How did I make it to 100? Red wine and mixed grills Written by James Somper James
How did I make it to 100? Red wine and mixed grills
Written by  [Image: bcdb564a396421c717e45b3c7b3d5d00?s=96&d=mm&r=g]James SomperPublished Dec 7, 2018[Image: Header_2157818_1.1.jpg]
A CENTENARIAN claims eating mixed grills and drinking red wine are the secrets of his longevity.
Arthur Grisbrook, who turned 100 in October, lives independently in a flat where he cooks and cleans for himself and relaxes by playing the organ.
He is a dab hand in the kitchen and most days whips up his favourite feast of steak, gammon, fried egg, tomato, peas, mushrooms, chips and hash browns. In the evenings he sups two glasses of wine.
[Image: Inline_2157816_3.4.jpg]War veteran: With his late wife Laura
The widowed great-grandfather said: ‘I eat and drink what I fancy and don’t worry about what the so-called experts say.
‘With age the gullet becomes narrower but mixed grills are quite tasty and easy to cook and eat. I also like making sausage and mash and fish and chips — but my mixed grill is best.’ The World War II veteran, who lost wife Laura in February, said people tell him he looks decades younger than his age.
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He said he feels no older than his late 70s but sometimes finds modern life perplexing. ‘I get upset about the world because I wonder where it’s going,’ said the ex-Royal Engineer from Hereford.
‘But a lot of features of today’s living I wish we had when I was young, like mobile phones and the computer.’