Impressionable Images of Vietnam
As I am still ongoing in search of the impressionable images of Vietnam in our modern days, my feeling is that I will need to work and invest more in it, a lot more.  I will be going back to capture more of it after Covid, but perhaps I will need to take a few courses in photography and to invest in a more advanced camera.  But most of all, it is a heart to keep on searching for those impressionable shots, and I will.  In the meantime, please enjoy!

ps: I will upload more photos in the future.
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For the past seven years, in between working and backpacking to see Vietnam, there is something I love spending time for.  No, it is not the type of love in a relationship with a woman, nor for the pretty women in Vietnam, but for salted limes or chanh muối to be exact.  I had come to the realization that I will vanish from this world in the future, one way or another, as an inevitable reality, but I would hope this ordinary legacy of mine will be something to provide benefits for generations to come, or at least it will be salted to keep for a long, long time.  So it's the Chanh Muối Cô Truyên being produced with my own hands along with the real love of it in a story of my life.

ps: this product is being sold in Vietnam.
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I came across this particularly beautiful scene a few times, but I didn't really have a chance to snap a good shot of it.  Sometimes it was either too far away that my camera wasn't able to zoom in properly, or too dark in the house from a distance to snap a quick shot.  In other times it just happened too fast for me to attempt any type of composition for a shot, and the chance of a second attempt usually didn't happen.  I love this type of scene and hopefully I will catch it again for a better composition next time.
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Cái hình này làm tôi nhớ đến ơn của ‘chị 2’

Chắc khi mạ ra đi khỏi thế gian, chị 2 sẽ là người thay thế. 

Thank you 🙏🏻
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(2021-01-19, 12:58 PM)Saolấplánh Wrote:

Cái hình này làm tôi nhớ đến ơn của ‘chị 2’

Chắc khi mạ ra đi khỏi thế gian, chị 2 sẽ là người thay thế. 

Thank you 🙏🏻

Having an older sister I would think is a blessing in life.  And as you guessed it, an older sister usually would take on family responsibility in her mother's absence.  Especially speaking of the oldest sister, Chi 2, my mother was one of those Chi 2s, and, boys! she had pretty much raised her own much younger brothers in addition to me and my siblings.  I would love to have an older sister, which is much too, too late for that already.

Chào bạn Sao Lấp Lánh, tôi thât ra đánh tiếng Việt không đươc rành và nhiều lúc viết ra lời không được trôi chẫy như ý muốn.  Nhưng nếu bạn đọc không hiểu những lời hồi âm của tôi viết trên, sâu này tôi sẽ cố gắn trả lời theo tiếng Việt với bạn.  Please take care!
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A picture speaks 1k words!

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If there is ever a certain stage in life when you are not or no longer afraid of the world around you, may it be during your early childhood or after having survived to reach your senior years, it must be a great feeling as you could feel completely naturalistic as who you are.  Being "hồn nhiên" and unaffected by the world surrounding you, even when you are completely naked in public while preparing to dive into the chilling water in a fast-running river, that's the marvelous instances in life that I couldn't possibly relate to until l I actually reached my late 50s.  No, I am not preparing to be naked in public anytime soon, not unless I will eventually be completely lost my mind.  But I wanted to give up the routines of life after 36 years to go try out a different life, and perhaps there will be another one or more versions of it afterward, or until the time ran out on me as I am officially reached 62 as of today.

Try this if you dare.. or can you guess who will dive in first?
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Happy birthday 🎂!
(2021-01-20, 05:22 PM)Saolấplánh Wrote: Happy birthday 🎂!

Oh, thank you, Sir!  Would it mean anything if I also wish you the same for whenever your birthday will come?  Ever since I started selling salted lemons in Vietnam, I have been receiving birthday cards online every year, which is something I am still not used to.  The people who really know me would know that I never do anything for my birthday and never actually had a birthday cake for it, except for occasionally a cupcake with a candle from my kids or colleagues.  However, life has been good, and I am literally knocking on wood for that!  My take on aging is not really a bad thing nor to be concerned about, at least not until I eventually reached the age like my friend in the photo below, especially for where he lives - that's just simply very, very saddd!

The good side of aging is that we tend to know exactly what you would want for tomorrow and the next day after that.  Best of all as I aged over the years, I had learned to enjoy and see the beauty in life differently.  And as we are speaking of beauty, I find some of these ordinary beauties in their simplicity that I enjoy.  To be very honest, I wouldn't mind living in such places for a period of time if they would allow me.
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Chanh Muối và phương pháp làm:


ps: this product is not available outside of Vietnam
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These pictures brought back so much memories from my childhood!  You are so fortunate to have a lot of time to explore every conners in VN.  Thanks for sharing all these precious photos.
(2021-01-21, 04:22 PM)Mya Wrote: These pictures brought back so much memories from my childhood!  You are so fortunate to have a lot of time to explore every conners in VN.  Thanks for sharing all these precious photos.

Hi Mya, I am glad to know that it actually meant something special to you.  I am not a photographer, but I usually like the things that meant quite special to me.  We could call it fortunate if we are able to see what we love and longing to see and actually felt it.  But all good things in life usually come with a price to pay and a sense of appreciation.  Even so, not everyone would want the same thing.  People said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but we ought to admit that not every beauty is equally beautiful.  We usually like catering to our own taste, for almost everything.

There is one thing you hardly ever seen in all those photos, almost never see it.  But you would have seen it everywhere in Vietnam, almost unavoidable. It's not because I did photoshop, which I don't even know how it works. So I usually auto-enhanced the photos with the software that already available on the website.

So, what is it that you hardly ever seen in my photos?  Care to take a guess?
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One thing I noticed about the children in Vietnam is that they are really likable and most very friendly, just so adorable!  They tend to draw my attention very quickly, just by being the way they are.  If there is one most impressionable thing about the society that I could still remember from growing up in Vietnam, it's the children.  Many of them have to endure difficult paths in life but always seem to be cheerful and kind-hearted.  Believe it or not, even just from a very brief encounter in recent years, many of them had left a deep memorable impression on me.  As I was looking at these photos, I still remember them and the brief conversation we had.
Welcome to VB, Mr Duy Hello
I’m ready for a new chapter in my life 🌸
There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy 🌺
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(2021-01-22, 01:04 PM)TeaOla Wrote: Welcome to VB, Mr Duy Hello

Thank you, Missy..   I still want to have a little bit of online social activity to feel more suited to our current cyber-society, and a place to share my photos.  Nếu không thì cảm thấy mình dường như có vẻ hơi lạc hậu thì phải..hehe... Is TeaOla the same person as TeaLeaf?