house, robbed everything, destroyed his house, raped his wife and children, and then you should not humiliate that enemy. Tell me, what kind of language is that? And what kind of world do we want to uphold. Tell me? (Yes, understand, Master.) Right.

I’m sorry. I’m always angry when something is so unjustified like that. The same, I’m angry and anguished about the animal-people when I see them on TV suffering every day. (Yes, Master.) […]

We are all Earthlings, that’s what they say. I agree with that. Animal-people or humans. And we treat each other brutally, like hell beings. (Yes, Master.) Fighting with whoever fights, or not fights even. Just oppress, abuse anyone we can. My God! That’s why I can’t even argue with Heavens anymore.

I’m trying so hard every day. I try to find all kinds of excuses for humans. But most of the Heavens are adamant to destroy the whole human world. (Oh, my gosh.) And They told me, “Only You and Your disciples will be spared.” They told me in my face like that. I said, “How do I live if it’s only me and my disciples? And my disciples are everywhere in the world. If You destroy everything, how do I even know if they live?” (Right.) How can we contact, even? (Yes, Master.) Terrible black vision. (Understand.)

So horrible, so horrible. I cannot tell you much more, who told me all this and that and others, but They said, “It begins from now.” (Oh.) It began seriously already, last month. (Oh, wow.) Let me see if I can tell you, some. No, better not.

But They have particular people for which I argued. I said, “Some people, they just don’t understand. Humans they just don’t understand yet. (Yes, that’s right.) They can’t get it. They don’t understand the connection between eating animal-people and cruelty, and the distance from Heavens because of that. They still don’t understand it. So, You cannot just kill all of them. Let me have time to teach them, to tell them. Let me have some more time.” They said, “You had too much time already.” Meaning, I had too much time already. (Yes, understand.) I said, “I know that. I know that. But I don’t have enough time, because they have been poisoned for so long. Many are waking up. I see a lot of people are vegetarian and vegan nowadays already.” But They said, “It’s too late to even discuss anything.” (Gosh.)

I cannot tell you all the details. (Yes, Master. Understand.) You will be very surprised and shocked, but I’m not allowed to. I just hope that by not saying it, it will not happen. (Hopefully.) I’m just trying to look on the bright side. (Yes, Master.)

And then They said They have a particular type of people they’re going to destroy first. I can’t tell you. I’m not allowed to. Because if I do, the zealous ghosts will find something to suppress that, make some strategy to overwhelm that. At least something. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

And I hope humans wake up soon – soon, soon, soon, soon – or else. My God. We could have a paradise on Earth. So much money, so much food. So much abundance everywhere – a beautiful place. (Yes, for sure.) There was no reason to damage it, to destroy it this way and that way. (Yes, Master.)

OK. Alright. So I just hope that NATO and all of Europe quickly decide to shorten the war, otherwise the longer it goes, the more people will die. (That’s right.) And more food shortages and more starvation in the world. (Yes, Master.) It’s a pandemic also. […]

Before, I read Taiwan (Formosa) was under control. (That’s right.) Very few infections and very few deaths, I mean compared to elsewhere. (Yes, Master.) And now it’s the same. And UK and every country, the COVID infections grow higher and higher.

And now the monkeypox. The monkeypox, originally they said only transmitted through contact, human to human contact. (Yes.) But it jumped from animal-people anyway. (Yes.) And then humans can infect each other by contact, or kissing, touching, eating the same food from the same plate, or from sex. (Yes, Master.) And now they discover it’s not just that, it’s airborne. (Oh, my gosh.) That’s even more dangerous now. So even the US advises people to wear masks. (Oh, my goodness.) They say at least one third of America has to wear a mask, if they go out. (Yes, Master.) Or older people, not the children. That’s why a third. (Yes.)

They wanted to open, to go back to normal, and take COVID-19 just like another chronic flu or something. (Yes. Right.) But it’s not like that, it’s not like that. And I told you already, even if it looks mild, it’s not. The effect is long and invisible even, untraceable. That’s the thing. Scientists don’t even know yet. Maybe they will discover, but there’s nothing to cure this long-term and hidden effect. (Wow.) […]

We all brought it upon ourselves, so, whom can we blame? God turned away from us, because our sin is so overwhelmingly shaking Heavens and Earth, even destroying the stability of the universe to some extent. (Gosh. Wow.) That’s why if Heaven lets us live, the universe will be in trouble as well, because of the collective energy. (Yes, Master, understand.)

Like a car, even just one little hole in one wheel, the car will not function. (Yes, that’s right.) It happens, if you drive on top of the nail or something, even one nail punches a hole in your wheel, that’s it, the whole car has to stop. (Yes, Master.) But the thing is, you can’t keep driving with the kaput wheel. You can for a while only. (Yes.)

So, like our world right now, we are driving with even almost all the wheels kaput. (Oh, my goodness.) Almost all the wheels on the big truck are damaged – no air. (Yes, Master.) And we keep driving with one or two wheels – still continue, don’t stop and don’t repair. Then you will have an accident. You will die. (Yes, that's right.) And your car will also be kaput, upturned, side-turned. And then harming others’ cars on the street as well. (Yes, exactly.) So, that’s why what happens to us also affects the universe. That’s why Heavens don’t want to forgive us anymore, because we don’t repair our damaged wheels. (Yes, Master.)

We could repair – we just stop and replace the wheels. Just right now, if humans stop killing animal-people to eat as so-called food, and eat some other foods – then the planet will be healed, will be whole, will be abundant and beautiful, and paradise-like. (Yes, that’s right, Master.)

All the broken wheels have to be repaired. Maybe if one wheel is broken, but there are many other wheels, you still can drive, like a big truck. (Yes, Master.) But it depends on what wheel also. And then if you continue to drive like that, then many other wheels will also begin to get damaged. And finally, you can’t. (Yes, exactly, Master.) You might topple over on the street somewhere. You can’t control the balance anymore. You can’t drive anymore. And then you die, and then the car is also gone, in the pit or into the deep ravine or in the canyon. And both car and driver die. (Yes, Master.)

So, this is our situation right now in our world. Most of the wheels are done, kaput. And we did not stop to repair. We should have stopped long ago and repaired, so that we can continue driving again in safety and peacefulness, with peace of mind. (Yes, Master. True.) […]

Do you have any good news? Or questions? (We have a question.) Tell me.

(Master has said before that NATO should go in with force to flush Russia out from Ukraine. But NATO would actually say that they could not go in due to their rules, as they would only protect themselves. What would Master say to NATO’s comments that they could not go into Ukraine because of their rules?)

To hell with their rules. People are dying. Tens of thousands on both sides, and the world is heading to starvation. (Yes, Master.) And what for does NATO keep the rules? The rules are for people. Not people for the rules. (Yes, Master. That’s right, Master.) They’re just cowards. So easy. You know, life is never like black and white. You always have to act according to the situation. (Yes, true. That’s right. Yes, Master.) […]

We are intelligent people, or not? (Yes. Yes, Master.) Supposed to be. (Yes, we are.) And the NATO chief should know more than just ordinary NATO members. (Yes, Master. True.) He should know better than other people. That’s why he’s the chief. (Yes, Master.) So, all this is rubbish, unless Stoltenberg, the chief of NATO wanted Ukraine to continue to suffer, because the longer they suffer, the more other countries will want to join NATO, and he would feel more big and powerful as a chief. (Oh, gosh. Right.) Or they want another world starvation, or just to say it simply, in Ukraine. Unless he wants another Holodomor famine, like in 1933. (Yes, Master.)

It was under Stalin’s rule at that time. (Yes, Master.) And a great famine happened for more or less a year. It is said that five million people – estimated only, it might be more, died in the Soviet Union. Most of them were Ukrainians. (Wow. Yes, Master.) The famine was a direct assault on the Ukrainian peasantry. Because Stalin moved a lot of Russian people to Ukraine and moved the Ukrainians to Russia, for example, like that. (Yes, Master.)

And under Stalin, they controlled the peasants, the farming. They did not let the people have anything more than what Russia ruled. (Yes, Master.) So, many of the people did not have enough food to eat. And Russia sent their police or brigade, special units, to always go into Ukraine, to take their things. And they went into their homes all the time, different houses and took out the foodstuff if they thought it was too much food for that family. (Yes, Master.) And even then, even at that time, if somebody supposedly had more food than they were supposed to, according to Russian law at that time, then they were committing a crime. (Oh, right. Yes.)

And then the farmer, the peasants who were hungry and maybe kept some food, even hiding it, the Russians would take it out and they would even kill them. (Oh, wow.) They killed them by firing squad for “stealing” or keeping, hiding even, just a sack of wheat. (Oh, my gosh. Wow.) They called it stealing from the state. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s because of hunger. The rural population, at that time, never had sufficient food to feed themselves. (Oh, I see.)

Imagine that. (Yes, Master.) So, of course, according to that situation, starvation was massive, was huge, in 1933. (So tragic.) But even then, Moscow at that time did not provide any extra relief for the famine, for the starvation at that time. And at the same time, the Soviet Union exported more than a million tons of grain to other countries, to the West, while their own people starved in Ukraine. (Wow. Oh, God.) Their food became the state’s food. (Yes, Master.) It was stored in any silos, and it became state-owned property. (Right.)

“Media Report from BBC News – Feb. 12, 2022 Clive Myrie (m): Well, Russia has long sought to determine the destiny of Ukraine under Soviet communism. As many as four million died of hunger when Moscow forced people from small holdings to disastrously inefficient collective farms. The bitterness remains to this day.

Fergal Keane (m): As the Kremlin's choirs praised Stalin, the world was told of a happy land.

TV broadcast (m): And today it is above all the granary of Eastern Europe, with the black earth bringing forth millions of acres of wheat.

Fergal Keane (m): But 95-year-old Petro Mohilat knows what a lie that was. Forced collectivization of farms brought starvation and terror to his family.

Petro VO translation (m): It was very scary. There was a brigade with pitchforks who came to every house searching for bread. I was five at that time. We locked the door and all the windows but they used crowbars to come inside and then they went to all the barns trying to find any buried bread.

Fergal Keane (m): Food was seized to punish peasants who resisted collectivization. It's thought up to four million people died in what Ukraine calls the Holodomor, killing through hunger. Russia denies the famine was a deliberate attempt to break the independent spirit of Ukrainians. Olexandra Zakharova, aged 98, remembers the corpses of the starved.

Olexandra VO translation (f): What could I see? I saw people who died. They made a big pit and threw all the bodies there. My father went to Western Ukraine taking everything good from our home to exchange for food but he got nothing. You can say I had a life but it was no life.

Fergal Keane (m): Near the family home there's a mass grave from the famine era. It's also an important part of modern Ukraine's story of origin – this idea of a nation in the 1930s suffering the oppression of a dictatorship based in Moscow. This old steel door here?

Dr. Drobovych (m): Yes.

Fergal Keane (m): Ukrainians who resisted ended up in places like this.

Dr. Drobovych (m): Some historians say that five or ten thousand people (were) killed here in this basement.

Fergal Keane (m): Interrogation cells of the secret police in Kyiv. It's just impossible to imagine what went through people's minds as they came through that door into this place.

Dr. Drobovych (m): Yeah. Pain.

Fergal Keane (m): Investigation of Stalin's crimes has been suppressed in Russia.

Dr. Drobovych (m): They protect Stalin. They hide (the) truth. They attack us. They don't recognize us like (an) independent country. Why? We don't understand why.”

So, everywhere Russia went all these decades, is just starvation, destruction, demolition, and, murdering people in different types of ways. Either shooting them, or just starving them to death. (Oh, God. So bad. Terrible.) Yeah, and everywhere is like devastated. (Yes.) And that’s how they conquer many other countries. They even say that people who take food like that, they call them “terrorists,” (Wow. Oh, gosh.) “Food terrorists.” (Wow.) They say, “Food terrorism must be stopped.” So, five million people died, at least. (Wow.) And most of those were Ukrainian people. (So evil.)

And Russia, since decades already, brought a lot of Russian people into Ukraine, to make it more Russian, and easier to control. (Oh, right, Master. Yes, Master.) Then they wanted to Russianize all the Ukrainians and delete their identity at that time. (Yes, Master.) So, if Europe or NATO wants that to happen again, then they will just stand by doing nothing, and wait until that happens. And if Ukraine is lost, the whole Europe will be lost, sooner or later. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) Oh man, oh man.

And now you can see starvation already has begun in many countries in the world already, due to Russia’s war in Ukraine, because they cannot export all this grain that they have. (That’s right.) And it will stand there and get rotten if it cannot go out to other countries. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And Russia already stole their grain and sold it elsewhere. And then, of course, those under Russian occupation, or Russia-backed separatists – all this farm produce will go away, exported by Russia elsewhere. (Yes, Master. Right.) So, it’s already begun, the starvation of the world now, not just Ukraine like last time. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from On Demand News – June 12, 2022 Zelenskyy (m): Ukrainian agricultural exports play a stabilizing role in the global market, and Russia must be held accountable for provoking a new wave of migration against Europe, using the people of both Africa and Asia simply as hostages.”

“Media Report from Belsat TV – May 30, 2022 Alina (f): This is nothing but an ordinary blackmail, because, without the export of the Ukrainian food, hundreds of millions of people are in danger of starvation.

Reporter (f): Due to the war in Ukraine, the number of people suffering from hunger across the world could rise to 323 million. This was stated by David Beasley, Executive Director of the UN World Food Programme.

Guterres (m): Russia's invasion of its neighbor has effectively ended its food exports.

Reporter (f): The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that as of the 21st of May, Russia had blocked 22 million tons of food in Ukrainian ports, gradually stealing it, taking it out, and trying to sell it.

Reporter (m): Here is a Ukrainian car standing in Dzhankoi and being reloaded into a Russian car. This is how the product gets into the Russian Federation.

Reporter (f): Ukraine is the fourth-largest producer of grain in the world. Prices of cereal products are soaring. Experts are anticipating the worst food crisis in the world. Within two or three months, as experts predict, the countries of North Africa and the Middle East will run out of grain stock. In the meantime, the stolen Ukrainian grain goes to Syria. Egypt and Lebanon have rejected such deliveries.”

It’s like a global Holodomor famine. (Oh. Yes.) So everywhere Russia went up to now is like that. My God. They don’t have any souls, these leaders of Russia, I mean these wicked leaders. Some Russian leaders were probably good before. (Yes, Master.) But up to now, I mean, since communism took over Russia, everywhere they went is all bloody. (Yes, Master.) Blood everywhere – blood and destruction. Even Berlin, after the war, Germany became separated into West and East Berlin, and West Berlin continued to prosper and progress and repair all the war-damaged cities. But East Berlin, no. […]

And so, Russia seems to want to divide Ukraine to become like that also. Like East Ukraine, and West Ukraine or South Ukraine, North Ukraine. (Yes, Master. Right, Master.) Unless Europe wants to stand by and wait for that to happen or NATO is just making all kinds of lousy excuses to watch Ukrainians suffer, then they don’t have to do anything. And wait until Ukraine is lost. (Yes, Master.)

I’m worried about Europe, not just Ukraine. That’s why I said NATO has to come in with force to flush Russian soldiers out because they don’t belong there. They don’t belong in Europe. (Yes, that’s right.) No! They took Crimea just like that. Just also by bombing and frightening people. And then they took the Donbas region, also like that. (Yes, Master. Right, Master.) Everywhere they go blood is running all over, and destruction everywhere, and people, children die everywhere. (Yes, Master.) They are soulless. Otherwise, they could not have the heart to do all this to an innocent country, their neighbor. (Yes, Master. Indeed.) There is no excuse. Nothing. Everywhere they went it’s like that.

So, NATO better stop it. And if NATO doesn’t have any guts to do it, then Europe and other countries have to get together and help Ukraine. I mean practically, totally, with not just weapons, but also with force, with their own soldiers, expertise and everything. (Yes.) They are pledging to continue to help Ukraine, despite fatigue, but still, the weapons don’t always come on time. (Yes. Right. That’s true.) And recently, there’s some delay, on purpose. I don’t know what happened, or why. And the longer the war continues without enough weapons and power, then more Ukrainians will die. (Yes. That’s right.) More Ukrainian soldiers will die, and they probably will be fatigued also.

And on top of that, NATO has to predict something, saying something negative, like, “The war with Russia will be for a long, long, long time. A long haul.” (Yes, Master.) And because of that, it could affect the morale of the Ukrainian soldiers as well. (Yes, that’s true. Right.) Then they will feel, “Oh, my God, it’s a long time.” So, they don’t feel like it. They thought, “It’s quick and we use all of our force and our might, our hearts, to push the Russians out of our country. But now, it feels like it’s a long, long time. The war will last longer.” (Yes, Master.) The way the NATO chief says, it feels like a long time, forever. (That’s right. Yes, Master.)

Why does his mouth have to always say things that are not conducive to help the Ukrainian people? (That’s right. Yes. That’s true.) So, I’m not sure if NATO ever will go into Ukraine and help them truly, totally, practically. (Yes, Master.) Unless America takes the initiative, takes the lead role, and decides that they should go in to help Ukraine, with force, with soldiers as well. (Yes, Master.) And with all kinds of things like a no-fly zone. (Oh, yes.) […]

If Ukraine’s lost, then Russia will continue. (Yes.) Because Russia will use Ukraine’s property, bases and equipment or food to continue to fight. (Yes. That’s right.) […]

Also, for example, Russia went to Chechnya, they also destroyed everything. (Yes, Master. Master, could you tell us more about Chechnya?)

So, it’s all Russia’s doing. (Yes, Master.) And that was not the first time. It was the second time. The first time, was under Boris Yeltsin. The second time, at that time, the prime minister was Vladimir Putin. (Yes, Master.) He wasn’t president, he was prime minister the second time. And then, the first war had already damaged a lot, a lot, especially the capital Grozny. And then, in the second war, they had not even enough time. It was only in 1996 when the first war ceased. (Yes.) They settled with a ceasefire, with Boris Yeltsin. Boris Yeltsin signed the peace treaty with Chechnya in 1997. But two years later, the second Chechen war broke out again, started by Russia. At that time was the future president Vladimir Putin. (Yes, Master.) Only two years, the Chechens had not enough time to recover. That’s why he attacked again. Because he knew they are still vulnerable and weak. (Yes. Right, Master.)

So Grozny was left as a big, big hole in the map. The United Nations called that hole “the most destroyed city on the planet.” (Wow.) Almost nothing left standing. (How sad. Terrible.) And almost no one was spared. (Oh, goodness.)

“Media Report from Channel 4 News – Mar. 25, 2022 Georgina (f): The first war that Putin led is one of the worst humanitarian disasters in recent history. In 1999, when he was only the second most powerful man in Russia, he sent forces into Chechnya just a few years after the Russian military had previously invaded under Boris Yeltsin. The two relentless Chechen campaigns set the template for Putin's wars. Russian forces flattened the capital, Grozny.

Reporter (m): The months of relentless and indiscriminate Russian bombing have left Grozny a dead city.

Georgina (f): By the time they'd left, up to 8,000 civilians were dead. The UN described Grozny as “The most destroyed city on Earth.” Russia’s wars have followed the same pattern ever since.”

You can read it in history. (Yes, Master.) And about 250,000 civilians were killed in the combined Chechen wars. (Wow.) And reports of rape, same like in Ukraine right now. “Reports of rape, arson, torture and other crimes by Russian soldiers were widespread – and cast as a wholly, necessary evil by those forces.” […]

How can any evil be necessary? (Right, Master. That’s right, Master.) And one of the Russian soldiers at that time told the Los Angeles Times in 2000, “We have to be cruel to them,” to the Chechen people, “Otherwise, we will achieve nothing.” (Gosh.) Believe that? That’s his words. So, in order to achieve something, you have to be cruel. No matter if they have done anything to you or not.

At that time Vladimir Putin, already a president, kind of had a direct rule of Chechnya from May 2000. […] They still belong to Russia. (Yes, Master.)

And some years later another Chechen came in, became president, of course, and became rich. They enriched themselves during the time they ruled the Chechen Republic. And he’s a very ruthless leader. He’s just all pro-Russian. (Yes, Master.) All pro-Putin. That’s why he became president. I think he wasn’t voted by the people. But he’s just like a puppet for Putin. Putin appointed him to be the president. (Yes, Master. Right, Master.) This president, his name is Kadyrov, people refer to him as a brutal puppet or “attack dog” of the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He’s a complete puppet of Putin, of the Kremlin. He even brought his people to Ukraine, to kill the Ukrainian people for Putin, for the Kremlin. And he should know that there was no reason to do that, but because Russia completely controls Chechnya, so all the leaders, whoever they might be, if they don’t listen to the Kremlin, if they don’t do what the Kremlin orders, they will not survive, not to talk about continue to be in the leading role in Chechnya.

So, if Ukraine loses, it will be the same. Russia will install any so-called leader there in Ukraine just to be a slave and listen to absolutely every order from the Kremlin. (Yes, Master.) You can see the evidence. (Yes, Master.)

And this Mr. Kadyrov, the so-called head of the Chechen Republic since 2007 until now – that is a long, long time for a head of state. (Yes, Master.) Similar to Putin and the President of Belarus, they have things in common. Maybe that’s why they like each other. And in order to survive so long, as a head, I guess he has to be the absolute hands and feet of the head of Russia, the Kremlin. (Yes.)

The present leader of Chechnya, Kadyrov, is brutally oppressing, killing, murdering, torturing the Ukrainians, because this is the same mentality as Putin, and he’s absolutely under Kremlin’s control. But I don’t know if he’s proud of himself or he just has to for survival. Because if he truly wants to be proud of himself, he should not do all this. He’s a man. He should be an independent thinker and a true leader of his people. And instead, he became like a devil, for the Kremlin.

“Media Report from VICE News – Aug. 29, 2021 Sahar (f): For any Chechens who dare to question Kadyrov, the options are morbid. Either stay and die or run in fear.

Kadyrov (m): Those who bring discord between people with gossip or quarrels should be stopped. Unless we kill them, put them in prison, scare them, we’ll get nowhere.

Sahar (f): And nowhere seems to be safe. Secretive Chechen death squads hunt Europe and further afield. Critics of Kadyrov have been brutally murdered in Berlin, Vienna, Lille, and even Dubai. More recently, Kadyrov has turned his aggression into the Chechen Republic's LGBTQ+ population. Homosexuality and gender nonconformity have always been a taboo in the state. But in 2017, Kadyrov began what has since been described as a genocide of young men and women.

David (m): It became a project of eliminating every person who could possibly be suspected of LGBTQ emotions or thoughts, if not activity.

Sahar (f): Survivors have spoken about being held in concentration camp- like detention centers, where they were beaten and tortured with electric shocks. Others were freed with the understanding that their own families would punish them even worse than the state. When the media began to report this, Kadyrov declared that gay Chechens do not exist.

Kadyrov (m): This is nonsense. We don’t have such people here. We don’t have any gays. Take them far away from us. To purify our blood, if there are any here, take them.

Reporter (f): Escaped survivors of the genocide are still fearful for their lives, fearful that Kadyrov’s death squad could come and find them. Kadyrov’s reign seems to have no limits. But one wonders when he will go too far, even for Putin. Putin rarely condemns Kadyrov and Russian money pours into the region.

Tanya: For Vladimir Putin, he is still convenient for the Kremlin. And that's the reason he remains in power and is able to do whatever he does.”

It’s really a very sad affair. I think his people will not like him, or they don’t like him, or maybe they never liked him. But they just have to be quiet because they fear war, they fear more bloodshed and more torture, more suffering from Russia. (Yes, Master.)

I think he also had… I hope, maybe I’m wrong… he also had some moments of shame and regret, but he was already under the yoke, could not fight against the Kremlin, so, he had to be brutal. Or maybe he is brutal, because his soldiers that he brought to Ukraine to die or to fight are reportedly very vicious, extremely brutal. (Yes, Master.) So, maybe they’re all the same gang, just in a different location. That’s why they get together and try to destroy wherever they can in Ukraine.

So, there will be no future for Ukraine if it’s lost. There will be no freedom. And as I told you already, the whole of Ukrainian people all stand up against the war from the Kremlin. So, if Russia has a chance to control Ukraine, then all these people will be treated like prisoners, slaves, or enemies continuously, and they will suffer no end. They will suffer, suffer, suffer no end. (Yes, Master.) (They will be brutally oppressed.) Or molested. The Russians will continue murdering, or raping, or taking everything from them. (Yes, Master.) And they might not give them enough food to eat, just like before, just like decades ago. (Yes, Master.)

Therefore, that’s why I don’t care what happens to me because of all this karma. I have to say it. I have to say NATO has to come in, totally committed to helping Ukraine to flush Russia out. (Yes, Master.) And if not, then Europe and other countries have to courageously stand up, go in to help Ukraine, because that means they’re helping themselves, and they will be safe if Russia loses the war in Ukraine. (Yes, that’s right.) If Ukraine regains their complete freedom, regains their land, regains their democracy, just like before anything happened, then Europe will be safe as well. Other countries also will be safe, not just Europe alone. (Yes, Master.) […]

Many other countries or states, like Georgia, South Ossetia, Abkhazia region, Nagorno-Karabakh, have the bloody hands of Russia on them. And the destruction of all that. So many millions of people died because of Russia’s invasion or interference or colonization. (Yes, Master.) Because of that millions of people died everywhere, wherever Russian leaders went with their army. (Yes, Master.) Despite all that, the world still has forgiven Russia, because they have things to offer. (Yes. Right.) But I can’t believe it. This kind of brutal regime from one leader to another – it’s like a succession of brutality. (Yes.) […]

So, unless NATO wants Ukraine to experience that great famine, hunger, death again or become another Chechnya, or become divided like Germany before, then they don’t have to do anything. (Yes, Master.) But the whole world will hold the chief of NATO responsible. Not just the chief, but some big members of NATO. The world, history and Heaven will hold NATO responsible for this war in Ukraine, and whatever else bad happens to Ukraine, like if they become like Chechnya. […]

“Media Report from MSNBC – Apr. 3, 2022 Toomas Ilves (m): This is the first time that anyone has threatened to use nuclear weapons for conquest. This is the fundamental issue which too few people in NATO have actually realized or made clear to themselves. And so, I think we need to really be much more serious than we are. And these kinds of excuses, ‘Oh, we can't defend the Ukrainians because it'll start a nuclear war,’ really already is acceding to Russian blackmail. And that will not stop anywhere, because once they've succeeded there, they will go on and say we will use nuclear weapons when we attack some other country. You have to say, ‘No. We will put a stop to this now.’”

They welcome any other rich and famous and prestigious countries to go in as a member of NATO. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s all about money, profit and prestige. Nothing truly idealistic, nothing truly noble, or even “love thy neighbor” type of doctrine. (Yes, Master.) So, I told you, to hell with the rules. (Yes.) There’re no rules when it comes to helping your neighbor in need, especially in desperate need, in life and death matters. (Yes, exactly.) Especially they know that the enemy of their neighbor is brutal, vicious and has a history of atrocities everywhere before. (Yes, Master.)

Before, the chief of NATO, Mr. Stoltenberg, had earned a good name in the world, because he kind of negotiated between Russia and Norway at that time […] and helped to settle it out. (Yes, Master.) But, now it’s a big war – it’s life and death and bloody, and destruction everywhere in one country. […]

It’s Putin and the gang. (Yes, Master.) Because they continue the tradition of Stalin. They couldn’t care less about how many people die and how they suffer. If they starve to death, or if they’re bombed to death, or if raped, or if molested, or robbed of everything they have. (Yes, Master.) It’s just like a highway robber gangster. (Yes, Master.) It’s truly like that. (Yes.) What else? (That’s right.)

Can you imagine any decent country would do that? (No, Master.) So, the Russian people, they don’t like this. They also went out on the street to protest. And even now they’re on TV and they voiced their opinion, opposed to the war of Putin. (Yes, Master.) Even recently, one of Putin’s so-called allies also voiced openly against Putin’s war in Ukraine.

“Media Report from WION – June 21, 2022 Reporter (m):On the stage, Putin tried to justify the Ukraine war as legal under law. But the Russian president faced some pushback, this time from a key ally.

Tokayev (m): We do not recognize either South Ossetia or Abkhazia and apparently this principle will be applied to quasi-state territories, which in our opinion are Luhansk and Donetsk.

Reporter (m): This is not the first time Kazakhstan has denied the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk. In June, Kazakhstan also said it would not assist Russia in circumventing sanctions. Now, according to reports, Russia asked Kazakhstan to join its forces in Ukraine, but Kazakhstan refused.”

If that was truly Putin sitting there at all. (Yes.) But these kinds of possessed, manifested from the zealous demons, they cannot last long outside. (Yes, Master.) Not like normal people, we are there always, 24/7. (Yes.) This kind of manifestation from demons won’t last long. Even if it was there. Or even hologram. (Oh.) Even just created by makeup or by the double. (Yes, Master.)

I saw many photos of Putin before, and many photos of Putin recently. (Yes.) Not the same face. (That’s right.) The face, one side, it’s not the same. (Yes, Master.) Of course, if you don’t have the comparison, or you don’t look very closely, you won’t see the difference. It doesn’t matter if it’s a different face or not, Putin is dead. I told you. (Yes, Master.) I have no reason to lie to you. What for? And it’s confirmed by Heaven already. And then my Protectors took him somewhere. I can’t tell you where, yet. I don’t want to. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Maybe in the future, I’ll tell you. Right now, it’s not good to tell. (Understand, Master.)

But the world doesn’t know that Putin is dead. They thought Putin was sitting there. And even then, they still opposed him, before that economic forum.

(Master, why don’t we recently put any Putin news on, with his pictures?) Because we don’t report fake news. (That’s true.) Sorry. (Yes, Master.) If you know something is fake, are you going to tell it to people? (No, Master. No.) Or you can put those pictures, or you can put those news on, but you have to put everywhere, like, “Fake News, Fake News, Fake News.” (Yes.) Then I will allow it.

We have the Five Precepts. We always have to tell the truth. (That’s right, Master.) And we cannot tell lies. That’s one of the precepts. (Yes, Master.) And to tell a fake story is also a violation of our principle. (Yes, Master.) We don’t report fake news. (Yes, Master.) We have nothing to gain from fake news. Even if we do, we don’t want to. (Right, Master, yes.) Because one of the precepts, one of our principles is that you do not tell lies. You remember, right? (Yes, Master.) You shall not kill, you do not tell lies, you do not steal things from people, you do not commit improper sexual relationships and you don’t take intoxicants. (Right.) So, one of the precepts is that we don’t tell lies. (Yes, Master.) So, we cannot air the fake news. (Yes.) Especially if I know it’s fake. (Yes. Right, Master.) Other people, they don’t know, so they do what they want. (Yes, Master.) I know it’s fake so I cannot let you air it on our TV, not knowingly doing that. (Yes, Master.)

Alright. Any other questions? […] (Can Master please tell us when the war will end?) I wish I could. (Oh.) I wish I could. I know many things. (Yes, Master.) I know it, but if I tell you, it will turn out differently. (Oh.) I have learned my lesson. Many times, not just one time.

But one very particular time about vegan. […] People think it’s difficult to change everything. […] (Yes, Master.) Excuse me. In fact, it’s very easy. Just no more animal-people industry. No more. (That’s right.) When there’s no meat, then no heat, no buying. (Yes. Exactly.) So simple. And whatever’s already there, leftover, throw away. (Yes.) And people can have many more new jobs and people will have more employment. (Yes, Master. Exactly.) And the whole country will become more bright, more happy and more blessed. They will feel it.

Just right now it’s all surrounded by darkness. Mostly. Many leaders have all very dark, dark, dark, dark colors around them. They don’t have any auras, they just have dark colors. I don’t like the color of Stoltenberg. Unless he changes his heart, unless he does something truly to lead NATO to help Ukraine to gain peace quickly and to prevent more war in Europe and to prevent world famine. (Yes, Master.) His color now, dark coffee, will not change. It might get even darker if he continues just to abuse his power, just to take advantage of the position, just to live well, just sit there and get paid. Now and then, come out and say something. (Yes, Master.) Nothing good. Nothing really practically, truly good. If he continues that way, then his color that’s surrounding him that’s exuding out of him will be darker and darker. Like, some other leaders in the world. I don’t want to name them all. (Yes, Master.) […]

I am not allowed to tell you. I know, I’m just not allowed to tell you. (Understand, Master.) I keep asking many times, “Can I? Can I? Can I?” But I cannot. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Like many other things, I wish I could tell you. Some things are very interesting, some things very happy, some things sad. But right now, you can see in the whole world, you can calculate, how long the war in Ukraine will last.

Even if the NATO chief says that it will last long – you don’t have to always listen to all this garbage from p. (Francis) and from Stoltenberg. Sounds like stone. Like a mountain of stones. (Yes, Master.) Anyway, it’s enough garbage already.

I don’t know why all this money that’s spent to kill, to murder, and to war with neighbors, or other countries, my God, that alone could make our world a paradise already, with all the poor people being helped. With all the beneficial programs for humanity. (Yes.) Then we would never have these kinds of photographs of children, infants with only ribs showing, even protruding out of their skin. (Yes, Master.) You can count the ribs on their body, because they’re so hungry, starving everywhere. (Yes.)

“Media report from Channel 4 News - Mar 29, 2022 Reporter (m): Most of the families here have already lost everything to the drought.

Drought Victim (f): Thirst is here, hunger is here, the scorching sun is here, drought is here.”

“Media report from Channel 4 News - Nov 2, 2017 Reporter (m): The doctor is called to help a 5-month-old boy called Ataan who’s just been brought in by terrified parents.

Female Voice: Is he breathing?

Reporter (m): Ataan is suffering because his mother is so malnourished that she’s unable to breastfeed anymore. Another emergency unfolds a few steps away. It’s a boy with malaria, but malnutrition has made him weak. The doctors do everything they can, working frantically to resuscitate the boy. But it’s too late.

Doctor (m): Ninety percent of the cases in this hospital are children suffering from malnutrition.”

“Media report from BBC News - Feb 24, 2021 Reporter (f): Those causes are complex, but don’t include lack of food in the markets. There’s plenty to buy, but many can’t afford it. Six years of conflict have taken their toll. Food prices have risen about 140%. The Yemeni currency has collapsed along with the economy.”

And all this war and destruction. My God, so much money will be spent later on if the war ends. So much money to reconstruct a country. (Yes, that’s right.) The sad, sorrowful and brutal energy, I don’t know how long it will take to rebuild it. (Yes, Master.) For both Russia and Ukraine. Especially for Ukraine, the victim country. (Yes, Master.) What’s all this for? I don’t know why NATO says they have rules. To hell with rules, I tell you. […] And now the whole country is in boiling water, on fire, in desperation – begging for help.

“Media Report from CBS Evening News – June 12, 2022 Reporter (f): New warnings, Ukraine is outgunned and desperately in need of faster deliveries of arms from the West. Ukraine’s government says it can respond with only one artillery round to every ten fired by Russia. And in Mariupol, this new video of mass graves. Officials say as many as 20,000 people are buried there.”

Every day, I never heard President Zelenskyy not asking for help. (That’s true. Yes, Master. True.) And at least two times he asked NATO to commit totally. (Yes.) Meaning with force and with soldiers and with the best equipment. (Yes, Master.) Still, they just turn a deaf ear and blind eye. […]

So, I ask Europe, all the European countries and whatever NATO country wants to join – they must join forces to help Ukraine to flush their aggressors out. […] (Yes, Master.) If Russia has Ukraine anywhere as a stepping stone, as a springboard, they will be soon in hell, in war. War is hell, man. (Yes, exactly, Master.)

“Media Report from Європейська правда – Mar. 23, 2022 TV host (m): And if you think that we will stop in Ukraine, think again! I should remind you that Ukraine is only an intermediate stage in ensuring the strategic strategy of the Russian Federation!

TV host 2 (m): We’ll soon run out of patience and just launch something heavy towards Washington and London.

Speaker (m): Poland is playing with fire. There were three Partitions of Poland. The fourth will be their last.

Putin (m): Russia’s border stretches to no end.

Speaker (m): Time allowing, and nothing will remain of Poland, and of the Baltic states too. Speaker 2 (m): We will bring our army to the western borders again… They (Europeans) are cowardly, they are afraid, they need to be conquered with fear, with a whip.

Speaker 3 (m): We can’t just stop halfway.

Reporter (m): Our submarines are capable of launching more than half a thousand nuclear warheads, which is a guarantee to destroy the United States and all NATO countries to boot.”

“Media Report from MSNBC – Apr. 7, 2022 Senator (m): We are naïve. General Milley said yesterday, we are naïve to believe that this is all going to be wrapped up in a matter of weeks or months. I’m afraid Vladimir Putin has struck out on the course that as long as he’s in control of those Russian military forces, puts at risk, not only Ukraine, which we know today, tomorrow Poland, the day after Baltics. We have to be ready to stop this man, because I can tell you he won’t stop at Ukraine.”

So, I just hope they wake up and do it. (Yes, Master.) I'm saying all this – it’s bad for me, bad karma for me, but I have no heart to see the Ukrainian people suffer for nothing like that, from nothing. (Understand, Master.) Just like history repeats itself again. Always Russia came and molested them, possessed them, controlled them, destroyed their country and destroyed their people. Murdering, raping and killing their people like that. (Yes, Master.) Destroy their lives, destroy their country. They have done nothing. Just because they're smaller, they’re weaker, and the whole world cheated them to give up their nuclear weapons with just an empty promise that they will protect Ukraine. […] (Yes. Right, Master.)

So how bad can that be already? And NATO talks about rules. Just garbage. Do you hear me? (Yes, Master. Exactly.) Absolute rubbish. Nothing more. I don't like the darkness that Stoltenberg exudes from his being. I really hope he understands better. Otherwise, he will just be dragged lower, lower and lower and nearer to hell and then become one of them, one of the demons. (Yes, Master.) Right now, he's possessed, but he will become one of them if he continues like that instead of fighting for goodness, against evil. (Yes, Master.) And not just him, in Europe there're some more. You know already. (Yes, Master.) You know at least one of them.

OK then. I’m sorry to have ended with a negative note. But what else to say when we talk about Ukraine and the unjustified war from Russia, from the Kremlin. (Right, Master, yes.) Not all Russian people agree with that. It’s just the Kremlin. (Yes.) Just Moscow, the evil, stupid, greedy government, continues the trend of the earlier leaders. (Yes, Master.) […] So sad, so sad. So sad.

“Media Report from Sky News – Mar. 9, 2022 Reporter (m): These children are on the move inside Ukraine, trying to stay ahead of the fighting here. Many of them orphans, most of them from broken homes. They are working hard here, but towards what kind of future? No one really knows. ‘All of them went through something,’ she says, ‘some of them were caught in the shelling or the bombing. Some of them had no shelter because their homes got hit. Of course, each of them has trauma.’ ‘Her legs are trembling,’ she says. ‘And she's harming herself.’ ‘They are stressed by moving from their hometowns in awful conditions,’ she says, ‘they are worried about families, the instability and they feel alone.’ ‘What I offer,’ she says, ‘is support and love. They all need love, so much love.’”

“Media Report from Sky News - May 4, 2022 Reporter (m): Iryna says, ‘I just want to comfort them and make their trauma smaller and smaller and smaller.’ Nicole Bulizhenko is 12-years-old. For two months, she's been sheltering from the bombs in a city under attack. ‘It is so painful. I'm anxious about everyone I love.’ What about her family? Are her family OK at the moment? ‘Yes,’ she says. Suddenly, the things she wants to say become too difficult, but it is a glimpse of the harrowing impact all this is having on children here.”

Terrible. Poor people, all these innocent children. My God, how can they live like this? Their childhood is ruined. (Yes, Master.) And what you experience in your childhood will be almost impossible to erase. (Right, Master. Yes. True, Master. Indeed.)

Let’s pray for them, at least the children that they might recover their innocence and their optimism, and their enthusiasm to continue to experience a good world and education and look forward to their bright future. Because that will make their parents and grandparents happy too. And that will contribute to a peaceful energy for Ukraine and for wherever they go to take refuge at the moment, and to have hope that the war will end soon. Pray that they can return to their own land because there’s no place like home. (Yes, Master.) […]

Host: Our humble gratitude to Most Compassionate Master for Her continuous Safeguarding of humanity, and constant faith in our God-like potential to overturn the misfortunate state of our world and make it a paradise. Our hopes and prayers for the urgent awakening of humankind to the simple solution that is fully beneficial for all – to stop any kind of violence, such as the cruel war in Ukraine and the ruthless exploitation of the gentle animal-people. Thus, may we rediscover the vast abundance that our planet offers, as suffering finds no more place in all hearts. We wish Most Loving Master vigorous wellness and mighty protection by all Majestic Divinities.

To hear more of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s thoughts and wisdom on the devastating outcomes of war, and why the West should now take military action in Ukraine before it’s too late, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date for the full broadcast of this conference.

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Noteworthy News / Fly-in NewsThe Message God Sent to the Russian Army, June 12, 2022



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Host: On Sunday, June 12, 2022, our Most Precious Supreme Master Ching Hai called Supreme Master Television team members, concerned for their wellbeing, She lovingly gave a health tip in relation to eyecare when working in front of a computer. During the conference, Master also kindly answered questions the members had regarding the situation in Ukraine and the world as a whole.

(Hi, Master.) Anybody home? (Yes, Master.) Are you all alright? Happy? (Yes, we are great. Yes, Master. Thank You. How are You, Master?) I’m good. I’m good. Thank you. I’m not too good, but good. Meaning, I’m good. (Good is good.)

It’s just that too much suffering and anxiety in the world doesn’t help me to feel restful, even though my soul is restful. (Understand. Yes, Master.) Just we are in this world and it’s inevitable that we can feel other people’s suffering, pain and sorrow, or and happiness. But in this world, there’s too little happiness. (Yes, Master. That’s true.) So, we feel all the suffering and sorrow of people. I mean the people from both the human and animal kingdoms. And it’s a sad thing. It’s a shame. We could have a paradise here on Earth. (Right. Yes, Master.)

I want to tell you guys, also all your brothers later, that if your eyes are tired from staring too long at the computer screen, when working; the bright screen makes your eyes tired. (Yes.) And apart from going out every couple of hours in the greenery to relieve the strain, the strenuous feeling from the eyes, as well as repairing and replenishing them, before you rest, you should put like a wet towel on your eyes. (Oh. Yes. Understand.) It’s better if you put cold chamomile tea into the towel. (Yes.) And then you put it on your eyes while lying, resting. (Yes. OK, Master.) And keep changing it so that it’s cold and fresh; more chamomile tea all the time. (Right. Yes.)

Just put it on your eyes, make them rest while you are reciting the Holy Names, and relax like that for a while, maybe up to 10 minutes. (Yes. OK. Thank You for this tip, Master.) It will be very helpful. (Yes.) If you don’t have chamomile tea, then at least use some cold water. (OK, Master.) It will not harm your eyes. It will be good, anyway. Remember that. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Whenever you can at night.

You can cook the chamomile tea and let it be cold in a jar or something. (Yes. Right.) And then you can leave it in the fridge, or at room temperature or outside in the cool temperature, it depends. (Yes, Master.) If you like it cold, you keep it in the fridge, and whenever you use it, you take it out. (Yes, Master.)

You don’t have to cook it every day. Every time you use it, maybe one chamomile teabag for one cup, (Yes.) like, the normal china teacup. And it can be used for a couple of days or three days until it’s finished. Then you can make a new one. (Yes. Understand.) Maybe you cannot do it every day, you’re tired or something. But you have a treatment, maybe three, four days or one week and then take a rest. Or maybe three days, take a rest and do it again. (Yes, Master.)

I forgot about that. I just remembered now, I mean, a few days now, because I remember, when my eyes had to be operated on and the doctor told me that. And then now because my eyes keep bothering me, I remember that. Of course, I told you all about the eye drops already. (Right. Yes.) But this is extra. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You so much, Master, for the tip. Thank You, Master.)

It’s OK, of course. I should have remembered that a long time ago, but I keep bearing the eye irritation, because I keep pushing it. When I’m working, I couldn’t care less what. This is bad. It’s not good like that, not good at all. You must take care of yourself. (Right, Master.) Don’t do what I do. Do what I told you. (Yes, Master.) I forgot and I have too much worry and anxiety about the world, for the world.

I’m still fighting so that not all the world will be annihilated. (Oh.) I am still fighting, negotiating, discussing about that with all concerned in Heavens and on Earth. (Thank You, Master.) But the thing is, we cannot save all of them. We could save the souls of some good ones. (Yes.) Because not all of them are good. Not all of them are repentant, and not all of them are real humans. (Oh. Wow.)

They were like demons and ghosts, or maya’s, the illusional king’s subordinates, infiltrating into human worlds, to stir up problems, to cause havoc and pain to humans. (Oh.) That’s what they do. So, we cannot save everyone, even if we wanted to. (Understand, Master.) Some are also possessing humans, to make them do bad things. (Oh, God.) You can see that through the war in Ukraine. (Yes. That’s true.)

(What did Master mean by some humans are not humans?) Because some are kind of zombies. They are possessed by some lower negative entity, and they direct that person to do things not according to what that person really wants. (Wow.) Therefore, sometimes people go out and do some bad things, and come back and they don’t remember.

“Media Report from CBS News – June 6, 2022 Vladimir: Investigations are underway across this country after 13 mass shootings took place over the weekend.”

“Media Report from Good Morning America – June 6, 2022 Pierre: There have been more mass shootings than days in the year so far. In only 157 days this year, there have been at least 246 mass shootings: defined as four or more people shot and or killed in a single incident. And they’re happening in every kind of scenario – public and private.”

“Media Report from WKMG News 6 – Aug. 17, 2020

Matt: So, tonight new details surface in the death of a local attorney here. She was attacked in her own home over the weekend, detectives saying her house was most likely chosen at random. And investigators tell News 6 the suspect here had just been reported missing from the nearby hospital.

Policeman: We have not been able to establish any connection between the victim and the suspect.

Troy: Franklin’s long-time girlfriend telling News 6 that about an hour before the alleged murder, she reported him missing from ORMC (Orlando Regional Medical Center) after being admitted for making what she called troubling statements.

Girlfriend (f): The way he was talking, he does not talk like that. He respects people. He was talking crazy. He was even thinking that somebody was going to kill him, OK. That’s the things that he was saying.

Troy: Orlando police say that Franklin told them that he doesn’t remember anything that happened, from the time that he left the hospital to the time he was arrested.”

“Media Report from WKMG News 6 – Apr. 6, 2018

Ginger (f): A man suspected of killing his roommate in Osceola county.

Reporter (m): Wadell allegedly shot at Corvino more than a dozen times. Over and over Wadell told police he was fine but he couldn’t remember what happened before police showed up. From what he could remember, Wadell says he woke up that morning feeling scared and being in Corvino’s room where he saw Corvino covered in blood with a gun lying next to him. Wadell went on to say that sometimes he has nightmares and thoughts of wanting to kill young men, but never acted on these thoughts.”

“Media Report from WLKY News Louisville – Apr. 25, 2016

Policeman: We will charge you with murder, and we’ll go from there.

Stuart Cox: Murder?

Policeman: That’s right.

Reporter (f): Stuart Cox’s reaction to learning he would face a murder charge was immediate. Upon learning why he was in a police interrogation room, things soon changed.

Policeman: Tracey’s name was Tracey Brock.

Stuart Cox: That’s right. That’s my girlfriend.

Policeman: Right.

Stuart Cox: What’s wrong with her?

Policeman: She’s dead. You killed her. You got in an argument and you shot her, you killed her. She’s dead. That’s why you’ve been charged with murder.

Reporter (f): From the moment Cox is accused, he denies remembering anything about the morning of March 25th, even when detectives say witnesses place him at this Osceola place home at the time of the murder.

Stuart Cox: I don’t remember anything past last night when we were all passed out.

Reporter (f): Investigators continue to ask why Tracey Brock is dead. Cox claims he doesn’t know, saying he loved her, even breaking down at times.”

“Media Report from WXYZ-TV Detroit – Feb. 6, 2018

Reporter (f): Forty-three-year-old Decharlos Brooks appeared in court today after being accused of shooting Officer Glenn Doss. Police say Brooks shot Doss in the head after DPD (Detroit Police Department) officers were dispatched to his house on McDougall for a 911 call. According to Brooks’ attorney, he doesn’t remember what happened that day.

James (m): He has no recollection of the events. Therefore, I am unable at this point to proceed.”

“Media Report from KREM 2 News – Jan. 25, 2019

Alexa (f): Twenty-five-year-old Ashley Horning is facing a second-degree murder charge. But today in court, through her lawyer, Horning told the judge she doesn’t remember anything.

Lawyer (m): She does not understand or recall this event at all, that she has issues with sleepwalking and such things.”

Or some people die, and then some possessive entity just comes into that body and continues to live on, using that body to enjoy whatever they want to enjoy. Some negative entities are powerful, they can possess for a longer time, and some just temporarily, like now and then. (Wow. Scary.) Yeah. Scary, I know. That’s why many people do bad things. It’s not always their intention. (Oh, I see.) The soul’s gone, dead already, and the body is used by a negative power. (Wow. Scary, yes.) Yeah.

Even animal-people, some animals are used by these hungry zealous ghosts or demons. They took over the dead body of some animal and went out and killed people or killed other animal-people in a vicious, unusual way. (Oh, my God.) Even insects, like some ants are not real ants, they are zombies. (Oh, yes.) Either by the curse of some black, vicious magician, or possessed or directed by negative entities. (Oh, wow. Yes.) Yeah, yeah. Recently, there was a sloth bear, they call it “sloth bear,” who killed a couple. (Oh!) Attacked them in a very unusual way. That’s what they said, “unusual way.” Because normally, the bear-people wouldn’t do that. (Right.)

So, these are some examples. This world is a very scary world. Not all are real. (Yes.) So, humans are also victims living in such a terrible environment. The Buddha said this world is full of demons, ghosts and vicious entities. In the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha said that. He told a parable story. One very rich father has many children. And his children went to play in some deserted kind of ruined house, and in that place were ghosts and demons, and was burning. So, he worried about his children and he tried hard to get them out of there. (Oh.) This is a parable for our world. (Yes, I see.)

And the Buddha came down, like any other Master who came down, and tried so hard to get humans out of danger. Many humans don’t know. That’s why they don’t follow Them, because they can’t see what the Buddha sees and what the Master sees. (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.) That’s why all the Masters always feel very sorry for humans and try so hard, even sacrificing everything and Their lives for them. (Yes.) But it’s a pity humans do not understand, do not believe what the Masters say. That’s why they bring harm upon themselves. (Yes, Master.)

(Master, we forgot to ask You, some leaders advised Ukraine not to humiliate Putin. But how? Because Putin invaded Ukraine unprovoked, with no reason.) Yeah. Everybody knows that. (Why did those leaders advise Ukraine to do that? It seems senseless.)

I wonder myself. These are the black dot people. (Oh, I see. Yes.) Or influenced by black dot people. (Ah, right. Yes.) They worry that Putin will not give them gas and oil, and threaten their country. (Oh. Understand.) And the war of Putin will damage their economy. (Yes.) Because many refugees will run to their countries. (Oh, I see.) That will take a lot of time, money, infrastructure and organizing, to help the refugees. (Right. Yes.) Political and all kinds of things. And they are also afraid. (Understand. Yes.) Or they are influenced by their personal relationship with Putin. (Oh. I see. Yes.) Some people like Putin for different reasons. I don’t want to say it here. Not just political – personal. (Understand, Master. Yes.) Maybe they also have the same wicked ideal. (Wow.)

That idea, the suggestion, you asked me now, is from Henry Kissinger and from Macron. (Yes.) So, these two leaders, as far as I know, advised Ukraine not to humiliate Putin. (Yes, Master.) But other people would say that humiliation for Putin is inevitable, because of the war. (Right. Yes.) He humiliated himself, because Russia keeps losing. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

And so many generals died. I don’t know how many generals Putin still has leftover. Maybe ten. (True.) In the whole country, you can’t have that many generals. But they all died. Whoever was sent to Ukraine all died. (Yes. That’s right.) The top ones, generals and colonels, these leaders of the army. (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.) And that sends a lot of shockwaves into his army. They’re demoralized and depressed. (Yes. Right.) And they defect or they run away or they can’t fight well. (Yes. I see.)

Now and then, they gain some pockets in some places here and there. (Yes, Master.) Of course, because they are pushed to do it. Or some vulnerable area, easy to invade and to control. (Yes, Master. Right.) Also, they have these three bases in Ukraine, Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk. (Right. Yes.) They use them like stepping stones, to spread out. (Yes, Master.) If they didn’t have these three areas, they would have lost immediately in the beginning. (Yes. True.)

This is a message that the aggressive gangsters of the Russian government did not get. This is from God. The message is from God. All the war leaders, the generals and colonels who’ve been sent to war all died. (Yes.) That’s a message from Heavens, saying, “Stop it. (Yes.) Stop it.” Because in any war, any fight, if the leaders die, that is a bad omen. (Right. Yes, exactly. Yes, Master.) That means bad morale for their subordinates, for the soldiers. (Yes. True.) Normally in the old times, if the leaders die, the soldiers will run. (Right, yes, Master.) Run away, and give victory to the other side. (Yes.)

But these Russian gangsters in the Kremlin, they did not learn that. (Oh.) Because they probably also don’t know how to retreat now, since Putin is dead. (Yes.) They are putting up a couple of old photos and saying it’s a photo from yesterday or a video, or whatever. It’s all fake. (Oh, yes. Yes, Master.) It’s all fake. Even in the rare case that it looks like him, it is just zealous demons manifested. (Oh. Wow.) It won’t be able to sustain long, unless they keep changing the ghost inside. (Wow.) I mean, to keep manifesting for some short time. (Understand.) Unless there’re some powerful ones that can sustain a little longer. (Oh, right.)

But it’s not Putin. (I see.) My invisible people took him somewhere already. (Wow.) His soul, gone. (Wow.) (Yes, Master.) Russia did not want to let people know, because they also don’t know how to deal with it. (Understand. Yes.) In the middle of the war, big talk, and big threatening, it cannot suddenly just all stop. (That’s right. Yes.) So, they’re still thinking about what to do. I hope they think fast. (Yes.)

Concerning the humiliation for Putin, people say it’s inevitable. (Yes.) Because of all that, because of all the deaths of the military leaders. (Yes, Master. Right.) And before he died, he was constantly surrounded by doctors and had to go to the hospital. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s very shaky – the Kremlin. (Yes, Master.) The Kremlin was very shaky and now it’s chaotic and confused. (Right.)

Putin seemed to hint at one successor, before he died, but they probably also didn’t know how to use him. (Oh.) They’re all confused right now. (I see. Yes, Master.) They were suddenly thrown into a mess. (Wow.) And that man, the so-called successor, maybe didn’t want to really inherit the war and all the bad reputation. (Oh.) And yet, he could not stop. Because if he stops it, meaning against the gang, then he will die. (Right. Yes. Understand.) So, they’re all in a mess right now. (Right. I see.) And if the gang kills him, then they also don’t know what to do after he dies. (Yes. Understand, Master.)

So, the poor guy has been picked up but he’s not all that happy. (Yes.) He’s old already. Old people mostly like to be with their wives, children, and grandchildren. (Right.) Sitting under the clouds in the sunset. (Yes.) Enjoying some beautiful scenery elsewhere in Russia, or other countries. (Right.) They’ve been working all their lives, they’re tired. (Exactly. Yes. Right.) So, they don’t feel like taking on the war and killing people. (Yes.)

So, now the Kremlin is in a mess. And so that’s why Lavrov was trying so hard to patch it up. So, that’s why he planned to go everywhere. Different countries. Allies or non-allies. (Yes.) But then many countries stopped him. Blocked his road. (Oh, right.) So, he could not go anywhere. (Right. Yes.) Just one or two countries maybe. Arab. Trying to explain. Damage control. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) Panicky damage control. (Exactly. Yes.) But then other countries don’t like Russia, so they blocked him. And he was angry, of course. (Yes.) He should know, he’s also dying soon. My God. What for fighting for nothing? (Right. Yes. True.)

Before Alexander the Great died, he told his people to put both his hands out of the coffin, of the cover, so that people know that when you die, even if you are Alexander the Great, you have nothing. (Right. True.) You take nothing with you. (Yes.) He died under a silver umbrella. Silver canopy. Yes, he died under a silver canopy. Silver canopy. Because he was a leader, so they gave him a silver one. (Oh.) So what? (Yes, Master.) You die under a silver canopy or under the dry leaves of a dead tree, it’s the same, isn’t it? (Right. Exactly.) Or you die under the empty sky, or cloudy sky, or under the sun. It’s all the same, you die. (Yes.) And you have nothing. (Yes. Right.)

So, before he died, he wanted to leave this lesson to the world: don’t make war. Don’t try to possess anything, because you will die with empty hands. (That’s right. Right.) And it’s not the worst thing. You will go to hell. If he could have conveyed that message, he would have as well. (Yes.) So, Alexander the Great was not all that “great.” He died like us, right? (Yes, exactly.) Just like a street sweeper, toilet cleaner. (Yes.) Any of us. (True. Yes, Master.)

But these later generations after him, still never learned what he wanted to convey to them. (Yes.) Still, they are always playing all these foolish games, and evil games still continuously. This is truly idiocy or evil in disguise. (Yes, Master. That’s right.)

But the thing is, what do these two leaders ask Ukraine to do? They did not explain how they should not humiliate Putin, when Putin was alive. (Right. Yes.) It’s not just Putin, it’s the gang in the Kremlin. (Yes.) I was hoping that after Putin died, their ambition, their wickedness would also die down, but it still continues, for now. (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.) Because of the collective karma of the world.

Now, I guess this Kissinger, the former Secretary of State of the United States, (Yes.) and Macron wanted to tell the Ukrainian people to do things that they don’t want to do. (Right.) (But Master, what do they want Ukraine to do?) That’s a good question. I think I understand what they want the Ukrainians to do. For example, all the tens of thousands of Ukrainians who are dead from this aggressive, bloody war from Putin, they should all wake up, resurrect and then praise him for this senseless, unprovoked war. And the raped elderly, the raped young women, the raped little girls and little boys, should also thank him, for such a horrible experience. Inhumane. (Right.)

And the wounded or injured Ukrainians, like those who don’t even have any more arms, (Yes.) even the journalist who lost his arms in Ukraine, they should write letters to Putin to praise him, to thank him. And the millions of Ukrainian refugees should run to Russia to build a great memorial, with Putin’s statue on top, with a big title underneath it saying, “The greatest bloodthirsty monster in the world.” (Gosh.) And then after that, they should go back to Ukraine and wait to be bombed to death again, instead of running to a neighboring country.

And all the farmers in Ukraine should apologize for not being able to deliver all their produce because of relentless bombing from Russia. Otherwise, they would be able to deliver all their farm produce to Putin in the Kremlin, so that he can sell and earn a lot of money and then continue making war. So, it’s all the farmers’ fault.

And those Ukrainians who lost everything in the war should be grateful to Putin for the “liberation” that he gave them. “Liberated” from food, from drink, from shelter, from any necessary things to survive. (Yes, Master. Yes.)

“Media Report from EuroNews – May 24, 2022

Valérie: Her husband disappeared a day before the end of the occupation of the city. His body was identified 10 days later in a morgue.

Olga: They broke his skull. They broke his bones. He had multiple fractures. What was he killed for? I don’t know. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. Many people were killed. Many of my countrymen. My classmate exploded on a mine. It tore him apart. Nothing was left. They came to ‘liberate’ us. From whom and from what did they ‘liberate’ us? ‘We will liberate you. It’s a special operation. We are liberating you.’ They ‘liberated’ us from everything. From normal life conditions. From life itself. I wait for my husband every day as if he was at work, and will come back. But he will not come back, he won’t. He will never come back. Never.”

And those who run away from bombs with their children, with their elderly parents or with their pet-people, should forever kneel and feel repentant to Putin. And they should pray that he will be spared from hellfire.

And the Ukrainians who are still not dead yet, the living Ukrainians, still need to think to the utmost, think harder to give Putin a good excuse to invade their country. Even though it’s a bit late now, but they still can think how to make an excuse for him, how to say the excuse for him. (Yes.) How to cover his bloodthirsty invasions with some hellish excuse.

And now they also have to think of how to help the Russian gang in the Kremlin, or in Russia anywhere, to cover up the truth that Putin is dead. They didn’t know how to yet, so they didn’t say anything. (Right.) They have to help Russia to cover up Putin’s death. So that the Russian army will not lose more morale.

“Media Report from WION – May 31, 2022 Reporter (m): These are the headquarters of MI6, Britain's foremost secret service agency. Their latest report is shocking. MI6 says Vladimir Putin may already be dead. Yes, the bosses at this intel body say the Russian president is no more. They’re making headlines in Britain. ‘Putin is very ill and when he dies, his death will be kept secret for weeks, if not months. There is also the possibility that he is already dead. It's impossible to know. It is believed that Putin has employed body doubles in the past when he has been unwell, and the Kremlin could be doing so now.’ Some say he had abdominal cancer. Others say he suffered from Parkinson's disease. Yet others claim it was the result of a surgery.”

And the Ukrainian government and the whole Ukrainian citizens should give Putin their precious beloved ancestral land of Ukraine, so they can make a convenient way for him to invade other countries. First of all, Europe and then continue. Because that would be very convenient for Russia to do it. And then they will all be like slaves under Russia’s strict communist control and governing. (Oh, no. Sounds scary.) Sounds great for the Ukrainians, no? (Not at all. No.) Don’t you think they’ll all love it? (No, Master. No.) And the European people will like it. (Not at all. No way.) They’re waiting for Russia to invade them as well. (Oh, God.) Sure. They don’t like freedom. They don’t like democracy. Do they? Looks like.

(So, Master, what happens if they still continue to humiliate Putin?) So-called humiliation, even if he’s dead already. What I mean is, we talk about the war, whether Putin’s dead or alive. He humiliated himself. (I see.) And killed tens of thousands of his soldiers and the war costs tens of thousands more wounded. (Yes.) And that’s why they reported that he still thinks of bringing the conscripts? That will make Russian people hate him more. (Understand.)

And what happens to Ukraine if they continue to humiliate him? Why don’t they just give all the land to Putin? Then they won’t humiliate him anymore, whether or not he’s dead or alive. And then the whole country will become his prisoners, because they’re all against him. (Yes, Master.) Then you can imagine how the Ukrainian government and the citizens will be treated if they give Putin what he wants – their beloved land. (Right.) They all will become prisoners. (Oh, God. Right.) Maybe murdered, killed, tortured, for any information that they don’t even know. (That’s terrible.) Just for “Why you dare go against Putin?” (Yes, Master.)

So can you imagine, if they stop the war, then all the Ukrainians become prisoners, become enemies. (Yes.) They are already enemies, but they would be under Russia’s torture and brutal treatment, because they all rose up against Putin during the war. (Yes, Master. Yes, that’s true.) So there would be no peace, no peaceful living under Russia’s control even. (Yes, Master.) Well, at least not this generation. (Right.)

(So, Master, what would you say about all this?) I would say, may God save Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. May all wake up. (Yes. Amen.) Amen. May the whole world wake up to have peace and paradise on Earth between humans and between humans and animal-people. (Amen.) And of course, Russia, go home! (Yes. Right.) And may God bless also NATO members.

Now is the time to stop the war!!! Or NATO should bring all its forces, its soldiers, into Ukraine, and flush all the Russian soldiers out of Ukraine? Or kowtow to Russia???

Thank you for continuing to help the world in your capacity. Thank you, all of you. (Thank You, also, Master, for doing everything that You can.) Thank you, all of you. (Thank You, Master.) All of you who help Supreme Master Television and help other humans in any situation and help animal-people in any situation. May God bless you all. (Thank You, Master.) May God bless our world. I talk to you another time. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Unless you have any other questions? (No more questions, Master. Thank You very much.) Thank you, then. God love. (Thank You, Master. God love. God protect Master.) God protect you. God love you. And I love you. (We love You, too, Master.)

Host: Most Gracious Master, “Thank You” will never be enough to convey our forever gratitude for Your ceaseless efforts to save our world. We are in awe of Your enduring Love and Determination to help everyone possible, even by negotiating with Heavens. May the Most High bestow upon us the strength to overcome all senseless wars and suffering, as we pray for the most powerful outcome for all – each of us being awakened from the core and following God’s vital commandments. We wish Cherished Master vigorous wellness and protection, assured by all Divine Beings. Please tune in again for the broadcast of this conference on Between Master and Disciples at a later date.

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