Be Vegan, make peace.

Be Vegan, make peace.

Be Vegan, make peace.

Be Vegan, make peace.

Be Vegan, make peace.
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The Phoenix, Part 3 of 13, Mar 26, 2021
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I have my goal, I have my work to do. I do everything for that, (Right.) for the animals, for the humans, for the planet, to wake them up, as many as I can, and to save as many suffering animals as I can. I have no interest in other things. (Yes, Master.) I do whatever I have to do, that’s all.

There are truly no sinners in this world, according to what I’m thinking. Because they are only victims. They are victims, victims and victims, victims everywhere. (Yes, Master.) Victims of ignorance. Victims of the makeup of their own physical body that is before they were born already. (Yes, Master.)
Whether or not they’ll be a real man, a real woman, or a gay or a lesbian or bisexual or transvestite, whatever it is, they are born like that. Some don’t recognize immediately. Some recognize earlier on, some not. And later on, they grow up, sometimes they even marry and have children. (Yes.) But then, suddenly, boom! Like a man, he saw another man, suddenly something stirs in him. (Yes.) And he would leave his family.
I don’t say it’s good, but it is something inside him that stirs up and wakes him up and makes him feel like he’s not what he has been thinking that he was. (Yes, Master.) And then something is urging him so he cannot even control it. He doesn’t want to. But he could not control and then he just left his family. He cannot continue to live with the lie, the false pretense after he knew already something else about himself. (Yes, Master.) He feels like he is a fake, so he just probably has to go and live the way he thinks he should. (Yes, Master.) That’s how things happen. Same with women.

I told you already, I was in New York, working in the Buddhist temple, and one day, one layman came in. The abbot’s not home. I was alone and I was renovating the temple all by myself, like painting the wall, fixing some broken pieces of wall in the bathroom and all that, used cement or whatever I can. Things are broken because the house is old, nobody is there to take care. They just come, meditate with the Master, and then are gone. And when the Master is gone, not many people come either, so I normally meditated in those times. But one of the men came, then of course he stayed in the front, I stayed in the back. There is a door in between, with a back side and front side. Then he helped me also to do the renovating. I said, “It is good that you’re here, Because I’m tired, my neck is tired, having to paint the ceiling. I am so short of hands. So please, you do that for me, and I do the lower part.” He is happy to do that.
Then we got talking, and I asked him why he is not working or something, he comes here for like a volunteer holiday or something? He said, “No, I’m sad, I’m sad, because my girlfriend left me.” And then I said, “Oh, man, you’re Buddhist, right? You know karma, when it’s gone, it’s gone. No more. You shouldn’t worry about it. You should just forget it or…” He said he tried to but he cannot forget, so, “OK, it will take some time.” He said it won’t take time, he will not forget. I said, “What’s so difficult? You don’t say so definitely like that. Time heals everything.” He said, “No, this is different.” So I asked, “What’s the other guy have that you don’t have? Maybe he’s richer or something, or more handsome.” He said, “No, she left for another woman!” (Oh!) So I said, “Ah, now I understand. That’s why you are so despondent, so, desperate, so hopeless.” I said, “OK then, in that case, you should let her go and feel happy for her that she recognized where she belongs, and what she should do with her life, and pray for her, that’s all.”
So, these things happen, not that people really want it. Someday it just hits them like that. You saw it already. There was one film, a long, long time ago, when I had nothing to do, when I had not a lot of disciples. In America, there is something, “In & Out,” something like that. (Yes.) There is one guy, he is to marry his sweetheart, and then suddenly, one day, he met this reporter and then they just “clapped” together. (Yes.) He realized that he is not interested in women all this time, so the woman complained.

Recently, there was a gossip column somewhere about a Korean man. They married him with a woman but he was never interested in her. He never touched her. And then one day, he met another guy and then they talked about not just a normal relationship, but the other kind of relationship. Then he realized, oh, that’s why he is not interested in women, never, and he seems to be more leaning toward affection for men. (Wow.) This is on the newspapers, even.
So things are like that, you are born like that, so just accept it and society should just accept it. You are also human, (Yes, Master.) whoever you are, gay, lesbian, and all that. Just don’t hit on me, then you will be fine. That’s all I want: no, not me, that’s all. I am quite busy. I am not interested either in real man or half man, or no man, or woman or not woman. (Yes, Master.)

I have my goal, I have my work to do. I do everything for that, (Right.) for the animals, for the humans, for the planet, to wake them up, as many as I can, and to save as many suffering animals as I can. I have no interest in other things. (Yes, Master.) I do whatever I have to do, that’s all. Whatever I have to do, I have to do. If I have to go to hell, I will do that. (Oh no, Master.) Just for that also. For my goal, for my motive. My ideal. Because my heart doesn’t let me do any other thing. Even if I want, even if I try, it won’t let me. Do you understand? (Understand, Master.)
I will not be able to forget the animals’ suffering daily. Every second of my life, they’re suffering in anguish. And no one to defend them. No one to protect them. Every day I live with that and sometimes I cry a lot, sometimes I cry a little, sometimes I just push it aside so that my eyes won’t go blind. (Oh.) It’s already very blurry these days. I don’t know why things have gone down so fast. I guess it’s my age.

Now, what were we talking about, again? About the Christian priests, yeah? (The scandals. Yes, Master.) The diet is also the problem. Nowadays, even the diet, like the meat and all that, it’s full of hormones inside. (True. Yes, Master.) It makes you even more crazy. (Yes, Master.) A priest or a nun, they are also human. And if there’s no control, no strict regulation, and supervising, then they also fail. (Yes, Master.) They will fail, now or later, or some days, or sometime in their life. And then they try to get up again, control again, but they cannot. The wine and the meat and all that, it doesn’t help you to reach your goal as a holy person. Very difficult. That’s why all religions forbid meat and wine. (Yes, Master.)

“It is best to ABSTAIN FROM EATING ANY MEAT, OR DRINKING ANY WINE, or from any other activity which might cause a brother to fall away, or to be scandalized, or to weaken.” ~ Romans, Holy Bible
“Then said Daniel to Melzar, whom the prince of the eunuchs had set over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, ‘Test thy servants, I beseech thee, ten days, and let them give us pulse [vegetables] to eat and water to drink. Then let our countenances be looked upon before thee, and the countenance of the youths who eat of the portion of the king’s meat. And as thou seest, deal with thy servants.’ So he consented to them in this matter, and tested them ten days. And at the end of ten days their countenances appeared fairer and fatter in flesh than all the youths who ate the portion of the king’s meat. Thus Melzar TOOK AWAY THE PORTION OF THEIR MEAT AND THE WINE THAT THEY SHOULD DRINK, AND GAVE THEM PULSE [VEGETABLES].” ~ Daniel, Holy Bible
“Do not be among those who give themselves to wine-drinking, or among those who make themselves full with meat.” ~ Proverbs, Holy Bible
“Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them.” ~ 1 Corinthians, Holy Bible

I mean animal products, alcohol, and intoxicants. All these kinds of things are ruining your brain, your intellect, and your reason capability. You can’t control too much, if that kind of evil even added onto your system. And also, they rely on Jesus. They think Jesus died already for all the sinners, so they can go on sinning. It’s not like that. No, no, no.
The 12 Apostles who followed Jesus, they didn’t do any of this. They didn’t do any of the sexual stuff, drinking wine, eating meat, and all that. (Yes, Master.) Even if they say “wine,” no, it’s not, it’s just water, maybe with fruit juice or something like that. (Yes, Master.) Or maybe one day Jesus made it as a miracle, because His mother demanded. And even then, He was very displeased. He said, “Mother, why do you make me do this?” If you guys are Christian, any of you remember? (Yes, Master.) It was not like He was willing to do it, to show off or anything. (Right.) Because all the Saints and Sages and real practitioners, we know that these magical stuff are just not conducive to our Heavenward journey. (Yes, Master.)

So now, they think Jesus died for all sinners. It’s not like that. He died for His disciples, for His followers and for the people at that time whoever believed in Him. But after Jesus is gone, somebody else has to take up the cross. (Yes, Master.) That’s why Jesus said, “I am the Light in the world as long I am in the world.” He doesn’t say, “I’ll be the Light forever for you, for next generation, forever, forever.” No. He said, “I am the Light for the world as long I am in the world.”
That’s why life after life, we have different Masters coming into our planet, into our world, to help us, to teach us again. Similar to the teaching of all the teachers in the school. Even Einstein had to go. (Yes.) And another Einstein, or successor or may be lesser or better than Einstein, comes, replaces him. (Yes.)
Whoever the most brilliant teacher, has to go. But then, we have to find another living teacher. (Yes, Master.) We cannot keep waiting for Einstein, or just reading his theory and then become brilliant. Not necessarily. Practice makes the Master. (Yes, Master.) We must find another Master to learn the trait, any trait at all. (Yes, Master.) Even the geniuses, they still have to learn with other professors, (That’s right. Yes.) in order to perfect their skills, their talents, and deepen their understanding. Also, different components of the world, he has to learn to know to use them. But because he is a genius, he might learn faster and do it better than many of us. That’s correct. (Yes, Master.)
Be Vegan, make peace.

Be Vegan, make peace.

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Thoughts on the Urgent Situation in Ukraine, Feb. 26, 2022

On Saturday, February 26, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, spoke with Supreme Master Television team members about their welfare, and also about the situation in Ukraine.

(Does this war happen because of karma?) You mean between Russia and Ukraine? (Yes.) No! Not such in this case. No. It’s just greed from Putin, and whoever his gang men, hench men, and gang men. Those who produce weapons, those who like to boast about their success, those who love to make other people suffer, like they have sadistic tendency. And those who are aggressive inside. All these people caused this war.

The world is not yours. …Whatever you don’t like to be done to you, don’t do it to others. …I wish that Putin understood all this. I wish all the world leaders understood this. You know, and have to…. And they should check their minds, you know, protect their souls, protect their thinking all the time. Be vigilant. Otherwise, the demons can always make use of them to hurt themselves and to hurt others their own country or other countries or both.

Anything that doesn’t belong to you, is not freely given to you willingly, you should not take, because that is robbery. If people are not willing to give you, you make an excuse or you use force to take, that's robbery. That's like a robber. Like highway robber. There's no honor, no prestige in it. It's disgusting and despicable. Low-life. Low-life, low level. So, you cannot earn any respect from the international community doing this kind of robbery.

This is not karma; this is really blood thirsty demons’ workers, who try to cause trouble to spill bloodshed to cause suffering and sorrow for the innocent, and hell is awaiting Putin and his real supporters. And the supporter in mind only, only even, not just go into battle with him or voice opinion or anything. No, no, anybody who agree with him will go to hell also.

(I was wondering, the Ukrainian president, we see him asking for help, from the world. So, how can the world help, Master, in the situation? Or, could sanctions help in this case?)

The world can help if they want to. I don’t encourage war ever. Of course, in any way. But the Ukranian people, I cannot stop them. I cannot tell them don’t fight. Yet I cannot tell them to fight. But I admire their courage and their love for their country. Their love for justice. Otherwise, they would have taken the capital already. But the president is fighting back hard; he is out, with the people. He say, “We are still here. We will fight for our country.” (Yes, that’s real bravery Master.) Yes, yes. You’re right, you’re right. Such a brave and noble race of people deserve, deserve the international community to support them, to help them, to protect them.

I mean, such a noble race of people like that. Why do they have to put the label “NATO” on them in order to be protected? (Yes, should act more humane.) Yeah, that’s why I run a text on our TV telling Russia to go home. We do that, all of us. And also, you know, we pray for Ukraine. We really mean it. (Yes, we do pray.)
Be Vegan, make peace.


Governments Worldwide Must Stand with Ukraine, Mar. 6, 2022
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Host: At this serious hour for the world, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai once again spoke with Supreme Master Television team members to shed light on the war in Ukraine, while answering the team’s related questions.

(NATO has rejected president Zelenskyy’s request for a no-fly zone over Ukraine, and NATO’s excuse was that that would cause a war. Is this a good excuse or not, Master?)

NO-FLY ZONE IS A MUST to save Lives, Russian Lives and Ukrainian Lives.

It’s already war, so no, not a good excuse. (Yes, Master, understand.) First, they refused also Ukraine to join NATO, because they worry Russia will use that excuse to make war with Ukraine. But they refused, and Russia knows that, and they still make war with Ukraine. (Right, Master. That’s right.)

So now they say something like they worry there’s a nuclear war if they order the no-fly zone. (Yes, that’s right.) (Yes, Master.) Maybe they wait again next time until the nuclear war begins already, and then I don’t know what other excuse they will have. (Right, Master.)

Because Russia did not respect anything. (Yes, Master.) Did not respect NATO. NATO already said, “OK, we don’t have Ukraine as a member,” so that should satisfy, Russia already. (Yes, Master.) Because that was the beginning. That was the excuse, that they want to come in. They said if they stop Ukraine to go in to NATO, they don’t want it. They said if Ukraine joins NATO then that will be a problem. They will make war. Now they did already, and NATO still doesn’t admit Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) And now they just asked for a no-fly zone and they refused again.

I don’t know who has any spine in the NATO organization or not. I’m sorry. Maybe that’s why Trump did not want to continue a relationship with them. (Oh.) Yeah! Because actually, NATO got paid a lot of money. (Yes.) And a lot of money goes into Europe, and then Europe used the money to buy oil or gas or whatever from Russia. (Oh.)

"Media report from Washington Post – July 11, 2018 President Trump: Well, I have to say, I think it’s very sad when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia, where you’re supposed to be guarding against Russia and Germany goes out and pays billions and billions of dollars a year to Russia. So, we’re protecting Germany, we’re protecting France, we’re protecting all of these countries, and then numerous of the countries go out and make a pipeline deal with Russia, where they’re paying billions of dollars into the coffers of Russia. We’re supposed to be protecting you from Russia, but why are you paying billions of dollars to Russia for energy. Why are countries in NATO, namely Germany, having a large percentage of energy needs paid to Russia, and taken care of by Russia."

So, what’s the use of all that? (Oh, no use.) He feels like it’s no sense, no logic. (Yes.)

So you can see now, NATO, you can’t even trust them. NATO refused Ukraine, EU refused Ukraine, America crossed their arms in front of their chest, watching on. So, Ukraine is left alone to fend for themselves or to die alone.

Talking about good neighbors, love thy neighbors and all that. (Yes, Master.) They make an excuse, saying that if they order a no-fly Zone that means they could maybe trigger the nuclear war in Europe. (Yes, Master.) But just maybe. Because Russia will be also afraid of NATO and the world and many countries that have nuclear. (Right, that’s true.) And even maybe more than Russia has, (Yes.) if all the countries put together. (Yes, Master.) Because Russia is one and they have many nuclear in many other countries, including India, even. (Yes, Master.)

So, first they refused Ukraine because they say an excuse like Russia will make an excuse to war with Ukraine and Russia already did. And they still don’t accept Ukraine and now they make an excuse, saying it might trigger a nuclear war. So, they refused Ukraine again. Probably they wait until nuclear comes. (Yes, Master.) And at that time, it might be too late to react. (Yes, Master.) Maybe they will be dead already.

Because, you can see Russia, Putin, he does things using elements of surprise. (Oh. Yes.) Up to now, he didn’t tell anybody that he’s going to make war with Ukraine. Even though he already built up an army force next to the border. (Yes, Master.) And meanwhile, he keeps saying, “No, we don’t talk about that, even he told his spy chief, “Oh, we don’t talk about conflict with Ukraine.” Something like that. And he didn’t tell anyone else. He didn’t tell his people, even. Even the army did not know, until maybe last minute.

So, I told you, that’s why Trump did not want to continue with their relationship. (Oh.) You can see that. (Yes, Master.) So, maybe Trump is more farsighted. He’s too many steps ahead of his other politicians (Oh. Yes, Master.) in the United States of America.

I don’t know, NATO – what for are they there? I don’t know. And UN – I don’t know for what they are there. And I don’t know EU – what for are they there? America also, the government of America – I also don’t know what they’re doing there either. (Yes, Master.) Just sitting there, eating the tax money, and having big positions, so can talk loud, talk big. (Yes, Master.) Wasting time, wasting money, all day long.

Ah, God. Poor Trump, he cannot mix well with this kind of group. (Yes, Master.)

And UK, long time ago, they’ve been like invading many countries. Now, they don’t do it anymore, and somebody else invaded their neighbors and they don’t want to help. But the UK’s defense minister also objected to the no-fly zone, right? (Yes, Master.) […]

Now you know. (Yes, Master.) Truly, a friend in need is a friend indeed. It’s difficult to find friends in this world. Now they saw that Ukraine is weaker, and doesn’t have a lot of anything to offer them, and even against Russia, but they all go with Russia! Isn’t that a shame? (Yes, Master.) How can you stand with a bully and almost like helping to beat up the smaller guy?! (That’s right.) In any sense, this is really cowardly, sorry. No, I’m not sorry. Truly like that. I don’t know what they’re doing, the whole big people of the world. (Yes, Master.) You got what I said already. (Yes, Master.) […]

It is not about the size of any country. It is the principle. The principle of NATO. The principle of the EU. The principle of the free world – that you should protect somebody weak and meek, especially when they have the same principles that you uphold so high. (Yes, Master.) The principle of freedom. The principle of fairness. It’s a free world, the free world motto that they adhere to.

The same with NATO, they joined together because they wanted to have the strength of a united entity. (Yes.) So, just to protect their freedom, the sovereignty of each country. So, they joined together so that others will not dare to attack them, because they’re strong. United we stand. (Yes.)

The same principle, Ukrainians are fighting for now, and they just ignore it. They don’t just ignore Ukraine, they ignore their own highly valued, precious principle. (Yes, Master.) As if they say one thing and do another. (Yes.) Ukraine’s not NATO. They already refused him, because of fear of Russia. What a shame! And then now they refuse to help Ukraine in the best way they can.

So, now it seems like they open the door for Russia to come in. Open the sky and tell Russia to come and bomb these weak people. (Yes, Master.) Because they have nothing to defend, you just go in, man. (Yes, Master.) Oh, my God. Can you see the picture? (Yes, very clear.) How shameless! (Yes.)

If the neighbor is not your family, of course, but if he’s not a bad guy and he’s in trouble, wouldn’t you help? (Yes, Master.) Because you can, not just because you cannot. (Yes, Master.) Because you can. (Yes.) And you are just standing there and calculating, what will I get? If I help this neighbor, will that bully also later try to beat me also?

No! You have not just one neighbor, you have many neighbors; the whole community of the world is also rejecting Russia. But maybe just in talk and in some small actions only. (Yes, Master.) You don’t have just one neighbor, so why do you worry that the bully will come and beat you up. You just call all the neighbors together and help that weak guy, so he survives. (Yes, Master.) And then shoo that bully away. (Yes, exactly.) Or put him somewhere he belongs, like prison or something. Call the police.

Put Putin in the Hague, the international criminal court, where he belongs. Something like that. But no. Just stand by and watch on as people are dying, children are suffering, and millions of people have to run away, leaving their homes, leaving their husband, wife, whatever. And the whole lifetime of their labor. Their house and their security. Go into another country, begging for security and safety, just like beggars. (Yes, Master.) Killing their dignity as well. Helping Russia to do it. Such a shame! (Yes, it is, Master.) They don’t have any shame? Are they a man, or they’re just some sissy something?

So, the government didn’t want to do anything, but some veterans, even in America, they went into Ukraine to join the fight, because they understand the principle. (Yes, Master.)

Whereas the big shots, sitting on high, using tax money for comfort and security by themselves, don’t want to do anything. Oh, what a shame! What a shame. (Yes.) I don’t know where these people will go, though. I don’t think any Heaven will accept them. Even though the principle of Heaven is not to kill, but also not to let other people kill others either. No? (That’s true, Master.) (Yes, Master.) They did not have to fight, they just have to hiss. […]

So the Ukrainians, they should not have got into this terrible war, if the world had reacted earlier. (Yes.) If they hissed earlier. (Yes, Master.) As I told you, they could have also put an array of armies, bigger than Putin’s – because they are more countries than Putin – also at the border of Ukraine. Just to hiss. (Yes.) Prevention. So that Russia will think twice, if they want to go in to invade Ukraine.

They do nothing, did nothing. Let all, everything open for Russia to come in, as if inviting them already with an invitation card. Got that? (Yes, exactly.) (Yes, Master.)

The inaction from NATO, EU, and the whole world is also acting as an accomplice (Yes.) with Russia to kill Ukrainian people. […]

Oh man, they don’t know. They will also go to hell. Because they are not doing anything good. They’re just taking but not giving. (Yes, Master.) Same. Same with the accomplice. Same as the aggressor. Well, less, a little bit less, of course. But, when you do nothing, that means you’re also helping the aggressor. (Yes, Master.) When you could, but you don’t. (Yes.) If you could not, that’s a different thing. But you have everything. You even have nuclear yourself. So, why could the other scare you and you not scare him? (Yes.)

And you are more populated. You’re bigger, you are many allies together. That I don’t understand anymore, (Yes, Master.) except disrespect. I don’t have any respect for this kind of so-called gentleman; useless, good-for-nothing. Good-for-nothing. No wonder Trump got away from them. He knows. (Yes.) He smells it. (Yeah.) Just a name, just an organization in name, but does nothing really good. Alright. […]

Oh, that means they agree. They just let Putin do what he wants. Not Russia. We cannot even say Russia, (Yes.) because the Russian people did not know anything. (Yes, that’s true.) Until maybe now, they know even less. They just say special operation, “Goes smoothly as planned.” (Yes, Master.) Using all this lying.

Oh, man, poor Russian people. If the world finally wakes up one day and gets fed up and bombs Russia, then I feel truly sorry for the Russians. It’s not their fault. (Yes, Master.) It’s Putin and his gangs who are using the Russian people’s trust, and using their money to wage war on their innocent neighbors, on the less strong neighbors, who didn’t do anything wrong to them.

I truly hope the world wakes up. Oh, my God. I work too hard already. This is their job. (Yes.) It’s their job, they should do it. (That’s right, Master.) But they don’t want to do anything, because all this evil is sitting on the top. Never mind. We can only blame the world’s karma.

But still, I feel very sorry for the Ukrainians, and because of their very noble spirit. They’re not just any nation. Their spirit is very noble. They’re really not concerned about their own safety, but about their people’s safety and their country’s. I really salute them for that.

And I really feel ashamed for the European Union, for NATO, and America as well. I won’t apologize for that. Never. […]

Did I answer you well? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

Any more? (Yes, Master. Putin says he wants to eliminate Nazis in Ukraine, and he also arranged for a Chechen hit squad to attempt to assassinate Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, and that fortunately failed. Is it true Ukrainians are Nazis, Master?)

Yeah, yeah, that’s why they elected a Jewish president. Obvious, isn’t it? (Very obvious. He’s Jewish.) Very good joke, very good joke. (Exactly. Very good joke.)

My God, I think Putin is now even uneducated in the political arena? He’s not only uneducated in martial arts principles, he’s uneducated in moral standard, he’s uneducated in respect for all community leaders, and he is even uneducated in history. Oh, send him back to kindergarten, please. (Yes, Master. We wish we could.) Yeah. Wish he learns well the ABC again.

Zelenskyy is Jewish. And he won in a landslide, 70 something percent. […] Zelenskyy is a “Nazi,” so they want to assassinate him. Even using so small, criminal tactic, like snooping into somebody’s place and killing him quietly. Assassinate. (Yes, Master.) Not even outright war is good enough. Give me a break. My God. A Jewish Nazi?! Oh, yes. Oh, sure. You know how the Jews get on very well with Nazi people. Right? (Right, Master.) Six million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis. And now a Jew is the president and he is a Nazi as well. (Yes, Master.)

Oh! The world is a joke, or what? And everybody listens to that? Doing nothing? (It’s really ridiculous what he’s saying.) Ridiculous! They eat too much and they drink too much wine and they’re just so sleepy all the time, they don’t want to do anything.

Any other question? (Yes, Master. Why was President Trump friendly to Russia?)

Before, yes. Now he is not. Now he was condemning the war in Ukraine, recently. (Yes, Master.) Anyway, before, of course, before, he is a peaceful guy. So, whoever doesn’t make trouble, he befriends them. (Understand, Master.) Just like one of the United States of America’s presidents before said, “I destroy my enemies by making them my friends.” (Yes, Master.)

Besides, at that time, Russia was very not dominant, (Yes.) very quiet, (Yes.) and whatever “it’s OK.” So, he saw Russia was not very strong and not aggressive. […] (Yes, Master.) And Russia is on the Security Council in UN.

Oh, (Oh, yes.) what a choice also again. Alright. Another “good choice.” I mean sarcastically. Sorry. Don’t criticize me like Trump when he says something about Russia. (Yes, Master.) Just like before I said, “Oh, Jews and Nazis are very friendly together.” I mean the opposite. You know that, right? (Yes, Master. We do.) […]

He befriends Russia because there was no reason not to befriend. (Right.) And Russia and America together, he befriends anyone who’s not harmful to America. (Yes, Master. Understand.) So that his country will be more strong, have more allies, and contrast to some other country who is not good for America. Supposed to be like China, for example. (Yes, Master.)

And now the new administration, offends Russia, so now Russia and China are together. (Right.) If China is in opposition to America, that means America has lost a big ally. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.)

So, President Trump did not want that, he foresaw that. (Yes, Master.) He’s way, way, way ahead of his other politicians, even those who follow him. (Understand. Yes.) He does everything that is good for America, and, of course, in turn will be good for the world. (Yes, Master.) That’s the only reason, I don’t see any other reason why he befriended Russia. He is not your enemy, so he’s your friend. Isn’t that logical? (Yes, Master. Yes, it is.) Yeah, and he just wanted to have one more ally. A big ally, (Yes, true.) against the so-called enemy. Whoever. If you have more friends, it’s better than more enemies, no? (Yes, Master. True.)

And now it looks like America has more enemies now. You know, China and Russia together. The powerful countries. (Yes, Master.) The big powers. (Yes.) […]

(The West is hesitating to help Ukraine. Is it because Ukraine is such a small country? Is that correct thinking Master?)

Possible, yes. (Oh, wow.) That’s what it is, no? They’d rather sacrifice Ukraine for whatever they think. (I see.) Good for them or to avoid nuclear war, whatever.

But why should the world worry about Putin having nuclear? All of them have, most of them have. (Yes, Master.) Putin should be afraid of them, instead of the other way around. (Right, Master.)

Oh man. I don’t know what they’re doing, just eating tax money and then their spine goes too soft. Soft spine. (Yes.)

Of course, nobody wants war. (Yes, Master.) Except Putin, but if somebody beats you up, you have to defend. No? (Yes, Master.) Or if somebody threatens that he’s going to beat you up, then you have to prepare. (Yes.) To protect yourself. (Yes.) Oh, man. They take it all wrong. When they should not make war, they make war. And when they should defend themselves against a war, they don’t want to do it. (Yes, Master.)

My God. Now, there are one million refugees from Ukraine already. They would rather feed them like beggars instead of helping them to stand on their own feet and keep their dignity and sovereignty. I don’t understand the world anymore. Well, I never did, but now I understand even less. (Yes, Master.)

They just want to make excuses, easy. But they don’t know, if Russia takes over Ukraine, they will not be safe either. (True, yes.) And since Russia already broke its promise, like NATO doesn’t want to accept Ukraine as a member already, they should move, go home. (Yes.) He didn’t. He gets bigger because Putin sees that the world is weak. (Yes.) I mean NATO is weak. So, he did not back off. Even NATO already kept their promise not to take Ukraine in. (Yes.) So how would they believe that Putin will not use nuclear on them, if they don’t have Ukraine? (Yes.) How would they believe Putin? (Yes, Master.)

He says anything he wants anytime, and even says Zelenskyy is a Nazi. (Yes.) He is a Jewish man. Everybody knows that. (Yes, Master.) And the people like him. Well, now he proved even his worth. (Yes, Master.) Jewish or not, he defends his country. (Yes.) All alone like that with his small army. Oh, my God.

If you’re content with that and you have any other questions, please tell me. (Yes, Master.)

(Regarding the three regions that Russia has taken away from Ukraine, namely Crimea and the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk – the Donbass regions, Master, what would be the best thing to do about these areas?)

They belong to Ukraine. So, they should be returned to Ukraine, unquestioned. (Yes. Yes, Master.) They used to be Ukraine’s, so let it be. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) They were Ukraine’s and have always been Ukraine’s until Russia came in and took away Crimea (Yes, Master.) while the world watched on. And now they watch on again. They watched on with the other two afterward- regions. And now they watch on as Russia is eating up further into Ukraine, (Yes, Master.) whole body. (Wow.) All kinds of excuses.

They are advancing towards Kyiv now, according to the map on the news. (Yes. Yes, Master.) They took more regions now near Kyiv. Not that near, but the nearest. (Yes, Master.) And they are advancing. (Wow.) And the world just watched on and talking big and making excuses. Lame excuses, shameless excuses. All these heroes and big men, generals, whatever.

But I heard some other news. Some bipartisan House of Representatives’ group, they are going to as far as they can, to investigate the Ukraine war, to see for themselves, what’s going on. (Oh. Yes.) Very brave of them. Bipartisan. Not just one party. (Yes, Master.) So, I like to see that news. But, I wonder, if they could do anything to help Ukraine because they’re already at war. Russia is already inside. (Yes, Master.) And so near Kyiv already.

Oh, my God. They took some, maybe one, two other areas already, strategically (Yes.) good for them, for their invasion. Easy to move in, to move things and all that already. Almost surrounding already. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s only some regions in the far other corner, that are still free of Russia. So, people fleeing from there.

And, you can’t trust Putin even. Because they already signed a truce, and even a ceasefire. And then, to open a corridor for humanitarian aid as well as for refugees (Yes, yes.) to go out. But then, they shoot at them. (Wow.) They shoot them or bomb them. So, the movement of the refugees has to come to a halt now. (Yes.) […]

Every country is against Russia. They’re doing something. Like, forbid the Russian airlines, airplanes, and seizing their yachts or whatever they can do. (Yes, Master.) But just small, small parts, just like scratching the socks for the itching inside. (Yes.) For itching, just scratching outside the socks.

But, this seems like the devil is taking over, so it makes everybody to be in a daze or something. They don’t understand. Or they don’t listen or, they’re fearful, whatever.

Looks like they’re under a spell. (Oh right. Yes, Master.) Because before, they would all jump in, and kick Russia out of the country, long ago already. Just like they did last time, in the last European conflict. (Yes, Master.) Very quick. Within maybe one month. (Wow.) Or more or less one month, they kicked (Slobodan Milošević) out. For example, like that, and ended the war immediately. The night I ended my lecture tour in Europe, that’s the day they signed the peace accord, (Wow. Yes, Master.) ended the war, finished, so quick. (Yes.)

And now, everybody, just sits there, and pick their teeth or something. Not doing much. Don’t want to. They’re under a spell or something. (Yes, Master.) And all the devils are on top. [...]

Tell me, anything else? (Yes, Master. In Russia, the government said to their people, “The action in Ukraine is a special military operation.” And people in Russia cannot use social media like Facebook or search for the word “war,” and the media in Russia cannot cover the details in Ukraine as well. It seems like the Russian people have no idea about what is happening in Ukraine. Why is that so, Master?)

Why? Because Putin would jail them, shut down their newspaper or media outlet. He doesn’t want anybody in Russia to know. (Right, Master.) And all the CNN or BBC or whatever news agencies in Russia, they’re packing to go. (Oh, right, Master.) They say, also, now it’s a new law even. They would jail them. (Oh, gosh.) They already jailed some. (Yes, Master.) Their own, or foreigners. And then, they shut everybody up. (Yes, Master.)

Putin doesn’t want people to know that he’s aggressively killing Ukrainians and invading Ukraine. Because, he knows, this war is illegal. (Right, Master.) And this war is unethical. So, if people knew in advance, they would stop him. They would go to protest, and they are doing it now, even though he jails them. (Yes.) Many thousands in Russia are being jailed already for protesting the war in Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) And all the newspapers only report what he wants them to report. And international journalists are packing. And they say, because our staff, our personnel’s safety is number one, is priority. So they tell them to go. Now that’s why he doesn’t want people to know. He did it all secretly, creepily. (Yes, Master.)

Even they don’t let the international community know that he’s going into Ukraine until they went in already. Almost. (Yes, Master.) And what for anyway, the international community didn’t do much until then. They knew already. They could see it. That he amassed the army at the border of Ukraine. What for if you don’t want to go in to invade? (Yes, Master.)

And then, just issue some threats and say this and that. So people think, “It is just Russia. Putin just threatens.” They just use the border army array just to threaten people. (Yes, Master.) Not invading. Not warring. Then, when everybody did not expect, they went in. Just like that. Or maybe they didn’t want to interfere, they just wait and see or whatever. Just judging by their reaction right now from the EU, from NATO, from America, for example, it looks like they didn’t want to. (Right, Master.) They knew, but they did not want to do anything as I told you already. All kinds of excuses.

So now many Russians are also shocked. They say we didn’t know that. (Yes.) And they went on the street to protest. Thousands of them. Many, many. Putin jailed them all. Then they went out again, different groups or something. Even all the Russian elite’s children, they also all went out, in some way they protest the war. They are against the war in Ukraine. (Yes, Master.)

And many of Putin’s closest allies also now deserted him. (Oh, wow.) (That’s good.) Deserted him, deserted Russia. Well, that’s bad for Russia. I think they should not because of Putin fall out with Russia, but now the Russian people suffer economically. (Yes, that’s true.) (Right, Master. Yes.)

Many businesses closed many things, refuse. (Yes.) Even airlines and all that. So now I don’t know what Russia is going to do. Only the domestic planes continue. International flights have all stopped now. (Yes.) For example, like that. And even Turkey closed the waterway, so Russia cannot come in there. But they already have some, Russia has this navy and ships and all that already ready in Crimea. Because they’ve water there also. (Yes, Master.) And I think that Putin has prepared some already.

And now, if NATO doesn’t make the no-fly zone, then I don’t know what to do with Ukraine. NATO, they said that if they put like a no-fly zone, then if the Russian airplane comes in, NATO will have to shoot. (Oh.) But they didn’t come in yet. (Right, Master.) If you have a no-fly zone maybe they don’t want to come in because they know they will be bombed, and they will die. (Yes. Right, Master.) The airplane, expensive, will be shot down. So, useless to go in. So, why don’t they use any means they have (Yes!) to help in easing the war. Because if you continue giving in, giving in, then you never know if Russia will use nuclear weapons anyway. Just like he invaded Ukraine anyway even though he doesn’t have any excuse, (Yes. Yes. Correct, Master.) any logical, any true excuse. […] So, it’s all B.S. Americans would say it’s all B.S.

Any other questions? […] (Yes, Master. The Ukrainian soldiers are not spiritual practitioners, and they are not vegan.) Yeah. (They’re just fighting for their country. So, why does Master say that they are noble and worthy?)

Yes, they are. Because their spirit of sacrifice for others is so strong. If a primary school student is excellent in his studies, then, you have to also give him the best certificate (Yes. That’s true, Master.) And congratulate him, praise him, and say, “Good job!” (Yes. Exactly.) Not compare him to the high school graduate. (Yes, that’s true.) He’s a primary student. He did the best job he could in his capacity. He’s diligent; he’s intelligent; he tried his best. And he’s an excellent student, for primary school. (Yes, Master.) Not because he’s not in high school or not in college, you would say, “Oh, it’s nothing. It’s small stuff. Wait until you go to college and if you are good there, then we will say you are excellent.” (Understand.) No! Everyone, when they do their best, then they did their best. Then they’re good, in their capacity, (Yes, Master.) in their position, in their understanding.

And even for that, maybe they’re not spiritually high, but they sacrifice. Everybody values their life. (Yes, Master.) Everybody loves to live. And these young people, they willingly give up their life for someone else’s life. (Yes, Master.) That is excellent. That is very noble. So, I just say the truth. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Even if they’re not vegan and they don’t know much about the spiritual practice, but they still have such a noble character already, that’s even so better. Even so more worthy to be praised. (Yes, Master.) Because they did that, just by nature, by their own natural tendency. Then that means that person is worthy of praise. Truly has nobility in his being. (Yes, Master.) […]

But the world is all topsy turvy anyway. Oh, my God. Like NATO, big, big organization. Tough, powerful. Gets so much money in the world to exist and just refused to help somebody. (Yes.) You have muscle and you just stand by, seeing the weak person being beaten up in front of you by a big bully. (Yes.) What kind of gentleman is that? I’m really disappointed. How many more Ukrainians will be dead, maimed or disabled? How many more children should die? How many more disasters by bombing and by all kinds of weapons raining down upon Ukraine, until NATO will do something to help – as a gentleman, as a hero. (Yes, Master.) Of course, they can make excuses saying that Ukraine is not a NATO member. Oh, sure. The neighbor is not your family member, but if he’s in trouble, you help him. No? (Yes, Master. Right.) Because you’re capable. (Yes.) Not like you are weak or anything. (Yes, Master.) So, I don’t understand it. I really don’t have any respect for these people. Truly not, not anymore.

Oh, man. God, what a world. So, like that, whatever excuse they have, they just let Ukraine die like that? And then the next one is Moldova and then the next one, we would never know. (Right, Master. That’s true.) Looks like Putin is eying every country around that, and more. And then when he controls more of all these NATO members, then nobody can oppose him anymore. (Right, Master.) Nothing. (Yes, Master.) So, I don’t know how long NATO will wait for that to happen, before they flex some muscle. Oh, my God. All these lame excuses. And they’re supposed to be generals, and commanders of the armies, not just one army, but international armies. And so lame like that? So weak and so spineless like that? […]

Oh, God. So disappointing. So disappointing. Whatever excuse they make, they just let Ukraine die? Because Russia doesn’t seem to stop. (Yes. Right, Master.) And they know Ukraine is no match, even if they have a big spirit. (Yes, Master.) Ukraine is no match for Russia. […]

This is the problem with the free world. Sometimes they say they’ll protect freedom and all that but when it comes to real action, it doesn’t seem like anybody wants to decide to do it, to walk the talk. (That’s right.) And then finally there will be the communist or whatever union. Whatever ideology that they wanted to avoid, will grow bigger. (Yes, that’s true.)

Just like now if they say they don’t want to help Ukraine because of fear of nuclear. It’s so easy, so Russia knows now they will continue to invade Ukraine. (Yes.) The NATO and the free world seem to fear his (Putin’s) nuclear. Then after Ukraine, he will invade another one and another and another one. And that’s how it is, (Yes.) how will it be, because they’re always in fear of nuclear. (Yes, that’s right.) They will not dare to do anything just because of a threat of nuclear. (Yes.) If Ukraine, they’ll fear nuclear and they’ll take Ukraine, then the next one will be the same. (Yes, that’s right.) Also say, “Oh, we fear nuclear so we don’t dare to do anything.” (Yes, Master.)

My God, Ukraine asked only for a no-fly zone order. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And suppose, Russia even still flies in there, then that is the future. We don’t even know if they will fly in or not. They would be scared to fly in. (Yes, that’s right.) If they know it’s a no-fly zone, they would at least think twice. (Yes, of course.) They wouldn’t like to just fly in and die, fly in and die. (That’s right, Master.) And even then, if they don’t want to shoot Russia, they still can stop them. (Yes, Master.)

Didn’t do anything and worry about the outcome already. (Yes, Master.) Then what for they get together? Because all the NATO countries are nearby Ukraine. And suppose they invade one of the countries, they also fear nuclear because nuclear will not go away then. (Yes.) And then Russia will keep swallowing one after another. Is that what they want? (Yes, Master. Right.)

The free world has to be more decisive, and to protect their own ideology. Otherwise, we cannot blame communism for advancing. (That’s right, Master. Yes.)

That’s the reason why Âu Lạc (Vietnam) is following a communist policy now. Because before Hồ Chí Minh asked America for help, (Yes. That’s right.) and then America refused. (Wow.) (Yes, Master.) And then he asked other countries. The so-called free world refused, so he had to ask the communist country, he had to ask Russia then. And Russia immediately helped. Because they wanted to expand their territory, (Yes, Master.) their ideological territory. So that’s how Âu Lạc (Vietnam) became communist. And that’s how many others also became communist. (Yes, Master.)

So, on one hand the free world says, “We will protect freedom, we will fight for freedom,” on the other hand, they just laissez-faire, do nothing when it comes to real decision to help other countries, who have the same goal as them. They say love is looking in the same direction, meaning you are together. You have the same ideal together. So you should be together, like birds in the same flock, or birds with the same feather, flock together, (That’s right.) fly together.

Ukraine was looking in the same direction, but the free world turned away, turned their head way. (Yes, they did.) (Yes, Master.) Similar to Âu Lạc (Vietnam). And then after that, went to fight in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), and killing many more people. They could have prevented it before. (Yes.) They could have helped in a different way, better way. (Yes, Master.)

And then now, if Ukraine’s lost then I don’t know if any other country will be able to stay, not go to the communist, or Russia (Yes, Master.) in particular. Because if others don’t help, then of course they’ll be lost. They can only fight for so long with their own weaker power compared to Russia. History repeats itself. (Yes.) So, the free world cannot blame Russia if Ukraine joins them. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) If they have no more choice, they’ll be lost. (Yes, Master.) If they lose their country, then that’s it. And Putin already threatened to take the statehood of Ukraine away. (Wow.) That means he will make it into Russia. (Yes.) Like one of the regions of Russia only. (Yes, Master.) That will become Russia-Ukraine, something like that. Terrible, terrible. (It is. Yes.)

Because the nuclear will not go away, so every time Russia goes to another country to invade, Putin will say, “We will have nuclear if you interfere.” (Yes.) So that will be like that forever, then. (Yes, Master.) Because if they can take Ukraine, why not other countries? (Yes.) Because he wants to extend his territory. (Yes, that’s right.) Just to feel powerful. (Wow.) There’s no need. What for he needs to have another country to join Russia? What for? (Yes.) Ukraine did not need him, and the Russian people don’t need Ukraine to survive, to live. (Yes, that’s right.) No, nobody wants it.

That’s why he hid it. Hid it from his people. He didn’t tell his people what’s going on. And he shut all the media up, whoever reported about the Ukraine war. Or jailed them. (Yes.) Making all kinds of excuses. Drugs or I don’t know what. Fake news, or Nazis, or whatever. (Yes, Master.)

So if EU or NATO or America don’t do much, then one by one Russia will take every country. (Yes, Master.) And see how long they fear the nuclear. See that? (Yes. Yes, Master.)

NATO also has a little bit of some unintentional responsibility. Because they keep expanding their territory next to Russia. So it gives Putin an excuse to invade Ukraine. Because he also worries that Ukraine will join NATO, and that would be like the last country next to Russia. So even though, NATO did not mean to vex Putin, they also have a little bit of responsibility in this war, so I think they should help Ukraine in any way they can. To close a no-fly zone, it’s not like killing anybody. (Yes.) And if Russia even wants to go there and let themselves be killed, then it won’t be NATO’s fault. (Yes, Master.)

But Putin also, is territorial and greedy, because Ukraine doesn’t belong to Russia anymore, so he has no right to forbid them to join whatever they want to join. When the Soviet Union broke up, then it’s broken up, for many years, many decades already. (Yes.)

Just like a relationship, as I told you. When two people agree to divorce, then it’s done. (Yes.) Just like he divorced his wife for another younger woman, 30 years younger than him. (Wow.) And his wife would not come back and bomb his house or his wife, just saying that they should not do this, they should not do that. (No, she wouldn’t.) And if they do it, she would threaten them with what, what, what. (Yes, Master.) So, in private life, we do things that we agree with each other to do, and keep the promise. And in public life or, international relationships it’s the same. When the affinity is resolved by karma or by chance or by anything, even if you can’t explain it, it’s done, then it’s done. It should never be so, clutchy. (Yes.) Not, to be so possessive and clutchy. (Yes.) Like making people suffocated. (Yes.)

And even if you want them to join you, they won’t want to anymore if you’re using coercion or, brutality. It’s like bullying an old flame. (Yes, Master.) So, actually, just the world is crazy. But politics is crazy. I mean bad politics is crazy. (Yes.)

The Ukraine people, they’re innocent. They have not done anything wrong to Russia. So, they don’t deserve this way. They don’t deserve such a brutal attack. (Yes, Master, not at all.) Not by Heaven’s judgement, not by human standards. Not even by animal-people standards. (Yes.)

People often look down upon animal-people, thinking they are dumb, they are this and that, they are wild, but they don’t do this kind of thing. (No, they don’t.) If they have to kill to eat, it’s because they have to. (Yes, Master.) They are forced to do that. But they don’t just go and make excuses to kill at random and kill en masse like that, like humans.

We humans are the worst species on this planet, truly. (Yes.) Oh, terrible. I mean some humans. And it takes only a couple or a handful of people to make war. (Yes.) The rest of the Russian people, if you ask them, if you give them a chance to answer what they want, they will say, “No, no, no war. No! We are OK as we are. Why make war for what?” (That’s right.) Certainly, war will affect everybody and make things difficult for them, for the aggressor country as well as for the country being attacked. (Yes, for sure.)

Anyway. Heavens, we are trying very hard to minimize it. But humans’ karma is so heavy, so heavy. (Yes, Master.)

Anything else you want to ask? (Master, You mentioned about the devils putting the international community under a spell. I was wondering, how do we break that? Can we pray for that spell to be broken?)

You will go break it? It is humanity who enforced that spell. Because of their violent way of life. It’s not Putin alone who can do all this. I keep telling you many times already. (Yes, Master.) That’s why they sit on high, all these devils, controlling millions of people. Because humanity creates that kind of possibility for them. (Yes, Master.)

How to break the spell? You know how to. Go vegan. (Yes, Master.) Make peace. Do good deeds.

Host: We deeply thank Compassionate Master for Her eye-opening words, as we pray that all concerned in power take immediate action to protect the noble Ukrainians, together with their precious land, in the name of humanity. May Heavens have Mercy and guide us into peace, as each hour counts. Wishing Beloved Master long-lasting health, in the constant Protection of all Divine Godses.

To learn more about why the world must actively stand with Ukraine, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples later, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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..The World Left Ukraine to Fight Alone, Mar. 2, 2022
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Host: On Wednesday, March 2, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai called Supreme Master Television team members to enquire about their wellbeing. She also expressed Her concern and sadness over the crises in Ukraine and answered questions by the team on the topic.

(Recently, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy officially signed an application for EU membership, and in a speech via video link to the EU parliament he said, “Prove you are with us. Prove that you will not let us go.” Master, why has the EU not yet immediately accepted Ukraine into the European Union?)

You asked the wrong guy. If it were me, I’d immediately say “OK”, (Oh. Yes.) because this is an urgent situation. They need support, mentally, at least. (That’s right, Master. Right, Master.) Just like they’ll have someone. (Yes.) That’s what neighbors are for. […]

They worry that if they go too far or too hard, then Russia will not give them oil and gas cheap. The whole of Europe depends on Russia for gas. (Oh, right.) And America, also. Crazy. Imagine that? I’m not sure if anything else is more important, because this is just burning in their own home. (Yes.) […]

I can’t remember if Europeans have it or not, but America can also supply Europe if they go ahead with their project. (Right.) But Biden just immediately deleted that project the first day he was in office already. You know that. (Yes.) Immediately, more than 10,000 people lost their jobs just at the stroke of his pen. Just like that, without even saying, “OK, we give you a period of time to find some other job or something.” (Right, Master. Yes, Master.) I don’t know. This guy.

All this ego, […] ego is making a mess of the world. […] They don’t care about anybody who dies and who lives in front of them. Because they are well, they’re too good. (Yes, that’s true.) Their life is too good, too comfortable. […]

I think that is one main reason. (Yes, Master.) People in the physical world, they worry more about physical things than anything else. (Yes, that’s true.) Your tooth hurting is more important than somebody dying outside your door, or pain in the operating room. (Yes, Master.) People in this world – most are selfish, very unconcerned, uncaring. Love is very, very thin. Loving quality is very thin. (Yes, Master.) They just think too narrowly. Too short term. (Yes.) It’s so simple just to have it from Russia instead of making your own. (Right, Master.)

But life is not always about convenience. And if you always care about convenience, one day you might be in for a shock, like your life is not convenient anymore. (Yes, it’s true.) (Yes, Master.) Like every day eating meat, and now we have a pandemic. We always have this and that and pandemic or all kinds of infections going on. And then outbreak of war also. It’s not just that. (Yes.) So, it’s inconvenient to change the law or make meat obsolete and make vegan a norm (Yes, Master.) for everyone to survive.

This is a question of survival. It’s not just about fashion. It’s serious. (Yes.) It’s not a game, but they just couldn’t capish. They could not change because of habit, because of convenience. (Yes, Master.) Why offend the powerful meat industry, (Yes.) and why do you have to change the taste in your mouth? Life is OK for them. (Yes, Master.) Everybody is just laissez-faire. (Yes.) They don’t want to do anything new, even though it’s a life and death matter. So, the same with the Europeans.

They all stood up. I saw on TV, they reported that President Zelenskyy’s passionate speech (Yes.) made them feel kind of impressed, and they all stood up for a standing ovation. (Yes, that’s right.) And the translator was choked up with emotion, (Wow.) because maybe he spoke so well and so true from his heart. (That’s right, Master.) And he made a picture with his speech. So, people can imagine what kind of suffering his people have to go through. (Yes.)

Even I want to cry thinking about that. I didn’t read his speech, though. I just think … you don’t have to. You can see it on the news. People suffer so much, so many children, and families separated. Husbands stay behind to protect the country; send wives and kids away, and they didn’t want to go, but they have to. And some just go and die just to sacrifice for their people. (Yes, Master.) And it didn’t have to be this way. (No, it didn’t.) It did not have to be. (No.) We suffer enough already. (That’s right, Master.)

My God. And make more trouble, more bloodshed, more sorrow. Why? Just to feed the ego. And then the hellfire will feed you in hell. That they don’t know. (Yes.) It’s not just about in this lifetime you suffer. After you die, you will suffer more and more and more, and nobody’s there to help you. That is the thing. At that time nobody’s there for you. Your army’s not there. Your advisor’s not there, your flatterers are not there, your wife, your kid. Nobody. Your priest, your church people, nobody’s there for you. Just you suffer endlessly. My God. This is terrible, terrible. I wish they would know all this and stop all the madness. (Yes, Master.) Not just for the people in this world, but for themselves, for God’s sake.

Please, please, God, make them know. But the thing is, our world is so much in debt, blood debt. So, things are happening like this, out of anybody’s control. Just some of the zealous demons. I didn’t realize Putin is also one of them. I did not realize, (Oh, wow.) because of all the things he’s done, and he looked good, (Yes, Master.) like, loves animals and all that. (Yes.)

There’s also another thing. I hate to say it, but maybe they’re a little bit weak. So long they have not been in the war. (Right.) And now they became “kick back and relax” and don’t want to go into the battlefield or be involved in it. (Yes, Master.) Like sending people to die and all that. They don’t want the citizens to suffer anymore. So many wars in Europe. (Yes, Master.) And just about maybe 20 years ago, there was a war also in Europe that almost broke out in a bigger scenario. (Yes, Master.) Remember from Yugoslavia? Milošević. (I think he was the Serbian leader.) And then Serbia and Bosnia, almost had a world war. […]

That’s just some lame excuse. They say that, “Oh, this is the process.” Like if you join the EU, there’s a long, long process and takes sometimes years. Oh, God. (Yes.) That’s normal, yes, when you have time. (That’s right.) The protocol. Right now, people are dead in front of your door already. (Yes, Master.) (Yes. The situation is different. It’s urgent.) And if they are not sticking together or helping each other like a neighbor should, then maybe the war will come into their house. (Right.)

Ukraine is next to Europe. (That’s true. Yes, it is. So close.) That’s why Putin took Crimea, so that he has some connection already with Europe. And then now he’s all over in Ukraine. If he takes over Ukraine all the neighbors will be one by one eaten up. (Oh, God.) And I’m not sure if at that time the Europeans or NATO could even be strong enough to turn the table or not (Yes, Master.) without a lot of bloodshed or damage or destruction, again, like world war. (Oh, goodness.)

And there will be a lot, a lot of immigrants and all that. And during this, the pandemic will not leave you in peace yet. And then if immigration is like that, how will they take care? (Right, Master.) How will they take care, with a big gathering everywhere like that? (Right. That’s true.) And the disease will spread all over, uncontrollable. (Right. Oh, goodness.) You imagine that, how will they have enough masks to cover all of them, or medicine, or distance. (Not possible.) No! (That’s true, Master.) Any gathering is a risk, a big risk. (Yes, that’s right.) And then no matter if they left their home, they would die with Omicron or whatever, (Yes.) because of lack of medicine and facilities and hospitals. (Yes, Master.) And doctors and infrastructure to deal immediately with so big an influx of people. (Yes, Master.) Mostly children and elderly, and women, who are more vulnerable to this kind of situation. And it’s still winter in Europe. It’s cold. (Yes, Master.) How can they bear all this? How can they even take care quickly enough? (Yes, Master.) (That’s right, Master.) […]

They were talking in Belarus, but I think Russia just wants to distract the Ukrainians and the world just to talk, talk, talk. But his demands and all his conditions are impossible for people to agree to. (Yes, Master.)

And so, the European Union, they are too comfortable, I guess, even in a pandemic and all that, but they don’t want to offend Russia, even though there is a big improvement already. I have to appreciate that. Like even Sweden, normally they’re neutral. They don’t want to get involved in any fighting at all. (Yes, Master.) And Germany even, said they would never send any weapons to any warzone. (Yes, Master.) That’s their policy, and they broke that to send something for Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) And even Switzerland did something to help. (Oh, wow.) And America is also supposed to send something, but I don’t know how they will get in there, how they will even bring it in, by land. Because airspace is already closed, (Oh, yes. Yes, Master.) […] so they cannot use airspace to bring anything into Ukraine. (Yes, Master.) And on the roads are Russians everywhere. […]

If Putin said that the Ukrainians are harassing his people or ethnic cleansing, then why are these two regions, separated regions, still there for him to come in to protect – (Yes. That’s right.) for his army to come in to protect. (Yes, Master.) Because if the government wanted to get rid of them, they would have done it more cleanly. I mean, the government of Ukraine. I guess the government did not really want to kill their own people, (Right.) even if they are from Russian origin. (Yes.) But they were in the country already. They are citizens of Ukraine. (Yes, Master.)

President Zelenskyy, before he was elected, he promised to bring peace, within the country, meaning with the rebels, with the separatists. But it did not happen yet. That means they were just taking time. (Yes, Master.) They wanted to negotiate. They did not really want to oppress these two regions. (Right, Master. That’s true.) Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been that difficult, only two small regions. Yes? (Yes. Right.) It wouldn’t have been difficult for the government to suppress them, or get rid of them somehow. (Yes, Master.) Because if they could fight the mighty Russia right now, then they could have done with these two small little regions, (Right. That’s true.) separated within their country. (Correct.) Is that logical to you? (Yes, very logical, Master.)

People are not stupid. They know. They can see it. There was no excuse to come in to make matters worse between their own brothers and sisters. If really he wants to protect these people, he should have opened a dialog, and called both of them to come talk or something. Offer some advice, offer some assistance so that they both can be at ease, or at peace with each other. No! Just want to come in and kill children; women; they don’t care. Putin did not care about anybody, because he’s one of the zealous demons. You can tell. Now you can tell. (Yes, now we can see. Yes, Master.) Before I also didn’t. I don’t go around checking everybody. […]

And now, because of the pandemic, it’s like Armageddon now. So, the zealous demons, they are also behind whoever are their people, their team. (Yes, Master.) They run up and down, in and out, west, east, north, south, to support different big figures, like P Francis, like Biden, (Yes, Master.) Pelosi or Putin. Oh, God. Not all of the Russian government or people are zealous demons, not all of the people who work with Putin or are supporting Putin are zealous demons. They are just too long being trained well to obey him. (Right, Master.) Because if you’re not, then you go to jail already, or poisoned, or assassinated. (Yes.) […]

But still, sooner or later each alliance group has to take care of themselves, because the world is unpredictable. (Oh, right. That’s right, Master.) People are unpredictable. Sometimes some people die, and if the body is still there and healthy, some of the demons will take charge of that body, so that body wakes up again like a living person (Oh, wow.) and then continues working. (Oh, God. Oh, gosh.) And it’s worse still because they have the body, like Putin, for example. (Wow.) Or Biden. They have human bodies. They can work more effectively. Like P Francis also. They are in a mighty position. They can do anything. (Oh, right. Yes.) Nobody can stop them. […]

Any other questions? (Yes, Master. The French finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, said the West is going to wage an “economic and financial war on Russia,” and we’re going to “cause the collapse of the Russian economy.” And in response, Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s former president and prime minister, who is now the deputy chairman of its Security Council, he threatens France with real war. Will this actually happen, Master?)

Possibly. (Wow!) Putin and his gang, they would do anything, even if they might lose, they would try. (Oh, God.) They fear nothing. (Yes.) Now that they started already, they can just keep moving. They wanted to.

Actually, there was a secret accidental leaking on the Internet. His supporter, President Lukashenko, (Yes, Master.) he was pointing at the map of Ukraine, like an invasion, but also there was a red arrow or something pointing at Moldova. (Yes, Master.) (Oh.) And he’s like that will be the next step. (Oh, wow.) (Why Moldova, Master?) Because it’s next to Ukraine. It’s smaller. Not much of a defense system there. And if they take over Ukraine, then the next easy one is Moldova. (Yes, that’s right.)

And after that, he will keep going one at a time. The ambition is so huge, so wild, so wicked and brutal. They don’t care who dies and who doesn’t. They just want to make a big name even if it’s negative. (Yes, Master.) These people, they are just so attention-craving. (Yes, Master.) And then after the vaccination and then the isolation, nobody is adoring him anymore. So, he had to seek attention somehow, even in a brutal way, because like this he didn’t have to go out and talk to people and being infected by the public anymore. He can send his people, go out and do it for him. (Oh, yes.) The soldiers. (Yes, Master.)

But I’m glad there are many Russians that just surrender. They didn’t want to fight. (Yes.) One of the whole units surrendered. (Wow.) (Good for them.) Very good for them. So I told you, not everybody who’s supposed to look like supporting Putin are demons. (Yes, Master.) But still they need to listen to him. He’s the Commander in Chief. (Yes, right. Right, Master.) If he knows in advance or during battle, if somebody’s there, they will kill them, the soldiers, if they don’t fight. (That’s right.) So, some of the soldiers use an excuse, they puncture their gas tank, so the vehicle cannot move because they don’t want to fight. (Right, Master.)

And somewhere I saw one letter of the Russian soldier who wrote to his mother before he died. He said, Mama, this is too sad. Meaning, he didn’t like it all this war. You see? (Yes, Master.) I mean, to win the war, the soldiers have to have high morale, correct? (Yes, Master.) And really know a good cause to fight for. (Yes. Yes, that’s right, Master.) […]

And right now, 16,000 people from different countries are going into Ukraine voluntarily – no payment, (Wow.) to fight. (Yes.)

Because this is really despicable. (Yes.) It is really bullying and is really brutal. It’s really demonic. Understand me? (Yes, Master. It is.) It’s not like two countries fighting together. (No.) No! It is one country that comes in wanting to invade (Yes, one side.) the weaker country. (Yes, Master.) And then many all-around neighbors, all the world, the big governments, big shots, didn’t do anything in the beginning. Now they’re slowly doing something (Yes, Master.) because they probably finally realize it, that it’s truly, this is a case of demonic possession. Possession – demonic war is not real. (Yes, Master.) It’s not like a real war. Not a fair fight. (Yes.) This is truly brutal. Come in and just kill the women, children or anybody like that. Of course, if you keep bombing buildings then people will die. (Yes, Master.)

Not just bombing the military area, but anywhere, any area. People’s houses, people’s buildings, (Yes.) like that. And kindergarten children, and even hospitals. […]

This cause really will burn people inside and push them to want to help. (Yes, Master.) Even I feel that way. Of course, I won’t do it. I know that. Yes. (Yes, Master.) But still, it pushes you to feel that way, (Yes, Master.) that you want to go out and protect the weak, the innocent. I mean they are just innocent. They didn’t do anything to Russia. (Right, Master.) Many countries break up with the communist system, not just Ukraine. They cannot claim Ukraine as their own country. It is ridiculous. (Yes, Master.) […]

But as I told you, any aggressive dictator or greedy warmongering invader – if they want to invade your country, they’ll say anything. (Right, Master.) […]

And now Putin began the similar thing. Wants to colonize other people’s countries. Killing other people, children, innocent. All alike. (Yes, Master.) Because when you bomb, the bomb doesn’t know which one is what. (Yes, that’s true.) You cannot tell the bomb, “OK, don’t bomb the children. Don’t bomb the women.” No? (Yes, Master. It does not discriminate.) That’s what it is. They know all that. They just couldn’t care less. Couldn’t care less. Because they’re demons. (Yes, Master.) It’s just that the country’s people can not see it. Only some can see. But, number one – they won’t dare to say anything. And even if they say it, nobody would believe them. Because Putin, he established himself so well already. (Yes, Master.) Almost like a hero for the country. […]

Medvedev. I was surprised at this guy also. I was thinking he’s a good guy. (Yes, Master.) Better than Putin. (Yes, Master.) Not so dictative, not so violent. But now, he showed his true face – same stuff. (Right, Master.) He keeps threatening the whole world also, not just France now. (Yes. Yes, Master.) He says, or Putin says, both of them, that if any country interferes with their invasion, they will have consequences which they have never seen before. (Yes, Master.) Meaning very, very brutal; very, very, final, eliminating kind of world war style. (Yes, Master.) (They did raise their nuclear deterrent alert levels for that.)

Yeah. I saw that. I saw that. And that’s why some of the countries are also afraid because of that. (Yes.) That’s why they hesitate whether or not to accept Ukraine. I would just accept, because if you don’t, they still will advance on you anyway, (Right, Master.) to your country soon. And once they have Ukraine, Europe is just the next street. (Yes, Master.) Next door. (That’s right. Yes, yes, Master.) Ukraine is like a frontier. (Yes, Master.) So now they are fighting for their country, but also for Europe in a way. (True, Master. Yes, Master.)

And a true neighbor will help their neighbor when they are injured or in need, no matter what. (Yes.) At that time, you cannot say, “Oh, I have a baby, I have children. You cannot come to my house even if you’re wounded.” (Yes, Master.) The good neighbor opens the door when your neighbor needs you. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) A friend in need is a friend indeed. They’re also friends, they’re European together. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Even though they have not joined yet. Because to join the European Union, they’re making such a fuss like that, that’s why maybe Ukraine could not. (Yes, Master.) They have to report many things, (Yes, Master.) and open everything. They have to open it all in order to join the European Union. (Yes, Master.) Must also have money as well – (Yes.) a lot, a lot, a lot.

(Yes, Master.) […]

But this is like a desperate situation. It needs desperate measures. (That’s right, Master.) At least, just to show solidarity. He only asked for his country to join the European Union. He didn’t ask for your money or obligation or anything. (Yes, that’s right.) And talking and fighting about the British wanting Brexit. They didn’t like it. They kept always delaying or wanting to get Britain back into the European Union. And now somebody volunteered to go in, a good and clean country, and they don’t let them. Why is that? Is Ukraine maybe poorer than England, that’s why? (Perhaps, yes.) Not so mighty, (That’s right.) like a quiet country, peaceful. (Yes, Master.)

That’s not fair, is it? That is not a (No.) real union, is it? (No, Master, it’s not.) The way I see it, it’s not. (That’s right, Master. And the union should be there to really help those in need.) (That’s what a union should be there for.) And even if they have not yet joined the union, but you are neighbors. (Yes, right, Master.) Besides, if they don’t have Ukraine, soon it will be their turn, (It’s true.) because Putin and their gangs now are very, very into it. (Yes.) They don’t want to back off now. Only for the grace of Heaven intervention, otherwise the war will continue. (Oh.) They have nuclear. (Yes.) What do they fear? (Yes, Master.) They fear each other; that’s the problem.

Many countries have nuclear, so now they all fear each other. This is also good. But if one guy doesn’t care anymore, because of knowing the opponent is fearful of nuclear, then he will use it. (Yes.) He senses that Europe is weak. Just new. But already broken, like Brexit. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And then Ukraine is just a normal and small and peaceful country. And they already bit one important part out of Ukraine already, swallowed it whole. And then they already stirred up two more regions to make Ukraine weaker. So now he feels like he can do everything. He can conquer Ukraine and then the next. He’s already thinking of Moldova. (Yes, Master. Correct.) […]

And then after Moldova, you can guess. (Yes, Master.) If Europeans are so weak, and so dependent or so scared of no gas, then so many weak points. It’s so easy if you have holes in your wall, even small holes, that the ants will come in, the other insects will come in, mosquitos come in and they will bite you. (Yes, Master.) Sooner or later, you’ll die of disease.

The European Union, they also want peace. They only want peace. They don’t want war. (Right, Master.) That’s also why they hesitate. They don’t want to be involved in any more bloodshed (Yes.) and make it bigger. They thought maybe if they don’t react, then it would be smaller somehow. (Yes, Master.) In the beginning, they didn’t believe that Putin would do it anyway. (Right, Master. Yes.) And that’s why also. Everybody’s slow until it’s too late; kind of late. Because if they all sit there and watch the Ukrainians being bullied and die alone, then this is really shameless. (Yes, Master, it is.) Then I don’t think God or Heaven will forgive them.

I mean, you are in the world; you have to act accordingly. (Yes, Master.) If your neighbor is in trouble and some bullies come and beat them up, you have to come and help in any way you can, (Yes, Master.) to stop it. (That’s right. Yes.) You cannot just say, “Oh, I don’t like to fight. I never like to fight,” and let the neighbor just die in anguish like that. (No.) And you don’t know, maybe that bully will come to your house next. (Right, Master. That’s true, yes.) When he won, he will feel mighty, and then he will come to your house and beat you up for any reason – maybe for money, for land, for anything; jewelry. […]

So, all the neighbors should get together and help that lonesome neighbor and kick out these bullies and robbers. (Yes, Master.) Murderers and bullies. That is the way people should behave. (True, Master.) The same in Ukraine. This time it’s truly a good cause to fight for and to help. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t mean they have to fight, like killing people and all that, but they could use their presence, their strength, and their weapons to scare the Russians away. (Yes, Master.) With too many countries coming together, I don’t think Russia will have enough courage to continue to fight with the whole world, if the whole world comes in. (Yes. Right, Master.) Even now. (Yes, Master.)

Just because they left Ukraine alone, lonely like that, to die, this is terrible on their conscience. (Yes, Master.) And they have weapons, they have power, they have armies – all of them have. If they get together, that’d be a tremendously mighty force. (That would, Master.) I think Russia will go away, even now. Even now, even though it already began, they still can do it. (Yes, Master.) They are only next door. (Right.) It’s so simple to just walk over there and help a neighbor in need.

Don’t let all the Ukrainians die like that, or the children or women die like that. And now they have to immigrate to other countries in the winter with just a pair of clothes on their body, and with the children; and have no milk, no food with them. And if they queue on the highway, there’s a risk that Russia will bomb them, bomb these immigrants. (Yes, Master.)

Peacekeeping, my foot! Even two-year-old kids won’t buy that. (Yes, Master.) Peacekeeping! They’re disturbing people’s peace. Turning people’s lives upside down and killing them mercilessly. (Yes, Master.) Peacekeeping. Huh! Only demons can talk like this, because even humans, they would have some shame. Even lowly humans, or less intelligent humans or even not very friendly humans, would feel shame. They wouldn’t tell lies like that. (Yes, Master.) The opposite of what their action is. (Yes.)

I didn’t realize that Medvedev was also a demon. (Wow.) I did not realize that. Only today, when I read the news. […] Then I checked him out. I checked, and both of them are the same. (Oh, my gosh.) No wonder they get on so well.

It could happen. (Yes, Master.) Because these demons, they have no fear of anything. But only if the whole world gets together and shows unity, (Yes, Master.) world union, then Russia will back up, back off. (Yes, Master.)

(On that note, Master, I guess if the whole world got together and showed force but because both of those guys, Putin is a zealous demon, wouldn’t he want possibly more deaths? And then, in that case, there’s more violence now?)

No, because his people will also not want to fight. (Yes.) Putin cannot fight without his soldiers. (Right.) His soldiers – many already don’t feel like fighting, because they know it’s not a good cause. (No.) Soldiers, they’re normal. They have the ideals. They have some nobility in them. It’s just they have to obey up to now. But fighting, killing people for nothing like this for no reason like this, they don’t want to. And also, I read that the army – most are very young and untrained and inexperienced and all that. So, they die a lot! 6,000 already up to date, (Oh, my goodness.) soldiers died.

And many surrendered, just because they didn’t want to fight. What for you go into just a neighbor’s country, and they did nothing wrong to you and you just shoot them? (That’s right.) I mean, any decent man would not do that. (Yes, Master.) Especially young people. They have their ideals. (Yes, they have a conscience.) They’re not used to this kind of brutal mentality. (Yes, Master.) […] First, they freeze in such a makeshift camp, and now they have to go into battle and just die like that.

That’s why the Ukraine soldiers, they’re winning. Because they have ideals. (Yes, Master.) They have their goals. They have their true passion for it. Because they truly want to protect their country, their people. Because they know this is not the just cause for war. (That’s right, Master.)

Putin has no cause for war. That’s why his army has low morale. And the Ukrainians, they fear nothing. (Yes.) They think of ways to deter Russia. And they did succeed in many ways. So, for 6,000 more or less, maybe more now, Russians died, and only 137 Ukrainian, casualties. (Wow.) They have strength of courage and their nobility, their protective instincts with them. (Yes, Master.) And they are good and righteous and they’re praying every day. So, they’re winning. […]

If you have a goal, you have a noble ideal, then you will fight with all your heart. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) And this is an energy that even the enemy will feel. (Yes, Master. Yes, that’s true.) That’s why the Russians, finally they realized what Putin wants, which is crazy and brutal and wicked, vicious, violent. So, they did not feel like they should fight Ukraine who has done nothing wrong to them. […]

The thing is, if all the world gets together, Putin cannot kill all of them at the same time. (Yes.) And they also can kill Putin’s people. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) So, Putin should be afraid of the world, not the contrary. (That’s exactly right.) They should think in that way, not think in Putin’s way. (Yes. Master.) Even if they die, then both sides will die. (Yes.) It’s not just Ukraine or the world’s people. And they have many people getting together. (Yes, Master.) Bigger than the Russian army. The Russian army are 150,000 something. (Yes.) But when the whole world gets together, imagine that? Even just European countries and all the NATO surrounding Ukraine, is a big force already.

If they really want to fight, if they really feel the heat that Ukraine is alone fighting the big wolf. And they fight with all their might like that. They should feel ashamed not to help such a courageous and righteous country, and good people like Ukrainians. (Yes, Master. Exactly, Master.) Even I feel such an injustice that, if I don’t know better, I would have also wanted to go there and help them in any way I can. (Yes, Master.) I don’t like bullies. (Yes.) I don’t like injustice. I don’t like such ugly, bloodthirsty demons. (Yes, Master.) All right.

(Master, the president of Ukraine predicts that Russia will threaten NATO members if it eventually gains control of Ukraine. Does Master have any comments on President Zelenskyy’s prediction?)

Of course. Of course. It is logical. (Yes, it is, Master.) He already points to Moldova next, because it’s the most convenient after Ukraine; weak. (Yes, Master.) If the world doesn’t do anything he will continue, (Right, Master.) because other NATO countries are just next to Ukraine. (Yes.) And even if they can threaten Paris, what do you think, they worry about any other smaller country? (No.)

France! (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) (France has nuclear weapons even.) And de Gaulle’s France, not just anybody’s France. General de Gaulle. (Yes.) You understand, even if he died already. But it’s not just any country. (Yes, Master.) France is one of the countries that liberated all the Jews and all the prisoners in the world war with Hitler. Remember that? (Yes, Master.) And he dares threaten France, even. Well, not him, but de Gaulle’s partner. (Yes, Master.) France is in the European Union also. (Yes.) And he dares threaten France. Then, they’re not afraid to maul other countries. (Right, Master.) […]

In peacetime, nobody would think to join any union. (Yes, Master. Right, Master.) And now is wartime, and Ukraine needs help. But NATO is still dilly-dallying, and European Union is sissy sassy, like that. (Right.) The war is already at their door, (Yes, Master.) and they still sissy sassy, thinking of protocol (Yes.) or bureaucracy. (Yes.) I don’t know if they could even protect themselves, if they’re not so decisive and not so strong in mental capacity. (Yes, true. Yes, Master.)

It’s your attitude that counts also. (Yes, right.) That’s why the Ukrainians, they’re winning. Even though they’re no match for mighty Russia. They don’t have so much sophisticated war weapons like Russia. Smaller country, even. And they can win because of their attitude, because they’re determined to fight against injustice and bullying. (Yes, Master.) So, if the European Union doesn’t see that as something worthy of respect and assistance, then European countries will lose also. (Yes, Master.) Or fearful of Putin’s, gas and oil. Fearful of that, fearful of this. Then Putin will continue. (Yes.) Because when you fear, people sense it. (Yes, that’s right.)

Putin is not like newly trained in war. (That’s right.) He’s KGB as well. (Yes, Master.) And he knows many things, and he’s a communist. (Yes, Master.) The communists are not supposed to believe in anything; God or anything. […]

So how would Putin be brought up (Right, Master.) a better person. Even if he’s not a demon, how would he be brought up, in your imagination? (Right, Master.) That’s why they’re brutal. (Yes.) They have no faith, not to talk about if he’s a demon or not. They don’t have anything to hold on to, (That’s right.) this kind. And now they are empty of love, empty of faith, empty of anything, and sit on top of Russia. (Yes.) So feels mighty. And everyone around him either flatters him, listens to him, praises him, or else prison or poison. (Yes, Master.)

According to the news, this everybody knows. (Yes.) How come nobody else is poisoned in that way or killed in that way? Only these people who escaped from him or who are against him. (Yes, Master.) It’s not a coincidence, is it? (No, Master. No, it is not.) […]

(One more question, Master. Could the war in Ukraine have been prevented?)

It could have! It could have. Just do exactly like Putin did. Put an array of army at the border of Ukraine, (Oh, right.) facing Putin. Not to fight or anything, but so that Putin would know we’re ready. (Right. Right.) If you want to kill us, we will also kill you. Don’t have to fight – prevent it. (Yes, Master.) Prevention is always better than cure, that’s what we say. (Yes.)

Putin already gave the whole world months of preparation. Everybody knows that. All the intel told Biden, told the Europeans, told everybody. Even at the last minute, Biden also announced that Russia will attack Ukraine in 48 hours, even that. Still, they didn’t do it. At that time, they still had time to fly in. (Right, Master.) At that time Ukraine still had airports. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) At least something. And then Europe, all the armies can get together, the neighbors. (Yes. Yes, they’re right there.) NATO and all that. But they just let Ukraine die alone, fight alone or die alone.

Especially Biden, he has to be looking like he is against Putin, but he’s not, because they’re together. (Oh.) You can see his actions. He says sanction this, sanction that, but he did not even sanction Putin personally yet. Number one. Number two, he’d rather buy Russian gas and all that, and let his people starve and be jobless and dependent. […] And also, he says, “Oh, all the sanctions are slow slow. (Yes.) One little bit at a time. And then still it won’t work immediately, it would take a long, long time.” That’s what he said. […]

He won’t send an army. He sent some. Putin was already building up his military camp many months already. (Yes. Master.) At least two months, the whole world knows. Biden knows. He says he will not send soldiers to fight in Ukraine. Number one. Number two, he sends a little bit, something before. Putin has 150,000 strong, and he sent maybe 800 or something to go somewhere. Waiting in case. Go there and do what, drink coffee? Eight hundred people sit together, drink coffee, keep warm? Against 150,000. (Yes, Master.)

It could have been prevented. If they already knew they should have sanctioned before. Not now when he’s already killing people in Ukraine; (Right, Master.) when his tanks are already rolling inside the country of Ukraine; (Yes, that’s right.) when his army, his team, already took over Chernobyl, and bombing airports, and all that. (Yes, Master.) And bombing children, kindergartens and hospitals and all that. (Yes, Master.) And it’s more difficult now to bring weapons in because Russians are on the road, (Yes, that’s right.) already controlling some points already. (Yes.)

There is an article on the Internet talking about Nostradamus predicting a siege in Paris. Paris will be besieged. (Yes, Master.) Will be controlled, will be taken. (Yes.) Nostradamus was supposed to predict that, for this year. (Wow.) He predicted war and all kinds of disasters already. There’s another called Baba Vanga or something. And she also predicted the same. She predicted several things that came true. […]

It’s just a coincidence. (Yes.) Coincidence. Because many countries also sanctioned Russia. America also. Why did he aim at France alone to threaten? (Yes, Master.) Before he threatened generally only, but in this text, he threatened France alone. […]

(Master, as we know now from what You uncovered about Putin, that he’s a zealous demon and he’s talking about putting his nuclear forces on high alert, meaning that he could deploy nuclear missiles any time.)

We have to pray for Heaven’s intervention. (Yes, Master, because it’s very worrying now.) If he worries about his people and his country, then he will not. But if he doesn’t care, then he’s dangerous. (Yes, Master.) He could do anything. (Right.) Because if he worries about his people, then he wouldn’t dare to use nuclear. Because if he uses it, then America will use it. Other countries will use it. And Russia will be doomed. (Yes, Master.)

But I think he should consider not to use it, because that will happen. (Yes, Master.) If he can use nuclear, other countries can also. (Yes, that’s right.) Other countries far away also he cannot control. (Yes.) And he should consider not to use it, because maybe he doesn’t consider his people’s lives, or peace or safety, but he should consider if his country’s “kaput,” if his whole country’s destroyed, then he has no base. (That’s right, Master.) He has no people to rule. (Yes. Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) Or, he himself also will be dead, (Yes, Master.) and go to hell sooner. So, he should consider. (Yes, Master.) […]

I think he won’t do it, because he will die also. (Yes, Master.) If he stays in Russia, he will die. If he goes to another country and nobody likes him, they will kill him. (Yes, that’s right. It’s true.) So it’s better he doesn’t use the last card. (Yes.) He better keep it. (Yes, Master.) So, he can still have some threatening power. But if he uses it already, then it’s finished, he’s finished, Russia is finished. (Right, Master.) Then it’s truly World War. (Yes.) Even Hitler was so mighty and had bunkers and hidden so well, nobody knew where he was, and secret and all that. They still found him. (Yes, Master.) Sooner or later. (Yes.) And nowadays, even sooner because everybody has high tech. They don’t have to go to your house to know that you are there. (Yes.) […]

It should have been prevented. (Yes, Master.) Because they have many months, they know it, they have intelligence, and everything. […]

Now, what for do they negotiate? Since Russia is strong, Ukraine is weak, who is negotiating what? They just put out a lot of demands. […]

Knowing that the opposition, the so-called enemy will not accept, cannot accept, and just goes there, just to be there or to distract. (Yes, Master.) So that people don’t fight better, they’re just waiting for that. So the President Zelenskyy also said the same, he said it’s a waste of time talking to Russia when they keep bombing our country, when still keeping the war, still bombings, still killing them. What for talking? (Yes.) (Right, Master.)

So, everybody has to agree in order for them to let go of Ukraine. But I don’t think anybody would agree because they demand impossible things. (Wow.) So, if all the nuclear are removed, then only Russia will have nuclear. (Yes, Master.) They might as well just say, “OK, come, occupy our countries. (Yes.) It’s all for you, welcome with love. (Yes.) From EU with love. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) Or from NATO with love.” Make a banquet, welcome them. (Yes.) If they agree to that, then Europe will become Russia’s already, immediately. (Yes.) The moment they send all the nuclear out, throw it away somewhere, return to America, then Europe becomes the Russian union again. (Yes.) Communist Union. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) No more European Union. Nostradamus also predicted that. The break down of the European Union. (Oh.) (Wow.) […]

Any other questions? (Yes, Master. Recently, President Trump has reportedly praised Putin for the war in Ukraine as “genius” and “savvy.” That’s what he said. Why would he say such a thing?)

I did not hear that, so I wonder if he really said that. But if he did, I told you Mr. Trump, he doesn’t really know how to formulate well (Right.) or to express himself well. (Yes, Master.) He says that just like something sarcastic. (Ah, right.) (Yes, yes.) Because nobody would praise an invader. (Yes, that’s true.) (OK, Master.) So, cannot anybody take a joke? (Yes. Yes, I guess so.) That’s what I think. (Yes, Master.) He just meant it as sarcasm. (Right. OK. Yes.) […]

But that will cost him something, I’m sure. (Right.) They will use that to sell him. (Oh, I see.) Sell him cheap. He doesn’t have much means now to…He doesn’t know how to clarify himself. (Oh.) Because he also feels fed up. Anything he said… many things he said just got twisted around. (Yes. That’s right.) […]

But at that time, he (Putin) had not invaded Ukraine yet. I don’t think so. At that time, the war had not really begun yet. The army was just like still hanging around, outside. (Ah, right. Yes.) They came in later. But doesn’t matter, I don’t think he meant that – just like a dark humor (Yes, Master.) or sarcasm. (Yes, that’s right. Yes.) […]

(Thank You for clarifying that. Yes. Because I was worried.) Some people take things out of context. (Yes, that’s true.) Also misunderstood or don’t have a sense of humor. (Yes.)

Too serious. (Yes, exactly.) Only want to pounce on him and it becomes a habit already. (Yes, Master.) So anything he said, even if good or bad, they would explain it in a different way. […]

The thing is that Trump did not have the chance to explain, (Ah, yes.) […] I guess he’s tired of all these attacks all these years. (Yes, Master. Understand.) […] Just because he also kind of was on friendly terms with Russia, so people also immediately have this impression (Yes.) that he is praising Putin. (Right, Master.) But nobody would do that. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) He should not have joked like that. (Yes.) Or be sarcastic like that. (Yes, Master.) Never mind. (Anyway, thank You for Your answer.) No problem. (Yes, that’s much clearer now.)

Anything else you want to know? (Yes, Master. […] Master told the story or read the story in the Hadith, which told of the two men fighting, and then the one that killed the man would go to hell. And the other one would also go to hell because he had the intention of killing.) Of course, he defends himself, but also the intention of killing. (Yes.) And killing is a great sin. (Yes. So the Ukrainian and the Russian war, Master has mentioned that Putin for sure will go to hell and that the soldiers who fight for him would go to hell. But then what about the Ukrainian citizens who bravely volunteered to defend their country and in the process of fighting, they might kill. So, would they also go to hell? […])

Yeah, but less. (Yes.) They would just be punished normally, generally and also individually. It depends also. (Yes.) Like the people who could have died on Snake Island, they did not want to kill the Russians. They knew they’re going to bomb them, and they would die, or maybe they didn’t die. Maybe they just came in and captured them. That was not very clear yet. […] Suddenly they heard all this conversation and the Ukrainian soldiers there, at the frontier, told the Russians to […] “Go F yourself.” (Yes, Master.) And then after that, they heard an explosion or something or nothing and then no more contact. So, they presume that they died. And the president of Ukraine also confirmed […] that he will give them medals later. (Ah. OK.) Posthumous, posthumous honor. In this case they would not go to hell. (Yes, Master.)

And another soldier, very young, but he volunteered. He went to the bridge to blow up the bridge, to slow down the advance of the Russian military. Because the bridge connects them to the other city where they were going in. (Yes, Master.) So, the army did not have time to arrange it so that they can remotely do it. And then this soldier called and said, “I will do it manually,” and after that “boom.” No more. He’s gone. (Right.) He knew that he was going to die. (Yes.) Everybody knew that. […]

So he sacrificed himself only. (Yes, Master.) And the others, Heaven will be more lenient, of course. (Yes, Master.) To kill people because of aggression, because of greed, because of evil intentions, of course, you will be in hell forever. (Yes.) But to kill because of defense, to protect others – this is a different case. These soldiers, they kill because they want to protect their people. (Right.) This is for others, not for himself. (Yes.) Maybe also for himself, but I don’t think they think that much about that. […] So, even if they go to hell, they will be just a short while. (Right.)

But in the Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, has told you also the truth – that both of them, the aggressor wanted to kill one man and the other man fights back. That is only to defend himself, (Yes.) and kill others intentionally. (Yes.) But in the Ukraine case, they protect their country because the enemy just came in and want to kill their people. (Yes, Master.) So, leniency and compassion and mercy will be Heaven’s judgment. […]

So, […] these people, they know war is bad, that they can die any moment, because they jump into fire now. But for what? Not for themselves, not to satisfy their ego or anything, not that they don’t value life. They just want to sacrifice because they cannot bear this injustice and bullying force of the negative, of the enemy. (Yes, Master.) I told you even I would do it, if I were them, (Understand.) if I had not been taught differently. […]

If you concentrate on yourself, then you are just alone, narrow, tight, selfish, and not worthy. But if you love some other things, even your pet or your people more than yourself, that you could even die for them, then it’s very noble. (Yes, Master.) Then Heaven will give them leniency and will not send them to hell. (Yes, Master.) […]

If it were me who was in charge of NATO, or the European Union, or America, I would ask them immediately, the moment we know there are intel reports that Russia is building up their force at the border, I would do the same. (Yes, Master.) So that they know, “OK, go ahead. We’re ready.” (Yes.) And so many alliances together. (Yes, Master. Many countries.) The whole European Union. The whole NATO, the whole America (Yes.) and allies. How can we just let Putin do anything he wants? […]

And just leave Ukraine alone, fighting like that. All alone in the whole world. Did you hear me? (Yes, Master.) Ukraine was left all alone in the whole world to fight for the world’s ideal of protecting freedom, protecting democracy, protecting their own people. (Yes, Master.) You see the picture? (Yes, Master.) Ukraine alone in the whole world, (Wow.) in the whole mighty world. They are going to let them die, fighting or not. (Yes, Master.) If Ukraine is lost, no matter if Putin advances further to other countries or not, they lost one ally. (Yes.) They lost one friend who had the same ideal with them. Do you understand me? (Yes, that’s true. Yes, Master.) They just abandoned a friend. Before talking about anything else, before they even know if Ukraine is noble or not. (Yes.)

Noble or not, they deserve protection and help, by their neighbors, at least. The Bible always says, “Love thy neighbor.” So, you let your neighbor be beaten or stabbed to death and their country or their property, their houses burnt and their possessions looted? (No, Master.) And you just stand there and fold your hands in front of your chest. […]

If the whole world just stands by and folds their arms in front of their chest, then I have no respect for anything at all. (Yes, Master.) No matter if they’re king, queen, president, prime minister, this is all garbage to me. (Yes, Master.) Because they’re worldly people. They’re not like monks or nuns or anything. (Yes.) And this is a justified cause to fight. (Yes, Master.) And not like go interfering with other neighbors or want to be a big shot or anything. This is truly a justified cause. (Yes, Master.) Ukraine didn’t do anything! (Right. Right, Master.) Russia already took a bite of their land and took another two bites already, and now want to take the whole thing and swallow it up. Not like the world did not know about these three regions. (Right, Master.) That’s been bitten off from the whole of Ukraine body. […]

To join NATO doesn’t mean they’re going to invade or rob any country like Putin does. (Right. That’s right, Master.) Joined countries, they just pledge only like, “OK. If they attack you, we will all be attacked. (Yes. Right, Master.) Then we will all be protecting you.” “Attacking one of us means attacking all of us.” (Yes, that’s right.) It’s just like protecting each other. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, that’s all. But they are not going to threaten anybody, and Putin didn’t have any NATO or anything. Go in and just rob people outright. (Yes, Master.) So, who is better?

But this guy, he doesn’t know any reason. He doesn’t know any logic; he doesn’t know any of his failure and loony tactics. (Yes, Master.) He just blames everybody else. Now he blames Ukraine for going against him. He’s furious now. That’s what they say. Because Ukraine goes against him, so make his invasion take too long time. He blames Ukraine now. “How dare they defend themselves?” […]

My God. Life is so short and so ephemeral. Why do these kinds of wicked deeds to earn a terrible name for yourself like a demon, like a monster, a war monster? (Yes, Master.) […] What for do you want to go down in history like that. […]

If he’s not a demon, don’t talk about that, then he’s a lunatic. (Yes, Master. Right.) He’s crazy. He should be in the asylum, (Yes, Master. Definitely.) loony asylum, not in Moscow. Not in the top palace. (Yes.) Not in the top seat. (Yes, Master. It’s true.)

And I hope Russian soldiers, other nearby advisors or government top leaders, realize that he’s crazy. If you listen to him, you will go to hell all together. And I’m not threatening you. I’m a spiritual practitioner. I have five precepts. I tell the truth only because I feel sorry for you. He’s maybe your leader, but he’s not fit. He works with satan to harm your country, to harm other countries, you can see that yourself, please wake up. Put him in the asylum and do away with war. Attack war, not attack poor innocent people, children in any other country. Just attack war, not attack your neighbors or any other country in the world.

Please wake up. Please see what he’s doing, what he’s saying, and know that he’s not a good person, not to talk about demons or anything yet. He’s not good and he’s leading you into harm’s way. Please wake up. Please don’t listen to him. Please take care of him. Put him in an asylum. Maybe that will do him a big favor and make him a normal person again. So, he can enjoy life, enjoy his family. Otherwise, you guys also will go to hell with him or become widows or dead because of the war. Because he will not stop. If he’s crazy, he will not stop. He doesn’t have a balanced mind. […]

Normal people don’t act like this. Even the worst dictator, they don’t act like that. Even if you call them a dictator, they don’t just jump into another country just for no reason. And eat up their land and kill their children and women and elderly, and anybody like that. So you can see he’s crazy.

You don’t have to believe me that he’s a demon or monster. You have to see what he does, what he says. Then you can analyze and know he’s not normal. He’s not in his good mind. You have to help him, bring him into a hospital or something. Check him out. Don’t be afraid. He’s only a man. He’s just a man. And when he’s wrong, you have to tell him that he’s wrong. If he doesn’t listen, maybe he’s sick. Take him to the asylum or whatever hospital to check out his brain. Maybe you could help him and help Russia not to suffer in war and help your young people to come home. They are so young, so handsome. So good, so noble, so idealistic. Don’t let them die in Ukraine for nothing. And bringing also people in Ukraine to die with them.

Please wake up. Be a good leader. All of you can be strong. Why be afraid of one man? Putin is just one man. Without you, without the soldiers, he’s nothing. Remember that. Take care of him. Put him in the asylum. Heal him and make peace for Russia, for your country and for Ukraine, your neighbor, your good neighbor. Please, please, please. I pray God that you might listen, that you might even understand, that you might wake up. Please.

Oh, God, it’s terrible. Nobody can bear this. Nobody can, nobody can even look at it, can’t stand this. Nobody can. Please God help us. Please help us. Children are dying. They did nothing wrong. Please help Ukraine, please. Because if You help Ukraine, You also help Russia. And if You help Russia and Ukraine, You help Europe. If You help Europe, You help the whole world as well. Thank You so much, my Lord. I know Your children are not well, not good, but please, help us. […]

Host: Our loving appreciation for Beloved Master’s deep care and sympathy in this urgent situation. We pray for God’s mercy and protection for all lives on Earth during this turbulent time. Wishing Precious Master to be well and safeguarded by all Heavens.

To listen to Supreme Master Ching Hai elaborate more on this current challenging time, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Sunday, April 24, 2022, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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Be Vegan, make peace.

Only Peacemakers Can Go to Heaven, Feb. 23, 2022
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Host: On Wednesday, February 23, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, while still in Her retreat to help the planet, kindly gave insights on a variety of topics, in a conference with Supreme Master Television team members. Some of the questions raised, concerned recent world events.

"Interviewed: Jan. 28, 2022 London, United Kingdom David Finney: Between the end of October and today, coming towards the end of January, we’ve had 80 outbreaks of avian flu in this country. And for the first time, some person in the southwest of England has contracted avian flu. For some reason, the government seemed to think that it’s OK to breed and slaughter over a billion animals in the UK every year. A large number of which are chickens and pigs – over 90% of them in intensive industrial farms where disease is rife. And the conditions mean that antibiotics are overused and misused. It is extraordinary that today it was deemed that the evidence we’ve submitted, over 1200 pages of it, is not enough to warrant a hearing for a judicial review. Absolutely unbelievable.

Jane Tredgett: Does anyone enjoy wearing these masks? Does anyone think about why we’re wearing them? Does the government give a stuff if we have to wear them? The government had the chance today to protect people from another zoonotic pandemic that could come from a UK factory farm. It failed to address those issues. The science about pandemics is huge. The risk of getting a pandemic from an avian flu or swine flu starting in this country is real. But that was not addressed. The risks of antibiotic resistance killing 3480 people every day, right now, were not addressed."

(Master, a recent case heard by the Royal Courts of Justice in London, UK, says the British government has not looked at the evidence of the immense harms caused by animal-people factories to humans and animal-people. And thus, violates the European Convention on Human Rights and UK’s Human Rights Act of 1998. If the court is for justice, why did it reject the case, Master?)

I told you, we don’t have many law-abiding citizens in this world. Just the fact that the English citizens had to bring the cruelty and human harm to the court’s attention, that means they’re already violating the animal-people protection laws. (Yes.) UK has them, has animal-people protection laws. Every country, you see it everywhere, not just in England. But I’m glad that it started somewhere. (Yes, Master.)

I told you already, if I were not a spiritual Master, I would sue the whole world for breaking their own laws. (Yes. Right, Master.) Nobody can sue them, because they make the law. (Yes.) That’s the thing, up to now. But somebody has to start somewhere. It’s a very gentle approach already. They just brought it to their attention, all that harm done to humans and animal-people through the meat-eating diet and animal-people products.

But, of course, the court would reject it. What do you expect? (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) They’re still having that piece of meat in one hand, and the other hand – how could they sign it? (Yes, Master.) And their mouths are still stuffed with animal-people – bleeding raw, medium-rare, or whatever rare they want it. (Yes.) So, how can they agree with the petitioners? (Right, Master. Yes.) […]

Maybe the court should study more, give them a little time. This is just a very gentle nudge and excuse, but they all know about it. (Yes, Master.) How can the court not know the law of their own country? Right? (Yes. Right.) They’re supposed to be the judge, (Yes.) and to catch all the people who break the law. So they know everything. Right? (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) Right.

And even if… Suppose we give them the benefit of the doubt that they did not know, they could always look into it. Look up the law on the internet. (Yes.) I give them a hint. Look it up on the internet. Look it up in your book of law. Look it up on Supreme Master Television. We remind you almost daily about your laws concerning the brutal treatment of the animal-people. And thus, bringing a lot of zoonotic diseases to harm and kill humans. (Yes, Master.) […]

They are just there, but that doesn’t mean they do anything justly. (Yes.) Maybe judge a small or big criminal here and there, but when it comes to their own, they don’t judge themselves. (Yes. That’s right, Master. Right.) I don’t know anyone else who can judge them. I don’t know anybody else who can bring them to court either. Because they are the court. (Yes, Master. True.)

Don’t just blame England alone, the whole world is like that. (It’s true.) They just turn a blind eye to all this brutality and atrocity that is measured daily on millions and billions of innocent animal-people. (Yes, Master.) And I don’t know how they sleep with it. This is a war going on, all day, every day – all day, all night in the whole world. (Yes, Master. Right.)

So, we don’t need to talk about war between humans either. It’s similar, it’s the same war. Just on the innocent bystander who has done nothing wrong. So I told you, this world is hell, almost hell. Oh, God.

Alright, any other better question? (Yes, Master. Bill Gates said that Omicron will spread immunity faster than vaccines. Has Master talked to the COVID chief recently about this?) […]

OK. Mr. Bill Gates, he did not know about the long-term effects. (Yes, Master.) That’s why he said it like that. Because people think Omicron is “mild,” remember? (Yes, Master.) And there’s already another Omicron sub-variant. So, don’t worry, if this one spreads immunity, the other one will bring dis-immunity. (Oh!)

If the humans don’t change, then their fate will not change. (Yes, Master. Right. That’s right.) It might change a little bit here and there for some individuals or groups, if they repent and change their way of life into a non-violent style. Then it will change.

But as a whole, humans do not want to change. The evidence is that a court of England rejects the petition of their people, (Yes, Master. It’s true.) that they should stop violence to the animal-people to stop these zoonotic, all kinds of pandemic diseases. (Yes, Master.) The top leaders, the justice, who are supposed to exercise justice, are like that. How do you expect other humans, normal citizens to change? […]

Oh God, it’s so impossible, it’s so unimaginable that the governments everywhere, some are so corrupt, (Yes, Master.) and so weak, or so cowardly. I don’t know what to say anymore. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes I have hope, sometimes not. […]

And concerning the COVID chief lately, whether or not I talked to him? I did. Just to clarify a little more.

I asked the COVID chief why he told me that Omicron is not going to relent, but now, it seems like the COVID-19 winds down in many places. At least several places in the world. “So, is it going to get better or not?” So, he said, “Not necessarily. It’s just that the people, after…” He told me in his exact words, quote, “Because Your warning has had an effect on people. They believed and they prayed very hard, and they repented. And many turned vegan. That’s why they get better.” Unquote.

They themselves are protected, and it seems Omicron or COVID has relented. But they have to continue keeping that way. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, it will come back in a different form or in a different variant. That’s what the COVID chief told me. I was a little happy, of course. And I thanked him. I said, “Wow, I hope people will continue to keep up with their vigilance and not laxing, not relaxing after things are getting better. I hope they keep their virtuous, gentle way of life, not eating animal-people, and not being violent anymore, in any form, to any beings on this planet.” They have to live frugally, gently, benevolently, and very, very humbly, and pray every day. Then things will get better. You see now? (Yes, Master.)

Any more questions? (Yes. Finland’s president said that Russian President Putin has changed, in recent phone call exchanges between the two, saying that it was a different kind of behavior, that the Russian president sounds more decisive now. Master, why has Putin changed?)

It’s not just the Finland president. When the president of France, His Excellency Macron, went to meet President Putin personally, (Yes.) he also sensed that Putin is a different person somehow, (Right.) different energy. (Oh, wow.) And I guess many other leaders also felt similar but they did not voice it. (Yes, Master.) They did not voice their feeling or opinion.

There are many factors. (Yes, Master.) Of course, many factors. Just like to show off, to win the war, and to get more land, and stuff like that. […] But one of the strong reasons was the vaccine. (Oh.) The vaccine changes people. (Oh. Wow.) Slowly or quickly. (Oh. Wow.) And this is a side effect. (Wow.) Some side effects people found out, some side effects people did not find out. (Oh.) (I see.)

The same with Omicron, the COVID chief told me that some of the side effects of Omicron are not obvious to the scientists and doctors. (Right. Yes.) It will not be. (Oh. Yes, Master.) That’s what he told me.

And Heaven told me this is the effect of the vaccine on Putin. I feel sorry for him. (Oh. Wow.) But I feel more sorry for the innocent citizens of both countries. (Yes, Master.) Being anxious, worried and fearful, (Yes, true.) of what comes next if war breaks out.

All the medicines, they have side effects. (Yes, Master. Right.) (Yes. That’s right, Master.) And then, if that person is already in isolation as he is… He’s completely isolated. He hardly appears in the crowd, in the public, (Yes.) or in the government. And even any world leader or any people who want to come to see him, they have to go through a tunnel of disinfection. (Oh.) […] So this is the thing.

"Media Report from MSNBC Feb. 25, 2022 David Ignatius (m): He’s (Putin) a man out of touch. He sits in the Kremlin, isolated. The circle of advisers around him, I’m told, has shrunk and shrunk until it’s just a handful of people. And he’s been in this isolated, brooding period during COVID. Nobody sees him. People can’t even get in to talk to him. Remember those crazy pictures of him at the long table? What kind of leader is that? It’s like a bowling alley table. But that’s Putin. And we’re seeing, I think, in this unrealistic policy driving the invasion, the effects of that isolation."

President Putin is already in isolation. (Yes, Master.) It’s not his type already, he’s an active person. He was. Very active. He’s into martial arts, he was flying a personal flight with the cranes and all that. (Yes.) And he’s everywhere. He was everywhere. Talking to youth, talking to his parliament, talking to his government and talking to world leaders.

And now he is so fearful of COVID. Even though he’s vaccinated. […] And so the vaccine does something to him. (Oh.) Makes him more aggressive. More go-getting. And also, he’s isolated – that frustrates people. (Yes, Master.) […] So, he feels also very frustrated and suffocated. (Yes, Master.) Just to sit in your own home or palace, and get whatever meal you get, and in front of the TV, or computer. It’s not a life. (Yes.) So can you imagine how ordinary citizens have to be locked up in their own little tiny apartments? Not everyone can afford a big apartment even. (Yes, Master.) […]

Most leaders, if they want to run for president, they are for the public. (Yes, true.) They will miss it if they don’t have it. […] So, he felt frustrated. (Yes.)

And he feels also helplessness with the male ego, because NATO was almost like surrounding his country. Not like they wanted to do anything. They are just expanding their base. (Yes.) Because maybe after Crimea or maybe just […] to protect their own territories and Europe as a whole. […] And he feels like he lost his macho image. Because the Russian people seem like they looked up to him. […] So he felt frustrated and small. Smaller than he would like to be. All this edged him up. (Yes, Master. Yes.) So, you can see that he feels frustrated and worked up inside. (Yes.)

I also saw a few of his photos recently. He changed. (Yes.) First of all, he looked fatter. (Oh, yes, fatter.) Maybe good food, or eating too much out of frustration and then not doing too much, because of isolation. (Yes. True.) And his face is hardened. You know, his look, his eyes, and all that. Before he used to be more relaxed, (Yes, that’s true.) and softer, gentle, and more smiling. Now he looks kind of hard, the face. So maybe because the inside affects his look as well. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) […]

So now you get it, why he changed? (Yes, Master.) […] It (the vaccine) affects people differently. You see? (Yes, Master.) And people just maybe don’t notice, or maybe they are just commoners, they don’t have any chance to exercise any power at the international level. (Yes.) But this president, he has power. (Yes, Master.) And it looks like the parliament never opposed him or anything. Looks like it’s all his. (Right.) All his people. If it’s not his people, then they would not be there. […]

Any more questions? (Yes, Master. Should the world be worried about Mr. Putin’s intentions now that we know that he has this vaccine in him, which is driving him to be more aggressive? Should the world be worried that maybe he’ll be too aggressive and wage war?)

Let me think. Let me check. He’s kind of waging war already. (Yes, Master.) It’s just not too obvious yet, but he is. He doesn’t even have to make war to destabilize Ukraine or invade Ukraine. He just invades one part at a time, (Right, Master.) like dividing to rule. (Oh. Yes, Master.) Once you divide an entity or a group, they’re weakened. (Yes, Master.) So, after Crimea, he feels like he could do more. Also because the West or America kind of gives him an excuse. So, right now, even NATO says that they will not discuss about Ukraine joining NATO. Even then, Putin is still around. The army, his military, is still around everywhere. (Yes, Master.) Around Ukraine borders or nearby borders.

The thing is, after Crimea, the West gave many sanctions to Russia, and he doesn’t like that, of course, of course. No country would like that. Even though their country is still OK, and rich and strong, but no leader would like to be controlled like that. (Yes, Master.) A form of control or limit, like restriction – no world leader would like that. So he’s already brewing.

And now he has his own isolation because he fears COVID. And also the vaccination and the booster, and all that, just driving him hot, heated up with all these side effects.

You see, because the meat-eating people, they easily get more side effects than the vegan people. (Oh, right, Master.) Or even vegetarian people – less. (Yes.) The vegan people have more resistance; the vegetarian people – some degree less. (Yes, Master.) But still, not as bad as those meat-eating people.

The meat-eaters already bring into their bodies so much poison (That’s right. Right.) and anguished energy from the dying, suffering, horrible death of the animal-people. You see? (Yes, Master.) All that energy is already brewing in these meat-eating people, especially if they’re gluttonous about it, gluttonous in eating meat. (Yes, Master.)

So, many side effects, they just ignore, or they just think it won’t happen to them. (Oh, that’s true.) But it happens. Combined with meat’s aggressive energy, and poison and all that stuff, it’s brewing inside some people and they can’t control it. (Yes, Master.)

So, of course, the world worries. They do worry already. And NATO already said they don’t discuss Ukraine joining NATO, because that was the excuse for Putin, one of the main excuses of Putin to put military around Ukraine, near the border. (Right. Yes, Master.) Now, NATO says, “We don’t discuss it.” Many European people say, “Oh, that’s not on the table anyway.” He’s (army is) still there. (Yes.)

"Interview by FRANCE 24 Feb. 5, 2022 Geoana (m): Now they try to tell us not to strengthen the eastern flank. NATO didn't have any military presence in the eastern flank before 2014, after the illegal annexation of Crimea. They (Russia) want to have Ukraine in their sphere of influence. [That] was the result of the continuous war in the Donbass and the annexation of Crimea and the threat today against Ukraine. Ten years ago, only 20% of Ukrainian people wanted to join NATO and EU. Today we have 60-something percent. So in a way, we hope that Russia will realize, that what they do, they get the opposite of their intentions."

And now he even said that Ukraine historically belongs to Russia. And now he recognizes these so-called rebellious regions, (Yes, Master.) but the Russians have been backing this region already, since long ago. After Crimea, they backed some of the regions, I think two or three regions, to become rebellious and stay away from Ukraine. United no more.

"Media Report from PBS NewsHour Feb. 22, 2022 Reporter (m): With a stroke of a pen, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed to redraw the map of Europe. He recognized the self-declared republics Donetsk and Luhansk that, for nearly eight years, have been partially controlled by Russian-backed separatists. In Donetsk tonight, pro-Russian Ukrainians wave Russian flags after Putin called Ukraine a colony with a puppet regime and warned of further fights."

In the beginning, they said that Crimea requested to join Russia. And they all said because of financial support and all that. I don’t know what. Any excuse will do. So, they annexed Crimea, and then after that other, regions followed suit, and Russia also, of course, backed them. It’s to their advantage, no? (Yes, Master.)

I don’t think the Russian people wanted to do that, it’s just the politicians, the ambitious leaders. So, now that they have some regions boiling with conflict, President Putin can ask his military to move there. “It’s a breakaway region, we can move in. (Oh, right.) It’s not Ukraine anymore.” Blah, blah. Any excuse. (Yes, Master.) So, he doesn’t have to even openly or grandly invade Ukraine. He just destabilizes it. (Right. Yes.) It’s bad enough already for the world to be on its feet. (Yes, Master.)

See, politics, it’s very dirty, very ugly, and very, very gruesome. They don’t care about innocent people dying. (Yes.) They don’t care about destroying people’s homes. They don’t care about destabilizing peace. They just do it because of their ego, because of their ambition, just because they can. (Right, Master.) (Yes, Master.)

You should not do it just because you have the power to do it. You should do anything because it’s necessary. That’s how a leader should be. You have to consider other citizens’ welfare, peace, happiness. They don’t want much from the government. Normally, if life is peaceful, they work, they earn their own living, they take care of their family, they pay taxes. They are peaceful. (Yes, Master.)

Only the big-headed leaders on the top are always causing trouble in the world, since time immemorial already. (Right. Yes.) It’s not just in Ukraine, things are like simmering elsewhere as well.

Even Nepal, like a very remote country on top of the world, (Yes, Master.) there’s still a simmering conflict between US and China. Because they want the land for influence, for power, for control. Not just want the land, but then they can control the region, the neighboring countries.

If Ukraine is taken, Russia is expanded, and they will have their military, all kinds of equipment there ready for other neighbors if they need it. (Right. Yes, Master.) Yeah, that’s the problem. You see, first Crimea and now other regions. […]

If you fight with each other within the country, then the foreign country can take advantage of that, (Right. Yes, Master.) and make you suffer. […]

Now Russia is like trying to eat Ukraine, one bite at a time. So, I don’t know. It’s just a matter of time. A matter of time. Whatever happens, we don’t know. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know all these ugly, hellish people that try to harm others. It’s not only Putin but the backing army also. (Yes, Master.) He cannot alone do that. But it seems like he controls everything in Russia.

And the karma of the world, don’t forget. (Oh, yes, Master.) So, the humans are the cause of everything. The humans’ bad behavior, violent way of life is, directly or indirectly, the root cause of everything – of war, of pandemics, of zoonotic diseases, of any conflict, of any economic problem, drought, flood, fire, everything. We are responsible for everything. (Yes, Master.) Cannot just blame Putin or anyone alone.

But also, I told you before: if Biden is the president, things will get terrible. (That’s right, Master. Yes.) They will lose the trust of the international community. See? They’re not so warm with America. (Right. Yes, Master.)

"Media Report from BBC June 16, 2021 Reporter (m): Vice President Joe Biden met Vladimir Putin. He told him he had no soul. More recently, he said he was a killer. Mr. Putin hit back: 'Takes one to know one.'"

"Media Report from MSNBC Feb. 23, 2022 President Trump: By the way, this never would have happened with us. Had I been in office, not even thinkable. This would never have happened."

If Trump was there – he was more friendly with Russia, and they would be on better terms. (Yes, Master.) Then this would not have happened.

I told you already. I told you already, I cry not because Trump lost. I don’t care about Trump or not Trump. Anybody, as long as they’re good for their country and the world, it’s OK. (Yes, Master.) (Right, Master.) I cried so much. Even openly or privately, because I knew things will happen. (Oh.) Terrible things will happen to many countries and for the world as well. (Yes, Master.) All right, now we just have to watch whatever unfolds. Terrible. […]

And Putin, because of this, he will go to hell, with his armies. That is the thing, very sad thing. Even if he invades Ukraine, he will not have anything out of it. He cannot have more palaces out of it. For what? Right? (Right, Master. Right.) He cannot have more taxes. For what? He can only spend so much per day and eat so much only, to his fill. So, it’s very, very stupid to make war.

But also, the West is to blame. Many other things. […] If the world is divided into different groups, they’re bound to have war, (Oh, right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) because of a matter of interest. (Yes. Right.) Interest and ego. And also to spend war money, because the weapons production, they show off. (Oh, yes.) And the people who produce weapons want to sell. (Right.) These are conflicts of interest that are bound to happen if the world is not harmonized with each other. […]

There is a song that came into my mind right now. […] It is very famous, from Dolly Parton. […]

She says, you can have any man you want, but I cannot love again. Please don’t take my man just because you can. (That’s right. Yes, Master.)

"Dolly Parton: Please don’t take him just because you can."

You see, because that girl, she probably is too beautiful, too attractive, or she knows how. So she can take any man she wants. […] So, she says you can have any man but don’t take mine “just because you can.” (That’s right, Master.) Because she knows this woman is very powerful, […] powerful enough.

You see, the same in politics – you don’t invade people, you don’t provoke people, you don’t show off your might to embarrass other nations’ leaders or to frighten other countries’ citizens “just because you can.” (Right, yes, Master. True.)

That’s equal to being a bully and coward at the same time. (Right.) You see, because you don’t have enough heroism in you, you don’t have enough decency in you, to know that you have the power but not use it for an unjustified cause. (Yes, Master.) Even if you make excuses, the whole of humankind will know it, the whole Heavens, Universe, know it. It doesn’t matter what kind of talk you make, doesn’t matter how many excuses you have, it’s all nonsense. It’s all just blood-thirsty, it’s all just warmonger ambition. (Yes, Master. Right.) […]

The Buddha said, “If you put down the knife, the butcher’s knife, you can become Buddha.” (Wow.) Right away even. (Wow.) It is true also. […] If, for example, President Putin just changed his mind, changed his heart, immediately things will get better. (Yes, Master.)

It’s easy to have an excuse to make war, but it is for a real good gentleman to uphold peace. (That’s true, Master. Yes.) And talk with each other. It’s not fun to go down in history as a mass murderer of a population. (Yes.) It’s not fun to go down in history as a blood-thirsty monster, (Right, Master.) who killed women, children and elderly alike, en masse, no matter what reason. (Yes, Master.) […]

Only nobility can last. Only peacemakers can go to Heaven. If Putin is supposed to believe in God… They have Russian Orthodox Christian faith in their country. (Yes, Master.) And I cannot believe that Putin is so ignorant of his national faith. He should remember his faith. He should remember that “as you sow, so shall you reap.” It’s not only in Christianity, but in Islam, in Hinduism, in Buddhism, in Jainism – they all mention that. (Yes, Master.) Similar, even if they don’t say “as you sow, so shall you reap,” but they say similar things. […]

So, I hope Putin will wake up soon, and make peace with Ukraine. And take away his evil influence from those rebellious regions. (Yes, Master.) (We hope so also.) (We hope so too.) Take away his inspiration for them to rebel, to be rebellious and separate from their own country and citizens, and nation. (Yes, Master. Right.) Because that weakens their country. You are a citizen of Ukraine, you have to work for your country. That’s your duty. And if you don’t do your duty well, you will go to hell also. Not to talk about killing people or killing children because of your miscalculation of a drone attack or of a bomb attack, whatever. (Yes, Master.) […]

They just use computers, and it’s like a war game, but it’s not a game. It’s real suffering. It’s real human lives.

And just like in Afghanistan, before? (Yes, Master.) Biden said they bombed the agents of terrorists? They didn’t. They killed the whole family, and their relatives as well. (That’s right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) Including children. And America is very high tech, sophisticatedly high tech, in war. (Yes, Master. That’s true.) And they still can make mistakes. (Yes. Right.)

Imagine, Ukraine is not very high tech in war games. (No. Right.) They can’t even defend themselves. They’re begging the international community to help them. They said, “We cannot defend our own country.” Because they have not been trained in war. […]

I hope one day no country will ever have to train anybody to kill anybody else, for whatever reason. (Yes, Master.) It’s terrible. Don’t take it just because you can. That’s what I say. (Yes.) I will use a very simple, common woman singer. “Don’t take them just because you can.” You see, even such a simple… of course, she’s famous, but just a simple woman, she still can utter something good like that. (Yes, Master.) “Don’t take him just because you can.”

Don’t take any country just because you can. And I go further, “Don’t threaten any country just because you can.” (Yes, Master.) Because this is so ugly! It’s bullying, and it’s ugly, it’s cowardly. (Yes, Master.) It is cowardly. It’s not heroism. It’s not even bullying. It’s cowardly. (Yes.) For your own interest or for anything that you use the killing tactic, or threatening tactic, this is below dignity. Lowest of the low. […] It’s lowlife. It’s lowlife, I would call it.

Anyone who’d engage in such tactics unnecessarily, or because of their own personal interest or ego, or for their country, whatever, is never going to do well. They’re all cowards and lowlifes. I dare say that in their face.

They have to change. They must change. Otherwise, the hell will change them forever. They will never get out of hell if they don’t change, because of the big karma of killing so many innocents. And all this suffering that they inflict upon others, oh, they will have it million-fold and forever, and nonstop in hell.

I know all that. Even if they don’t know that, I want to tell them, “It is real! Hell is real!” And nobody should put themselves into a position to suffer in hell. They should avoid that. They could, all of them could avoid it. Life is short but hell is forever. Hell is long. Life is short here on the planet, but hell is long, and it could be forever long.

That’s all I want to say. Oh, God! I hope they will change, otherwise, my God! They will never get out of hell, these warmongers! […]

Host: Most Benevolent Master, we thank You for once again reminding us that peace is the true victory, while war brings only suffering and loss. We pray for all the vulnerable innocents afflicted during this time of immense crises. To ensure our future existence, we must wake up and change the course of our actions by leaving animal-people products off our plates, and respecting the lives of all citizens – for lasting peace on Earth. May Cherished Master have a tranquil heart, be in the best of health, and protected by all Divine Beings.

To learn how Heaven has arranged a countermeasure against COVID-19; if ascended Masters can give initiation; why Master often has to move locations; and more – please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Thursday, April 7, 2022, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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Be Vegan, make peace.
Governments Worldwide Must Stand with Ukraine, Part 3 of 6, Mar. 6, 2022


My God. Now, there are one million refugees from Ukraine already. They would rather feed them like beggars instead of helping them to stand on their own feet and keep their dignity and sovereignty. I don’t understand the world anymore. Well, I never did, but now I understand even less. They just want to make excuses, easy. But they don’t know, if Russia takes over Ukraine, they will not be safe either. And since Russia already broke its promise, like NATO doesn’t want to accept Ukraine as a member already, they should move, go home.

(In Russia, the government said to their people, “The action in Ukraine is a special military operation.” And people in Russia cannot use social media like Facebook or search for the word “war,” and the media in Russia cannot cover the details in Ukraine as well. It seems like the Russian people have no idea about what is happening in Ukraine. Why is that so, Master?) Why? Because Putin would jail them, shut down their newspaper or media outlet. He doesn’t want anybody in Russia to know.

Putin doesn’t want people to know that he’s aggressively killing Ukrainians and invading Ukraine. Because, he knows, this war is illegal. And this war is unethical. So, if people knew in advance, they would stop him. They would go protest, and they are doing it now, even though he jails them.

You cannot trust someone who has no moral standard, who eats up his own promise, anytime. Eats up his own words, anytime. And then, NATO still scared of Putin! Oh! Oh, what a pity. I feel so sorry for NATO. It’s supposed to be the big muscle. Everybody looks up to it for protecting them. …But, this seems like the devil is taking over, so it makes everybody to be in a daze or something. They don’t understand. Or they don’t listen or, they’re fearful, whatever. Looks like they’re under a spell.
Be Vegan, make peace.

.Heaven is Aiding Ukraine in the War Between Good and Evil, Mar. 12, 2022

On Saturday, March 12, 2022, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai kindly took time to answer questions from Supreme Master Television team members about the distressing war in Ukraine, and how the brave Ukrainians are valiantly defending their homeland, despite minimal help from the outside. Master shared Her insights on how this is a battle between the forces of good and evil, and that She is using all available peaceful means, including Supreme Master Television, to help Ukraine in its fight against injustice. Master also addressed why certain negative individuals do not contract COVID.

The world has to give a message somehow to the Russian population. Tell them to denounce Putin. He is not your worthy leader. And all the Russian army, do not listen to Putin. Do not waste your beautiful youth to fight for this cruel and senseless war. What for do you have to sacrifice your lives for something that is low, low, low, way low beneath your dignity and idealism and nobility. You must quit the war! You go with the Ukraine government; they don’t harm you, you know it all by now. They would not do anything to you if you just surrender. …Please do not fight anymore. Your life is precious, your wife, your kids, your parents, your mother, your friends are waiting for you at home. Just quit the war and then you might be home soon. Pray to God, pray to God, pray to God.

So we have got to do something, say something, at least. Yeah, whatever we can. We pray for them too. Yeah. We use our peaceful means. I saw many times, they say, “Oh, a lot of Russian tanks destroyed” and all that. Even though the Ukraine soldiers didn’t do much. It is because of the thunder god. …And I’m glad the Ukrainians have faith. And I want them to continue to have faith in Heaven. And I want President Zelenskyy to know that the world is with him. And we are with him, I’m with him.

(Why do 58% of Russians support invading Ukraine, and only 23% are against?) Don’t believe all these commercials. You know already. He doesn’t let anybody report anything! Only listen to the state radio and TV, and media. Only state-backed. And only the fake news.

If a man or woman is insane for some reason, and then destroys the house and beats up the families and causes trouble, also for the neighborhood, then, he belongs to a loony asylum. …So, in this situation everyone should see clearly that Putin is crazy. Because no normal, sane leader would do what he has done to Ukraine. So, for a crazy man, you have to have a different method of dealing with him. You can’t just reason, talk logically, or talk even about law and order with him.

To listen to the full discussion with Supreme Master Ching Hai concerning the devastating crisis in Ukraine; as well as to learn whether all disciples are true spiritual practitioners, or if some have negative intentions; and who is the only one who can bear the world’s karma – please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Friday, March 18, 2022, for the full broadcast of this conference. 
Be Vegan, make peace.

.Powerful Countries Must Be Courageous and Help Ukraine, Mar. 10, 2022

Host: As our world witnesses the war in Ukraine that is causing untold pain and suffering for innocent citizens, on Thursday, March 10, 2022, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously took time to share Her thoughts and wisdom with Supreme Master Television team members on questions they raised regarding the ongoing events in Europe.

(Master, Poland is offering to deliver fighter jets to Ukraine, and the US does not support this plan. Why is this so, Master?)
You know, Biden is whom already. (Yes, Master.) He’s working for devils. So, the same with Russia. So, underneath it all, they’re working together. (Yes, Master.) You can see that with all this tarrying, tarrying all this time. Don’t want to do much for Ukraine. Left Ukraine alone to fight for themselves. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Because, if you see children are dying, or bombing women and all the houses and buildings are collapsing and all that; and only one small country against this big giant Russia. (Yes.)
And whoever is supposed to have power, doesn’t want to help. (Yes.) (That’s right, Master. We do, Master.) It’s like they’re holding hands together and surrounding Ukraine. (Yes.) Let them die or whatever. Die or wounded or injured or broken houses or family separated. I don’t know how many more they want to suffer. (Yes, Master.) Just because it’s not their family. Not their children. Not their wives or women or their parents. (Yes, Master.) It’s like nothing to do with them, “It has nothing to do with us. Ukrainians are not human. Ukraine has nothing to do with all the countries in the world.” It seems like that. (Yes, Master.)
Just like if you have a neighbor, and somebody comes and robs them, bullies them and kills them, and beats up their husband and wife, parents and children, right in front of you, and you just say, “Oh, OK. Never mind. (Yes.) I don’t want to be involved.” (Yes, Master. Yes. It’s not right.) It’s just like that. It’s a picture. It’s very clear. (Yes, Master.) All the whole world, I mean not to talk about the smaller countries, of course, they cannot do much. They’re not powerful enough. But big countries, like EU, all the EU countries and America do nothing.
Just look at the map and you see how big Russia is and how little Ukraine is next to it. (Yes.) (Right, Master. That’s right, Master.) Oh, like a big bully that comes in and just beats up people, takes their things, and kills their children and their family members. And the whole neighborhood, the big strong neighborhood, does nothing. Just like that. (Yes. It’s not right, Master. It’s unconscionable.) They’re not real. They’re not really working for the positive power. They’re from the negative. You can see that. They are from the negative force. (Yes, Master.) Very clear. You don’t have to believe me. You look and you see. You hear and you know. (That’s right, Master. Yes, Master.)

I know you have questions. So, tell me. Tell me.
(A Russian spokesperson from the Kremlin; Peskov, said, “The war in Ukraine would stop immediately if these four conditions are met: Stop military action, changing its constitution to enact neutrality,” so, basically, it can’t join the EU or NATO. “Recognize Crimea as Russian territory. And recognize the two breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent territories.” Master, are these realistic demands?)
Even children can answer you. (Yes, Master.) What? If the two countries – one big country comes in and oppresses the other country, killing their people, bombing their houses and buildings, and threatening everywhere. They don’t even let them go out for evacuation for the citizens, just innocent citizens to evacuate, and they even bomb them. (Yes.) First, they say, “OK, you can go, can go.” And then they bomb them while they are running. Civilian people. Not even army or anything. Unarmed children, women, elderly. (Right.) (Yes, Master.)
Mostly children and women and elderly go, if they can. Some elderly cannot. So, the women have to stay back, even, and send their kids alone. Maybe 10 or 11 years old, walk or run 6000 miles long to go to the other country for refuge. (Yes, Master.) (Incredible. Yes.) Because some elderly cannot move. (That’s right, Master.) They’re sick or something, so the mother had to stay there and just send the kids alone to go. (Yes.) This situation.
And tell the other countries that you lay down your arms. How? They forgot to demand the fifth and the sixth. The fifth is the red carpet. Just to welcome the robbers and bully. And the sixth is a banner to say, “Welcome evil robbers – Russia.” Putin in particular. (Yes, Master.) “Welcome evil Putin.” They forgot to demand that fifth and sixth condition.
Oh, incredible. You see, I told you already, Putin will keep demanding more and more ridiculous things (Yes, that’s right.) if the West or the free world, EU or NATO don’t do anything. Because he just keeps… that’s what we say in Chinese “常勝而戟 (Cháng shèng ér jǐ).” Meaning, “Because you’re winning, you keep going.” (Yes. Oh, right.) First, he took Crimea, and then messed up the other two regions to become also Russia, and just saying independent. (Yes.)
How can a robber go in the house and demand things? Already took a lot of things and still not satisfied, and commanding the family members to do what, what, what. (Yes. Right, Master.) And cannot defend themselves and cannot do anything. Cannot even call the neighbors or police. (Yes.) So, this is a robbery. (True robbery.) This is what we call in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), "vừa ăn cướp, vừa la làng.” Meaning, they are robbing people, but they’re also yelling at the same time, like they’re the victim. (Yes.) (Oh, gosh.) That’s what we say in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). You can see very well. (Yes, Master.) Keep demanding more and more and more ridiculous things, knowing that it will not be met, these conditions. (Yes, Master.) What’s the use of demanding?
They took already Crimea since 2014 already. (Yes, Master.) And nobody did anything. They control everything already. What for demanding recognition? (Yes.) What the…? And the other two regions are still existing there. They’re still there ever since. (Yes, Master.) Then why did Putin say that the government or Zelenskyy is oppressing them, harassing them with ethnic cleansing. If they did, these two regions would have been gone, (Yes.) deleted already. (That’s right. Right, Master.) Why has he even to demand now to be independent? (Yes, Master.) Originally, it all belongs to Ukraine. (Yes, that’s right, Master.)
You came in, you robbed things, and you’re still not happy. (Yes.) It’s just like the robber comes in and tells the people who defend their family members, and says, "You all drop your knives and whatever you have there, or pots and pans, (Yes. Gosh.) or broomstick. Drop them all and kneel here so we can shoot you.” (Yes, Master. My goodness.) (It’s ridiculous.) If they’re all laying down their weapons, then that’s it, they belong to Russia immediately. (Yes. Yes, Master.)
What for a cease-fire, what for immediate stop warring, what for? (Yes.) What for stop warring? Of course, if it belongs to Russia, then they stop. (Yes. Right, Master.) But the people of Ukraine, they don’t like Russia, they don’t like to be with Russia. I mean, Putin, in particular, because the Russian people, they don’t like this. Even the army, the military, and their intelligence also did not like it. That’s why they, secretly briefed the Ukraine intelligence. That’s why they can save their president many times. (Oh.) Three times, at least, from assassination. (Yes.) Otherwise, how would they know? (That’s true. Yes.) These killer commandos, they can do anything. They can just kill. But because they’re briefed, the intelligence of Ukraine, they’re briefed by Russian intelligence. (True.) See that? (Right, Master.) Nobody likes this evil man. (Yes, that’s right.)
In the beginning, he was all quiet because… Actually he has all these evil tendencies already. If you look back at the history, how many countries he messed up with, already. (That’s right.) Ever since the break up of the Soviet Union. I told you before in the last couple of conferences. (Yes, Master.) Not just the first time. (Yes, Master.) And the free world just turned a blind eye to him all up to now. So, he just got used to it. (Right.) And now this is more outright evil. (Yes.) It’s outright evil, because the opportunity knocked.
You see, we have pandemic, we have all over the world economic problems, and we have big powers kind of falling out with each other. (Yes, Master.) And busy, busy. Like America and China having some spat. (Yes, Master.) And everybody is busy and tired and exhausted. So, he went full length. (Yes, Master.) Robbing in broad daylight like that, going straight in and killing the citizens without conscience, without even thinking twice. People are running to the other country for refuge already. They’re still bombing them midway. (Yes, Master.) And not just one time even. Anytime. (Yes, true.) Even they already signed the truce and ceasefire and promised this and that.

“KCAL9 United States, Political Reporter Tom Wait (m): A massive explosion at a reported oil depot just west of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, the continued bombardment hitting key parts of the country’s infrastructure and indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets continued as well. The person who posted this video says it was a pensioner’s apartment. But the suffering continues. These children are orphans, 33 of them have been taken into a basement in a town near Kyiv in hiding from Russian bombs. Last week, a Russian airstrike hit the area. In the hard-hit port city of Mariupol, people lined up to get water as essential services have been knocked out there. And Russia has repeatedly violated ceasefires to allow people to evacuate.”

And they even said, “OK, if you don’t like that, then go to Russia or Belarus.” (Crazy.) Demanding like that, “Then we won’t bomb you. We won’t shoot you when you’re running.” Of course! Go to their country. Go to their papa. (Yes.) And you know how they will treat them? (Oh, gosh.) It’s like prisoners! (Yes, that’s true.) Then they would probably never be able to go back to Ukraine. (Yes, that’s right.) (Yes, Master.) It will be like another concentration camp in Belarus or Russia.
It’s a country of the enemy. How would they go there? What for? (Right, Master. Yes, exactly.) How can they trust them? (No, they couldn’t.) It will be like a concentration camp. And then they would close them all in, lock them all in, and then use them as another weapon to make demands. (Yes, that’s true.) Demands of the free world or Ukraine alone. (Yes, Master.) And then just tie up the hands of President Zelenskyy, and then he will not know what to do. (Yes, Master.)
Right now, they keep bombing all the civilians’ area anyway, residential and all that, killing them just to unnerve the government and the army of Zelenskyy. (Yes, Master.)
So anything Putin said or told his gang to say – is all a lie. (Yes, Master.) It’s all lies, all evil. I’m so sickened. Truly, I’m sickened. I can’t believe they’re so bad like that. In the beginning, he just quietly did a little bit here and there with some excuses.
And the world turned a blind eye, and now he keeps continuing. (Yes.) If Ukraine is gone, he will continue anyway. He will never stop. And this time, if he wins Ukraine, it would be big time, and then he would continue to the next countries, not just small, small regions in any country anymore, but now he will go outright. Having an excuse or no excuse, he doesn’t need any excuse. You can see it’s all lies. (Yes, Master.) Doesn’t ever need any excuse just to talk nonsense. I see all the evils through him. Yuck! I cannot believe this! (Yes, it’s…)
I cannot believe everyone believes him or are just making excuses to believe so that they don’t have to do anything. All the cowards, big deals in the world, they just sit on the big seats and do nothing. (Yes, Master. Yes, true, Master.) Either they’re scared of Putin, or they don’t want to do anything. It’s all evil. It’s all supporting evil. (Yes. Yes, Master.)
If they recognize all these three regions, for example, if President Zelenskyy recognized them and signed it, that is a big defeat already. (Yes.) Originally, it’s all quietly accepted, and because they didn’t want war and bloodshed, so they just went quiet. And now if it’s officially recognized, then the whole country will hate him, will accuse him of treason. (Yes, Master.) And even if they don’t, Russia or Putin will make some strategy, go in and make more and more trouble for Zelenskyy, or assassinate him. (Yes, Master.) And then control it. And then it becomes Russia.
Oh, my God. What evil! (Truly.) Oh, dear God. What evil, what evil. Oh, this guy, Putin, he will go to the deepest possible hell and never get out. (Wow. Yes.) Never will he see the sun again after he dies. (Oh, wow.) And he doesn’t know that.

Any other questions? (Yes, Master. There are evacuation routes or humanitarian green corridors open for civilians, but the Ukrainians don’t seem to want to leave. Why would they not want to leave, Master?)
Because, I told you already, they bomb them (Oh, yes, that’s right.) while they’re running. (Yes.) Because it’s so easy. The whole line, the whole queue of cars going and they have to check at the border of the other country next door. (Yes. Right, Master.) And it takes some time, and so easy to just bomb them. (Yes. That’s true.) Shoot them. They’re all concentrated there on the highway or whatever national road that they’re using. Isn’t that easier, (Yes, Master.) to kill? (Yes. It is.) Coward. (Wow.) Ugly, evil.
My God. Just killing people who are running already. (Yes.) And talking about he’s a judo black belt. No wonder they took away his title, (Oh, yes. That’s right.) and many of his oligarchs gang also, took them away, because that’s not the spirit of martial arts. (No. That’s right. It’s not.) People are already running, people already on the ground – you don’t beat them anymore. (No. No, Master.) If your opponent is already on the ground, you don’t beat them. If the people are already running away from you, you don’t chase them. You don’t take advantage of their weakness and kill them, at that time. (Yes, Master.) That’s judo, that’s Tae Kwon Do, that’s karate, whatever martial art school, they all teach that principle. (That’s right. Yes, Master.)
But unluckily, like in many martial arts schools and teachers before, since history began, they taught that, but one or two disciples always have evil tendency in them already. So they went to learn martial arts just to kill. (Yes.) Just to bully. Just the same like Putin now. So, it is good that they took away his title. (Yes, it is, Master.)
Oh, my God. People are so scared. If they go out, they get bombed anyway. (Yes, exactly.) So they thought maybe it’s safer to stay in the house. Hoping, praying that they won’t bomb their house. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Or that maybe they can go down in the basement and it becomes safer for them. (Yes, exactly.) At least they are in their house and they have food and all that. If they are on the road, so open like that, they can bomb them, kill them anywhere, anytime (Yes, that’s true.)
So ugly, evil. And the West does nothing. I feel so disgusted with the so-called free world. These big muscles do nothing. I feel disgusted. It’s their job. (Yes, it is, Master.) That’s why they will also go to hell, because they don’t do their job. It’s as if they are an accomplice. (Yes, Master.) If you see the neighbors being beaten and children are killed or beaten up in front of you, and you do nothing; you let the robber continue beating and hurting them; then that is also like you’re helping. (Yes, Master.) The accomplice. (Yes, Master. True.) At least halfway. (Yes, Master.) Never mind. They all will go to hell.
All these big muscle people who have power and not using it to help their neighbors, they all will go to hell. Because the physical Universe law is like that. You are in a position; you have to fulfill your duty. (Oh, yes. Yes, Master.) If you are an army person and somebody goes and makes war with your country, then you have to fight. (Yes. Right, Master. Yes, Master.) Because you are in the army. You’re supposed to protect your country. (Yes, Master. That’s right, Master.) You don’t go out and fight and harass other countries but you protect your country’s people, (Yes, Master.) and also your neighbors if necessary. (Yes, Master.)
So, Ukraine soldiers, they are doing the right thing. They will go to Heaven. Even if they have to kill the Russians. (Wow. Right.) They’re protecting their people. (Yes, Master.) They are doing their job. (Yes, Master.) In this physical world, you have to do your job. Therefore, I said to you all these pedo-priests will go to hell also. Because they don’t do their job well. They’re supposed to be priests. (Right, Master. That’s right.) They have to protect their faithful; physically, emotionally, morally, mentally, psychologically. (Yes, Master.) But they molest all that. They violate all that. So they have to go to hell, no matter what. Even if God forgives them, they have to go to hell. (Yes, Master.)

Any more questions? […] (Well, it does seem very evil what Putin is doing just for evacuation routes. The Red Cross said that he even mined the routes.)
Also, yes. There are mines hidden on the roads. (Yes.) So, that the people who go there, they will die anyway. (Yes. Oh wow.) Even the Red Cross knows that. Imagine. (Yes.)
And they could also kill the Red Cross people too who come in to help them, or medical personnel, they bombed also a hospital and children, kindergarten, and other children’s ward or something. (It was a pregnancy ward.) Even they bombed that as well. (Yes.) A maternity ward, you’re right. I heard that. I saw that. So, there’s nowhere they leave the people safe, even they are just civilians. (Yes, Master.) So, this is truly evil.
And I don’t understand NATO and the free world who let that happen right in front of their eyes. Not that they don’t know. (Yes, Master.) Even the Red Cross had to say that. And the Red Cross, they are neutral. They just help, even enemies or not. They don’t care who’s enemy, who’s not. And they have to even report that. Can you imagine? Imagine they turn a blind eye, and say they don’t know? (Yes.) NATO doesn’t know this? EU doesn’t know this? America doesn’t know this? My God.
(I think they’re trying to start up the criminal court and investigating this part of it, about the bombings of the maternity wards and such.) They just start small. (Yes.)
How about hiding mines on the route of the refugees and saying, “Oh, you can go that road. We open it for you. It’s a corridor for you to run.” (Yes, Master.) And now people don’t even dare to go out to immigrate. (Yes.) To run even. So that they bomb everywhere, (Yes. Right, Master.) So that they can kill the whole country.

“CBS Evening News Mar.8, 2022, CBS Evening News Anchor Norah O’Donnell (f): Tonight, the war in Ukraine has entered a new phase of brutality as Russia seems to be targeting civilians trying to flee their country. The unprecedented shelling of areas where people are evacuating is sparking fear and outrage. Negotiations are ongoing between the two sides, but little progress has been made. Meanwhile, the humanitarian crisis is growing by the hour as millions flee their homes in hopes of escaping the violence.
Senior Foreign Correspondent Charlie D'Agata (m): Cities are under siege like Mariupol, where residents have been unable to flee after two ceasefires were shattered. A man rushes into the emergency room carrying his 18-month-old son, but doctors are unable to save him. His mother kisses her baby boy goodbye. A savage attack on residents trying to flee Irpin outside the capital was captured by the New York Times. A mother and her children lie dead. Deliberately targeting civilians or firing into them with a total disregard for human life. The incident enraged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. ‘We will not forgive,’ he said. ‘We will not forget.’”

This Putin, he’s evil, the most evil of all evil. And the world lets him get away with it.
I’m waiting. I’m waiting for them to really do something, because otherwise nobody can rescue them from hell. They will be there also forever with Putin. Or in different wards of course. But hell will never be lenient. (Yes, Master.) Because they will just do their job. (Yes.) Just like if you are in prison already, the prison warden will just lock the door and do whatever they do. (Yes.) No one can go in there and help them; nobody can go into prison, just like in hell. Like that. […]
Truly, how can you go in and rob people’s house, and then demand everything else. (It’s horrid.) You’re a robber. (Yes, it’s unimaginable.) And you become like the boss in the house. How can they not have any shame? How can the Russian people bear this kind of evil dictator. How can the Russian people tolerate it? How can they ever forgive him? (Yes, that’s right.) I just really wish that the Russian people don’t have to suffer this kind of bad reputation in the eyes of the whole Universe. And then even they have collective punishment with him. (Yes, Master.) Because the Russian people are innocent. (Yes.)
He hid it from them, the truth. Didn’t tell them anything. “A special operation” only. (Yes, that’s right.) (Yes.) My God! If it’s a good cause, he would tell all his countrymen with pride. (Yes, Master. Yes, of course.) A man who doesn’t have pride, who hid the truth from his own country’s citizens, then you must know it’s no good. (Yes.) You must know it’s some evil intention. (For sure.) (Yes.) Some creepy kind of criminal activities. (Yes, Master.) If it’s a good cause, he would have announced it on TV, radio and newspapers, everywhere with pride. (Yes, Master.) And let his whole country support him, support his noble cause. But he hid it. That means a creepy guy! (Yes. Right.) Evil.
I don’t know why the whole world doesn’t say this. I don’t know why I have to explain like this. I hope my explanation does help, I mean, not help Putin, help the musclemen to put away their cowardice and have some shame. And do something to help their neighbors, and help the Russian people to clear their name, to get back their honor of being a great country’s citizens. Putin is a menace, an evil-doer, a trouble-causer, an honor-smearer for his country’s citizens. (Yes, Master.) Nobody is courageous enough to deal with this evil. (Yes, it seems so.) The whole world. (Yes, Master.) Everybody does just a little bit only. (Yes, Master.)
Even one truck driver in Ireland, I saw in the news that he drove a truck through the gate of the Russian embassy. (Oh, wow.) And, of course, the police arrested him. The whole country can’t do anything. Just the truck driver tried to do it. (Yes. Right, Master.) Just at least to show something. (Yes.) To show the protest, (Yes.) the discontent. And they arrested him. And he said so, “I did my bit.” Like he did what he could. (Yes, Master.) Just a little bit.
Even just one truck driver is so courageous. (Yes.) So righteous like that. But the whole country, the big people are cowards. (Yes.) And many country leaders are also all cowards. I say it again and again. Cowards! Cowards! Cowards! All these people with big armies, and power and did nothing to help Ukraine. […]
I think maybe America… I told you already that the regime, the gang, White House gang, is also evil. Whoever supported Biden and agrees with him. And they just try to obstruct. Not only they don’t help, they obstruct other countries trying to help them. (Right, Master.) And America is supposed to be the leader (Yes.) of NATO, as well as in the Security Council of the UN. And just do nothing. And stop other people from helping even. (Yes, Master.) Not only you don’t help your neighbor, and you let the robber and the bad guy beat up your neighbor, your neighbor’s children and wife, and all that, you even stop all the neighbors to come and help that victim. (Yes, Master.) Not only are you a coward – evil enough not to help – you stop all the neighbors to help! Can you see that? (Yes, can see.) Can you see the evil working together? (Yes, Master.) Now you believe me or not? (Yes, we do, Master.) Otherwise, how do you explain all that?
Poland, the country nearby, next door. (Yes.) He wants to help his neighbor. That’s normal. If I were a Poland citizen or government, I’d just go and help. I would not ask America. (Right.) America is another country, it’s not your boss. (Yes.) And even if your boss is wrong, you have the right to rebel against it. You have to do what is right. (Yes, Master.) If somebody comes into your company, or the neighbors, and is beating them up and taking their things, and doing ridiculous things, and wicked things to them, and your boss stops you; like you’re in the same company and then somebody comes and beat your colleagues and all that, and you want to come and protect your colleague – you just do it. You don’t care what your boss says. (Right, Master. Yes, you would, Master. We would.) If your boss is so evil and so stupid, and so cowardly, doesn’t dare to oppose these robbers or bullies; and you want to do it, you just do it. You don’t have to listen to your boss. (Yes, Master.) What would your boss do to you? What? Punish you? Oh, man.
Bless you, Poland. May God see your good intentions, and reward you and your citizens, accordingly.

These people in Ukraine, the soldiers who protect their people and sacrifice their lives and risk their lives, for example, they will all go to Heaven. Of course, not high Heaven, but for some time they will go to Heaven. (Wonderful. Yes, Master.) Not like forever, but they will go to Heaven, and then they will continue to be reborn as humans in a good condition, and protected. (Oh, good. Wow.) And then they will improve their spiritual grade, and they might meet a Master or an enlightened person who will take them higher upward (Oh.) in the future life. (Wonderful. Good to hear.) Because they sacrifice for others. (Yes. Yes, Master.)
The same with many of the foreigners who went or will go to Ukraine to help. (Yes.) Because they could not bear this injustice and bullying. They also will go to Heaven. (Oh, good. Wonderful. Yes, Master, good to hear.) Even if Heaven’s law doesn’t take them up, I’ll make sure they will. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, at my expense, even.

I’m talking to you, explaining things to you and to the world, also already at my expense, anyway. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Not just my precious time, but karma. (Yes, Master.) I’m punished. (Oh, wow.) Yeah. But I can bear it, it’s alright, I don’t mind. (We hope You’re OK.) I don’t mind. (We pray for Master.) OK or not, I will do it. (Yes, Master.) I’m not doing things so that I’m OK. I know already that I will not be OK, that I will be punished, even alive already, not to talk about later. (Oh, my gosh.) Physical, and other things. It doesn’t matter. I’m a big girl.
(We wish for Heaven to protect Master always.) Thank you, thank you. Yeah, they do. (For Your true bravery.) They do, they do. But still, they cannot protect me 100%. Karma, I still need to bear. (Yes, Master. OK, Master.) It’s not like I’m enjoying talking about all these things. It disgusts me anyway. If I don’t talk about this, if I don’t tell you all this truth, I would be disgusted with myself. That’s worse than all the punishment that’s measured on me, daily. […]
Oh, dear God. OK, my love. You don’t have to believe me that Putin is evil, or his gang is evil. You can see what they do. (Yes, exactly Master. It’s very clear. It’s very clear that he’s completely, utterly evil.) Yeah. Absolute. (Completely. Absolutely. Through and through, there’s no doubt.) Yeah. (His actions, his words, his lies.) And creepy mentality. (Yes, Master.) I told you he’s not just normal evil even, being in the spy business. Doing things, with the know-how tactics. (Yes.) Creepy tactics, and all that. It’s so disgusting that I’m so sick. […]

Host: Most Benevolent Master, we are immensely touched by Your courageous stance in being a voice for the vulnerable, yet brave Ukrainian nation. And we pray that governments worldwide urgently take all necessary actions to save precious Ukrainian lives in their desperate time of need, and thus avoid grave consequences for their own souls in the life hereafter. May Caring Master always be in utmost safety and vigorous health, with the loving assistance of all Heavenly Protectors.
To see the full discussion with Supreme Master Ching Hai about the circumstances in Ukraine, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, for the full broadcast of this conference.
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Important Information from the Chief of COVID, Jan. 26, 2022

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Host: On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai received important information from the chief of COVID, and She urgently called to share it with some of the Supreme Master Television team members. She also requested this message to be sent out to the world, with the hope to awaken and save as many souls as possible.

I am not really sure whether I should tell all this, but I’ll tell anyway. In case somebody still has ears to hear and wakes up soon. […] I watched the news. […] Then afterward, I could not meditate. And I could not rest. And then I “emailed” the COVID chief and talked to him. I asked him to: “Please come. We have to have a conversation.” Because […] on the news […] I saw a male nurse – he looked very nice. (Yes, Master.) A very kind person, and still very young. Not old, may be 50-something. […] And very kind.

“Media report from WFLA News Channel 8 Jan. 25, 2022 Melanie Michael (f): When COVID hit hard, Jeff Sales knew the risks of working in a hospital. But he also knew nurses were needed. The former Army medic was deeply passionate about saving lives through service. Two days ago, it was his own life that needed saving, but it was too late. Jeff Sales was just 47 years old. The married father of four worked nonstop, 12 hours a day in the COVID unit at Blake Medical Center in Bradenton. He would even work two and three extra shifts to take care of those suffering while taking care of himself and his heart condition. He would remind his son often: saving the world starts with saving one person at a time.
Son of Jeff Sales(m): Because he’s the best man I will ever know. And if I can take half of that, I’d be the man I wanted to be.
Melanie Michael (f): His dad was born to serve and would do just that until his very last breath.”

Like, according to one of his colleagues, one time she caught him holding the hands of one new patient before she went to have an operation. And she was very scared. So, this female nurse knew that this male nurse had a thousand other things to do. But still, she caught him sitting there with a new patient, holding her hand – (Wow.) comforting the patient. (Yes, Master.) So, this female nurse, she said to herself, “Oh, that’s the kind of nurse that I want to be.” And guess what? He died from COVID. (Oh, no.) Just after testing positive, twelve hours later, he died just like that, in the same hospital that he worked. (Oh, gosh.) And such a kind person. […]
It was a very busy day, even. And he still took time to sit there and talk to her, (Wow.) comfort her. So, I was kind of upset and angry. I called the chief of COVID and talked to him. I said, “Why did you have to kill such a kind person?” […] So, the COVID chief said, “Because loving kindness wouldn’t save people from COVID.” (Oh.) Look at that. (Wow.) Oh, it’s shaken me after all this conversation with him. It’s not enough, that’s what it is. (Wow.) Loving kindness, it belongs to the emotional domain. (OK. Oh, yes.) Just like intelligence or knowing worldly things or even some spiritual answers, they belong to the intellectual, mental domain. (Oh, right.) This is Astral Level. Emotion is from the Astral Level. […] (Wow.)
I thought they would spare a loving, kind person. […] I thought if people are kind, loving, they’ll be OK. But he told me… this is his quote: “Because loving kindness wouldn’t save people from COVID.”!!! And I put three exclamation marks after that myself. (Wow.) […] My God, you would think loving kindness would protect people. (Yes, yes. Yes, one would, Master.) But that is only one aspect of human quality. That’s the astral emotion. (Oh. Yes. OK.) It’s not like belonging to spiritual high elevation. (Yes, Master.) […]
He said, “But he’s working for his living. It’s his job.” (Oh.) Well, of course, it is true like that. But there are many people, many persons who do their job but not kindly like that. (Right.) Even they are paid. (Yes, Master.) He’s different, this guy. He’s really kind. (Yes.) And he didn’t mind going extra miles to help. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Still, I was so upset. I was very upset. And continued. So, I said to him… I was kind of stern to him… polite, but stern.
I said, “Then what would save people from COVID?” So, he told me. I wrote here “CV chief.” CV means COVID chief. […] “Disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai.”! (Wow.) I put an exclamation mark. (Wow.) I read to you the way it is, (Yes, Master. Wow.) with commas, and periods and all. I said, “Thanks for your respect. But some of them, my so-called disciples, also got COVID still. Why?” So, the COVID chief said, “Because they are not worthy.” Wow! […]
I continued to grill him. I was upset. So I said, “What categorized them as not worthy?” […] So CV chief […] said, “Not seriously practicing.” (Oh!) So, I asked him, “Like which way?” CV chief said, […] “Not diligently meditate, not respect Your teaching, not peace with Your worthy disciples.” (Wow!) Maybe they quarrel with some of the elder, senior disciples who are better, (Right.) (Wow.) who know better and probably point out some of their shortcomings or tell them to be better than that, and they probably get mad at them. It’s always the same. People are not grateful when you teach them anything because their ego hurts. (Yes.) […] And I said, “Thanks, for your info. I will try to convey this to them. (Oh.) So sad anyway.” (Oh. Yes, Master.) And then a pause, and then […]
I said, “Oh, what became of that nurse?” I mean, where has he gone? (Yes.) What has become of his soul? So the CV chief told me, […] “Die, went to Zero Sick Astral World.” You know what that is? (No, Master.) Meaning he went to a world which has no sickness at all. (Oh. Oh, right.) Probably because of his good karma. (Yes, Master.) And then he died there because he got infected. So, he was rewarded… […] Went to Zero Sick Astral World. […] And then, M asked, “Will he have a chance to live forever there? Or upgrade some else?” Meaning, somewhere else. […] So the CV chief told me, “Return soon.” Exactly the words he said. (Yes.) “Return soon, year 2094.” (Oh.) 72 years later, right? (Yes.) That’s connected with other things later on. You will see soon. […]
So, I said, “Thanks so much for your time, chief. Kind of you.” Meaning, very kind of you. (Yes, Master.) “Please, can we talk a little bit more?” I get a little bit softer now. […] My tone is softer. […] So, CV chief said, “Yes.” I asked, “How about people who turn vegan, will they be spared of COVID suffering also?” […] So, CV chief said, “For disciples only.” (Oh. Wow.) I was kind of not pleased, so I told him, in a little bit higher tone, “But many, many are not disciples, and they won’t be disciples. (Yes, Master.) Many are not my disciples, but they are not infected. Why?” So, CV chief said, “Because their time not come yet.” (Oh. Wow.) […]
By the way, the new news, I asked him about Thích Nhất Hạnh. “He died at a ripe age and peacefully, (Right.) he’s not my disciple. How you explain that?” […] So the COVID chief told me, “Because he is a former worthy saint,” meaning he was a worthy saint. When he was alive. (Yes, Master.) That’s what he meant. But these were his exact words. Because he is a “former worthy saint.” (Oh.) […] I asked him, “So worthy saints will be spared by COVID?” CV chief said, “Right.” (Wow.) […]
And then I pressed him, “Can you tell me this time when COVID-19 will end and the world will go back to normal?” So, the chief of COVID said to me… Oh my God, should I tell? […] Let me check again. (Yes. OK, Master.) Because last time he didn’t want to tell me. (Yes.) This time, because I was kind of upset. (Yes, Master.) One moment. But I have to tell humans, no matter what. They don’t have to believe me. And if it turns out the opposite, even better. So, I’ll tell you. (OK, Master. Thank You, Master.) For the world to take care, to be careful. (Yes, Master.) The COVID-19 chief told me, “Year 2099, […] November 4.” (Wow. That’s a long way. So long.)
So, I was thankful for his details. I said, “Thank you. Thank you, many thanks, chief.” (Woah, that’s a long way Oh my God.) Last time he didn’t want to tell me. This time he told me all in detail. I said, “You’ve got to tell me because some worldly people, they don’t understand anything. (Yes.) Maybe we have to tell them, maybe they will wake up.” Some people are good, they just don’t know and are influenced by bad people. And by the demons who abound. […] (Yes, Master.) And they influence them.
So, I asked him further, “At that time, how many percent left?” Meaning, how many percent of humans. But I just wrote it for myself, so I didn’t write it that grammatically well. […] “And can we start again?” After […] 77 years. Imagine that. […] “And till then, will be death, sickness, destruction, new and more lethal dangerous variants, correct?” So, the CV chief said, “Yes. (Oh, wow.) 9% left.” (9%. Oh, wow.) (Wow.) He said, “Only 9% left until that time.” (Oh, wow.) Like 77 years later. […]
So, I asked him, “Vaccine doesn’t help?” The CV chief said, “No. Zero.” Oh, God. (Oh, wow.) […]
But I kept telling you before, we can’t just rely on vaccines and all that. We have to rely on God. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) God’s Grace. And we have to better ourselves. (Yes, Master.) To be worthy of that, to be worthy of forgiveness. I keep telling you that. No? (Yes, Master.) […] I knew more or less like this before, but to be told concretely, black and white like that, it also made me shiver, made me tremble, inside. (Yes, Master.)
So, after a pause, I asked him again, “But we need people to make this world function. Can world people survive with so minimal abled, talented workforce?” The CV chief said, “Do not love those people. Evil-doers, they are.” (Wow. Oh. Oh my. Gosh.) I’m not sure if he told me do not love people, evil-doers, or he told me that they don’t love people, evil-doers. We were in conversation; I didn’t ask him. […] I was told one time also before, “Do not love evil people.” Because I was praying for people, for some people. (Yes, Master.) And I was told by Heaven, “Do not love evils.” That’s what They told me. And this time is the second time. It’s from a different person. (Wow.) One second.
I guess they just meant like Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” (Ah, yes. Right. Yes, Master.) So, we are all transparent. We cannot pretend, we cannot have a façade of good moral guys, and then, think that we are safe. Heavens see everything. Even the negative force, they see everything. (Woah. Right. Yes.) (Yes, Master.) These negative forces, they are also commanded by Heaven to do this. (Oh.) They are just doing their duty. (Understand.) So, I can’t even be mad at them. (Yes, Master.) It is all human-made. (Yes, Master.) Made on planet Earth. (Yes.) […]
Because, I thought he told me, “Don’t love evil-doer people.” So I said, “It’s not always so clear from the outside look, from their appearance and their outer actions.” We were arguing. “So where will their souls go?” […] COVID chief said, “Hell.” (!!!) (Oh.) One word. I put three exclamation marks in parenthesis. And then I pressed him further, “For how long?” So, the CV chief said, “Long, long, long time.” (Wow.)
I asked again, “But even if they repent and turn vegan? No use?” So, CV chief told me, “No.” (Oh my God.) (Wow.) I guess it’s too late, that’s why. Last time he told me, “Too late, already.” Right? (Yes.) Remember? (Yes, Master.) […] And then I protested. I said, “But I promised if they turn vegan, repentant, I will help them go Heaven. […] Is that not supposed to happen now?” So, CV chief said to me, “Oh, well, yes, if sincere.” That’s his words, “Yes, if sincere.” (Wow.) So, you see, the point is people have to repent, turn vegan and truly, sincerely, humbly repent, sincerely repent, as urgent as you need air to breathe. (Yes. Yes, Master.) As sincere as that. (Right.) Then they will be helped. Then they will be allowed to be helped. (Yes, Master. Yes.) And I can interfere with Heaven. That’s what it means. (Right.) […]
So, I asked him, “Some people recover well. Why?” The CVC, meaning COVID-19 chief, said to me, “Because they repent and pray for forgiveness.” (Oh!) Must have been sincere then. (Yes.) […] If they have been praying before and have the habit, and then at this time it’s desperate, in a desperate situation, they probably were very sincere. (Yes.) And then they recover well. But that’s not guaranteed forever. They should continue that way if they want to live and if they want to go back to Heaven instead of going to hell. […] “Because they repent and pray for forgiveness.” That’s all he said. (Yes.)
Now I asked again, “So if these 91% repent, pray for forgiveness, soon will pandemic be over?” So, COVID chief told me, “Yes, but must be truly sincere. Best turn vegan, too.” (Wow.) That’s what he said. “But can’t see that will happen soon.” (Oh.) […] Meaning he can’t see that people would repent so sincerely and turn vegan like that. […] Oh, who knows? Maybe we put this on the air. Maybe people will think about it. Hey? (Yes, Master.) (Wow.)
So, I said to him, […] “We’ll pray that the people wake up. Sorry, humans so ignorant. Thanks so much. Please help us also if you can. God Bless. So long, in God’s Love.” (Wow.) And he turned to go, and then I said, “Oh, but one last question, please.” I asked him, “I have Protectors all around. How you get to contact me? How you can get to me so easily?” He turned around and told me, “Love You.” (Oh! Wow.) That’s all he said, and then he left. (Oh. Wow.) That was the best note of all the conversation. (Oh. Wow.) That is that.
So, people in the world, they have to truly repent. They have to sincerely repent like they need air to live. (Yes.) So urgent as if they need air to live, like when you get COVID, and you cannot breathe. (Yes.) At that time, air is the most important to them. So, praying like that, praying like it’s your last prayer ever, like you will never have a chance to pray again. (Yes.) Pray like all your life and everything else that you treasure depends on it. (Yes, Master.) Pray as if you are drowning and you need air, and turn vegan and repent, of course.
So, he said, summary is: repent, pray for forgiveness, and turn vegan. Three things. Which is not really a lot. I can’t blame him. (Yes. Yes, Master.) He just gives us information, actually. […] So, we came to this kind of common, quiet agreement that if people still repent sincerely and pray for forgiveness and turn vegan, then there is still hope. (Yes.) That’s the only thing that they can hope for, because vaccination doesn’t help anyway. (Right. Yes.) So, no need to press them, no need to mandate them. (Yes.) They also know it themselves, so I am not scared anymore to sound anti-vaccine. It’s not like that. (Yes, Master.)
I said to you, all of you before, “It’s up to you.” I mean, to people, “Up to you.” (Yes. Yes, Master.) When they asked me about some fetal tissue in it, in the vaccine, whether or not they should take it, I said, “Up to you.” (Yes.) But my message is: whether or not you choose vaccination or a booster, whatever you choose, that you are convinced will help you, then, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you choose, a vaccine or not, please pray to God. Please ask humbly for forgiveness in true, sincere repentance. And please turn vegan. That’s all.
In all sincerity, repent, pray for forgiveness, and turn vegan. It’s not difficult at all, is it? (No, Master.) It’s not a big demand. Right? (No, Master.) It’s not a demand even, it is to help yourself. If you keep swallowing poison, then you will die. No? (Yes, Master.) You’ll get sick. (Yes, Master.) […] Our body is a car that needs different fuel. (Right.) We have to put in fresh, living energy from vegetables and fruits, (Yes.) and grains. Not the dead corpses and filthy energy, and rotten pieces of bloody dead meat that’s full of antibiotics, full of fear and horror in there, also. (Yes, Master.)
This kind of energy, before they die, they torture them. They know all that. And they even torture them physically as well. (Yes, Master.) All their life is torture. So, all that is embedded in their meat, and if you eat it, you can’t have peace. (Yes, Master.) You can’t feel happy, not truly happy. (Yes, Master.) And, of course, you get sick. That is not for humans to consume. So many antibiotics and mercury and what not in all the fish-people, and salmonella accidentally, whatever, wherever. Nowadays, so much sickness already, not to talk about COVID. (Yes, Master.)

“Excerpt from The Real Truth About Health Conference Sept. 29, 2019 Maryn Mckenna(f): A lot of people don't know this, but most meat animals raised on the planet get doses of antibiotics on most of the days of their lives.”
“Media Report from NewsChannel 5 Apr. 7, 2015 Reporter(f): What's added to beef, pork, and poultry has the attention of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and hospitals all over the US.
Dr. Amy Collins(f): Eighty percent of the antibiotics used in this country are used in animal agriculture. That's 30 million pounds (~1,360 metric tons) of antibiotics used every year to treat animals that aren’t even sick.
Reporter(f): Antibiotics are fed to livestock to prevent disease and promote growth.
Dr. Amy Collins(f): This practice of giving them low dose antibiotics in their food on a daily basis is the perfect opportunity to breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Reporter(f): These antibiotic-resistant bacteria from meats can be passed on to you and me, making once treatable conditions more problematic.
Tom Wagstaff: There's many patients who are difficult to treat because they have resistance to antibiotics.
Reporter(f): Government tests of raw supermarket meat found antibiotic-resistant bacteria in 81% of ground turkey, 69% of pork chops, 55% of ground beef and 39% of chicken.”
“Excerpt from The Real Truth About Health Conference Sept. 29, 2019 Maryn Mckenna(f): Antibiotic resistance is considered by the World Health Organization and the major national health agencies around the world as one of the most profound threats to human health in this century.”
“Excerpt from TED Talk Mar.18, 2015 Maryn Mckenna(f): Fifty-thousand people a year die of infections which no drugs can help. The worldwide toll right now is 700,000 deaths a year.”
“Mic the Vegan YouTube Channel Sept. 3, 2015: Researchers are saying that in a few decades it will kill more people than cancer.”
“Media Report from Consumer Reports Sept. 23, 2014 Reporter(f): Some seafood contains high levels of a form of mercury, called methylmercury.”
“The Doctor’s Farmacy Podcast Apr. 5, 2021 Dr. Mark Hyman(m): We find so many people have not only high blood levels of mercury, but high total body levels. Forty percent of the people who came to the Ultrawellness Center had high levels of mercury that interfere with their biology.
Dr. Elizabeth Boham(f): Even the World Health Organization recognizes that mercury is one of the top 10 chemicals of major public health concern.
Dr. Mark Hyman(m): Mercury is the second most dangerous toxin on the planet after plutonium. It's the most potent neurotoxin out there. It's an immunotoxin, meaning it can cause autoimmune diseases and all kinds of other issues.”

All right, any questions, love? (Yes, Master.) Tell me. (When Master’s saying “sincerely repent,” people in the world may not know what they are repenting for. Is it for eating meat or what else?) For anything they did that is against the law of the universe, against the Bible, against the Buddha’s teaching, against Jainism teaching, against Hinduism, against Muslim. All the Masters’ teachings tell you to live a peaceful life, a non-violent life, and treat others as if you treat yourself.
So, anything you do against that, you have to repent. They have to repent for being a part of the murder en masse of the innocent animal-people, or even killing babies, their own. Or even making war with other countries or making war with neighbors or within the family. Anything they know is wrong, they repent. Anything they don’t know is wrong. They have to pray to God to also forgive them for what they don’t know that they’re doing wrong. Just repent what’s all wrong and turn vegan. Ask for forgiveness. That’s all they have to do. (Yes, Master.)
Sincerely repent, for all the wrongdoing. Knowing or not knowing, deliberately or unintentionally. Everything that is not right, they have to repent. Even smaller details, like quarreling with neighbors or with family, killing insect-people. Anything they think of, and anything they cannot think of. Please just ask God to forgive, because they do not know. Just repent everything that they did wrong, that they thought wrong, that they have spoken wrong. Actually, just know that they are no good. Have to repent. If we are all good, the world wouldn’t have become what it is right now. That’s obvious, no? (Yes, Master.) And on top of that, they continue warring with each other, and with neighbor’s country, and oppressing the smaller nation. Killing their own babies, in millions. My God. It’s like a war, on-going war. (Yes, Master.)
And competing with the pandemic. Humans are also a big pandemic, on-going pandemic, continuing pandemic, up to now. (Yes, Master.) They do what they can. They have to find it in their hearts to be sincere and humble. To pray for forgiveness, and turn vegan to back up their repentance. To prove that they truly repent and want to become a better human being. (Yes, Master.) Any negative thought that is not virtuous, not noble, not kind, not nice, all that, it also needs to be repented.

(That sounds like after everyone repents, Master, they would have to keep the perfect way to live [Lifestyle.] from then on.) Of course. Of course. That’s what repent means. (Yes.) And ask for forgiveness. If you do it again, then what for you repent and what for you ask for forgiveness? You can’t be forgiven forever. I mean people have to turn around and continue that benevolent way of life, (Yes, Master.) and be morally aware. (Yes.) Just read the Bible. Very simple, the Ten Commandments. Read Buddhist sutras, also the Five or Ten Commandments. Five is the shortest, but it also comprises together the Ten Commandments. […]
But it’s all similar. I mean, if you keep the Five Commandments from Buddhism, that should be OK. And you have to truly be vigilant. Otherwise, the mind always wanders or tells you to do this, do that. And the negative power is surrounding, always whispering in your ear, tempting you to do wrong. You always have to keep God in your heart. You don’t have to be my disciple. This is what the COVID chief told me – that my disciples are spared, everyone else, not. It’s not me who said that. Imagine if I have to take on the whole world as my disciples. It’s not what I really wish for. I don’t know if I will survive if all people become my disciples. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s not like I want to advertise for myself. (Right, Master.) […]
It’s of course very difficult for the people to understand what they have to repent. (Yes.) But just turn vegan first, and then things will become more clear. (That’s right, Master. Yes, Master.) You just naturally become more loving, more kind, more understanding about things. (Yes, Master.) And more benevolent toward all others, more understanding and have sympathy with their suffering. (Yes.) That’s what it is. […] You just become more sensitive. (Yes.) And then you will regain more of your real taste for freedom, for compassion, for enlightenment, for spiritual longing, for God longing, for Heaven yearning. All that will come if you turn vegan at least, first. And then pray to God to guide you further. […]
It’s just for the people. Truly, for the world to understand, then, to wake up. (Yes, Master.) Just try your best to sincerely say, “Whatever I did wrong, please, I sincerely repent, and whatever I know is wrong, I won’t do it again. Just forgive me.” And turn vegan. (Yes, Master.) Ask God for help. God will help, if you sincerely ask. (Yes, Master.) Even, we humans, when we’re lost on the road or we cannot do some heavy task or something, we ask another human, and he or she would help. How would God not help, if you sincerely and desperately need? (That’s right. Yes, Master.) I just worry that we are not sincere. So, please, sincerely repent, sincerely pray for forgiveness and be a sincere vegan.
Sincere repentance, sincere prayer for forgiveness, sincere vegan. Three things. Even the COVID chief would give you some allowance so that you can get help, to rescue yourself from hell, so that you don’t have to go to hell. And you don’t even have to be reborn as a human again to suffer. If you repent, be vegan, pray for forgiveness sincerely and remember my name, even if you don’t ask for initiation or be my disciple, I still can help you. That’s all I can say to the world’s people out there. More I cannot do. They have to also help themselves. (Yes, Master.) […]

So the nurse is allowed to be reborn again in 72 years. At that time, the world is clearing out already. No more sickness and he’ll be fine. Doesn’t have to work so hard anymore, or sacrifice too much anymore. (Right.) But that’s all he can have. He’s allowed to be in Heaven for 72 years only because he was so good, so kind, went above his duty. (Yes.) Just he was not vegan, so he can’t be in Heaven forever. So, kindness and love, affection, sympathy towards others is not enough. It’s not a sufficient condition to guarantee you Heaven forever. But that’s very good already. (Yes, Master.) 72 years in Heaven. […]
In 2099, the world will have no more COVID. Right? (Yes, Master.) So, he will be born a little earlier then, but at the end already. (Yes.) (Yes.) It’s winding down, the COVID. Wow, 77 years long. It’s almost a century, man. (Yes.) We won’t be there anymore. We just try to save people now, not wait until that time when 91% are all gone. (Yes.) I told you, even though I knew that, but to be confirmed by this sort of reliable information entity, it’s really a shock to me also. […]

Any more questions? […] (Well, up to that 2099, Master, will the climate change disasters effect still increase?) […] I did not ask about that. I was just talking with the COVID chief. I didn’t talk about the weather. I did not think about the weather at that time, but of course, what do you think? (Yes, Master.) If you don’t die by COVID, then you will die by other things. Weather change, extreme heat, all that kind of stuff. (Yes, Master.) […]
Life is so, so very impermanent. Everybody thinks they will live here forever and they’re hoarding things, or they’re warring, and stealing, and threatening each other with might and… Instead of using money for their citizens, they use it to develop more and more lethal weapons just to kill other citizens. You have to develop to the point that other countries’ citizens are just like yours. (Yes, Master.) You have to look upon them just like your citizens. Think of their suffering and their hardship if you make war. So, you have to protect them and spare them from all that suffering.
We’re suffering enough already. (Yes, Master.) From all sides, all kinds of unknown disease. And even more are coming! (Gosh.) Even they know it already anyway because they predict that more variants will come, and they will totally reject vaccination. So, what’s the use now? (Yes.) Wasting a lot of money to develop it and to produce it and then it’s useless. (Yes.) If we don’t have merit and humility to have Heaven’s protection, then nothing works. (Yes, Master.) Even the best doctor cannot cure you. […]

The following message is from Supreme Master Ching Hai to Her disciples.
Dearest beloved all initiates, even if you don’t practice what I have imparted to you during the time of initiation, please listen. The pandemic is just one part. Many humans, or the majority of humans will not survive. The end will come, sooner, even. How soon, also depends on Humans’ behavior, repentance, and U-turn or not. But you, my so-called Initiates, disciples, please, take good care of yourself. Please make sure all your food is pure vegan. If it’s not, if you are not sure, if in doubt, better don’t eat it. You don’t even have to purchase any of these plant-based meats, or any other things that are the replacements of animal-people products. You just eat vegetables. Any vegetables you can find and any vegetables that are available to you in your region. They have plenty of nutrition, protein, and anything you need for your wellness already.
Just pray before you eat. Offer the meals to all the saints and sages of the past, present, and future. And eat with all gratefulness and joy in your heart. Gratefulness and joyfulness in your heart, that you have still something to nourish your body. Do not eat anything that is not vegan. And pray as if you are dying, pray as if you need air to live, pray as if you’re drowning. Meditate as much as you can, more than two and a half hours, if you can make it.
Pray in your heart, meditate with all diligence. Please. This is all I can tell you. Not much more I can. The Hour, the end, might come sooner than you expect, than anyone expects. Even if you are my disciples, you must be diligent, practice well, and if you can, tell all your relatives and friends to be vegan and to pray for their survival, if they even listen. This is for you only, because the world out there doesn’t listen to me much.
My heart is aching for all of them. But if they have chosen to go with the negative side, then there’s not much more I can do for them. I meditate well, diligently, I do my work to spread the Saints’ teachings and God’s Blessing through television, but I also pray for them, for everyone. Nevertheless, you, my so-called disciples, please, be diligent. Not just to help yourself, but maybe to lend some of your little blessing to help those around you. The end may come sooner than you think. Very soon. Too soon. Please, heed my words. Even if in all these decades, you might have taken my teachings for granted, please, practice it now. Please meditate.
The end will come too soon, sooner, too soon, if humans do not change to be more benevolent, to be vegan and to repent all their misdeeds. Whether or not they know or not know, they should repent and change. Especially change to the benevolent way of life, to a vegan diet way of life. But maybe they won’t change. Not many. Then the end will come sooner. Too soon. Too soon. Please, take care of yourself. Take good care of yourself spiritually. Meditate, be a pure vegan, and pray, please.
You see, it’s not only the pandemic. The pandemic part is to chase, to trace, to hunt all the bad humans until the last one. But only if they even survive other like disasters that would come from the sky, comets, for example, and other disasters that are going to destroy humans and the world. So the pandemic isn’t the only thing that you should worry about. That’s all I can say to you. The end could come very sudden. No one has time to prepare, if they don’t change. And any survivor at all of all these other manmade or Heaven-made disasters will be traced, will be hunted down, till the last one.
No one will escape this time. They promised to spare you, my so-called disciples, but you must be good, you must be really good humans, good practitioners. Even if all these years, you did not, there’s still time, still time to make up for it. Please repent well. Repent sincerely with all your heart, and redo, redo it. I mean, begin again, and fast. Otherwise, you will not be counted as my so-called disciples. Please, please. I love you. God loves you. Please, take good care of yourself. Thank you.

Host: Most Compassionate Master, no words of gratitude would be ever enough to convey our profound appreciation for Your Most precious presence in our world, and all Your hard work to rescue it. We deeply pray for humanity to take heed of Master’s loving guidance for our own survival, as we all acknowledge the dire situation of our planet. And in becoming vegan today, humans will take a leap forward for our future, accepting God’s extended Hand of Forgiveness. May Beloved Master be always well and safe, in the mighty Protection of all Heavens.
To hear more of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s explanation about the threats to our world, including a mysterious syndrome transmittable through an invisible energy, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, for the full broadcast of this conference.
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